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Ya know that feeling you get when waking up in an unfamiliar bed? Those five seconds of WHERE AM I?! before your memory catches up and you remember why? I've been going though that for like, 10 minutes and i'm still kind of freaking out.

I remember falling asleep in my own bed, nothing weird or odd had happened yesterday just work, chill then sleep to do it all again. I think the biggest reason I've been freaking out for so long is I have a body not my own but a room I recognize. Like come on, it's a teenagers bedroom filled to the brim with All Might merch, who else is gonna have a room like this? moving my hand to the top of my head to feel a hairdo that won't bend to any brush known to man kind of clinches it doesn't it?

Ooooh, don't freak out more, deep breaths.

Okay. I'm, oh, WAS a reader of manga and more importantly, was all up to date with My Hero. Deku being all bad ass and stuff while japan fell down around him, pretty cool stuff. Alright let's at least get out of bed and find a mirror. standing up off the bed and opening the door on shaky feet has me staring right into the face of Midoriya Inko, Izuku's mother. oh freaking out more.

"Oh Izuku! it's time for breakfast but you hadn't woken up yet. Are you feeling unwell?" she asks. It takes me a pause before i can form any kind of response.

"Err well, yeah mom i do. Sleepy and aching all over. Could i call in sick for today please?" I say, talking with a voice not your own is a trip and a half.

"Of course sweetie! after such a horrible day you and Katsuki had i'm sure they'll understand! Take today and tomorrow seeing as it's a day off, to rest before the start of next week. I'll even make your favorites for dinner how about that?" Well that narrows the timeline down a ton.

"Thanks mom, just gonna head back to bed for awhile." I replay, getting a worried nod in return and a "rest up" I head back into Izuku's room.

leaning back against the door i try to calm myself down after the influx of information and emotion. So lets focus on what i know before i start freaking out again. Izuku and Bakugo Katsuki or 'Kacchan' as he'd often call him must have just gotten into the sludge villain incident, not that he deserves to be called that, old Izuku. Okay lets stop that right now, i'm me. A dude from another universe i guess? That woke up here and took over Izuku's place. I am now him. The hair, the diamond freckles, the works.

Lets set things straight before i do anything else. No treating this like its fake messing around and doing stupid stuff, take this seriously. I AM IZUKU MIDORIYA.

alright. great. so i met All Might yesterday and things went the same as they should have. He saved me, then crushed my dreams, saved me AGAIN then said i could be a hero and offered me his quirk and to train me. Old me would probably still be fanboying a ton right now, and i do still feel pride and giddiness about it as I'm gonna be getting superpowers! but probably because i've only been living in this world for like, fifteen minutes i don't feel the weight of it all.

Hang on a second.

Scrambling to my phone on the night stand i flick it open thank god for thumb print passwords and quickly check my text messages. One new message from a contact named 'All Might'

'Just checking in to make sure you're alright after yesterday! and to remind you about our meeting tomorrow early morning sharp! we've got a whole lot of work to do young Midoriya!'

I... am gonna have to do the ten month crazy workout ain't i?


Well hello people of fanfic. it's the early hours of the morning at time of writing this because i had this idea in my head after seeing a dropped "SI is bakugo" fic and couldn't get it out of my head, so i sat down and tried my hand at writing fanfiction for the first time in my life (didn't even know how to publish works on this site). i don't have much of a plan here but do i know that i wont be sticking 100% to canon so don't worry about this just being the manga but with an Izuku with a different personality. ofc it'll be pretty close to start with but as arcs pass they'll ...yeah i'll more than likely keep writing but no schedule or anything. hope you enjoy! - LordZarcon