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and as for your questions, Oberon they will be addressed within the coming chapters. and anymore9000, our SI was up to date as of writing, so chapter 316. and as for changes to the canon? that will also be addressed as we go but he'll be trying to stick to canon events (USJ, SPORTS etc) but change/do things to get better outcomes, though for how long he can do that before he does something that changes things too big we'll have to see. they are different people after all. also they would be talking in japanese but i'm not writing all the suffixes.

After cursing whatever sent me here, couldn't have done it after the training montage noooo I got to work familiarizing myself with, well, myself.

The things i found were to be expedited, shorter than my old body and of course younger by a few years, really pale and skinny as a stick. Going to have to break the habit of pushing glasses up my nose as my current eyes don't need them. the mental changes were the biggest though.

I was never a dumb person before, average to above average all though my education, but i could never do mental math like this before. looking at some of the old me's 'hero notes' provided similar stuff, i understood it, where the old me got the ideas and made the conclusions. In the story it was made clear from the start that Izuku, me was a smart cookie. Sure at times he would have lapses in judgement or more often than not become self sacrificing, but he was always quick on the uptake and had remarkable combat smarts, and was like third in the whole class.

I don't know what that means for the new me though. I don't have old Izuku's memories i have his...experiences? His brain? I'm now weaker as this body didn't go to the gym on it's days off sure, but i'm smarter. I had learned a little Japanese in my old 'life' before going on a holiday for a week to Japan but now i can talk, read and write it. I even spoke to Ink- mom in it without realizing.

I put the hero notes back on my desk and flop back onto bed, I don't know what to do. I can communicate with people fine but i'm no longer the old Izuku, i'm not a nervous mess that mumbles all the time. Someone who knows the old me well enough in time will notice somethings up.

Okay, let's set some goals. Getting a fresh notebook out of the wardrobe i sit back at the desk and open it to a random page.

Small term goals, that's an easy one.

One. Survive the All Might training plan. Shouldn't be too hard, i'd used to hit the gym when i could and my old mom...*breathe*...was a bit of a fitness nut so i know what to expect. All might isn't a great teacher what with letting Izuku try the entrance exam without using one for all a single time, just saying clench your butt cheeks and screaming SMASH! 'Manga Izuku' trained for ten months before accepting OFA by eating...All Might's hair...oh no.

Anyway, i'll ask him after about eight months if he thinks it's okay if i could try it now before the full ten is up. Which leads into my next point.

Two. Full cowling. I'd at least like to start the first day of U.A with a basic FC, even the entrance exam if i can. Because of old me's hangups about OFA and All Might it took him a full like, three arcs before he wasn't breaking himself every time he used it, I'd very much like to avoid that. god manga Izuku was such a punishment beast. Even a very basic 1% full cowling will leave me in a better spot than manga Izuku till at least after the sports festival, and even if i do worse in the festival because i'm not willing to destroy my body for the worlds entertainment i'll still be getting ten heroes to choose from that U.A provides plus Grand Torino should be sending me an invite regardless. Oh, Todoroki...what am i going to do about that? Never mind, focus on the now.

Three. Being myself. Hmmm... All Might, might heh not notice a difference between old Izuku and me seeing as he has only known me for about a day now. But mom and the people at school will 100% notice somethings off. I think for All Might i'll just have to act a little skittish for a few months before moving more into my normal personality, whatever that is. It shouldn't be too unseasonable right? A scrawny kid beefing up and getting a quirk on top of that? I think anyone would gain some confidence from that. Okay so what about school? I'd really not like to put up with bullying for a whole year, old Izuku would just deal with it but new me would get sick of it in about a week and end up hitting someone. Old mama didn't raise no pushover.

Dropping out? Then finishing the year by doing online courses? Then be able to focus more on getting ready for OFA and going to U.A. I'd have to try convincing mom to let me do it but how?


Just tell her why?

I mean not about OFA, though i do think i'll be doing that before Izuku ever did but about the muscle training and trying to be a hero. If i introduce All Might as Yagi and say he was there the day of the villain attack and asked me about my story, then offered to help me train before the entrance exam. Would she let me at least try for my dream? One year of knuckling down and really trying to do it, that even if it ends in failure i at least tried. Though 'Awakening' a quirk at the end of the year would change the way she sees the exam going hahaha, is this the smarter brain at play? hell if i know.

I think it's worth a shot. It solves the school and mom problem in one move. I'll mention it to All Might tomorrow and see what he thinks of the idea.

I think that's all the short term goals i can think off right now, so long term?

USJ, the festival, Stain, camp training...All For One...the Raid OH GOD ERI! NIGHTEYE!.

Breathe in


breathe out



There isn't much i can do about those things right now. I have no contacts which would believe me, i don't even have a quirk yet. If i try to do things to soon, Eri, i might mess things for good. I might make so many changes within the first few months of U.A that the butterfly affect might ruin all of the knowledge i have of events. I'm not even going to worry about Destro and the army yet as it might not even be a thing.

Okay lets just get though today and start my first training day tomorrow and talk to All Might. Mom said she was making my favorite for dinner right? that would be...katsudon? Some kind of pork dish?

Well, time to find out if i also have old Izuku's taste buds.

and that's the second chapter, honestly didn't think i would get another one out so soon (the kind reviews inspired that i think). from this you can kind of see where i will be making changes to the canon. for other changes i don't know if i should also change the friend group that our Izuku has. maybe stick with Iida and Ochaco but add more to the friend group? if our Izuku handles the exam differently (he will) will different people make it into different classes? should i do a pairing for this story? so many things to think about but it won't matter just yet so i can put it off till last minute xD

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