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chapter 6!

Hey Oberon1211! thanks for the second review and to answer your question, no idea! i haven't put much thought into if i want any romance in this story or not. maybe when i start writing the female classmates i'll see if any of them have good chemistry with our MC or not.

and to answer sgtwist's question, if you mean is old Izuku now in our OC/SI's body? i guess we'd have no way of knowing (maybe he would like it in a no quirked would), but if you mean is he still in THIS body? I think...not. i mean if i started this fic with canon Izuku already having OFA then he might have shown up as an echo later down the line (if there isn't a set amount of years you need OFA to become a echo) but seeing as he didn't probably not. not sure i'd want to deal with the implications. we'll see, no promises either way. thank you!

onto the chapter!

Nine months of non stop training.

I have one less month than manga Izuku did but he had school all throughout so i actually come out ahead. There is a good reason why i aimed for this, I'm not a masochist i swear. The goal i set for myself was achieving any form of Full Cowling by the end of these months, which a combination of more training time plus already knowing how to 'use' FC should make it possible.

The only other goal i had set was to slowly ease into my personality, which i guess is more of a laidback...quirky heh type? Are you supposed to know what you're like? Regardless i'm definitely not the jumpy, meek type that manga Izuku was. So the idea was that over the ten months i'd slowly stop faking it, using the muscles and sudden quirk as an excuse as to why i'd changed but...after the first month and a half i kind of given up.

Come on, give me a break okay! Non stop grinding, all day everyday wears you down. Eat, sleep, train, repeat was taking all of my energy and will power, it just didn't leave room for award winning acting. Though when All Might commented on it i like to think i was on the ball there.

It was about three months into the full on training, not counting the study month that he called me out on it during a lunch/water break.

"How are you feeling Midoriya?" The inquisitive look he had on his face clued me in enough that i had the wherewithal to lead him on. Before responding i wiped my face with the towel around my neck, mainly to buy more time to think.

"well my everything hurts and i want to sleep but seeing the progress i'm making in the mirror every morning lessens the blow, why?" I really was seeing the results, obviously nowhere close to what canon me looked like after the training montage but i'm starting to fill out my clothes a lot more.

"Just that well, You seem a little different to the fanboy i first met on that fateful day."

"Well yo-"

"Oh! not that it's a bad thing heavens no but you seem more, how do i put this? More out going? You no longer stutter, you still write in your hero notebooks, Damn right i do, it's a good habit. But not as fervently as before. And well... This might sound rather egotistical my boy but, you don't seem to idolize me as much anymore." It looks like it physicality hurt him to say that, but i nod along in agreement anyway.

"I guess..." think, think...oh! "That things are finally looking up for me you know? I'm training to join THE U.A, i'll be getting my own quirk soon, mom seems a lot happier, hell i'm a lot happier! Health wise this is the fittest I've ever been," In both lives " I now no longer have crappy teachers and classmates putting me down everyday and to top it off my childhood hero is now my teacher and friend! I just feel...Good." I really do feel good. The constant work has kept my mind off of the future, seeing mom get inspired to start eating healthier along side me and even join me on some runs! It does mean i have to run slower and not go as long but this...Is more important and i'm still on track so it's fine.

And i really felt like me and Toshinori were friends. We bantered a ton in between him shouting encouragements at me, we even ate out at some burger and 'new' Korean BBQ joints on my cheat day every month. Don't know why it's called new Korean, i'll have to look it up. I enjoy his company and by him no longer looking like he carries the worlds weight on his shoulders all the time he does too.

"That's good young Midoriya! Very good! You already had the heart of a hero and now you have the smile of one too!" He buffs up just to slap me on the back as he laughs.

"Ow! You ass!" I push him in jest, but when he doesn't even budge he just laughs harder.

The next five months of training was pretty normal but there were some stand out moments. I turned sixteen...Again. Never thought that would happen. So for my birthday All Might treated mom and me to a classy dinner in Tokyo near his hero office, Might Tower. He also offered to give me a tour of the place while we were there but i politely declined saying it could be suspicious. Maybe a little paranoid but we didn't want to risk it. That day we decided to be on a first name basis, though he did say only in a private setting. so not at U.A he means, got it.

During this period i decided to get a wardrobe change, because didn't i ever need one. The first think i did was get a hair cut. Sweating day in and day out make looking after it a nightmare and it also kept getting in the way while working out, so i just decided to trim it a little, Nothing too special. I kept the same style just, shorter.

The clothes though? I pretty much got rid of everything but my workout stuff and a single pair of lounge wear that said 'shirt' on it. I was feeling guilty about asking mom for a whole new wardrobe but seeing her throw her hands up and yell "FINALLY" when i told her made be feel less so. I didn't get anything too out-there, i was never much of a fashion guy so i went with some different colored shirts and two toned ones, some hoodies, black and dark green jeans and a really nice messenger bag. I also decided to say goodbye to the classic red sneakers after the punishment they've suffered this past year. I replaced them with a similar pair of dark green ones. gotta match the hair.

I had also been debating asking Yagi about Gran Troino and David Shield but thought better of it. I still need to get to Hosu at the right time to save Iida and take down stain so meeting him now could mess things up, to say nothing of if i learn Full Cowling early. I'll just have to nudge Yagi about it if he doesn't get in touch first after the festival.

David Shield is a tricky one. I'd only seen the first movie and didn't bother with the second. and i think another one was on it's way? If the I-island attack is 'canon' All Might talking to him early may ALSO ruin things. I think it's best i just leave it alone.

But after a whole nine months, and looking fit and ready, i only pose in-front of the mirror sometimes, i decided it was time to pop the question.

...Not that questi- you know what i mean.

Next time, OFA, maybe some broken bones, FC and maybe recovery girl?

i dont know if i'll do the movies, or if i'll just do 1 and skip the other 2. but thats far off so i'll sit on it.

thanks for reading! see you soon! -LordZarcon.