Lucy Adams is a 12 years old girl with big brown blue-ish eyes and a long brown reddish hair was walking back home after a long day in school. Today she had insulted and picked on many of her school classmates who atually hated her, but she couldn't be friends with anyone or they could find out her secret. It was better to be feared than people having pity on you.

Don't think she liked to treat people it's way, but couldn't know the mess her life was like that she didn't have a real household or even her biological parents, people couldn't know her parents didn't loved her and abandoned her without even bothering to name her.

For a while now, she had been living in between foster home and foster home, when she was in the orphanage (when she still lived in one) people had tried to adopt her, she was really smart, the highest grade in her class and was 2 years up her age, and was really talented singing, painting and for some strange reason fighting too but as always she had to ruin things and they would changed their mind and after a couple of weeks they had dump her back in jail... I mean orphanage.

Lucy won't lie saying she wasn't hurting or mad that nobody loved her. Now she had to deal moth imb├ęciles who enjoyed beating the hell out of her everyday just for fun and people who just kept her to get some money and the best of all... She couldn't complain about it, no one has ever believed her, not even her social worker, but again who cares about the poor little insignificant orphan. And she knew that she didn't have any opportunity left to be adopted, it's not like she had hope for it.

No one adopts kids older than 7 years old, the teen learned when she was younger. Lucy had made up her mind that she would be alone for the rest of her pathetic life, she had no family, no one who loves her, or friends but of course she didn't have any friends if she was being a bitch to everyone.

Now she was living as Lucille Adams, with her foster father Tom Adams, an abusive alcoholic son of a bitch who was the type of man who like to make other suffer, Tom just wanted Lucy to be his personal punching bag, source of income and to be his house maid. Lucy did everything in that house, clean, cook and take care of her foster little sister Sophie an adorable 7 year old girl, but Lucy didn't mind the last one tho, she adored and love that child, even if they weren't biologically related. All this while the asshole was somewhere getting drunk. Her life was stressful looking after Sophie, cleaning, cooking and studying.

All at the sam time, and if she didn't do something, the next thing she knew was that her ribcage, face, and arms were sore and full of bruises and that was if she was lucky but Lucy couldn't let Tom touch Little Sophie, the child didn't deserve it.

These were constant thoughts for lucy, all she lived was her parents' fault, they left her without looking back with nothing, but at least now she had Sophie her only family. All she knew about her biological father or mother was that one of the two had Danvers as their last name, but Lucy has never and will not ever go by Lucille Danvers, she didn't thought she was insignificant enough to be going through life with the last names of the people who left her.

Lucy, the poor girl, hated herself, she didn't like the way she trated people, she didn't like being a bully who insulted everyone and every day specially because in her personal opinion no one deserved it, but something she has never done and never will, it's her rule, she would never ever punch someone, Lucy knows how it feels, and belive her it's not nice. She didnt like how everybody feared her, but she had no option, Tom makes her behave that way, no one could know their secret...