Unintended Consequences (The Great Wandout)


Almost everyone within 2,000 miles of Little Hangleton loses access to their magic. Who suffers? Who finds ways to benefit?

Ships – Age appropriate harmony all the way

Book compliance – The story begins during June of 1995, the evening of the third task. There is a lot of new information in the first four chapters that will be important throughout the rest of the tale. This story is not a sequel to any of my other tales.

Please note – This story is intended for adult readers who understand that bad things can happen to good people. Conversely, good people sometimes have to make difficult choices. There are a few recognizable analogies. They are not intended to be political.

Disclaimer - JKR's sandbox, not mine. I'm having a blast pushing some of the piles around a bit and rearranging them. I'm beyond grateful that anyone would spend their time reading my twisted thoughts.

Wizarding etiquette – This and most fanfiction stories are written strictly on a hobby basis. Some guy named Tom agreed to look at it, but there may have been beer involved. A lot of the truly clever scenes are his. He hasn't posted any of his own stories yet but maybe with a bit of encouragement... Another guy named Kevin gave me some honest advice from time to time. I make no claim that these chapters are error free. If you enjoy my little stories and are willing to accept the quality level, please read on and leave a review every few chapters. If you don't care for the content or style, just walk away. I don't want to hear that you don't like the way that I write my stories.

Please note: There are some new O-Cs in my story as well as some of my old friends. I intend to make a brief reference to one of Full Pensieve's original locations from his epic tale. Also, Robst's O-C Barchoke appears in some scenes (Actually a fair few but I fed him lunch) He said that he likes his firewhiskey hot. We tried to oblige.


All peoples have their prophets.

Sometimes they're drunks looking to impress.

… - ...

Chapter One

The Night of Nights

Saturday June 24, 1995

Little Hangleton graveyard;

"You've been taught to duel, Harry Potter?"

As the forty-six Death Eaters looked on in amusement at the entertainment, Harry nodded, still aching from the newly revived Dark Lord's Cruciatus curse. When he was in an exceptionally good mood, their master liked to play with his food; like a cat with a wounded mouse.

"Avada Kedavra."

Harry shouted "Expelliarmus." The pissed-off, feisty teen was determined that he wouldn't let Riddle win and vowed to give him the fight of his life.

Riddle was surprised as the two spells connected. He fully expected the boy to dodge or attempt to run away out of fear. He was shocked when the Potter Boy managed to push the beam of light back into his wand. Potter's magic was far stronger than anything Barty had suggested. He saw the ghostly image of the Cruciatus that he'd just hit Potter with spark and sizzle into the air. More-so, he felt the slight pull on his magic, as if he'd just cast it again. His magic had not recovered from his re-embodiment. It was concerning.

At the same time, something told Harry that it was critical to keep the connection going. The old groundskeeper appeared and seemed to cheer Potter on, another Cruciatus that he'd hit Wormtail with, Bertha Jorkins soon joined him followed by more spells, then the Potters. Each image drained Riddle as if he'd just cast it.

Gripped in fear, he was sweating as he pulled hard on his Death Eaters' magic via the Mark as ghostly image after image flew out of his wand. Other curses that he'd cast cracked and sizzled at a frightening volume in the course of a few minutes. There were hundreds of Riddle's victims' images crowding around as every spell he had ever cast seemed to have been replayed.

Harry felt his scar burst open as he kept the connection. The flash of pain was immense, then somehow he felt of a clearer mind as the horcrux died.. He pressed even harder on his magic.

A moment later, the snake exploded! Tom Riddle was in a full-blown panic as he desperately tried to defeat Potter.

Everything in the room of requirement caught on fire and crackled in a fire so hot that it turned parts of the floor to glass.

The same thing happened in the Lestrange vault. All throughout Gringotts, alarms sounded as smoke grew thick in the tunnel.

An entire row of old townhouses in an older section of London caught on fire.

An old shack on the outskirts of Little Hangleton lit up in a blaze as the final horcrux was destroyed.

The screaming Death Eaters collapsed; their magic was completely drained. They were either all dead, or looked to be dying. Tom Riddle twisted away in agony as he collapsed. His magic was completely spent. His magical construct body slowly turned into a pile of wet goo covered by the robe that Pettigrew had given him. He died.

After a minute, the images began to fade. Harry saw his parents walk over to him and his father said, "It would be better if no one knew what happened tonight." Harry was a bit surprised at the cryptic message.

His mother said, "The cup is a two-way portkey and will take you home. Share your dreams with Hermione and make the most of everyday – wherever your lives take you. Your father and I are so very proud of you. We love you dear." Like the others, they also faded away.

Harry was deep in thought as he walked by the huge cauldron towards the cup.

... - ...

Peter Pettigrew saw the Potter boy walk towards him. As his magic had been the weakest, he would be the last of the Marked Death Eaters to die. Of course, he didn't know that and had no idea why his fellow Death Eaters had collapsed. Nor did he fully comprehend that they'd died. He only remembered the dazzling sphere and all of the screaming.

Enraged, he pointed his wand at Harry and like a soldier in a death charge, started yelling as he staggered towards the teen, intending to kill him with a blasting hex at close range. His wand was pointed at Harry like a bayonet. His silver hand made contact with the boy who tried to push him away and they knocked the huge cauldron over. Peter instantly got up, ran at Harry again with a curse on his lips, only pausing slightly as his silver hand fell off.

Potter saw him raise his wand and with all of his might cried out, "Accio wands!. As the extra energy, temporarily acquired from Riddle draining everyone with a dark mark's magic discharged, somehow it resulted in a massively overpowered spell.

As they made contact, the teen swung his arm in a great oval as he fell. Harry hit his head on the iron cauldron and was dazed as he rolled away. Unknown to Harry, all of the Death Eaters wands flew towards him and landed in the fire.

Momentum carried Peter into the bonfire twenty feet away where he tripped. Peter Pettigrew spent his last thirty seconds living as a human torch; his robes fully engulfed in flames.

… - …

Four minutes earlier, at the Quidditch Pitch viewing stands, it was a complete chaos. Snape and Karkarov suddenly collapsed and screamed out in agony, as did the man pretending to be Alastor Moody. People crowded around the three in a futile attempt to see what was happening. After two minutes, Snape stopped screaming and died. Karkarov and Moody did the same thing.

Flitwick and McGonagall noticed thick black smoke coming out of the seventh level of the castle near the Ravenclaw tower. They ran to investigate.

Without warning, every wand was ripped out of everyones' hand or pocket and flew into the air like a giant flock of sparrows. Seconds later, the wands belonging to those who had left theirs inside the castle flew out of the open windows, formed up in another flock and followed the others.

Throughout Britain, wands flew into the air. Those that were locked in desks or underground vaults smashed themselves to bits in a futile effort to follow the irresistible calling. Ollivander's shop was ruined as a thousand wands flew about the little shop, smashing everything in sight. Dozens impaled the old wandmaker as he desperately tried to avoid the flying wands. Eventually they also smashed themselves to pieces after tipping over several kerosene lamps. Soon the shop was a blazing inferno. Having a magical core embedded in the handle, every broomstick in Britain followed the wands.

… - …

Throughout Europe, the same thing occurred in every wandmaker shop. Within five minutes, every wandmaker within 1,200 miles had been killed - impaled by their own wands, their shops completely destroyed and in flames. There were flocks of wands and brooms flying at ever-faster speeds; most moving so fast that they burned up in flight. As Harry's wildly cast, overpowered spell had been aimed in more of an oval than pointed, the effect wasn't even. As far southwest as Bangor Maine, wands began flying, whereas the southern parts of Greece weren't completly affected.

… - …

At Hagrid's hut, a pink umbrella began spinning madly, spewing hot ashes out of the fireplace in a mad attempt to fly away. Unfortunately, the hot embers soon had set the thatched roof, wooden hut ablaze. Soon the eastern edge of the forbidden forest was burning. Unfortunately, no one had a wand to put out the fire.

… - …

Back at Little Hangleton, the wands started falling out of the sky and joined the others in the ever growing bonfire. All of the Death Eaters' wands flew towards Harry and landed on the growing fire where his wand was pointed. Hermione's wand, which she had loaned to him as a backup for the third task, was in his left hand, while his regular phoenix feather was in his right.

After ten minutes, there were only two wands in Britain that hadn't been destroyed by the fire. As Harry was sprawled out on the ground passed out, the surviving wands and broomsticks from Europe followed along, landing into the ferocious bonfire.

… - ...

The shock of seeing the thick black smoke pour out of the seventh floor hallway was too much for Dumbledore. The Death Stick had just joined the other wands that flew away. The old wizard collapsed in shock as he clutched his chest. He died a few minutes later, regretting that he had kept so many secrets that he believed that Harry needed to know when he was older.

He had no way of knowing that Harry had literally save thousands of people's lives tonight; though at a cost.

… - …

Inside the maze, Cedric was in serious trouble and ran as fast as he could. When he'd lost his wand, one of the acromantulas bit into his robe, poisoned fangs just grazing his back. Now dizzy and defenseless, the handsome teen made a mad dash stumbling through the maze in an attempt to put more distance between him and the deadly spider.

… - …

Two rows over in the maze, the Veela had taken avian form and began hurling fireballs at the imperiused Bulgarian. "You 'ave the nerve to curse me with ze Cruciatus? How do you like ziz? Have another one. Did eet hurt? You like zat? Good, have another one." She didn't need her wand to change forms.

Krum barely managed to dodge a fireball aimed at his face. It would have been instant death. Instead, it hit the hedge and set the center of the maze ablaze. He was now horribly burned and despite the pain, scrambled to one of the turns in the maze to get out of the crazed witch's line of sight.

The furious Veela chased after him and threw another, hitting Krum at the belt-line, setting his trousers ablaze. Seemingly satisfied with her work, she changed forms and calmly began walking in the direction of the entrance to the maze leaving the smoldering Bulgarian whimpering as the fire spread.

… - ...

A hundred miles to the north, Dolores Umbridge was returning from an inspection of the island fortress of Azkaban prison. Seconds after their wands flew into the air, the boat stopped moving; the spells powering it had collapsed.

"Do something, you halfwit," shouted the perpetually angry woman as she stood up and turned to face the boatman.

Due to the sudden shift in center of gravity, the ancient boat capsized in the rolling waves. Even in June, the water of the North Atlantic was only barely above freezing. Dolores and the old boatman suffered an icy fate.

… - …

In Central London, the floo network had been down for fifteen minutes of scheduled maintenance. Without their wands, the floo managers had no means of restarting the huge system. It was a case of horrible timing.

Without their wands to tap the appropriate control runes, the magical lifts stopped operating. Eric the guard lit dozens of the emergency candles mistakenly thinking that the lights and ventilation systems would immediately follow as the thousands of small spells cast every day had ceased feeding the ambient magic. He was correct but premature in his assessment. The lights and other automated systems, such as toilets that conjured water and vanished waste that consumed ambient magic would last another few weeks before failing.

He went back to the storage closet, and found the long wooden extension ladder. With the help of one of the Aurors, they moved it to the spot directly below the visitor entrance. Eric extended the ladder as far as it would go, until it was just beneath the telephone booth. He operated the manual release and the floor of the phone booth swung down.

Soon, a steady stream of strangely dressed individuals began emerging from the red phone-booth. Unfortunately, there was no one available to cast notice-me-not charms or perform obliviations. Politely spoken, they looked completely out of place as they walked blindly, not having a clue which street would lead them home. Bluntly spoken, they looked like easy marks for pickpockets and robbers as they moved further from the safety of the financial district.

The evening crew had no means of changing their appearance to blend in. Few possessed enough muggle currency to hire a cab. More than a few were badly beaten in robbery attempts that night.

... - …

The pull of Harry's frantic spell had reached throughout Western and Central Europe. From, Sicily to Budapest, to Maine; all of the wands that hadn't burned up in the air flew into the ever-growing bonfire.

In his state of semi-consciousness, Harry didn't realize it, but he possessed the only two working wands within a 2,500 kilometer distance.

… - …

Inside Azkaban, the guards heard the screams from the Marked high-security prisoners. Without their wands to protect them from the dementors, the guards ran from the high security wing and slammed the metal doors shut behind them; hoping that they would be sturdy enough to contain the soul-sucking monsters. The calls from the few unmarked prisoners within the wing were ignored. The warden called the guards together and he unlocked the emergency cabinet and found the single portkey only to realize that that particular one could only be activated via a tap from his (now nonexistent) wand. Their alternative plan was to send a distress owl to the head of the DMLE, Amelia Bones.

… - ...

When he finally awoke thirty minutes after hitting his head, the bonfire had largely died down. The side of his face felt sunburned when he touched it. Harry remembered the area where the bonfire had been burning as being much smaller but put it out of his mind. He didn't remember casting the summoning spell. He never saw the thousands of wands and brooms lad in the fire. As he looked around in the gathering darkness, Harry noticed that all of the Death Eaters had died. Recalling his father's words, the last thing in the world he wanted was to eventually be connected with the deaths of all of the Death Eaters and whatever was left of Voldemort. He'd seen their photos in the Daily Prophet time and again - far too many of them had been prominent members of the Wizengamot, or friends with Minister Fudge. With a flash of inspiration, one by one, Harry transfigured the bodies into trees. The remains of Riddle turned into an especially disgusting thorn bush. He transfigured the pot into a big stick and tossed it onto the fire. In the gathering darkness, he gave the area one last look and pronounced it clean.

He remembered his mother's words and picked up the cup which activated the portkey. In all of the surrounding confusion at Hogwarts, no one noticed his return. He began walking from the edge of the maze towards the castle. He had been gone just over an hour.

… - …

Back at Hogwarts, Ron and Seamus were sitting together, still in the stands. They'd been drinking firewhisky for over two hours and had spent the last twenty minutes half-asleep. Finally noticing the fire in the maze, Ron asked his friend, "What happened?"

Taking yet another pull from his large flask, the Irish teen slurred, "I've no idea, mate. This is really boring. We can't see a bloody thing in that effing maze." Neither had noticed that their wands had flown out of their back pockets.

… - …

Finally Hermione found her best friend in the milling crowd and clung to him for dear life. "Are you all right, Harry? What happened in the maze? What happened to Professor Snape? Do you need to go see Madam Pomfrey? Do you have my ..." Harry did the only thing he could think of to silence his best friend. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her. A moment later, she kissed him back. He liked it – she liked it, a whole lot. For a few minutes, the rest of the world faded from their minds.

Gathering the courage to do what he should have done before Christmas, Harry held her at arm's length and asked, "Hermione, would you please be my girlfriend?"

Momentarily speechless, she could only nod. A minute later, she replied, "I'd love to." He kissed her again and slipped her wand back into her robe pocket.

… - …

Mourning the death of yet another companion, Fawkes circled the castle, sang a few sad notes and flew away. In a few years he might find a deserving witch or wizard to keep him company. In the meanwhile, he would keep his ears open for calls from the interesting youngling and search for tasty fish.

… - …

Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, found Harry in the crowd and handed him the bag of coins. He said, "Here's your award money. Cedric Diggory reported that you were the first to the cup. Under the circumstances, I don't think we'll be able to hold a proper awards ceremony."

Not wanting any further attention drawn his way, Harry replied, "Thank you, Minister."

After a few words with Madam Pomfrey, who was far too busy looking after the other champions to pay any further attention to an apparently healthy Potter, Hermione more or less dragged him into an unused classroom and sealed the door behind them.

… - …

As the castle was far older than the ministry of magic building and was home to several hundred house elves who were emitting magic as they did their everyday tasks, the charms, wards and thousands of runes helping run the castle were all still in perfect working order as there was plenty of ambient magic. As such, the torches and candles were lit, the stairways moved as normal and the magical paintings were still free to offer unsolicited advice.

Since there was no official winner's ceremony or speeches given, few of the people present knew that Harry had won the tournament. What they were aware of was the growing reality that without their wands, they were practically powerless. Eventually the smoke from the short-lived fire in the castle cleared. Those who had previously purchased, or who had previously made portkeys pointing back to their homes used them to leave. As the rain settled in for the night, the fire in the forest died down and eventually went out.

... - ...

Meanwhile in central London, Gringotts was a hive of activity. In the estate section, The Book of Death indicated that eighty people had died within the last hour. Gumeye, the book attendant sent an urgent message to the account managers, who in turn notified Director Ragnok.

He personally came down and examined the names. Powerful humans with names like Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Nathan and Nancy Nott, Thomas Avery, Conrad and Alice Parkinson, Thomas Flint, Severus Snape, Barty Crouch, three Lestranges, Garrick Ollivander and Albus Dumbledore stood out in the long list, along with the supposedly long-dead Peter Pettigrew.

One name especially caught his notice - Tom Marvolo Riddle. He knew the name but the odd thing was that Riddle had been listed and relisted over and over - each listing time-stamped several seconds apart. He considered the information and concluded that Horcruxes were a possibility. That would also explain the fire in the Lestrange vault.

As he was examining the book, two more names were added. He recognized one of the names, Dolores Umbridge – the unpleasant witch who frequently barged into the lobby, shouting directions, as if anyone in the Nation would listen to her.

Ragnok knew of prophecies; both from the Nation's seers, as well as the humans. He knew that the group of names listed tonight wasn't a co-incidence. He believed that the one responsible would make his way to the bank in the coming days.

"Well done, Attendant Gumeye." Ragnok rolled his eyes in delight at the magnitude of the opportunity that had just dropped onto his lap. "Make your report directly to Senior Account Manager Barchoke at the end of your shift."

Gumeye bowed so deeply that his nose touched the floor. He replied, "I'll make it so, Director."

Ragnok sent a message to a dozen of the other Gringotts branches, asking if anything unusual had been reported.

… - ...

Back at Hogwarts, before the crowd began to disperse, Hermione had hustled Harry back into the castle. She led him to the third floor corridor that had been off-limits three years back. Locking the door behind her, she transfigured a broken desk into a replica of one on the common room couches, lit several candles as Harry called for Winky to bring them an iced bucket of butterbeers and a plate of sandwiches. He was tired and famished but knew that this was a conversation that wouldn't wait. He devoured one of the sandwiches, washed it down with half a bottle of butterbeer, nodded at her to start and said, "One question at a time, please."

"What happened in the maze?" It had been a poorly designed spectator contest. No one had been able to see the activity inside the maze.

Harry replied, "It started out as I expected. I couldn't see over or through it. I used the point-me charm that you showed me. There was an upside-down trap that I got through OK and a boggart that pretended to be a dementor. Then I heard Fleur and Krum get into some sort of fight. I think he threw the Cruciatus curse at her. The hedge moved and I didn't see them again. A sphinx gave me a riddle, which I solved. Finally I saw Cedric by the cup but he was blocked from it by an acromantula. I grabbed the cup and it turned out to be a portkey that took me to a graveyard."

Hermione had been on tenterhooks while he started his explanation. She gave him a tight hug, leaving her boyfriend no doubt that she was indeed a young woman. Uncharacteristically, she didn't ask any additional questions and just nodded at him.

Harry had opened another butterbeer, finished another sandwich and continued. As the adrenaline left his body, he found that he was famished but had much better manners than Ron. "Pettigrew immediately stunned me and tied me to a gravestone. There was a huge cauldron; it probably held forty gallons on a big bonfire heating up a potion of some sort."

Hermione resisted asking the questions on her lips; instead jotting them down in her little Spiro notepad that she kept in her pocket.

"Voldemort had taken over some toddler. It was absolutely hideous. Wormtail set Baby Tom in the cauldron and added some bone from Riddle's father. Seconds later, Pettigrew hacked off his left hand. Then he took out a dagger, cut my arm and added a bit of my blood into the cauldron." He pointed to where his arm had been cut.

It was all Hermione could do to keep from sobbing from distress. She decided if her boyfriend could live it, she could at least hear it. She nodded at him.

Harry put his second butterbeer down and continued. "A minute later, a reanimated Tom Riddle stepped out of the cauldron. Wormtail gave him a robe and his wand, which took a bit of effort, as he only had the one hand. Voldemort immediately cursed me with the Cruciatus for a while. He started laughing, then grabbed Wormtail's arm, jabbed his wand into the Dark Mark and called his Death Eaters to him. He talked to them a few minutes and mentioned the other ones in Azkaban. He referenced Snape and Karkarov then talked about someone else at Hogwarts. He called him, "My most loyal servant."

It took all of her self-restraint not to ask any of twenty questions she'd written down but he seemed to want to keep going.

"He made a big show out of conjuring a silver hand for Pettigrew. Then he asked me if I'd been taught how to duel. Wormtail untied me and tossed my wand at me. He never found your wand that you loaned me. Riddle tried to get me to bow, and then cast the killing curse at me. I'd cast the disarming hex at him at the same time and somehow the spells mashed together. A sort of glowing globe surrounded us and I managed to force his spell back into his wand. I was concentrating just as hard as I could. A bunch of spirits emerged from his wand – an old man, Bertha Jorkins, my parents and loads more. They spoke a few words of encouragement. Stranger, it seemed like every spell that he'd ever cast came back too. They made a loud cracking noise and sizzled with an ozone smell."

He set his empty butterbeer bottle down and continued, "He did something to draw the magic from the morons but it didn't seem to do him any good. He seemed weaker and I felt stronger. Then the strangest things happened. My scar popped open; that seriously hurt. Then Riddle's snake exploded and all the Death Eaters began screaming. Riddle sort of collapsed and a bit later, Wormtail came at me, pointing his wand at me like a bayonet. I had both wands out and I tried to cast something just as he smashed into me, knocking the big cauldron over. I sort-of passed out."

"Oh Harry." He got another hug and felt better for her effort.

"When I woke up, the fire had burned down a bit. My face felt sunburned, then I looked around. Everyone was dead; most everyone at least. A few might have disappeared. I didn't count how many people were there originally. There were at least forty bodies and Riddle had turned into a blob of yucky goo. I transfigured them into trees and wondered how I was going to get back here. It turned out that the cup was a two-way portkey. It took me back here. You found me, Fudge gave me a sack full of coins and here we are." He forgot to tell her about talking with his parents.

"I'm glad that you're here. I was so worried about you. Are you OK from his horrible curse? Did you recognize any of the Death Eaters? How did they die? Are you sure about Riddle? Why trees?"

"Breathe. I'll be all right. Snape said there was a relief potion. I'll ask Little D when we're done."

Hermione realized he was talking about Dobby and let him continue. "My guess is that he was drawing power from them via the Mark and he either couldn't break the connection, or chose not to. He may have about been magically exhausted to begin with from growing a new body, I'm not sure. I didn't get too tired from it."

She nodded encouragingly. "When I looked around to check on the Death Eaters, everyone looked like people I'd seen before with Fudge, or at the Wizengamot from the pictures in the Daily Prophet. I was sure that Fudge would try and pin their deaths on me, even though it was Voldemort who had sucked the life out of them. He was just a pile of wet mush in a robe. I couldn't prove that it was him."

She was tempted to ask him if he'd noticed any wands on the ground but thought better of it.

Finishing a third sandwich, he asked, "What happened here?"

Hermione thought for a moment, integrating his word into what she'd seen. She replied, "For the longest while, nothing; we couldn't see anything in the maze. Then the wands and broomsticks flew away. Professors Dumbledore, Moody, Snape and Karkarov died. Apparently Professor Dumbledore just keeled over, like he'd had a heart attack. Professors Snape and Karkarov started screaming. I didn't personally see Professor Moody."

He replied, "Sirius told me that both Snape and Karkarov were Death Eaters, or had been. Apparently the dark mark was forever. Anyways, that's about it. I expect that they'll be sending us home a few days early."

Remembering something, Harry said, "Dobby."

Within seconds, the Colin Creevey of elves popped in, breathlessly asking, "Harry Potter sir called for Dobby. What can Dobby be doing for Harry Potter sir?" The little elf hugged his best friend. "Oh, Harry Potter has been hurt by nasty curse. Dobby will find a potion for Harry Potter." He was back in less than a minute. "Greasy Potions man had these on his shelf. Dobby thinks that Harry Potter should take one before going to sleep."

"Thank you, Dobby. You're the best." He hugged his friend again.

As they were getting ready to return to their common room, Hermione pulled Harry into another hug and softly but clearly stated, "Don't mention having your wand to anyone. It's important."

"OK. You either. Yours is in your robe pocket." He didn't have to be told twice.

… - …


This tale starts with a story concept that I haven't seen, I'm having a world of fun writing it and hope that you'll enjoy it. Obviously, it's a post-Riddle story. Even without the DEs, there's no lack of nasty people in the world.

Intentional, serious, wandless magic is almost entirely a product of fanion – with the exception of Animagus and some people's ability to apparate short distances without their wand. It is not a part of this tale; nor are magic rings or the like.

This is not a super-powered Harry story. He's on the far upper-end but he killed off Riddle because he temporarily siphoned off some of the DE's magic that discharged in the form of an incredibly powered Accio spell, while somehow the connection between the two wands cost Riddle the magic from every spell that he'd ever cast.

The Death Eaters are gone. Riddle is gone. There wont be ten people killed off in every chapter. There are no sniper rifles in this tale. Please don't go looking for any. One of the story threads that the story considers is the concept of fairness. Being a traditionalist is not, in of itself a crime any more than being a progressive. A serious sum of money in the hands of an angry person is the most dangerous weapon.

Please keep the date June 24 in mind. It will be referred to as the Great Wandout.

It was nineteen years ago that I started writing my first story. I guess this qualifies as a life-long hobby.


… - …


Flitwick and Minerva

Minerva asked, "How could this have happened?"

"Which this? The three Death Eaters in the castle, their deaths, Dumbledore's death, a secret room that I'd never seen catching on fire, or everyones' wand flying away?"

He thought for a moment and added, "I honestly don't know but at least Severus isn't here to blame the whole thing on Harry Potter."

… - …

There are some 200 named characters in this story. About half of them are original characters. The rest came from the Lexicon.

List of Original characters worth knowing.

Alix – Shopkeeper – Named after our proofreader friend

Alyx – Auror – Named after a storyteller

Amanda Crabtree – Head of St Mungos

Anna Daily – Investigator

Anne Chambers – Department head at Salem

Ben Olifson – Emma's Dad

Bob Sunset – Auror. Named after a storyteller

Cindy Creevey – Colin and Dennis' mum – teacher

Connie Hammer – Investigator. Classmate of Amelia and Moody

Cyrus Greengrass – Daphne's dad. Busimessman

Dan Granger – Hermione's dad

Daryl Whitehorn – Wandcrafter. Devlin's Uncle

Demi Greengrass – Daphne's mum. Negotiator

Dr. K – Cypress wandmaker

Emma Granger – Hermione's mum

Felix Badeaux – French wandmaker. Attended class the same time as Otto Krebbs.

Glenn Stevens - Shopkeeper

Gretta Macmillan – Ernie's mum. Finance director

Jo St. Genovese – Salem – Defense instructor

John Macmillan – Ernie's dad. construction business

The J-Team – (Aurors of questionable ability)

*Jim Nibb

*Jim Paulson (No relation to Mick)

*Jim Mickelson

*Jim Tuttle

Lynn McLaggen – Cormac's mum. Sister of Tiberius Ogden

Mandy – Salem – Daryl's girlfriend

Mary Masters – Salem - Sales salesperson

Michelle Wood – Hit witch/Amelia's administrator. Oliver's older sister

Mick Paulson – Auror Cadet – Mick's Carm Repair – Conner/Staci

Nobb – Works at Leakey Cauldron

Peter Frostwell – Idiot. Father of two idiots.

Randi Bell – DMLE Administrator. Katie's older sister

Roberta Evans – Nurse/Healer

Rolf Toftland – Assistant Head of St. Mungos

Rose Moonshine – Regulus' daughter Potions master

Sally Daily – Real estate salesperson. Anna's Sister.

Sylvia Clearwater – Penny's mum. Transfiguration master

Tim Streeter – Physical Therapist


Nobby – Head elf at Hogwarts

Smidgen – Bones elf


Barchoke – Sr Account manager

Snotnose – Sr Appraiser

Eye Brothers – Redeye, Blackeye, Blindeye, Sharpeye (Guards)

Gumeye – runner

Other account managers – Sneerwell, Ironrod, Crackjaw, Rockcrusher


Clawhook Aragog's son

Longarm – Aragog's son

Micsha – Longarm's mate

(There are about 40 other O-Cs with cameo roles, or who were mentioned, such as Death Eaters spouses)