Today was a very special day for one Mikoto Uchiha. See today is her birthday and she plans on enjoying it to the fullest. Most would expect the Uchiha matriarch to spend her special day with her family, more specifically her husband. Something you'd expect out of a housewife who was once a former S-rank kunoichi. Those people couldn't be more wrong.

Fugaku Uchiha, her husband and clan head of the Uchiha, is a man who takes his duty as head of the clan very seriously. He's a man who will always put the clan over his own family. Fugaku is the type of man who will only spend quality time with his children if it involves the betterment of the clan. Otherwise he's not what one could call a good father. Hell, the only time of the day he really gives Mikoto is during the night once he's done with his business with the clan for the day. It's not like that's anything to look forward to either since he's rarely opens up to her about anything. He's not big on sex at all, then again with his small size, Mikoto can't blame him. Well it's not like she ever expected her marriage to him to work out in the long run anyways. Their marriage was arranged against her will by the clan elders after all.

Then there's her sons, Itachi is hardly at home now a days due to his busy schedule as an Anbu captain. The youngest Anbu captain in Konoha history at that. When Itachi was younger she used to have a great relationship with him, but now however her eldest is very distant towards her. It's almost as if they are strangers. Something that took her a long time to come to terms with.

Then there's her youngest child Sasuke, as much as she loved him. She knew it was no hope for him in the end. Because of Sasuke's craving for his father's attention. He was developing the typical arrogant Uchiha complex that most Uchihas seem to have for some reason she never understood. It doesn't help that Sasuke is also starting to listen to her less and less.

Truthfully she hates the current Uchiha clan, she despises how easily they fall prey to the Curse of Hatred. Hell, there's only one Uchiha she really respects out of the entire clan besides her mother, father and brother who are all deceased now. That person is Madara Uchiha, the man who tried to save the Uchiha from Konoha discrimination in the early stages. But was casted out due to his own kin turning against him.

Madara tried to save his clan and all he got in return is being spat in the face by betrayal from the same people he was fighting for. What's even worse is that even when the clan learned that Madara was correct. They still chose to take Konoha's discrimination to the face for decades without any form of rebuttal.

For Mikoto, the true last straw for her is when Fugaku allowed Konoha to force their entire clan to move out the main area of the village. They were forced to move to the outskirts of the village on the pretext of it being necessary for Konoha reconstruction due to the Kyuubi attack 8 years ago. In truth the real reason is the Konoha Council needed the entire clan together to monitor their movements. Obviously they and most of the village believed that the Uchiha was the cause of the Kyuubi attack. Which Mikoto found absolutely ridiculous considering the fact that only one member of the Uchiha clan has a Sharingan powerful enough to achieve such a feat.

The person she is referring to is herself of course.

The general belief is that the Sharingan is capable of controlling Bijuu. Sadly it's not that black and white. For starters, a Mangekyo Sharingan is required to be able to control any bijuu. However when it comes to controlling a bijuu as powerful as the Nine-Tails. Only an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can actually control it. Again only something that she has out of all the Uchiha clan.

She also hates Konoha too for their obvious disrespect towards her clan.

Anyways, her hatred towards both her clan and Konoha aside, she woke up to being the only one in her home. Fugaku always left out as soon as he wakes up, so it's no surprise he's gone and didn't bother to wish her happy birthday. Sasuke is at the academy, he likely woke up before her to rush out to get some morning training in before going to class. He won't be home until the evening with his recent habits. She knows that Itachi is definitely in the village, he's been even more distant lately, especially to Sasuke not to mention the suspicion he's under with the clan for Shisui's death. So he's likely performing his Anbu duties.

During these last few weeks things have been real tense in the Uchiha clan. A lot of clan meetings taking place and all.

Too bad that no matter how much Fugaku tries to hide from her, she knows exactly what's going on with the clan.

It's also too bad for the clan that they have no idea that their execution is upon them.

Coming out of her thoughts for a moment, Mikoto sat up in her bed to stretch out her limbs. After yawning, she said softly. "Well I guess I better go shower, no sense in wasting any more of my birthday in this disgusting village. I can't wait until they get what's coming to them."

Sighing, she stood out of the bed in her pajamas, she didn't bother to find any clothes to wear. Making her way straight to the bathroom, once in there she peed, flushed the toilet, rinsed off her hands before turning the shower faucet in order for steaming hot water to come out of the shower head.

Discarding her pajamas into a dirty clothes bin, she stepped into the shower, closing her eyes as she relaxed her body under the hot water hitting her creamy fair skin. It felt nice having the water travel down her body. It's the first part of washing away Fugaku's scent off her body. It's not that he cuddled with her while they were sleeping, but they do sleep in the same bed.

While lathering her body with soap, her mind drifted off to where she was heading after her shower.

What nobody knows about Mikoto is that she's not the loyal housewive people believe her to be. As it stands Fugaku is her husband by law, although that doesn't mean he's her true husband. It all started around 2 and a half years ago when her and Fugaku got into another argument. This particular argument though had been a very bad one, it started off small but kept growing as Fugaku wouldn't shut up. Then he started bad mouthing her deceased surrogate sister Kushina Uzumaki in his anger. Which in turn made Mikoto furious, once her mother, father and brother were all gone. Kushina was the person Mikoto held dearest. She cared immensely for her other friends Tsunade and Shizune, but her and Kushina shared a special bond of sisterhood. When Mikoto found out about Kushina's death, she grieved over it for nearly six years. Which is why when Fugaku said what he said, Mikoto showed him why she was a former S-rank kunoichi and that she will always be stronger than him by beating the living shit out of the fool.

Once she was done kicking his ass, she stormed out of the house, then the village in a fit of anger. No one dared get in her way as her chakra was flaring wildly. Even Hiruzen felt her chakra spiking and knew to stay out of her way and let her do what she needed to cool off.

Which led to her ending up in a small village in Hi no Kuni. She just wanted to spend a night or two there in order to be away from Fugaku. Even though Sasuke was only 5 at the time, she knew he would be fine in taking care of himself if Fugaku is around somewhat.

She never would've imagined that on that very same day her life would change forever.

Later on that night Mikoto went to a bar in hopes that a couple shots would quench her anger. It helped but it didn't completely do the job. It was on her fourth shot when the man who became her true husband appeared before her eyes.

It started off with a nice simple conversation, then a little flirting got added in here and there as time went on. As more time passed she got more interested and comfortable with her husband that long story short, she woke up the next morning, naked in his bed in his arms.

Safe to say she's never allowed Fugaku to touch her sexually since. She hardly allowed it to begin with.

Her husband is someone with enough power to conquer the whole planet with ease.

She decided to cease the thoughts on her true husband for now seeing as it was only making her pussy wet the more she thought about him. After spending 20 minutes cleaning herself, the raven haired Uchiha decided it was time to get out. Turning off the water, she stepped out and grabbed a towel off the rack to dry herself off. Then she went to the sink to brush her teeth.

Once she was done, Mikoto left the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her body. Stepping into the bedroom, she allowed her towel to drop onto the hardwood floor. Walking over to the dresser, the raven haired woman open the bottom drawer on the left to take out a storage scroll. After placing a drop of blood on and channeling some of her chakra through the storage scroll. It opened and showed her some of her sexy lingerie pieces that she keeps here.

Obviously she had a whole other wardrobe at her husband's home. She just wanted to put on something sexy for him, he likes seeing her in anything that makes her look sexier than usual.

"Hmmmm I believe this one will do." She voiced softly.

Mikoto picked out a purple see-through robe with white see-thru lace underwear. After putting them on, she checked herself out in the mirror, nodding in approval of herself. She isn't wearing a bra, to her it feels that she'll come off sexier without a bra restricting her round, perky breasts.

Now one may think how is she going to get to her beloved's home? Is she really going to travel outside wearing this? The answer is fuck no, she will never allow any man to see her like this aside from her man. Anyways, her way of reaching him is by teleportation. He gave her a device that allows her to teleport to anywhere in the world she wants. Though she mainly uses to just get to him instantly. Whenever she's in Konoha, she doesn't use the device in order to prevent someone from accidentally seeing her teleport. The less who knew, the better.

After discarding her towel she used to dry herself off from the floor. Mikoto then grabbed her diamond-shaped device, channeling a minuscule amount of chakra through it. In one second she left Konoha to appear in another bedroom. The bedroom she shares with her husband.

Said bedroom is a very large bedroom with sky ball walls, white carpet, a huge walk-in closet, a bathroom with its own onsen inside, a king size bed and to top it off a balcony. Essentially her husband's home is a mansion located all the way in the Land of Forests.

Speaking of her man, she can see that his bed sheets are messed up and empty. Meaning he's not in bed like she expected him to be. For a brief moment she wondered where he was, she knew he was home due to her sensing his chakra signature.

Mikoto received her answer when she heard the bathroom door open up. Looking to her left, she smiled seeing her sexy adonis of a husband. Standing at a tall 6'4 with a very muscular build that is not meant for Shinobi. Though his muscles aren't bulgy or ugly, they are compact and definitely have a sexy appeal to them. Long, magnificent blond locks traveling down his back, the same blond he inherited from his father. She loved it when he wore his hair down rather than a pony-tail. Surprisingly it's not spiky like his father's, it's more smooth and flowing like his mother's beautiful red hair. Amethyst colored eyes also like his mothers. Three whiskers on each cheek that could pass off as birthmarks. His skin was fair tone though he was more on the tan side.

Yes, her husband is Naruto Uzumaki, however it is not the same Naruto Uzumaki of this world who is an 8 year old little boy.

Naruto, who was drying off her hair with his towel and only clad in his black briefs underwear, was happy to see his amazing wife. He had been expecting her and sensed her arrival as soon as she appeared in their shared room.

"Hey babe." Naruto greeted her with a warm smile that she adored.

Mikoto didn't reply, instead she stepped a few steps closer to him, then reached up with her hand to pull his head down to her own. This cause the towel Naruto was using to dry off his hair to fall to their feet as their attention is solely focused on the fervent, emotional kiss they are sharing at the moment. Soft, feminine hands made their way to his whiskered face to cup his cheeks in her palms. The blond Uzumaki's hands pulled her closer as they were holding her hips. With the battle of tongues going on, it's only natural for their kiss to deepened to the point where A certain raven haired woman couldn't hold back and craved for her body to be closer to his. So sliding her hands from his face to around his neck, she lifted her lower half to wrap her naked creamy legs around his groin. She smiled into the kiss when she felt his hands travel to her nice, big arse that he loves so much, to support her. Hell, she loves it when he massages her butt.

As their kiss lingered on, her hands traveled from his face, hair, neck, shoulders and chest while he just focused on kneading her ass cheeks in her hands. Can't forget about their sexes grinding into each other for added pleasure, drawing grunts and moans from the couple. If someone else were to see this kiss, they'd think the couple haven't seen each other in weeks by how pure lust and desperation they seem to have for one another.

Their kiss lasted a little over 8 minutes before they finally pulled away. Though that didn't stopped either of them from giving each other small quick pecks on the lips.

"I missed you so much Naruto-kun!" Mikoto beamed happily as she stole another kiss from her man.

Naruto chuckled as he returned her kiss. "I miss you too babe, even if it's only been 10 hours since we were last together."

"Hmmm," she tilted her head cutely. "10 hours too long for me, especially if it's in that disgraceful excuse of a village with the cursed and idiotic clan I come from."

"You will never let go of the hate you hold for your clan will you?" Naruto asked, already knowing the answer.

Mikoto scoffed at the notion. "Never, not after all the decades they spent allowing Konoha to walk all over us. Seriously, all because of the 'legends' saying how Madara Uchiha tamed the Nine-Tails with his Sharingan. The whole Uchiha clan is under suspicion because of some jackass who was thought to be dead! They had no proof whatsoever that the Uchiha were responsible, yet we were essentially already guilty in the eyes of the majority. Thus the Uchiha District was born."

Naruto isn't the original 'Naruto' of this world. He's actually a version of Naruto who traveled to many different worlds to learn various things. Old man Hagoromo has nothing on him, neither does Kaguya or the entire Otsutsuki clan at that. He'll be ready for all of them once they decide to show up. Oh can't forget other little groups spying around thinking that nobody knows about them. It goes without saying that he's immortal. He has access to many bloodlines though he doesn't use chakra in his fights that much anymore. He likes using either ki or magic. Mainly magic though since he loves using his Dragon Slayer magic. He's only been in this world for three years, imagine his surprise seeing this world being extremely similar to the original Naruto's world. So he pretty much knows most if not all of the major and minor events that's supposed to take place. Though he wouldn't be surprised if an oddity was thrown in once or twice, it wouldn't be the first time happening to him while in a different world.

After his and Mikoto first shared night of sex, he had been completely honest with her about who he is since he felt no need to hide it. Wiping her memories would've taken only a second if she became too troublesome. Plus it's not like anyone in this world can do anything to him. He can't wait to see who will be the first idiot to think that fuinjutsu will seal him or his abilities up. She was shocked of course at first but accepted it pretty quickly much to his delight.

Though one thing he does notice about the differences in this world is Konoha is more hated than usual. One example is Mikoto's own hatred for the leaf. Naruto knows for a fact that the Mikoto of the original Naruto's world did not hate her clan at all. Neither did she hate Konoha to this extent, not that it bothered him in the slightest. He doesn't really care about this world's Konoha, especially after learning two crucial differences about it. First off is that in this world, Konoha betrayed his mother's clan. Instead of arriving late due to enemy forces holding them up. Konoha not only gave away information about Uzushio's defenses to their enemies. They deliberately arrived late so that the Uzumaki clan would be killed off. Apparently Konoha didn't want Uzushio to have any more access to their jinchuuriki, who at the time was his mother Kushina. Especially since Kushina was the princess of Whirlpool Country and Uzushiogakure. Meaning that Uzushio had more pull over Kushina than Konoha liked. Second reason is their treatment of the Naruto of this world. Somehow the villagers were even harsher to him, going so far as to ignoring the Hokage's order on not physically harming him.

So long story short, Naruto has zero reason to care about Konoha, it's not like he grew up in this world anyways.

"What makes it even worse is that no one in the Uchiha clan has Sharingan eyes powerful enough to control the Kyuubi aside from myself. Neither Konoha nor my clan knew of the power of the eyes I possess yet Konoha still essentially punished us without proof and Fuagku embarrassed us by accepting it without a fight. If I would've been clan head, I would've fought tooth and nail to clear our clan's name despite how much I can't stand their asses. Oh well not my problem, I can't wait for Itachi to massacre them tomorrow night. I've waited nearly three years for this day. I do kinda hate how all those innocent kids have to pay for the sins of the Uchiha. But like I said, it's not my problem." Mikoto finished her rant.

Obviously Naruto told Mikoto about the future fate of her clan as well as a good portion of the other future events that are supposed to take place. He had been a bit caught off guard when he saw her very positive reaction to learning of the Uchiha Massacre. Naruto also told Mikoto of his plans in this world since he plans to spend a long time here.

Part of his plans involve Mikoto becoming his first wife with his deceased mother becoming his second wife once he revives her. Besides training her in secret(well secret to her family) he took it upon himself to make her immortal like himself. He's not sure how many lovers he will have, though he's sure he wants them all to live eternal lives with him.

"Hey." Naruto kissed her on the lips, lingering there for a moment before pulling away, much to her displeasure and his amusement. "Don't waste your breath on those soon to be dead fools. Remember once they are gone, it'll be up to us to revive both the Uzumaki and Uchiha clans. And I mean us, not Sasuke which is Itachi's plan."

Mikoto flushed happily hearing those words, while it's a few years away. She can't wait for the day when Naruto and her begin trying to have children. It makes her even more giddy knowing that her and Kushina's kids will be siblings! Besides, she can easily wait on having kids with her bad experience with Fugaku. She's more than satisfied with being Naruto's wife, which will become official tomorrow night as soon as the Uchiha are killed off. Sure they call each other husband and wife already, however Mikoto wanted it to become truly official once Fugaku is dead.

"Yeah you're right, by the way I'm sending a blood clone to Konoha back in my place since someone has to keep up the act and make my 'family' dinner. Tonight I'm staying here with you since I absolutely refuse to sleep in a bed with Fugaku when I could be getting fucked by you." She smirked lustfully at him.

"Hohoho you naughty girl, what would your husband say if he knew you were cheating on him?" Naruto shared her smirk.

"Well my husband is right here holding me up by my ass. However, as for my 'legal' husband, he may throw a fit like a little bitch, trying to call me degrading names and so on knowing him. It would be pretty entertaining to see his reaction to me sucking you off. By the way Naru-koi, how do you like my outfit?" Mikoto asked.

"I love it, I half expected you to show up naked." The immortal 32 year old blond voiced, he really did seeing as she's done so many of their times during the years.

"Honestly, I thought about it but decided that since it's my birthday, I should at least spice it up for once." The immortal 32 year old woman replied.

Naruto snorted at that. "As if you need to spice up anything, I've told you this numerous times my dear wife. It's not a single person who can compare to your beauty aside from two people. One is Tsunade and the other is my deceased mother Kushina. No other woman comes close in my eyes, why do you think I'm focused so much on you instead of trying to add more women into my harem?"

Now that's something she didn't expect to her, she knew Naruto was holding off on reviving Kushina for a reason. Though she never did understand why he seemed so content with just her when he originally told her his plan to build a harem. Not that it bothered her in the slightest mind you, if anything it made her happy that a man was so genuinely in love with her.

Feeling touched by his confession, Mikoto knew exactly how she wanted to spend the rest of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon.

Having passionate, rough, wild, butt naked sex with the man who changed her world forever.

With these sexual thoughts in mind, Mikoto pecked Naruto on the lips, pulling away she said.

"You know I did want to enjoy breakfast with you first before doing this. But fuck it I'm too impatient now and your way of words just sealed the deal. Let's make love babe." Mikoto made sure to further her point by grinding against his groin.

Flashing his wife an eager grin, Naruto instantly appeared sitting in the middle of the bed with Mikoto still holding onto him and him kneading her arse. As Mikoto shrugged off her robe, Naruto snapped his fingers, getting rid of both of their underwear.

"I love how convenient that is, when are you going to teach me that?" Mikoto questioned.

"Once you learn magic, I will certainly show you." Naruto said.

He grinned when his raven haired wife sat up from his lap with her legs still wrapped around his back. Using one hand to reach down, Naruto loved feeling her small hands on his dick, after giving him a few pumps with her hand. Mikoto slid down inch by inch on his hard 12 inch manhood. She had already been wet from earlier plus from grinding herself against Naruto.

Even though her slippery walls were shaped for her massive tool, she still moaned feeling him enter her with every inch. Naruto groaned at the feeling of her amazing walls of flesh massaging his dick as she took him in, bottoming out as he ass was on his pelvis. His hands are still on her ass cheeks. Mikoto moaned out happy due to her cumming on Naruto once she bottomed out. She wiggled her ass enough to feel Naruto's big juicy ballsack in between her ass a bit

"I will never get tired of this feeling, god you feel so good koi." Mikoto sighed in pleasure.

"And I will never get enough of your wonderful milf pussy." Naruto responded, basking in their joint pleasure.

Being together for almost three years, Mikoto has learned a lot when it came to sex. Exclusively when it comes to knowing to work Naruto's manhood in order to get him worked up enough to pound her out like no tomorrow, gets him to ejaculate quicker or feel the most pleasure. This particular trick is one that both Naruto and her enjoy. Instead of moving up and down along his 12 inch mammoth. She gently grabbed his hands to move them to her back, afterwards she slowly and sensually moved her hips in a circle while using her vaginal muscles to stimulate him. Adding a bit of chakra through her vagibal alrea to make herself slightly hotter and wetter in that area.

Naruto gasped as he realized what she was doing, he hugged her body closer to the point where her boobs are pressed against his muscular pectorals. Just more skin on skin contact, he did like how her hard nippled felt against his chest. He also enjoys the feeling of her fleshy arse rubbing against her pelvis. Combined with what she's actually doing with her walls and chakra.

Not wanting to be outdone, he topped it off by leaning in to capture her kissable lips. Next the Uzumaki slowly trailed his right hand down her back to her lips, all the way down to her womanhood, stopping as soon as he reached her clitoris. Using only his thumb, he felt her gasped into their kiss once his thumb began rubbing his clitoris.

Mikoto sunk further into their loving kiss, feeling herself fall more in love with him. One of her hands were pressed firmly into his muscular back, the other placed on the back of his head. Tongues entangled as they go back and forth from each mouth, trading saliva even as some drip from the corners of their mouths. This type of intimacy is top tier. Coupling together with Naruto often made her realize just how many years she wasted without sex due to her arranged marriage to Fugaku. Sometimes she wonders how many kids her and Naruto would have if he showed up before she married Fugaku.

Thinking about it kinda makes her feel bad for Minato since she knows for a fact that Naruto would have easily snatched Kushina away from the Yondaime Hokage. Minato may be a good guy, sadly he's no Naruto when it comes to bed. That's not to say he's bad though, Mikoto would know from the threesomes she's had with Minato and Kushina.

Part of the raven haired Uchiha shudders with excitement knowing the threesomes to come between her, Naruto and Kushina.

Now instead of only rotating in his lap, Mikoto is now moving her hips up and down on her husband's dick. Slamming herself down every time to get him to go deeper inside her pussy. His back back on her fleshy ass cheeks only this time he's using his index finger to finger her asshole. All the while thrusting his hips upwards to meet her moments in equal vigor.

"Oh yes Naru-chan! That's it baby, finger my pretty little asshole. God you know how much I love you playing with my ass while I ride you big dick!" Mikoto broke their kiss to moan out in ecstasy.

Naruto himself wasn't silent either, no sir he's the type who likes to moan during sex with his women and tell them how they are making him feel. Out of all the women he's fucked over the years throughout all the worlds he's traveled to. Imagine his surprise when he learned that most of women want a man for them during sex. They find those who stay silent during sex extremely boring. Of course his lovely Mikoto-chan is part of that majority.

Somehow some of their best sex comes from their little competitions on who can get the other to moan the loudest or most.

"Fuck Mikoto-chan! I think I regret letting you go back home last night. We could've fucked sooner that way!" He moaned out as he piped his manhood deep into her womanhood.

During her moans, she did laugh a bit. "How do you think I felt waking up knowing I slept next to Fugaku?"

"Probably ten times worse knowing you had to on your birthday." He chuckled.

The immortal couple kept at their actions while trying to cum together. It was no rush to get to their release seeing as both knew they were going to enjoy going multiple rounds throughout the day for as long as possible.

20 more minutes passed by the time both got the signal of their release. Mikoto feeling the built up pressure in her core and tightening of her vaginal walls. Naruto felt the shift in his balls, feeling his hot cum already a quarter through his urethra. At this particular time Mikoto had both her hands cupping Naruto's sexy face as he now had two fingers wedge deep within her asshole. The blond knew his wife was close by the way she was squeezing his shaft. Mikoto could feel his veiny manhood twitch and pulsate inside of her.

Removing one of her hands from his face, the raven haired woman channeled a very thin layer of chakra over her hand before placing it onto her husband's ballsack. They had been making out for quite some time, when she felt him jump slightly to her touch, she smiled into their kiss once more.

The feeling of her hand fondling his right nut is out of this world. He could feel his entire scrotum reacting to her touch. Of course he got even by channeling chakra through his two fingers in her asshole.

All of this immense pleasure going on and yet it still didn't stop them from kissing each other to their hearts content.

Neither broke the kiss to mention their releases, only moaning loudly into each others mouth as Naruto's first spurt of cum shot and plastered all inside of Mikoto. Then came the second burst of cum, then the third and so on. Mikoto's pussy squeezed tightly around Naruto from her violently squirting all over his shaft. Safe to say their combined fluids stained the sheets, not that they cared.

Naruto actually didn't stop cumming until a full minute, causing his wife to have a second orgasm from his own orgasm. Even when that stopped, the loving couple did not break their passionate kiss until nearly five minutes later.

Being immortal and a kunoichi, Mikoto did not need to break away for air. She can enjoy her husband's lips for as long as she likes.

"Shit that was fucking amazing." Naruto sighed out as he took his fingers out of Mikoto's asshole.

Said woman whimpered at the loss in her rear, though she knew that sooner or later her ass will be filled by her lover's 12 inch mammoth. "Yeah that ended up being a lot better than I assumed it would be for our first round of the day." She smiled as she laid her head on Naruto's shoulder.

The blond Uzumaki held her in his arms as he laid back on the bed, bringing her down with her on his chest. Still to this day he doesn't understand why he and the Mikoto of this world hit it off so much differently than the others versions of her. It's like he hasn't been in a relationship with a different Mikoto from the other worlds.

It's just that the ones he's with now shares a special connection with him that he appreciates. Perhaps this is why he never felt the need to add on to his harem yet. Oh well no sense of thinking on it too much, the next lover will be Kushina anyway. He loves this Mikoto at least ten times more than the others he's been involved with.

And yes, she knows he feels this way about her.

"Ready for another round?" Naruto asked.

"Mhm! What position do you wanna do?" Mikoto replied with some excitement laced in her tone.

She received her answer when she felt his left arm move down to her lower backside. Using a bit of his strength to press his lovely wife against him as his hand was free to cup her ass cheeks or play with her asshole. His right hand trailed up to her face to cup her cheek in his palm. Amethyst eyes staring into warm onyx eyes, taking in the beauty before his very eyes.

Tilting her head against his warm palm, Mikoto smiled, placing one of her hands on his broad shoulder with the other his chest. Her heart surged into immense happiness seeing the pure absolute love in his eyes, the affection that's solely for her.

"What are you thinking about?" She wondered.

"Nothing, just admiring those dark orbs of yours. It easy to get lost in an endless void of love." He smirked.

Mikoto giggled a bit. "Alright now what was very corny."

Yet it didn't stop her from physically showing her endless love for him by capturing her husband's lips into a scorching lip lock. This in turn got Naruto to begin thrusting his hard dick deep within his wife's cunt. His arm around her lower back is keeping her in place as Naruto gives it to her. It didn't take long at all for him to find his rhythm as loud skin clapping noises are echoing in their bedroom. His balls were swinging back and forth, smacking against Mikoto's wonderful plumpy arse.

With skin clapping came the wet sounds of his manhood thrusting fast and hard into her pink slippery vaginal muscles. Looking closely at their genitals, it looked like the entire piston had been drenched by the machine fluids. Meaning Naruto's dick is covered in Mikoto's feminine juices.

The pleasure was so overwhelming on both ends, Mikoto pulled away from their kiss to lay her head onto his shoulder, nuzzling her face into his neck. Listening to her majestic loud moans, the Uzumaki can feel her hot breath on the side of his neck.

God he loved that feeling, he loved listening to her moan her fucking heart out in ecstasy.

He was far from silent himself as he couldn't hold back his moans, even if Mikoto was moving her hips to meet his. She was still channeling chakra in her snatch to add onto the pleasure of herself and Naruto.

This was fucking heavenly, this is only a small portion of the pleasure Mikoto had experienced over the last couple of years.

What made this even better for Mikoto is that she got to ride out an unexpected orgasm during her pounding.

Eventually however Naruto felt his scrotum churn from the built up release.

Even though she was close to blacking out from this godly experience, she felt the signs of his incoming orgasm. So she decided to really send him over the edge. Moving her head just a bit for her lips to reach his ear.

Moaning loudly into her ear. "Fuck! You feel so out of this world! God koi I can feel your big cock aching inside of me. You're gonna cum aren't you baby? Go ahead, give it to me. Spray me with that delicious cum Naru-koi~!" Mikoto swirled her tongue around his ear down to her neck. The moment her teeth bit into his neck, a life shattering orgasm took placeā€¦.for the both of them.

An epic proportion of Mikoto's cum poured out as she showered and drenched her husband's dick, her walls were squeezing the shit out of his cock, massaging and milking him for all he had. Good thing for her that wasn't the end of it because Naruto's cum shot out in a massive eruption of sperm, painting his wife's entire womb white. His orgasm only caused Mikoto to cum again. Her loud moaning turned into a silent scream, eyes turned white, rolling in the back of her head as she blacked out.

Naruto didn't black out, although he was fighting pretty hard to not give in. His body however is shaking slightly from his release, truthfully he was far from worn out by any means. It's just how his body responds to Mikoto. Kinda makes sense considering her masterful skills on working his cock. What excites him is that this world's Mikoto that is his wife is the best Mikoto he's experienced sex with by far. Several leagues better than her other version, it makes him wonder on how good it will be to fuck this world's version of Kushina since she was always one of his greatest fucks. It didn't matter which world, every Kushina was amazing in sex.

What's odd is that out of all the women he's fucked, he only had children in his original world. That's what makes being in this world different with this Mikoto. He plans to finally have a family of his own again. What better way than to repopulate his clan with multiple sexy women that he'll adore?

Another thing he's kinda excited about is seeing the reactions to the anoint of people he's gonna piss off with his future plans. Well can't really say future considering that the first part of pissing people off starts tomorrow at the Uchiha Massacre. When it's all said and done Danzo and Obito will hate him with every fiber in their beings.

Ridding his mind of those thoughts knowing he can focus on those fools another time. He refocused his attention back to his beloved wife. Unknowingly the immortal 32 year old former Hokage had been using his hands to attend to her.

One massaging her scalp wit the other rubbing gently circles on her back. All the while she's blacked out on his shoulder and their sexes still connected as one.

A moment later he heard her gasp, coming back to consciousness. Her raven locks spread out across their bodies, lacing together with his own long blond locks.

Mikoto slowly blinked, she saw she was still laying on her husband. She moaned due to feeling his hands work their magic on her. God he spoiled her so much, what did she ever do to deserve Naruto?

"How long was I out?" She asked.

"About a minute or less, I almost blacked out like you did." He chuckled.

The raven haired Uchiha positioned her head just enough to smooch his lips. Eliciting a sigh from both as they shared a lingering simple kiss. She didn't want to move from this spot for a while. Way too comfortable, especially with a 12 inch shaft still deeply within her.

In the end Naruto had set up a home date to celebrate Mikoto's birthday seeing as how the birthday girl wanted a sex filled birthday. What's better for her is that as of tomorrow, the Uchiha clan will be wiped out with her having a front row seat.