What would you do if you woke up in the body of a 13-year old Draco Malfoy? If you're anything like me then that isn't a question you've laid awake at night contemplating, but as I lay here in a bed that is way softer than it has any right to be, I'm beginning to wish that I did exactly that. If you haven't figured it out yet then I'll just come out and say it. I went to bed in my dorm room and woke up in Draco Malfoy's room with his memories. On one hand, I'm really going to miss my family and girlfriend, on the other, magic. Real fucking magic.

"Master Draco, Mistress bes asking for you at the breakfast table"- a small nasally voice squeaked out from right beside me.

"Aahhh" I screamed, I mean who wouldn't. Checking the side of my bed, I see it's just a house elf. Blinky, my mind fills in. Summoning whatever bits of Malfoy might be roaming around in my head, I reply,

"Alright Elf" fuck that sounded horrible, try again "tell mother I will be with her shortly" ok that's better, I've got to get my game face on. This is a great opportunity, rather not waste it.

I jump off the impressively soft bed and look around for Draco's, I mean my wand. Can't slip up like that out loud, referring to 'myself' in third person would probably lead me to a bed at St. Mungo's, right next to the Longbottoms if I'm lucky and Lockhart if I'm not. There it is, '10 inches, Unicorn hair and hawthorn reasonably springy' my brain recites in it's best Ollivander impression.

As I went through the spells this body learnt as a 10 year old to freshen my breath, clean my body and get rid of bed hair, I noticed that something felt off. Of course, the wand chooses the wizard and this one chose Draco Malfoy not whatever twisted amalgamation of Draco and myself that now exists. It still did the spells, but I could just tell that this wand would produce no great feats of magic, not for me at least. Well, that's nothing that won't be solved with a quick visit to Diagon alley.

The dining room was not difficult to find, It was just two floors down and in a different wing. My new memories led me there easily. Walking in, I have to put in some conscious effort to avoid staring. Narcissa Malfoy is a goddess amongst women, long blond hair, a pretty face and a body that wouldn't be out of place in a playboy magazine. If this is the standard of the women here, then whatever lingering hesitations I have over living here would soon be forgotten.

"Morning Mother" I greet enthusiastically, she looks at me suspiciously. Shit Draco was not a morning person in any way. Well, there's nothing to be done now. I shuffle to her seat, give her a peck on the cheek like my memories tell me I normally do, guess Draco was a bit of a mummy's boy. Who knew?

"I'll be making a trip to Diagon this morning" I inform her. I need to get the wand situation sorted out as quickly as possible.

She simply nods and starts eating. I follow suit, guess she's not up for much conversation. It takes me a few minutes to realise that there's someone missing from the table- Lucious Malfoy, miserable death eater that he is, he's still my father. That thought almost makes me gag. A quick search through my memories reveals that he'll be gone for most of the summer till he comes back for the Quidditch World Cup. he's doing some work at the ministry, probably helping set up for the tri-wizard.

I quickly polish off the rest of my meal and get up to head to the floo room.

"Draco, are you not forgetting something?" her voice cuts in through my attempted escape. I look at her and she gives me or rather my body a meaningful look. I follow her eyes and shit, I'm still in my sleep wear.

"I hope you did not intend to head to Diagon dressed like that". She comments with an arched eyebrow.

"Of course not, I was simply taking the long route to my room". Nice save there, I then sharply turn around and make my way to my chambers, using the long route.

I arrive at my room having somehow managed to work up a light sheen, this place is ridiculously large. I quickly changed into one of Draco's outfits- a black button down shirt, black slacks, a waistcoat, black shoes and a light blue robe to complete the ensemble. The floo room was a bit farther from mine than the dining room. I got there, took a scoop of floo powder from the mantle, stepped into the ornate fireplace and with a quick shout of "Diagon Alley" I was off.

The Leaky Cauldron is not particularly impressive, just a standard 18th century pub. I chance a look around, and made my way to Diagon. The alley is not particularly crowded, so my journey to Ollivanders is quick and I don't bump into anyone so that's a plus. I stroll in and the bell above the door announces my arrival.

"Draco Malfoy, Hawthorn with Unicorn hair, 10 inches, reasonably springy" Ollivander's voice sounds out from somewhere in the shop. The place is fucking huge, it seems to stretch on forever, probably a clever application of space expansion charms. He finally steps out and he looks ancient. I guess they downplayed his looks in the movies, pale wrinkled skin and grey hair, he looks like a strong breeze would blow him over.

"It doesn't work for me anymore, not like it used to" I finally croak out after observing him for a little bit too long. He stretches out his hand and I pass the wand over to him.

After observing the wand for a little bit, he speaks out with an intrigued look in his eyes, "This wand will not sing for you anymore, curious very curious". I ignore his unspoken question.

"Is there anything that can be done?" I ask to get those blue eyes of his off me.

"No, you will have to try for a different one" he replies while still staring at me. He finally gives up or finds what he is looking for and steps deeper into the shop to bring out wands for me to try.

The first time Draco came here, it took him two hours to find a wand. This time, although most wands gave off some form of reaction, it still took closer to three for me to find a perfect match. I felt something within me sing the momentI held it. I felt complete like something that had always been missing had finally been found as silver sparks shot out of the wand.

" 14 inches, Fir and Dragon heartstring. Unyielding, suited for transfiguration." Ollivander spoke out and I barely heard him, more focused on my wand.

'You and I are going to conquer this world. I'll be the greatest to ever live and you will help me every step of the way' I thought to the wand and I felt a strong sense of affirmation.

Author's Note;

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