After I received my new wand from Ollivander, the rest of the summer was dedicated to working on my magic. Turns out, those fanfictions that said purebloods could practice magic during the summer because having of-age wizards around would screw up ministry detectors were right. Of course, my Saturdays and Sundays were dedicated to etiquette and dancing lessons, Draco was an amazing dancer, and now so am I. That meant I was free from Monday to Friday. With Lucious busy at the ministry and Narcissa being occupied with God knows what, I had minimal supervision.

First things first, I had to run through the spells Draco learned in the past three years of Hogwarts. They came to me easily, and then I ran through the things he'd picked up from the Malfoy library. Turns out Draco was a very competent spellcaster when he wasn't playing schoolyard bully with Crabbe and Goyle. He knew some really advanced stuff, no actual dark magic but most of what he'd picked up was really questionable.

In trying out the spells, I found that the ones from transfiguration were the easiest to work through. My wand seemed joyful to perform them, seems like 'suited to transfiguration' was a bit of an understatement. I then began to work on the stuff I hadn't been taught yet in school, just some fourth-year charms and a few fifth-year transfigurations.

My birthday came with little fanfare. As I expected, the Malfoy family was not one for celebrating birthdays. I received three new pairs of acromantula silk dress robes from Narcissa and nothing from Lucious, not so much as a letter. I guess this is why Draco was always running to Daddy, out of a misguided belief that it would make Lucious care one whit for him. I didn't care much either way, I would need to kill Lucious sooner or later. Voldemort would soon rise, and having Lucious alive to pledge the Malfoy coffers and home to 'the cause' would be ….inconvenient.

The rest of summer went by quickly, I made it to sixth-year transfigurations and fifth-year charms. I have already begun to work on silent casting for the more basic spells. My rate of improvement was easily put down to spending as little time as possible on theory and having my own theory of magic built from years of fanfiction. Basically, spells act as programs on reality, and the incantations, wand motions, and accompanying intent act as a key or so that automatically perform the programmed action. The secret was achieving some form of mental fluidity to make performing spells easy. This came easy for me, It was all desire really and I'm a person who's always found it easy to desire things.

A matchstick will only become a needle if you desire it enough. Guess Bellatrix was right in some form, you really have to want it.

Halfway through the summer, Lucious returned from his travels across the continent with tales of a resurgence of the tri-wizard tournament and seats for the Quidditch World Cup in the Minister's box. Getting to watch a real-life quidditch game was always something I wanted to experience, so this was a good opportunity if nothing else.

The morning of the World Cup, I got ready to go by 6 am. Lucious and Narcissa were still asleep, guess it's my fault for assuming the Malfoy's would have to travel in the woods for access to a portkey. We left in the afternoon by side-along apparition. The campgrounds were everything I expected and more, they were colourful and there was always something happening around the corner. Wizards of all ages and nationalities were zipping around performing magic with the smallest opportunity. We were escorted by the camp manager to our tent. It was as ostentatious as you would expect from Lucious, less a home than a display of wealth.

"Mother, may I explore the camp?" I ask Narcissa after we had all settled.

"Yes, Draco. Do not forget the way to this tent" She finally agreed after a few seconds of contemplation. I set off with a single goal in mind, I was going to find the Goblin gambling den. There was always one at events like this, It took me almost half an hour and I had to stop for directions twice. I made sure to avoid anyone from the ministry though, I could be recognized and they'd no doubt inform Lucious of my activities.

The gambling den was a large shack with goblins at every corner taking wagers and handing out slips. I waited for a teller to become free and walked up to him

"Yes, wizard, what do you want" he ground out with distaste colouring his tone. I still have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to grant the creatures who hate wizards above any others full control over our financial institutions.

"I want to place a bet. 300 galleons on Ireland winning with Krum catching the snitch" I drawl out in as bored a tone as I could manage. The goblin looks suspicious at such an odd bet but still takes it anyway at 15-1 odds. He sends me away looking a bit smug, probably thinks he made some easy money. I store my ticket as carefully as possible in my expanded pockets, can't let an easy 4.5 grand go to waste. You're probably wondering what on earth I would need so much money for. 4,500 galleons translates to about 225,000 pounds, one galleon is 50 pounds in this universe, more logical than the 5 to 1 rate Rowling stipulates. Especially when you take into account the fact that the Weasley Matron was able to buy supplies for her brood with only a single galleon. Well, the reason I needed the money was to purchase some books on Occlumency and Legilimency. For some reason, there weren't any in the Malfoy library. It probably had something to do with Ministry regulations.

I finally made it back into the tent and we set off to the Stadium for the match. I was not questioned about my whereabouts but my memories told me it was par for the course with both Lucious and Narcissa being busy in their own little worlds.

We got to the stadium and took our seats in the minister's box. The expected confrontation with the Weasley's did not take place so I guess my time away from the tent led to us setting off a bit later. Lucious did the introductions and spent the game chatting up Fudge and the Bulgarian Minister. I spent it being astonished at the level of flying being displayed. Draco had attended lots of professional games before this but even those did not quite match up. Lucious got us home immediately the game ended and the awards had been given out. He left shortly after, probably to have some fun with the 'old crowd'.

The next day, after the customary breakfast with Narcissa, I went to Diagon alley for some shopping. First things first, I headed to Gringotts to claim my winnings. The goblin teller spent more time than necessary scrutinizing my ticket but when he was done, I got my gold in short order and quickly left. Damn goblins make me uncomfortable. I went into Knockturn and headed straight for a shop imaginatively named 'books' to buy the books I needed. A previous visit already ensured that I knew exactly what I was here for but I still felt the need to browse and I'm lucky for that as I saw something that definitely wasn't here before. A small grey tome titled, 'The Unforgivables Examined'. I was surprised to see something like this in the relative open but quick thinking told me that knowledge of the unforgivables was not actually illegal, just casting them on another sentient being. I quickly added it to my purchases bringing it up to a whopping total of three whole books. One on the mind arts, another on curses and curse-breaking then the final one on the unforgiveables. Of the three books, only the one on curses was as thick as you'd expect from a magic tome, with the others being sized like small novels. The total came up to 1,400 galleons with the book on the unforgiveables making up half that price.

I completed my Hogwarts shopping and returned home to continue my studies. My schedule had to be revamped with the inclusion of Occlumency training. The book was a godsend and helped me a lot as I had no idea on how to get started. Canon was vague and fanon was filled with illogical tropes. Occlumency was basically the art of clearing the mind of external presence and influence. It involves a lot of meditation and introspection for the long-term method, but a short-term method involved forcing the mind to naturally eject foreign presences by associating them with pain in some form of pavlovian conditioning. The second method was probably what Snape attempted to use in teaching Potter.

The first stage of Occlumency came easily to me, as I was a very self-aware person in my first life and the long hours of introspection finally helped in merging both my lives. I was no longer Draco and (redacted). I was just Draco who was once (redacted). The second stage would take a bit more time as it actually required for somebody to be trying to get into my head for me to practice ejecting them out of it.

The summer finally came to an end, I was at NEWT level Transfiguration and Charms and could perform most OWL level spells silently. My DADA studies had suffered by the lack of targets but some time in the Room Of Requirement would surely fix everything.

The trip to the express on the morning of September First was a short floo experience and Narcissa saw me off to the train, a quick goodbye and I was on my way to Hogwarts.


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