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Ruruka Ando's life was perfect.

She had an unparalleled talent for baking and candy-making that bestowed the girl a place in the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy. A handsome and loyal boyfriend who loved her just like she loved him. Her genes gave her a cute face and a beautiful body she was quite proud of, and who could forget a personality that everyone loved her for?

Yes, her life was perfect... except for two little things. Two ugly smudges stained the perfect picture that was her life.

The first one being the reiterated refusal of her close friend, Seiko Kimura, to eat her delicious candies. Seiko always used the same excuse about not being able to eat them because of allergies or her medication, or whatever. The girl was supposed to be the Ultimate Pharmacist, surely she could brew something to fix it!

The second one was a more recent annoyance. The idiots at the school had the bright idea to pair a third-year student with one of the first-years, arguing that it will deepen the bonds between them and will provide unique and interesting experiences.

What a load of bullshit; Ruruka was sure that this was a ploy of the teachers to not work and push their responsibilities on their students. But as much as the pink-haired girl hated it, she couldn't refuse. Graduation was around the corner and she couldn't allow any screw-ups to get in the way of guaranteed long-life success.

Ruruka got up from bed and begrudgingly prepared to go to meet with the lucky freshman assigned to her. The pink coat with puffy white fur trimming around her wrists and collar accentuated her natural cuteness, while the yellow shorts, white thigh-high socks, and pink boots with multiple straps drew attention to pale legs and thighs, parts of her body that the petite confectioner was proud of. The final touch was the yellow hat with a small strawberry on top that complimented the girl's strawberry blonde short hair.

After a quick message to her boyfriend, full of kisses and lovey-dovey words, Ruruka was on her way to the classroom where she and the underclassman should meet. The only information she was given was that he was a boy and his talent regarded luck; she hoped that he wasn't a creepy weirdo like the one in class 77-B; he belonged to a mental hospital, not a school. Once in front of the door, she made sure her looks were on point so as to not embarrass herself in front of someone younger.

She opened the door to reveal the guy waiting inside. He had short, spiky, brown hair with a strange cowlick atop of it. Ando thought about how he won't be winning any fashion contest with those red sneakers, simple black jeans, and a black jacket over a green hoodie with a weird, red gas mask symbol on the back. She could see it because the boy was looking outside the window but turned around when the sound of the door closing warned him about her presence.

"You must be Ruruka Ando, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Makoto Naegi." He smiled and bowed a bit as a hello.

"Has manners and is respectful... lucky me~" The candy maker took notice of the fact that when not bowing, they had a similar height, an unusual thing since she was a short girl for her age. "Pleasure to meet you too, you already know my name so let's cut the presentations short. You are in my care for the next month while I teach you some stuff, so no funny business like trying to skip it, are we clear?"

The girl leaned forward and pressed her index finger on his chest. It was hard for such a small and cute girl to be intimidating but Ruruka knew she was successful when the boy let out a nervous chuckle. "I wouldn't dream of that."


Satisfied with his answer, Ruruka stood straight again and waved Makoto to follow her out of the classroom for their first lesson. "I assume you also know my talent so let's go."

They walked together without much talking since they were still strangers but the Luckster couldn't help feeling curious about something. "Senpai, if we are gonna make sweets shouldn't we go to the kitchen?" A logical question, since the kitchen was on the first floor and they were going upstairs.

The confectioner stopped to look over her shoulder, her lilac eyes squinting. "You aren't wrong but I'm not going close to that place while that perverted cook is there, we are going to the home economics' classroom, I have permission to use the kitchen there."

Makoto didn't need to think too hard to figure out who was Ruruka's object of her repulsion. "Yeah, Teruteru can be a bit... much."

The petite girl sighed and resumed their way to the classroom. "It's for his own good, believe it or not. My dear Sonosuke is very protective of me and has lots of sharp objects ready."

"He sounds intense... Is he your boyfriend?" The Lucky student should be more worried about hearing how a student carried weapons around but after enough time in Hope's Peak, one gets used to that kind of stuff, or maybe it was because one of his classmates was the ultimate Soldier.

"He is!" Ruruka's whole being seemed to beam at the mere thought of the boy that captured her heart. "He is the Ultimate Blacksmith, loves my candies, and we've been together since elementary school. Doesn't that sound romantic? It's no exaggeration to say that we are the best couple in the school~"

Makoto's only answer to such a display of confidence and the boast of her romantic relationship was an awkward chuckle just before they reached their destination.

The home economy's classroom had what anyone would expect from one. Many pots, plates, silverware, and other cooking-related tools rested orderly on a table next to the door. A row of cabinets containing expensive ingredients and spices was available to the students on the opposite wall and in the center of the rooms several sinks, heaters, ovens, and tables were ready to be used.

As if this was her domain, Ruruka strode to one of the cabinets before flinging the doors open. "Grab two pots and fill them with two cups of water, will you?" She didn't turn around while talking, too busy rummaging inside the cabinet.

The Luckster did as ordered and left the two pots on top of the cold heaters just in time to see the petite girl carrying a bag of sugar in her arms along with several small, colored bottles. Makoto rushed to help her by grabbing the bag and carrying it to the table closest to them. "Are we making candy then?" An obvious question but it couldn't hurt to be sure.

Ando left the numerous bottles next to the bag and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. "Thanks, and you are right. Those blockheads didn't give me any assignments for you or anything, so instead of any boring lessons, I am going to teach you how to make candy!"

Makoto expected as much but still got excited about being taught a skill from an expert in their field. "Should I call you Ruruka-sensei?" A small joke should help them break the ice and get a bit closer to each other.

It worked if the way she smiled was any indicative. "I'm not that much older than you; senpai or just Ruruka will do."

The confectioner lit the heaters and announced that the first lesson was how to make rock candy. It was a simple process perfect for beginners like him.

First, they put three cups of sugar into the pots and turned on the heaters to make the water boil. Once the water evaporated, it would leave behind the melted sugar, now in syrup form.

While the water was boiling, Ruruka explained that the second step was to add the preferred flavor extract and colorant, that's what the bottles were. According to the candy maker, the aspect of a sweet was only second to its flavor and Makoto had to agree with her.

Once the water was gone and only the syrup remained they mixed the flavor and color. The boy chose the orange flavor while Ruruka went for strawberry. After it was a uniform mass the mixture was moved into their corresponding crystal jar, the girl sticking a string inside to help the crystals form around it.

"And now we have to wait for the crystals to grow, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

"Not at all! It was simple but fun." Makoto noticed how his mix was a bit muddier than Ando's but didn't think anything of it. "So, how much till it's ready?"

Ruruka grinned. "A week."

"A week?!" Makoto was expecting to have some homemade, classmade in this case, sweets by the end of it so he was a bit disappointed having to wait for a whole week for them.

"Good things take time and they will be ready for our next class. Now, scram! I'm a busy gal and I'm sure you have things to do too, we'll meet here at the same hour next week, got it?"

"Yes, Ruruka-senpai!" Makoto stood straight like a tree before giving the girl a respectful bow but he was so serious about it that it looked a bit silly.

Maybe this thing won't be so bad after all.


"Open wide~"

Ando wasn't exaggerating about being proud of her relationship, proof of it was how she was feeding her boyfriend while sitting on the grass of a public park, uncaring who may be watching. A pink macaron was held between her index and thumb and slowly lowered to the waiting mouth of the boy using her thighs as pillows. Sonosuke Izayoi was many things: Ruruka's beloved boyfriend, the Ultimate Blacksmith, and an avid lover of sweets.

One could guess that last detail about him just by his looks. Sonosuke had a tall and lean build, sharp brown eyes, pale blonde hair, and a stoic expression. His clothes were also intense-looking with the most obvious being the long, red trenchcoat; the boy also wore dark red fingerless gloves, baggy black pants, and dark brown boots.

"Hm~ your dewicious sweets are the best." Such a serious-looking teen using the word dewicious was a testament to Ruruka's baking skills.

Happy with the praise of her beloved, the girl picked another macaron to offer to the hungry blacksmith. "And don't you forget it~ Now, tell me about your day."

Sonosuke munched on the provided treat with a neutral expression, not bothering to swallow as he spoke. "Normal... I made a few swords for the Kuzuryuu clan... called my parents... and had that assignment with this girl..."

If the blonde teen wasn't so busy stuffing his - already full - mouth with another candy, he would have noticed how Ruruka's body stiffened for a second. The girl leaned a bit forward so her face was directly above his and her slender hands softly pressed against his cheeks to make sure he was looking at her.

"What girl?" Her lilac eyes were missing the warmth they had a minute ago and the intensity with how they looked at Sonosuke would send a chill down the spine of many.

But apparently not his, for the blacksmith took a few seconds to chew and swallow before answering. "Kyoko Kirigiri, I think she is a detective or something of the sort."

"And nothing strange happened, right?" The question sounded anxious, almost desperate. Ruruka was still hunched over his head, blocking the sun from touching Sonosuke's face while squeezing his cheeks a tiny bit harder.

Still no visible reaction from him. "Neither of us wanted to do the assignment so I told her to organize the materials while I worked. She went away once we were done."

Unblinking lilac eyes kept searching for any tell on the boy's face and, satisfied with not finding any, the smile returned to Ruruka's face. "Of course not! Because you are the best boyfriend ever." Her index finger pushed the last of the candies past his lips, lingering on them for a second before raising it to her own and licking it. "The best boyfriend indeed~"


It was Monday again. For some people the week passed in a breeze, while for others, it went at a snail's pace. Nevertheless, it was time for Makoto and Ruruka's assignment. She was pleased to see the boy already waiting for her in front of the class, a smile forming on his lips when he saw her.

"Ruruka-senpai, good morning!"

"Good morning to you too. Someone is excited about his first sweet~" It was amusing for Ruruka how obvious Makoto was about his feelings, the way he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment told her everything she needed to know.

They entered the class and found the jar glasses exactly the way they left them thanks to the note the girl left behind prohibiting anyone from touching them. The only difference was their contents, instead of a colorful syrup, the jars were filled with tasty-looking crystals. One orange, the other pink.

"It's amazing how much it changed..."

Bewilderment was all over the boy's face and Ruruka found herself appreciating such honest joy. She picked their jars and handed Makoto his. "Now, for the most important and fun part of the process: Taste testing!"

The small cloth sealing that they used to seal the jars had no chance against the eager fingers of the hungry boy. A small piece of orange rock was popped into his mouth and the boy's reaction was almost immediate. "Delicious! Can't believe I did this!"

Ruruka suppressed a giggle and took a bit of her candy; the taste and texture were top-notch but a bit simple for her standards. Curious about the boy's work, Ruruka took the liberty of tasting his work too and it was just like she expected by looking at its muddled color. "Hm, not bad for a first-timer, but you put too much extract and colorant; it covers the taste of the sugar."

Makoto looked at her with incredulous eyes, "Tastes good to me." Those same eyes widened in surprise when Ruruka forced a piece of her rock candy into his mouth and surprise quickly turned into delight. "Hm~ sho good~"

"We may have used the same ingredients but my technique is leagues above yours, remember it along with this taste!" Maybe pointing at Makoto dramatically was a bit much but Ruruka wanted to make sure he understood that good isn't good enough for her.

Once Makoto was done snacking, Ruruka had to stop him. Now they moved into the next recipe: cookies!

The recipe was simple enough that they only needed five ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, a large egg, some vanilla extract, and milk chocolate kisses. The preparations and dough were ready after only ten minutes thanks to Ruruka's expertise and following another ten minutes in the oven, the duo had now a tray full of delicious cookies ready to eat.

"Careful now, we have to wait until they cool down a bit." The petite girl felt the need to remind Makoto since he was drooling a bit.

"Y-yeah, I know that." His hand was extended midway before being pulled back and a small pout adorned the Luckster's face.

At that moment, Ruruka learned a valuable piece of information, Makoto was fun to tease! And her devious mind already had an idea to use that to have some fun.

Once the cookies went from burning hot to warm, Ruruka leaned toward Makoto with a smile. Her voice sweet like sugar. "Makoto, do you want a kiss?"

The words took a second to register but once they did, the cheeks of the boy lit up like a Christmas Tree. "W-w-what are you saying?"

She tilted her head to the side, "You don't want it? Then, I'll get one myself~" Ruruka made sure to purr those words and enjoy how Makoto's eyes darted to her lips before taking a step back.

"Wait a minute! I..."

But instead of jumping on him as the Luckster expected, Ruruka turned to the side and took one of the cookies, bringing it to her mouth before nibbling on it. "Hm~ delicious, sure you don't want one?" Ruruka found no end to the amusement caused by Makoto's confused look, he even tilted his head to the side like a puppy! "You know these are called peanut butter kiss cookies, right? Were you thinking of something else~?" Smugness oozed from her every word along with her huge grin.

"Y-you..." The blush that occupied Makoto's face was now one of different nature. "Stop teasing me, please!"

"Hahaha then stop being so fun to mess with!"

As a giggling fit took control of Ruruka, her laughter filled the room, and that combined with Makoto's forgiving nature made it remarkably hard for him to be mad at her. In the end, they both were chuckling and sharing cookies. Looking at them without context, some may think they were a couple having a cooking date.

Nothing further from the truth. After all, Ruruka Ando had the perfect relationship.


It was such a strange phenomenon that even explaining it was a difficult task. Izayoi told her something but for the life of her Ruruka couldn't remember what he just said, and yet, she felt dread clutching her chest. Breathing was hard and all sounds were muffled, it was as if she was underwater and about to drown.


The girl blinked and her consciousness returned to the surface, her boyfriend's words acting like a lifesaver for her, so why did that dread remain? "S-sorry, I spaced out for a second there... No matter, let's get ready for our date."

The blonde boy stared at her with a strange look in his eyes. "Ruruka..." He repeated, sounding uneasy. "You heard what I said?"

The girl's full attention was forced to stay away from him, as she didn't want to hear those damn words again, for if she did they would become real. Ruruka's hands trembled as they clutched a box of candy. "Please, don't..."

But no matter how much she begged in her mind, Izayoi spoke all the same. "I'm leaving for Europe with my family next weekend..." Ruruka's heart clenched so hard that her vision became blurry for a second and she exhaled weakly, but the boy kept talking without giving her rest. "It's a family tradition to spend a year there to learn different techniques and..."

"O-oh! Is that all? I thought you were gonna tell me something serious, so you will come back next month or so, right?" Ruruka's voice trembled when she asked and the silence of the boy made his heart drop again.

"... It's a long process that takes time. I'll... be away for almost a year." Was that fear in his voice?

"A... year?" A dry chuckle escaped Ruruka when her brain caught up with her emotions. "N-no way, what about school? Your family? What about us?!" Ruruka didn't intend that last question to sound much more sincere and important than the rest but it did.

As for Izayoi, his calm demeanor was starting to crumble like his girlfriend's composure. He needed to swallow a bit before giving an explanation. "The Headmaster thinks that it will be of great help for my talent and permitted me to skip classes, my family was the one who told me about it and us..." Ruruka didn't like how he hesitated for a moment there. "We can still talk and hang out online, I know it will be hard to be away but-"

"Spare me that bullshit!" And there it was, the breaking point. When the girl's fears began to change into anger, her breath became ragged and any trace of cuteness she may have was buried below an intense fury. "That's what everyone says but it's just rubbish to make people feel good!" This wasn't going to help her case, she needed to calm down, to talk to him with a gentle tone. "Dear I understand, this was your family idea and you didn't want to disappoint them but it's okay! You can explain to them that you want to stay here with me."

"Ruruka... this is not about that, I want to make my family proud but I want to be on the level of the best blacksmiths in the world. I need this."

Why was he making things so difficult? Why did he need to go? Why couldn't they stay like they were now? Many questions plagued Ruruka's mind but she chose the worst of all. "So it's that silly dream more important for you than our life together?"

The girl knew she made a mistake when the blonde boy gave her a look of astonishment but she couldn't take it back. "Are you asking me to choose?"

"Yes, I am." The confectioner couldn't afford to look weak so she raised her head. This was only a bump in their relationship, all couples have them but once this silly thing passed they will all laugh and-

"Then you may not like my pick."

Ruruka heard something break close by, was that her mind, her heart, or the box of candy that she dropped? Whatever it was, the girl was too shocked to pay attention to it or to properly control the cocktail of emotions bubbling inside of her. Fear, pride, anxiety, pain, anger, and a deep sense of betrayal mixed until it became a black mass that poured out of her mouth in the form of hurtful words.


That voice didn't sound like the Ruruka he knew, it was distorted and pained. Izayoi couldn't help to take a step back in fright, could it be that after so many years together he saw what lied in the darkness of her heart? "Ruruka, please calm down!" A hand was extended towards her trying to reach for the girl he knew and loved.

Ruruka slapped it away with a growl.

"Don't touch me!" She couldn't stay there anymore, not after what just happened. The girl turned around and ran away from the room, ignoring Izayoi's pleas for her to stop, but she couldn't. How could she show her tears to the person who betrayed her after giving him everything? Once she was in her room, Ruruka let out a final scream before crumbling on the bed and letting herself cry to sleep.


Ruruka didn't go to see Izayoi off.

To be more specific, she didn't go outside of her room for a few days after their fight. The only exceptions were her night expeditions to the kitchen for food and water but even during those, she made sure not to meet with anyone. Besides that, Ruruka spent the days laying on her bed, wallowing in self-pity and ignoring whoever knocked on the door. Coincidentally, she was doing that last thing right now, Ruruka lifted her head from the pillow to look at the door with tired, dull eyes.

It was probably Seiko again, the only true friend she had left, for whatever that's worth. "I'm not in the mood, Seiko..."

Unless the girl developed a deeper voice in the time they didn't talk or the one who spoke next wasn't Seiko. "Sorry, I didn't want to bother you..."

Ruruka sat on the bed, she recognized that voice. "Makoto? What are you..." Oh, yeah the mentorship thing. "Nevermind, today's class is canceled so go away."

"I'm not here for that, I..." The girl could almost hear his mind trying to pick the correct words even with a door between them. "I heard about what happened, are you okay?"

A dumb if well-intentioned question. She wouldn't be living like a hermit if she was, and yet, Ruruka felt the need to make an obvious lie. "I'm perfect, thanks for asking."

Another awkward silence that didn't last long, thankfully. "I brought you something, a gift. You mind opening the door so I can give it to you?"

A short huff escaped the girl's nose, it was the closest to a chuckle she had in what felt like forever. Did he think he's slick? She could just ask him to leave it at the door... then again it would be rude to do that to him. The sight of herself in the mirror wasn't her most flattering, her hair was a bit of a mess, and the pink long shirt that she used to sleep in reached just above her knees... Whatever, he won't mind, probably.

The door opened with a small creak to reveal the boy proudly smiling at himself and in his hands was a small plate of... "Cookies? Wait, are those...?"

"The same we did last time," Makoto said. "Thought it will cheer you up a bit."

How annoying, no one asked him to do that, still, they didn't look terrible... Ruruka brought one to her mouth and nibbled it, the flavor was pretty good but what she enjoyed more was the way the boy's smile widened. So silly.

"Whatever happened is between you and him, I don't intend to stick my nose into it but if you ever need anything you can count on me. That's what friends are for."

"Oh? So we are friends now? Thanks for telling me." The teasing tone didn't match her words and as she took another bite of the cookie, Ruruka found it much sweeter.


The next few weeks were like walking over clouds covered by rose petals, which smell like sugar. Not even the occasional cramp of her cheeks after smiling constantly could ruin her happiness. Who could have known that she'll be looking forward to meeting with Makoto? Their classes together became one of Ruruka's favorite moments of the week, in fact, they began hanging out outside the school too. Watching movies, going shopping, etc... And seeing the boy blush every time she teased him about being on a date will never get old. He was so shy about it.

The confectioner's mood went from sweet to bitter at the scene occurring in front of the home economics' classroom. Makoto was happily talking, that wasn't a problem, Ruruka's issue was with who he was talking to, two girls were in front of him, one with blue hair and the other with lavender locks. Ruruka couldn't be bothered to remember anything else about those hussies' looks, all her attention was on the heavy feeling around her heart, but luckily that strange sensation left along with the two girls. Makoto's call managed to get her attention and she smiled; who cares about who those two were? They will spend a lovely time together.

That was the plan, so why did the image of Makoto being with the two girls get stuck in her mind? Why was she so jealous, so scared? It wasn't anything serious! Izayoi's face flashed in her mind for a second and the girl's fingers sank into the dough with tremendous force. No, he wasn't like him, Makoto wouldn't leave her behind... But maybe... Maybe she had to make sure. Give him something that will keep him close, something no boy can resist...

"Mix is almost ready!" The boy's back was exposed, he was too busy with the preparations to notice Ruruka sneaking up to him. However, it was hard for him to ignore the soft and warm sensation of her bosom pushed against his back. The bowl almost slipped off his hands as the blush set in. "R-Ruruka?"

"Just checking your work, am I too close?" Her hot breath washed over his ear and she was delighted at the small shudder she felt from him. "Or maybe, I'm not close enough..." Time for the kill, Ruruka's hands made their way down his chest. Slowly, thoroughly relishing the feeling of his body, his chest, his stomach... They both gasped when her fingers cupped his crotch.

A shame the sensation was fleeting, as the blushing boy wrestled his way out of her embrace, before putting some distance between them. Makoto's eyes were wide and his tongue seemed to be tied. "W-w-what are you doing?"

When the bell rang, Makoto didn't wait for her answer. The Luckster excused himself and hurried to get out of the classroom, blabbering something about being late for something.

It was so cute how embarrassed he got that Ruruka couldn't help but smile. He just needed a bit of help accepting his feelings, and she knew exactly who to ask for help.


Seiko was the type of girl who wasn't very fond of surprises. She didn't have anything against the concept itself but she didn't like how a surprise usually threw her plans for the day to the wind and her shy and nervous disposition wasn't the best to deal with such things. Seiko couldn't decide if the fact that Ruruka was the one surprising her made things worse or better. After weeks without exchanging a word since the incident, Ruruka appeared in front of her lab without announcement, with that sweet and dangerous smile.

"Hi, long time no see~"

"R-Ruruka?" Seiko shouldn't be surprised, her friend had always been moody, so appearing out of nowhere as if everything was fine wasn't too bizarre. "It's been a while... are you okay?"

"Of course I am, why shouldn't I?" It was obvious that the girl didn't want to even acknowledge it and Seiko wasn't going to go down that rabbit hole today. "Say, I need help with a project of mine. Care to lend me a hand?"

Ah, that made sense. Ruruka didn't come to catch up, she needed help. Like every time she came to her. "Of course... whatever you need."

"Yay~ that's why you are my best friend!" No matter how many times the confectioner took advantage of the pharmacist's kindness and complex, as long as they stayed friends together Seiko would do whatever she asked of her.

This time Ruruka needed a specific drug; nothing new, sometimes she puts 'special ingredients' in her sweets to give them an extra kick. Nothing dangerous, of course, Seiko was a professional in everything but title and she'd never let Ruruka use something dangerous by accident. The girl with the face mask was mildly surprised by the way Ruruka already knew what to get.

Opening a cabinet, the pink-haired girl snatched a small bottle full of a purple liquid, and the thing disappeared inside her pocket. "Thanks a bunch, bestie! Have to go now but I won't forget this!"

"Ah! R-Ruruka, that one..." She extended her hand, Ruruka held it, and put a colorfully wrapped candy into it with a smile. And with that, she was gone... It should be fine, Ruruka knows not to use too much of it. It should be fine. "... You know I can't eat candy..."


Something was... wrong? Maybe not wrong but strange, not like Makoto could put a finger in why he felt that way.

His hands clutched the soft, supple flesh. His tongue swirled and wiggled.

Maybe retracing his steps would help. Makoto woke up and showered like he did every morning, put on a set of comfortable clothes, checked out his phone while eating some sugary cereal...

A zipper went down, the one from his hoodie? No, his hoodie was the first thing that was discarded to the floor. He heard a gasp of surprise; the flier of his pants, then.

Makoto needed to concentrate and ignore the feeling of soft fingers and warm breath as he dived back into his muddy memories. After getting out of his room he found Ruruka waiting for him. He remembered being really nervous but not why. She was such a perfect girl... and her candies were amazing; the purple one that she gave him made his tongue tingle and the taste... Makoto couldn't remember anything beyond that point, just the wonderful taste and how light he felt.

A moan fled from his lips and he looked down to the one responsible. Ruruka's head bobbed up and down as she devoured his dick with gusto, her tongue swirling around expertly. A voice inside his head was saying something but it sounded muffled as if his skull was full of cotton... whatever, he didn't want to think, just to feel more of this pleasure.

"R-Ruruka~" She began to suck harder, probably motivated by hearing her name being moaned. Even her hands joined in the action, fondling his balls with love and care. That's when a clear thought broke free, they hadn't even kissed yet and she was doing this to him...

Wait, they weren't even dating! Why- That thought was washed away by a tsunami of pleasure the moment Ruruka shoved all of his meat in her mouth. The tightness of her throat was too much for Makoto, who rolled his hips and let his orgasm explode in her mouth. Ropes of white seed left him, along with whatever thoughts were in his head at the moment.

The orgasmic pleasure eventually gave way to dizziness and exhaustion, the boy falling back to bed to see Ruruka standing up. Her throat moved in a swallowing motion and she licked her lips from any residual drop.

"What a good boyfriend you are~"

"Boyfriend... Yes... I'm a good boyfriend..." Those were his last thoughts before sleep took him away.

And that's a wrap.

If you are worried about the sudden ending, don't worry, this is only the first chapter. The second part of the story will comeā€¦ eventually.

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