Luffy hated cramped spaces. Ever since he was little, he hardly spent anytime inside, much less in one room, and when he got tossed in with Dadan and the mountain bandits he spent more time in the forest with Ace than he ever did in the run-down hut. So Luffy could safely say he hated the 6-ft cell he had been thrown in for the past couple weeks with no windows to speak of on the roughly swaying ship. Not exactly how he wanted to set sail. He wondered what Ace would think, getting captured by Marines before he ever had a single belli bounty on his head, pretty pathetic pirate adventure.

A couple weeks ago, Luffy had been wandering around Grey's Terminal, looking for any kind of interesting treasure, and possibly hoping for a fight before he heard the residents talking about how Ace's bounty went up recently, and apparently the marines had settled on the moniker of Fire-fist for his brother, which made him break out in a toothy grin. His big brother was definitely becoming a great pirate like they promised. To celebrate, Luffy decided to head to Foosha village and talk with Makino as she cleaned the bar, hoping to have a bit of a toast even if the barkeep would only give him juice.

While chatting with Makino, which had mostly been Luffy ranting about Ace and wondering about getting a look at his new bounty poster before eventually drifting to different meals he'd eaten through the week, people in the village began bustling about a marine ship that was docking at Foosha rather than in Goa kingdom, one that didn't belong to Garp, which was practically unheard of.

When a marine that Luffy didn't recognize walked into the Party Bar, Luffy gave the man a glance while continuing to rant about his last hunt to Makino. Normally Luffy would jump at the chance to learn about interesting strangers, but something about the man's scowl rubbed him the wrong way.

"Monkey D. Luffy I presume?" Luffy gave a confused look but nodded.

"That's me, and who are you, old guy?"

"A child tainted with the blood of the world's worst criminal, Dragon, has no need to know my name. By order of the world government, you are to be captured and executed." Makino, who had been behind the bar cleaning dropped the glass she was holding, shattering on the ground.

"Please sir, he's just a child, he hasn't done anything to deserve execution."

"His blood is reason enough, if you stand in the way of the Marine's justice you will be punished accordingly." The man glared at the barkeep who was trembling and glancing worriedly at Luffy.

"Hey, leave Makino alone!" Luffy threw the glass he was drinking out of at the marine, which melted and flopped uselessly to floor as the man gave the boy an unimpressed look layered with a glare. When the marine went to grab him, Luffy heard alarm bells go off in the back of his head and immediately bolted out the bar, hoping to keep the man away from Makino.

On a positive note, Luffy's haphazard plan worked, the negative side being he was now being chased by someone who Luffy could tell was beyond what he could hope to fight. He felt shivers run down his spine in a way that only happened when Gramps came to visit him.

Luffy tried leading the marine to the forest in hopes of losing him, but it ended with a forest fire and burns that had Luffy biting back screams and getting increasingly weakened from smoke inhalation. And no matter where he went, the marine seemed to know where he was, following behind within minutes.

When Luffy jumped from a tree in a last-ditch surprise attack, the man made of magma leeched onto his arm and grabbed him by the throat and in that moment Luffy thought he was going to die, no longer able to hold back a scream on pain even as his throat was being seared. Suddenly there was pain everywhere and then the world went black.

The next thing Luffy knew he was shoved in a tiny cell that he had now been in the past couple weeks, bandaged beyond recognition and surprisingly alive, Luffy's superhuman healing not letting him shuffle of the earth yet. And while not fully healed, there was no denying Monkey D. Luffy was absolutely bored.

Any attempt to bang at the bars had left Luffy woozy and drained in a way that went beyond the fatigue from his injuries, so he was stuck slouching on the floor as he tried to think of something to do besides wallowing in pain. For the most part the marines that watch over Luffy ignore him, but apparently their shift watching him is boring enough that they'll start to gossip like he's not there. They'll often make sharp whispers talking about some kind of dragon and it confuses Luffy to no end, but anything is better than sitting in silence.

Some of the extra chatty marines will even talk to him if there's no superior around to scold them for doing so. One of the marines let it slip that the freakishly strong guy that captured him is called Akainu and Luffy instantly despises the name. The guy would not stop rambling about blood and the burns that cover his body still sting, his throat feels like fire any time he attempts to talk. The idiot dog cut off his journey to get stronger and become pirate king before it could even really start.

The ship gives a harsh rock and Luffy wishes, not for the first time, that he could at least look out at the ocean. When setting out, Luffy always thought he'd spend his time staring at the blue expanse, soaking up the sun and wind with new adventures every day. He'd get a crew that was the best there could be and they'd travel the world together, fighting for whatever dreams they wanted. It sucks that the first time he leaves Dawn Island he doesn't even get to see where he's going and he's feeling like he's gonna throw up again, injuries constantly making him hot and nauseous. The fact that he can barely keep down the plate of food a day they give him is downright scandalous to Luffy. He's lost track of the number of meals he's missed while on this ship.

Some days later, when breathing doesn't hurt as much and some of the bandages have been removed so some of Luffy's skin is visible, the boat stops rocking. It's also the first time Luffy sees Akainu since he blacked out on Dawn Island.

"Prepare the prisoner, we are to transfer him to Impel Down at 0900." The guards that were watching him nod and within minutes Luffy is on the main deck, thoroughly shackled and being shoved along, cuffs draining him in a similar way to the bars. For what feels like the first time in forever, Luffy finally gets to see the ocean and feel the breeze through his hair. It's short-lived though as he's shoved towards a creepy looking fortress that seems to be poking out of the water. When he makes a hoarse comment about the mystery building, one of his guards smack him with the butt of the gun and he's remined painfully that these shackles seem to take away his inherent rubber-ness.

Some huge guy with purple horns meets them at the entrance and for some reason Luffy's stomach does a flip at the sight of him.

"Welcome to Impel Down, we'll be taking care of you for the remainder of your stay until your execution two months from now."

Luffy knows he's been a bit of a troublemaker but nothing he can think of that would warrant execution, when he opens his mouth to protest he gets a fist to the stomach courtesy of Akainu and is immediately sputtering on the ground as his previous burns scream in agony.

"The prisoner is the son of the Revolutionary Dragon; headquarters expects a full report of any information he may have regarding the revolutionaries and their movements. Is that understood Warden Magellan?"

"Yes admiral, we'll be sure to have a debrief of what he knows within the next couple weeks."

A couple of prison guards haul Luffy to his feet and drag him towards the fortress to which Luffy shouts in protest and tries to drag his feet to at the very least slow their progress, but with little to no luck, he's just so tired, stupid cuffs seem intent on sucking all his energy. He hates this. For a second, he stares out the ocean longingly before the steel door is slammed shut and the room becomes considerably darker. Luffy already misses the sun.

On top of it all, Luffy has more questions. He has a dad, and his dad is some kind of dragon? That would be pretty cool if he ever met him. And who are the revolutionaries? When he asks the second question aloud he gets a couple of questioning looks, but no answers, the Warden Melon-guy even says that he won't be playing the fool for long. Luffy just shrugs, if they didn't know either, they could have just told him that.

They make it to another dark room that's warmer than the others, with a giant cauldron in the center and Luffy can hear people screaming in the distance, not exactly fueling Luffy's hopes of breaking out soon. Some creepy mystery lady walks up to inspect Luffy.

"It's time for your welcome reception, Son of Dragon."

Luffy thinks there is nothing welcoming about being dunked in a pot of boiling water, and Luffy bites his lips to stifle any screams as the water sears his already burnt skin. Time seems to drag on and Luffy can't stop taking in a couple lungs-full of boiling water in an attempt to breathe, it burns in places that Luffy didn't even know could burn and he starts wonder if the Marines have a thing about cooking people, though it mostly smelt like burnt rubber, which even Luffy can admit smells pretty bad. When it's finally over, Luffy is sputtering and tired and in pain.

"Welcome to impel down little boy, it'll be a pleasure to work with you!"

Luffy misses his brothers.

A.N: Hello, this is the first long story I've written in awhile and it is entirely because I wanted more ASL brothers to read. I'll probably upload weekly so you can know when to expect new chapters. I hope you enjoy!