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This will mostly be based on the Disney version with a bit of inspiration from other ones. I will also be using some of the characters from the Disney sequel.

A Dream of Closure

Ch. 1

Quasimodo had been tossing and turning all night once again. For weeks now, he had been having trouble sleeping. He would try going for walks, reading, snacking, but nothing helped. Unfortunately this was also disturbing his expectant wife Madellaine, and he felt terrible about it! She never made a fuss over it, and was more concerned about him, but the last thing he wanted to do was bother her when she needed rest the most. The fact that his said wife was expectant and was due very soon was part of what was weighing on his mind so much. He never expected to ever find a woman who would want to be with him; let alone have one that would give him a child.

Now he didn't want anyone to misunderstand. He was beyond happy about the little one Madellaine was carrying. He couldn't wait to hold their child. He or she would be given all the love in the world. Zephyr has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of his new little playmate, and Quasimodo just knew he was going to be wonderful with the new child. The boy's parents and his best friends, Esmerelda and Phoebus, were going to be a wonderful aunt and uncle to the child and have been so helpful and supportive throughout the entire pregnancy. They were with them to help with everything that was needed and helped set up the nursery. They also insisted that they would be around to help once the baby arrives. Quasimodo was grateful for so many things. He loved his wife, and he loved this baby already, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't still be nervous about this new addition to their family. Any new father would be, but he had a little more weighing on his mind.

Quasimodo was more than worried about his condition or worse being passed down to the baby. This issue was discussed with Madellaine in great detail. In her view, she saw what happened to him to have just been a "random thing" that would be unlikely to pass to their child, but if it did, they would deal with the situation if and when it occurred. She said the child would still be loved and how he would be able to help him or her get thorough any difficulties their condition may bring. He absolutely would, but he still would not wish the same struggles on their child or anyone for that matter. His mind also contemplated the scenario of their baby having a worse condition than he. Madellaine then brought up the valid point that you never know what is going to happen when having a baby, and you have to accept that "anything can happen" is just a part of the experience. Quasimodo hoped they weren't making a selfish and irresponsible decision by having children, but he had to admit what she said made sense. In his mind, he actually didn't think that his issues were hereditary. She desperately wanted a baby to show their love and the beauty of their union, and he did as well. They wanted an "Our Child", but adopting as well was something they definitely are looking into as well.

They both share the experience of being orphans, so they definitely plan on welcoming children in need into their family. That line of thinking brings up his next dilemma: being a father with what his father figure was like. His Master was a huge complicated subject he didn't particularly like to dwell on, but how could he not with becoming a father? What kind of father would he be with who he had as such a main influence? Early in his friendship with Esmerelda, she noted the difference between himself and his Master and wondered how such a cruel man could raise such kind person, so he thought that maybe their temperaments and base personalities are just completely different. Maybe he didn't have to worry about turning into him. What will happen when his buttons are pushed, though? Everyone knows children do this to their parents from time to time. As good of a kid as Zephyr is, he's seen him get on his parents nerves several times. No one's perfect, especially kids. Would he revert to acting like his Master if his child acted up enough? Did he want to be anything like his Master, though? If so how much? It took him a long time to try and process the first 20 years of his life and the actions of the only father he has ever known. Sifting through the mess of his life trying to figure out the complexities of how his Master acted toward him was the work of a scholar. What affection was real? What affection was fake? What was genuine? What was manipulation? Look at all the things he did that were bad, but also look at some of the things he did that were actually good.

Dealing with the death of his Master and with what he did to not only him but the entire city of Paris in the mists of said city trying to recover from the disaster Claude Frollo caused was an emotional nightmare. He took care of his body of course, or what was left of it. There were deaths across the city to be dealt with by others of course, but under the cover of night, he and the members of the church along with Phoebus and Esmerelda, who were there to support him, tackled the gruesome task of collecting his remains. The priests of Notre Dame said he didn't have to be here for this, and that they would take care of it. Seeing a loved one in such a state is extremely distressing which is why others generally take care of such situations. He wanted to be there, though.

Those familiar rings under that broken gargoyle statue that sealed his fate where the marker of the exact spot. It felt like he was in a dream when he watched them collect what little was left of him. They even waited for early daylight to make sure they got everything. Once it was done, it all hit him. He threw up and started crying, but he felt guilty doing so for someone who caused people so much pain; for someone he was slowly discovering caused him so much pain. Everyone was nothing but supportive of him, though. At least he was not completely alone in his grief because the priests of Notre Dame were surprisingly mourning as well. He later learned that they knew Claude Frollo since he was quite young, and the direction he went in as well as his horrible end broke their hearts.

It was a logistical mess finding a resting place for him between his actions and being public enemy number one at that moment, but the church took care of everything. He felt that no matter what someone has done, everyone deserves the respect of some sort of funeral. He wanted him taken care of because it was the right thing to do and because he loved him. He still does, as strange as it may seem to some. After his Master was taken care of in that respect, the long process of realizing just what he had done to him began. When he realized the extent of how he mistreated him, he was the angriest he had ever been. Did he ever love him? He raised him from a baby, and yes Quasimodo eventually got the story of how he got him from the archdeacon, so he had to have loved him, right? The betrayal of him trying to kill him hurt more than anything he could have imagined.

Quasimodo thought on how he was once again fortunate to have plenty of people to talk this over with. After a while, something unexpected and amazing happened; he stopped being angry at him. He didn't know how, but that's what happened. Quasimodo actually forgave him. He can't expect others to, but he truly did. Once his extreme emotions on him were in check, he was actually able to look at his own situation and his Master's actions more objectively and thoroughly. He did a lot of wrong as a father figure, and he certainly won't make excuses for him, but there were things he did that he didn't have to and that Quasimodo was legitimately grateful for. He did sometimes spend a decent amount of time with him. He educated him far beyond what he had to for him to function as a bell ringer. He encouraged and always complemented his art. Quasimodo could even remember him playing with him a bit in his youngest years, as unbelievable as that may sound to some. As horrible as the bad was, Quasimodo was grateful for the good. The education he gave him is something he can actually pass down to his children. In a world where so few people are literate let alone decently educated, his children will be so much better off in the world. Educating his children will also be a way for the good part of him to live on. He obviously can't be here, but in that way he is. He still misses him. Sometimes Quasimodo wishes he were here to see his wedding and the arrival of this baby. He is still his family, and part of him can't help but think that he should be here. After all his home, that has since been revamped to make space for a wife and now for a child, has tons of memories of him. They are good, bad, and everything in between, but he is still tied to this space and to his life. He is his father, thought Quasimodo (even though he didn't let him call him that, and any children Madellaine and he adopt will call them mother and father,), so it makes sense he feels this way.

Stirring besides the bell ringer disrupted him from his stressful musings. Madellaine opened her beautiful eyes, adorably stretching and yawning as she awoke.

"Good morning handsome."

"Good morning beautiful."

Quasimodo gently put his hand on her stomach, smiling and being overwhelmed with a feeling of warmth as he felt their child moving.

"This one's going to be a morning person. I swear as soon as the sun comes up, I can feel our child kicking up a storm in there!" Madellaine excitedly announced.

"I look forward to being able to share the sunrise with them," Quasimodo replied.

"Easy for you to say. You aren't woken up by the baby doing summersaults in your belly! I wouldn't change it for the world though. Plus this baby was very likely to be athletic like we both are."

Quasimodo hesitantly responded, "Well it can't be as bad of a disruption to your sleep as my tossing and turning is."

Madellaine's expression turned sad. "Hey you know I'm a deep sleeper! It doesn't bother me," she replied trying to keep her husband's mood light. "You're still having trouble sleeping?"

"Yes. I just have a lot on my mind."

"You know you can talk to me about anything. Phoebus, Esmerelda, and the entire church staff are here for you. I know the issues plaguing you are a bit shared between us as we are both orphans, but I also know what you have a lot more baggage in some respects."

"That's part of the problem, Madellaine. I don't want to be selfish always going on about my struggles when you have sadness in your past as well."

"You never have to apologize for how you feel Quasi. You can talk about your worries with me as much as you like." She gently grabbed hold of his hand, giving it a little squeeze. Quasimodo returned the gesture, kissed the top of her hand, then kissed her stomach.

"Well I better get going. It'll be time to ring the bells for the first time soon!"

"That's my bell ringer!" Madellaine said in a mildly flirtatious voice. "I'll start getting breakfast ready." Quasimodo rushed to the other side to help her out of bed. "You're such a gentleman!"

"Do you need help with breakfast?"

"I'm fine Quasi. I can still do things in my state. You just take care of what you have to do. The whole city looks to you." He smiled. They gently kissed then went about starting their day; his worries receding to the back of his mind until the end of the day.

Author's Notes:

Thinking back to stories I've written for other fandoms, I realized I have a story writing type of having characters thinking on their issues and contemplating the meaning of life.

I know in the Disney version Frollo does that ABCs thing with him, but that may have been just something they did. I'm working under the assumption that he education him normally, like in the other versions.

I am aware that Quasi tends to have hearing issues due to ringing those bells for years. While that is more realistic, the Disney version does not include that aspect of it, so that is not a factor here. That is why he and his family are living in that area.

I wrote about Frollo's rings acting as a marker to show where his body was. I wasn't positive about how well they would survive the fire, though. The bands may have melted, but I would think that the stones would at least be fine. Fires can also be a bit unpredictable, so we don't know how bad and how long the fire lasted in that spot, though it had to be really bad for at least a little while since the area he fell in was literally a lake of fire at that point. Anyway, if the science of the rings surviving the fire is inaccurate feel free to let me know but just go with it for the story.

This is my first multichapter fic. I usually do one shots. This story will only contain 2 chapters, and that one will be up soon.