June 20 Prompt: Storytime

"But I don't want to go to bed, Papa!" Little Andy cried. He pouted as his father seemed to ignore him and proceeded to tuck him in.

"Now, now. No fussing, Andrew. Your mother would agree that you need to sleep."

Andy huffed and crossed his arms. "I wish Mama was here. Why did she have to leave?"

"Because your mother is the Protector of the Ever Realm. Her duties far surpass my own. She'll return when her job is done."

"When will that be?"

His father sighed, a little disheartened, "I'm not sure, but rest assured your mother loves you with all of her heart." Despite his words, Andy began to cry. His father cooed and slid in, pulling the child close, "Andrew, my boy, it's alright. Mummy will return before you know it."

"I want her home now!" Andy cried, burying his face into his father's purple robe, "I miss her, Papa. Why did she have to leave on my birthday?"

"She didn't want to," Cedric said, stroking his son's autumn hair that also possessed a few white streaks. It was amazing how their son was a perfect blend of him and Sofia. They often wondered who Andrew would take after the most, but were pleasantly surprised to see he was a combination of them, both in physical appearance and personality. Much like Cedric, Andrew had a strong attachment to his mother, mirroring Cedric's own attachment to his darling mother Winifred.

Thinking back to when he was a child, Cedric could recall a time when Goodwin had to leave on his son's birthday as well. It had been before Cordelia was born, so it was only Cedric and his mother. Cedric had been around three, just a year younger than Andrew. He had been heartbroken as well, feeling as though he didn't matter to Goodwin. At that moment Winifred told Cedric a very wonderful story to put his mind at ease and help heal his heart.

"Andrew, have I ever told you the story of when you were born?"

Andy sniffed and shook his head, "N-No, Papa." Cedric smiled, "It's a very good story, allow me to tell you."

"Ugh, the weather is getting worse," Sofia complained, watching worriedly as the storm picked up, spraying snow on the icy window. "I think we should have listed to Merlin and left as soon as we could, Cedric."

"There's no turning back now, I'm afraid, my love." He said, approaching her with two steaming mugs of hot cocoa. Sofia smiled accepting the offered drink and moaning in delight as its warm liquid soothed whatever chill she felt through her body. She absently stroked her stomach, smiling in contentment as she felt their child kick a little under her hand. "They're very restless today."

"Must be the weather," Cedric set his mug down and reached for his wife. Sofia giggled as he pulled her into his warm hug, opening his robe to wrap her tightly in his embrace, "Have you been feeling alright, my love? No pain?"

"I'm fine, Cedric." She sighed, nuzzling into his green shirt, "I just wish we were back home with everyone. As much as I love the snow, I would prefer to spend this winter storm inside our tower. With you." She smirked at his blush. "We should have left sooner."

"You know how my parents are," Cedric sighed, recalling his mother's insistence that they still a little longer. Winifred pestered Sofia, fussing over her about the baby and so on. She would even include Goodwin as well. It was exciting, as well as frightening, that they were having a baby. It seemed so surreal. Now, several months later, Sofia was entering her final months of pregnancy, which the princess was grateful for, as their child was already proving to be a trouble maker.

Their son or daughter liked to shift around a lot, and kick Sofia's bladder to the point that the princess couldn't last five minutes without excusing herself to the lavatory. Aside from that, both Cedric and Sofia were eager to meet their little bundle of joy.

However, with the impending weather, the couple had to find immediate shelter and thankfully stumbled upon an abandoned coutage. It was still in good condition, which meant it hadn't been vacant for long. Cedric, using his magic, lit a nice fire in the hearth to help keep them warm.

"How long do you think this storm will last?" Sofia wondered aloud, stroking her stomach as she watched the heavy snowfall. Cedric sighed, reaching to touch her hand, stopping it over the spot where their baby laid, "I don't know, my love. Soon, I hope."

She nodded and then smiled at him, "Well, I'm happy to be here with you, Cedric. Happy Wesilia."

Cedric smiled in contentment and leaned in for a kiss, "Happy Wassailia, my dear Sofia."

Several hours passed and the storm failed to calm down. The minutes ticked up by with nothing to do besides cuddle near the fire, which wasn't all that bad. Cedric enjoyed these moments with his wonderful wife, basking in their moments together. It was perfect. The perfect way to celebrate the upcoming new year.

He pressed a kiss to Sofia's neck, humming in delight as she reached up to tangle her hand in his hair. "Oh Cedric..." He chuckled, loving how she seemed to melt in his arms. He rubbed her stomach once, smiling upon feeling their child shift beneath her skin. The baby was restless.

Suddenly Sofia bolted upright with a high-pitched shriek, clutching his hand tightly.

"Sofia!" Cedric yelped in alarm, his hand aching within her iron tight grip, "What's wrong my love?"

"Cedric..." Sofia whimpered and gasped, grabbing hold of her stomach, "I think... -ugh! The baby is-" She broke out into a sob, bending forward as pain shot through her body.

Cedric's eyes widen in horror, "Now?" He gaped and looked around frantically, but there was no one but himself and Sofia.

"The baby doesn't exactly want to wait, Cedric," Sofia moaned, she nearly fell out of his lap as her body convulsed, causing her to double over. "Oh, it hurts! Please do something!"

"Hold on!" Cedric quickly helped her up, walking her to a small bed and easing her to lay down. Sofia screamed as a contraction hit her. Cedric held on to her hand, waiting for it to subside.

Sofia collapsed on the bed in a heavy sweat, shaking and whimpering, tears hung off the end of her eyelashes.

Cedric conjured a damp, cold rag to wipe the sweat from her brow, "My love, just breathe, it's going to be okay."

"Cedric..." Sofia whimpered, her form still shaking, "I'm scared. We need to get a medic or..."

"There's no one else here besides us," Cedric said eerily calmy. Was he terrified. Of definitely! He didn't want to lose either Sofia or their child, but right now he needed to be their rock. Sofia was scared and if he mirrored that it would only make the birth much more difficult.

With his magic wand, Cedric conjured a few things, a bucket of warm water (the magic will keep it warm for several hours), a couple of clean towels, and potions that will help ease the contractions. He silently thanked his mother for sending all those books on childbirth and pregnancies, or else he would be useless in this situation. Winifred always had the knack for sensing things to come, hence why she was given the title "Winifred the Wise." Somehow her intuition was almost always on point.

"I'm going to help you," Cedric said, he carefully eased Sofia in a better position, taking out several pillows for her to rest her back against.

Sofia winced when another contraction hit, making her voice strained, "N-Not to sound unfaithful, Cedric, but do you know what you're -AH!" She cried out again, her body growing tense.

"I know I can't sit around and do nothing," He said gently. Cedric worked quickly, he used his wand to replace Sofia's gown with a large robe, giving him access to her stomach so he could rub the potion on it and ease her pain. He dabbed Sofia's face with the wet cloth and shushed her gently through her contractions.

"I'm scared..." Sofia whimpered, burrowing her face in his neck. Cedric kissed her cheek, whispering comforting words to her. "You're doing so well, my love. Just hold on a little longer, it'll be alright. I love you so much."

"I love you too," she sobs, "I trust you, Cedric."

"Thank you, my love." He said, struggling to keep his voice as steady as possible. Truth be told, he was just as scared as her, but for her, he'll pretend to be brave.

Several hours passed, with the contractions getting worse and growing close together. Soon, Sofia was contracting every couple of minutes. Cedric held her hand throughout most of it, but when he checked and saw their baby was crowning, he had to give Sofia a cloth to cling to.

"Alright my dear, it's almost time. PUSH!"

It took another hour, but soon, Sofia's cries were soon shared with the piercing shrieks of new life. Cedric gathered their child in a clean towel, sobbing as he did. "It's a boy!" He choked, quickly wiping their son and cleaning him up. Sofia cried as well, reaching out to their son. She gathered him and stroked his soft hair. "He's so beautiful..." She cooed gently at him. It was comical to see how exhausted their newborn was.

Cedric nodded, wiping his eyes with his sleeve, "He is." He kissed Sofia, "You did wonderful, my love. I'm so proud of you."

"I couldn't have done any of this without you, Cedric." She returned the kiss, before pecking their newborn's head, "Hello, Andrew."

"We spent a whole three days in that cottage before the storm finally settled. After that, we returned home and everyone was overjoyed to see you." Cedric finished, smiling at his son's awed expression.

"Were you scared?"

"Of course!" Cedric chuckled, "I may be the universe's greatest sorcerer, but even I get scared too, you know."

"The 'Universe's Greatest Sorcerer', huh? Careful Cedric, you're sounding a lot like Goodwin."

Andrew jumped out of bed and raced to the door, 'Mama!"

Sofia beamed, scooping up her son and kissing his cheek, "Oh, my baby, I missed you so much! I'm so sorry that I had to leave. But look, I got you a present from Aunt Chrysta," She smiled handing her son a wrapped gift. Andrew gasped in delight before ripping it open. It was a miniature crystalized horse that looked suspiciously like Skye. Granted, Skye was Andrew's favorite alicorn.

"It's so cool!" Andrew exclaimed in delight, before hugging his mom, "Thank you!"

"I only brought it, you need to thank Aunt Chrysta when we see her tomorrow," Sofia said and kissed her son's head once again.

Andrew was allowed to stay up a little later than usual to play with his new toy. Afterward, he was tucked into bed by his parents who proceeded to leave to go to their own room.

"You know, I knew you were scared too," Sofia said, smiling up at her husband. Cedric blushed, "You did?"

"Of course! You can't hide anything from me, Cedric." She leaned up and kissed his cheek, "Thank you, though for being my rock through all of that."

Cedric smiled and pecked her cheek as well, "Anytime, my love."

His wife smirked a little," Perhaps you can tell our next child the story of their birth."

Cedric blushed darkly at her indication, "W-Well I wouldn't be apposed if we're planning on having another child, my love."

Sofia giggled and stroked her stomach, "Kind of too late to plan, it's going to happen in a few months."

His eyes widen in wonder, "You mean..."

Sofia nodded, "I found out today just before I left. I was feeling pretty ill and Chrysta got worried. Imagine my surprise that when the medic said that I was pregnant again."

"Sofia!" Cedric grabbed her in a tight hug, "That is wonderful news!"

His wife smiled and kissed him deeply, "We'll tell Andrew tomorrow and say it's another birthday gift. He did say he wanted a little brother for his birthday."

"I guess he got his wish," Cedric hummed, he looked at his wife lovingly, almost dreamily, "Happy Wasaillia, my love."

She kissed his nose, "Happy Wasaillia, my dear husband."

AN: My first official Cedfia story for the Cedfia Week! I hope I did it justice! Please enjoy reading!