This is a world that has ended. Nothing is born here, nothing dies. Nothing exists but one lonely girl. One day, the girl decides to scavenge for parts to make a friend. As she is outside, pulling pieces of scrap from the ground, Something pulls her attention else where.

In the distance she spies a tall, thin, and dark figure with glowing red eyes. Normally, one would be afraid of such a sight, but the girl did not feel any such fear. She felt curiosity. And so, she abandoned her scavenging to seek out this entity.

Upon approaching it, the figure made no effort to show what it was thinking. It only watched the girl with its piercing eyes.

"Hello?" The girl asks as she approaches. The entity does not respond.

"Are you okay?" She asks it.

"Are you okay?" The entity repeats back in a robotic and distorted voice.

"Yes. I am fine." The girl assures.

"Are you afraid?" The entity asks.

"No. I'm glad. As long as I can remember, I've been alone in this world. But now you are here. What is your name?" The girl asks.

"I am The Afraid." The entity responds.

"You are scared?" The girl asks. The entity slowly shakes its head.

"I am THE Afraid." The entity clarifies.

"I see. Its such a strange name. But I wouldn't know. I don't remember my own name." The girl responds. The entity does not respond. "Did you come from another world?"

"A world?" The Afraid asks.

"Yes a different world from this one." The girl clarifies.

The Afraid is silent for a few moments before responding. "I don't know."

"I see." The girl responds. The two stand in silence. "Do you know about anyone else? A friend perhaps?"

"Once. A friend." The Afraid responds.

"Oh, do you know where they are?" The girl asks.

"She disappeared one day." The Afraid answers.

"Oh. I'm sorry." The girl responds. "Besides me, there is no one else here I'm afraid."

"Why are you afraid?" The Afraid asks.

"Oh. I'm not scared at the moment. Why ask such a question?" The girl asks.

"I want to know, why you feel that." The Afraid answers.

"But why?" The girl asks.

"I AM The Afraid." The Afraid answers.

"I don't understand." The girl replies.

"When I look out at life, I see only timeless beauty. But I am not as timeless as nature." The Afraid explains. "With life comes a fear of fate. Fear of the end is all I feel. I am THE Afraid. I am the embodiment of my fear."

"I understand now." The girl assures. "You are afraid of endings yet, you yourself are an ending."

"Yes." The Afraid simply responds.

"What are you ending?" The girl asks.

"I am going away for a long time." The Afraid says, says completely oblivious to the girls question.

"I see." The girl says. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Find me a friend." The Afraid responds.

"You want a friend?" The girl says. "I'll be your friend. Even when you go away, I'll still be your friend." The girl smiles.

"Thank you." The Afraid responds.

"Its no problem." The girl assures.

"I will cherish our friendship." The Afraid says before turning around to come back where it came. "We are all going to be forgotten. I am going to be forgotten." It chants before walking away.