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The House of Potter is an ancient House that once was a leading member of Wizarding Britain until Fleamont Potter passed. The Potter name still has clout and alliances, but it is considered a House that has fallen from grace. Especially with a Scion that has no clue of what his legacy is, or how to use it.

The House of Greengrass is currently a leading member of the Wizengamot and Society. Among those that consider themselves Neutral, the Greengrasses are on the top, sharing that with maybe one or two other families. Their issue is the extinction of their name. With no male heirs, the Lord Greengrass is very picky about who his daughters might marry, and whether they should take Line-Continuance Contracts or other options…

The Houses of Potter and Greengrass are not unique in this quandary. Over the generations, the once prolific families are approaching the fate of many… extinction. Many of the most prestigious Houses are close to this fate, including most of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. This is mostly due to a string of Dark Lords, Pureblood Elitism, and family rivalries over the last two hundred years or more.

These conflicts have reduced many old Houses to a single heir, only female heiresses, or none. Seeing the abyss that lies on the other side of this issue, a movement to find a way to protect their world is underfoot. Many considered Blood Supremacists or Purists may not be what they appear… or are driven by the fact that the same old thing is not working any more…

Harry will find himself at the center of the maelstrom, as will his friends, as they grow up and learn to navigate the world of the Magical Elite and cause as many changes as they get dragged into.


Just so there is no confusion:
1. Planned pairings: Harry/Daphne, Hermione/Blaise, Neville/Tracey
2. This starts mid-Third year. Relationships and main plot will be slow builds (most relationships are not planned to really start until mid-fourth year or above)
3. The changing political atmosphere, and adults in Harry's life, will make for a much different experience for Harry, the Death Eaters and Voldemort when they rise again (or if)
4. Hint at some events: Dumbly-dory fell off a wall… Dumbly-Dory had a great fall… All the King's Horses and all the King's men, walked over Dumbly-Dory again and again.


Chapter 1


January 22, 1994

Hogwarts, Scotland

Harry was upset with Ron and he was upset with Hermione. Hermione had done it because she cared, but he still found it inexcusable that she had gone to McGonagall and McGonagall took his Firebolt. For all he knew it was sitting on a bench somewhere, taken apart and never to be put back together again.

Harry had finally relented so he could practice with the team and ordered another Nimbus 2000. It was the best broom he could afford without using the rest of the money in his pouch. He didn't need much, but he liked having at least ten galleons left just in case. If he had to run from the Dursley's again, it would get him to Gringotts at least.

Ron, on the other hand, had upset Hermione so much again that she had run out of the Common room the other night crying. As upset as Harry was at her, she was still his friend and he had gone looking for Hermione. The row he had had with Ron when he couldn't find her and went back to the common room left him furious with his other best mate.

So, on a blustery January day when much of the school was braving the weather to get to Hogsmeade, Harry was trapped in the school with the first and second years and unwilling to venture through the secret tunnel again. What fun was it if he couldn't go with friends and had to hide under his invisibility cloak? Besides, he wasn't sure if he could handle another shock like the last trip. He was still reeling to understand the mass murderer Sirius Black was his godfather.

Even with all this, he couldn't help but look out the window in the library at the snowy grounds. All he wanted to be was a normal boy. He didn't want to be hunted or ridiculed or demented by his relatives anymore.

He was wallowing in those thoughts when someone cleared their throat. He turned to see a dark-hair girl with dark eyes that had curious light green traces in them. Her hair was shoulder length and her expression haughty and cool. She might be really cute without that expression.

The other girl was blonde, slight and blue eyed. Her expression wasn't much different from the first. Again, if a smile cracked her face she would be cute as well.

What got Harry's attention was the Slytherin House badge on their knit jumpers. He wasn't sure if this was a trap by Malfoy or something else.

"Scion Potter," the dark hair girl greeted. He knew her name, but hadn't ever talked with her before.

"Greengrass," he answered, unsure what this scion thing was.

She stared at him for a few. "Scion Potter. Ms. Davis and I noticed you are here alone. Would it be possible for us to have a little of your time?"

Harry had never heard a Slytherin be so nice to him. His guard was definitely up now. His anger at his friends colouring his response. "Is this some joke? Why do you keep calling me scion? Is it as bad or worse than mudblood?"

Both girls looked taken aback for a moment.

He didn't miss Daphne's eyes flashing down to his hands for a few seconds before looking back up. Her eyes searched for the scar hidden in the fringe of his hair. "You are Harry James Potter? Son of James Fleamont Potter?"

"Ah, my father is James Potter. I don't know his middle name," Harry confessed, feeling embarrassed he had never asked and no one had ever told him.

The girl's eyebrows rose some. "Why would you not know his middle name?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. Could be the fact I'm an orphan," he said hotly. "Unless you have a point, I really don't feel like being called names. I've had enough of that lately."

Daphne took a step back at his outburst. "Daph, maybe this isn't a good idea," the blonde next to her warned. Davis. Tracey Davis. That was the girl's name.

"We need the help," Daphne whispered back. Her mask was back in full force as she approached him again.

"Scion Potter, that title is not a joke nor is it an insult. It is a mark of your station being the heir of the House of Potter. I am paying you a compliment in acknowledging your heritage. If you like, I can recommend a book or two that will help you understand and to respond appropriately when an Heiress is addressing you as such," she instructed him. "Perhaps, many Purebloods and those of respectable Houses would not treat you as poorly if you pay the proper respect."

It was Harry's turn to blink and lean back. "Are you saying my friends and such are not respectable?"

"I never said that. I am only referring to those that have heritage that can give them a seat in the Wizengamot or Councilor position. Your friends, as you call them, are respectable in their own way. I do wonder where they are though if you have cloistered yourself in here for the last week," she commented. "Ms. Granger is quite bright and has her own spot we join her at for study sessions, but she seems to be avoiding you as of late."

Harry pursed his lips. He had to parse through her words for a moment before he came to the conclusion she was not belittling Hermione. He cocked his head to look at her. A Slytherin had never been nice to him before. Why now?

Over the last two weeks, Harry had found he had to engage his mind more to keep up with his work, not having Ron or Hermione around to either commiserate with or help. He was feeling lonely and maybe he could use other company to keep him from going spare.

"Ms. Greengrass, I did not mean to offend you. Things have just sucked lately," he admitted for reasons he didn't know why. "How should I address you if you are trying to be as kind to me as you say?"

The girl's face broke just enough to let a small smile creep onto it. "Heiress Greengrass, or if you must, Miss Greengrass will do. This is Ms. Davis. Would it be alright if we could join you for a bit? We are struggling with the essay on werewolves. We could also use some help in practicing the freezing hex and some charm work as well."

He blinked a few times. "Hermione is the real genius on this stuff," he told them.

Daphne's eyebrow rose. "You do know you have edged Granger out in DADA and it is only your theory keeping you from topping her in Charms? If you help us with the practical, we can help you with the theory in Charms and Transfiguration."

Harry never paid attention to his grades. He had come to the conclusion he didn't have to do worse than Dudley anymore, but he couldn't bring himself to know how much better most of the time. What would happen if he started getting better grades? Would Hermione finally start talk to him again and apologize for the Firebolt? Yes, he was upset, but she was his friend. "You can help me with my transfiguration practical as well?" he asked, knowing he struggled at times, but Daphne was one that got the spells almost as quickly as Hermione.

"That is an acceptable deal. You help us in both the theory and practical in DADA and practical in charms. In turn, we help you with the theory of charms and theory and practical in transfiguration. Saturday mornings we meet in the library and Wednesday evening somewhere for the practicals?"

He shook his head. "I have Quidditch practice every night during the week and special lessons Wednesday night," he told her. "Mondays or Fridays after lunch is the best. By Wednesdays I need all my free time to get my work done."

"We can not do Fridays. We have Runes," Daphne told him.

Harry snorted. "I wish I had done Runes. Divination is a right pain."

"Then why not transfer," Tracey suddenly said.

"It's already January. I have missed more than half the year."

"You could drop Divination and take up Runes. If not this year, then next," Daphne proposed.

Harry thought about it. "Maybe I will talk with Professor McGonagall."

After that, they all looked at each other for a few. Daphne was the first to speak. "If you are not busy now, would you help Davis and I?"

"I need to get my charms essay done. Would you help me with that first?"

Daphne and Tracey shared a look and then Daphne nodded. "It would be our pleasure, Scion Potter."

Harry motioned for the chairs, but the girls didn't move. After a moment Daphne whispered. "When formal titles are used, it is the gentlemen who should stand and either wait for a woman to sit or help her."

Harry, not used to this, stood and awkwardly helped them to sit before sitting back down himself.

Daphne had a small smirk on her face as he shuffled his papers around and tried to make room for them.


January 26, 1994

Hogwarts, Scotland

"Here are your parchments back from last weeks assignment. Please note the assignment on the board for Monday," Professor McGonagall said in her clip voice.

Harry was sitting with Neville today. Ron was full out ignoring Harry and Hermione had been so snippy at him this week he had snapped at her this morning, so she was sitting with her chin up and stiff lipped on the other side of the room with a group of Ravenclaw he had seen her study with at times.

Something had really broken between them and Harry didn't like it.

When his parchment landed before him, he just put it to the side and prepared his quill to take notes. Daphne and Tracey had looked appalled at his notes, or lack thereof. Not wanting to disappoint anyone else, he was determined to take notes today.

"Nice grade," Neville observed shyly next to him.

"I don't think I failed this time," Harry commented, writing down that another twelve inches was due for Monday. This time on the Lapifors spell.

"Fail? You got an O," Neville commented. "I only got an A."

Harry grabbed his sheet and looked at it. There were only a few marks on it from Professor McGonagall correcting a few spelling errors, but that was it. He stared at the paper open mouth. Hermione had always helped check their work, but he had never received an 'O' before. The surprising thing was that he remembered everything. Daphne had taken the time to explain what he had gotten wrong.

Looking up, the frazzled hair brunette was looking worn and none too pleased.

Maybe if he showed her he could do this on his own, alleviating the need for her to spend time on his work, she would relax some and finally apologize for stealing his broom.

Neville nudged him. McGonagall had started her lecture on how to turn small objects into rabbits and Harry was going to pay attention.


January 27, 1994

Hogwarts, Scotland

Harry had been avoiding Daphne and Tracey in classes. It seemed some unwritten rule that Slytherin and Gryffindor were to stay separated. In Potions, Harry followed tradition, not wanting to give Snape anything else to give him detention for. The Gryffindor-Ravenclaw match was two Saturdays from now and Wood would kill him - Harry was genuinely certain he would die at Woods hands- if he missed any practices for a detention.

Thus, he wasn't surprised that people on both sides of the aisle were surprised when Harry walked up to Daphne before DADA started, put his Transfiguration paper on her desk and said, "Thank you, Heiress Greengrass."

He flashed her a smile and then moved across the room to sit with Neville, who had been his partner all week. Neville, like many others, were looking at him wide eyed. He snuck a peek at her before sitting down. She was staring at him with that unreadable mask so many in Slytherin wore.

After class, he lagged behind most of the others. He caught Daphne glaring at him a few times and saw she wasn't in any rush to leave either. Out in the hall, she was waiting for him, tapping her foot. It was only Daphne when he looked around.

"What is this," she said with narrowed eyes and holding his paper out. "Our deal does not include any social interactions."

Harry walked over and took it. He had Neville teach him the proper way to bow this morning. He knew Neville was a pureblood and had described to him what a Scion was. Harry just wished he knew who to talk to about his inheritance. He doubted his relatives knew, otherwise they probably would have killed him for it.

Daphne's eyes widened comically as he bowed to her. "I just wanted to say thank you, Heiress Greengrass. That is the first outstanding I have ever received in Transfiguration."

She just regarded him when he straightened back up. It was a long few seconds before she quipped, "Our deal does not include social interactions. I can let it go this time though. I am pleased to have helped you as much as we did, Scion Potter."

"I do not have any classes Friday mornings. Do you?"

Her eyes didn't stop boring into him. "I do not. What is your proposal?"

"I would like to add another study session. I will miss some Saturdays due to Quidditch and would not like to miss any of our sessions," he told her. After sleeping on it and realizing all those times Hermione said he had been slacking the last two-and-a-half years, maybe it was time for him to really work?

Daphne nodded. "Tracey and I will meet you in the Library tomorrow morning at eight-thirty. We have nothing until after lunch."

Harry nodded. "Thank you again." He wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but he bowed again.

"You are bowing too low. The Potters are ten seats above the Greengrasses," she stated.

He smirked. He had no clue how low or high he should do bow. He would have to ask Neville later. He was just happy he knew how. Something made him say a little cheekily, "It is a sign of gratitude, Heiress Greengrass."

Was that a little color in her placid face. "You pay me an honor, Scion Potter." With that, she turned and marched off towards the Great Hall.

At lunch, he sat with Neville towards the end of the table. He didn't miss the glare from Ron or the thoughtful look from Hermione. Neville looked at him. "Harry, what was that with Daphne Greengrass today?"

Harry shrugged. "She helped me with something and I wanted to say thank you."

"Is that why you asked me to teach you to bow this morning?"

He piled some fried chicken and crisps on his plate before he grabbed an apple. "Can you teach me more? I have a study session with her again tomorrow morning and don't want to embarrass myself. Maybe you should come. We are working on Charms, Transfiguration and DADA."

Neville looked surprised. "Y...y...you want me to c...c...c...come?"

"You are the best in Herbology and if you can help us, we can help you," Harry told him before starting on his lunch.


January 30, 1994

Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts

Harry was sitting at a table. Neville was across from him. They had their Monster Book of Monsters and Fantastical Beast and Where to Find Them on the table. Harry was doing his revision on magical snakes. Hagrid had given them twelve inches on any creature they wanted, and after Harry skimmed the books and found ashwinders -he skipped basilisks- and horned serpents, he found his curiosity in his parselmouth abilities rising.

He was writing when a frizzy hair girl sat next to him.

She looked over at his paper. "That isn't due until Thursday."

"So?" he responded petulantly.

She sat there stiff for a moment. "You have three parchments. It was only supposed to be one."

"I found something that interested me," he told her.

He started to work on his paper again. Five magical serpents that were NOT basilisks should be enough.

"I see you got a new broom," she commented.

"Was kind of forced to," he snarked.

"Harry, I was only doing it because it was from Sirius Black..."

"We don't know that," he snapped.

She was sitting ram rod straight. "I only did it because I worry," she said in a small voice.

He sighed. Even with her superior attitude much of the time, he cared for her and she was his friend. "I'm sorry I didn't listen, but it's a Firebolt!"

"It's just a broom. Is it more important than your life?"

He closed his eyes for a moment. "What would you say if you just received a one of a kind, first edition copy of War and Peace, or something else as valuable and I took and threw it into the fire because I said it was dangerous?"

He did look at her. The look of shock on her face was priceless. "You wouldn't," she whispered horrified.

"Now you know how I feel," he told her. It wasn't just that it was a Firebolt. He owned so little that to get the most expensive and best broom out there, he felt special for a little while. It was a feeling he didn't experience often.

She sat there for a moment. Neville was watching them.

"But it's only Quidditch and you almost kill yourself half the time," she squeaked.

"Hermione, Quidditch is just as important to me as books like that are to you. I love flying and playing. It's about the only reason I want to return right now," he told her truthfully. With a crazed madman and the prospect of going back to his relatives every summer, Quidditch was about the only thing that made him feel free and in control of something.

She looked at him with watery eyes for a moment. "You wouldn't want to come back without Quidditch?"

He sighed again. "Maybe."

"Harry, you can't! You have to come here and learn magic. What would you do without it?"

"I don't know. I need to finish this parchment and then complete my Charms paper," he told her.

She stared at him. The last month without her had really hurt, but she hadn't apologized yet and he had a feeling she would do it again.

"Charms isn't due until next Tuesday," she reminded him with a pinched brow.

"And I have a review on it tomorrow," he told her.

Her mouth opened once, then twice. "A review? You haven't asked me to review your work since Christmas."

"I didn't say it was with you," he responded.

"Well it can't be Ron," she stated.

He snorted. "Ron and I aren't exactly talking at the moment."

Her lips pursed. "I noticed. What did he do?"

Harry chuckled. Of course she would assume that. Not that she was wrong, but the two of them got along like bickering siblings. "I was sticking up for you, if you need to know. If you want to join us, then join us. Otherwise I really do need to get this done."

Hermione didn't say anything as she took her bag and laid out her own charms work.

He finished his parchment and looked up to Neville. "Do you need any help?"

"I can't find another fact on fire salamanders."

Hermione opened her mouth but Harry beat her to it. "Last week's Potion essay said their spit can be used in a potion to heal burn scars."

Hermione's eyes widened.

Neville smiled. "Oh, yeah. You did mention that earlier."

"Do you want me to check your charms?" Hermione was holding out her hand.

"Not today. I want to see how I do on my own," Harry told her.

Hermione looked lost for a moment. "Who are you revising with?"

"If you want to come after breakfast, you can find out," he told her.

"But you have Divination after breakfast."

"McGonagall allowed me to drop it. If I can get an EE or better in most subjects, she will let me start on Runes next year."

She still looked flabbergasted. "Oh," was all she responded with.

Harry put his Creatures books away and took out his charms work. It was a while later when Hermione very softly said, "Harry?"

"Yes," he answered.

"I'm sorry," she told him, sounding as though she was afraid of him rejecting her.

Harry smiled. "I am too. Would you like me to look over your charms work?"

She chuckled. "Only if I want to fail. Now hand yours over," she said more confidently.

"No, I meant it. I want to see what our new study partners think. I don't want it edited."

She looked very confused. "Who are you and what have you done with Harry Potter?"

He laughed. "Someone challenged me to do better."

There was a pregnant pause. "Was it Daphne Greengrass?"

He smiled. "Heiress Greengrass. That is what she wants me to call her."

Neville made a choking sound. They both looked up to him. "You alright, Neville," Hermione asked.

Harry looked at Neville oddly. "You need Madam Pomfrey?"

"You know that formal titles are only supposed to be used when observing proper etiquette?"

"So," Harry asked.

"When you asked me about what a Scion was, was that because of Greengrass?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Have you claimed your Scion rights?" Neville queried.

Harry looked confused. "What do you mean my Scion rights?"

Neville blinked. "Merlin! I just thought you didn't want to wear your ring and draw more attention to yourself. Do you know at all about your inheritance or vaults?"

"I have the vault my parents left me."

"Does it have a key or does it require a goblin to open it?"

"A key. Hagrid gave it to me when we went to Gringotts for the first time."

Harry didn't think Neville's eyes could get any wider. "Why would Hagrid have it? Is it gold?"

"Yeah, it's gold. Neville, you aren't making any sense."

"Neville, what is so important about this?" Hermione asked.

"Gold keys are for inheritance vaults. You know, the ones the goblins maintain until a Scion or other family member can claim a Family vault. They are only granted through a Will. Silver and bronze keys are for normal vaults. Family vaults can only be opened by a goblin or someone with a family ring, like a Scion ring," he told them, holding up his left hand and showing them a silver ring.

"Are you saying I have more gold in Gringotts," Harry asked shocked.

"If it is anything like my vaults, it will be piles of galleons, sickles and knuts. There are probably also heirlooms, old books, armor, wands- all sorts of stuff. Gran needs to know. Your family has a Lordship on the Wizengamot. Who is your Guardian?"

Harry felt so confused. "My relatives," he answered. Harry had only really talked about them to Ron and Hermione, and then it wasn't much beyond they were muggles.

"Who are your relatives?" Neville asked with an odd expression.

"The Dursley's."

"I don't know that family," Neville remarked.

"They are muggles, like my parents," Hermione answered.

"That explains so much," the larger boy responded. "Harry, do you mind if I contact my Gran? She won't be pleased you don't have your ring. She had been talking about when we come of age the Potter and Longbottoms will be able to lead the Wizengamot again."

"Harry, do you understand any of this," Hermione asked.

"Not a word. You think he's mental?"

Hermione hit his arm. "Between you and Ron," she huffed.


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