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Chapter 46


March 11, 1997

Hogwarts, Scotland

It was a few days before Harry could finally find a way to get the little shit cornered. He had been using the Marauder's map and his cloak to find the boy alone. Like with his friends, Pucey was walking around with others almost all the time.

As Harry approached the corridor in the dungeons closer to Hufflepuff than Slytherin, he caught Pucey looking around a corner.

Harry looked at the map one more time. There was no one else around, but Pucey looked to be waiting for someone. The closest person was two corridors away and heading away from them. Harry would have found this odd if he hadn't organized this little meeting. He took the opportunity to take his cloak off before shuffling his feet. At the sound Pucey spun around, his wand coming up. Harry flicked his wand. The stinging hex hit Pucey's hand before the boy could do anything.

"What the... Potter," Pucey accused, a little fear in the boy's voice.

Harry stepped closer as Pucey rubbed his hand. The boy eyed his wand at his feet. "Go for it, Pucey. Give me a reason to break the neutrality of Hogwarts."

Pucey didn't move. "What do you want?"

"You in Azkaban or six-feet under. I warned you. I am going to destroy you and your family," Harry told him. "Just want you to watch your back."

Pucey blanched some. "What are you going to do? Hex me in Hogwarts?"

Harry shook his head, taking a menacing step forward. "No. Anything more than a stinging hex will call the Professors. I will not attack you without you casting the first hex. But if I find you out outside of Hogwarts, I won't hesitated to do to you what you did to Dani. You also upset my betrothed. Lord Greengrass believes in the old ways. Especially those that deal with House honour and blood feuds. If you don't all die first, you'll be mine in the end to deal with."

Pucey lost all colour looking at the boy with green eyes that shone with power and to know that if his family lost, he was royally buggered.

"Is that a threat? I can claim reparations for you breaking the peace on neutral grounds," Pucey said.

Harry snorted. "A stinging hex and a promise is not a threat. A threat would be me telling you I'll remove any chance you have at carrying on your line if you cross me. I may do that anyways, but not here."

Pucey gulped.

"Touch anyone I care for again and that will be the last time you do that," Harry told him. He had moved close enough now to punch the boy if he could. "I mean it, Pucey. I will end you."

Pucey took a step back.

After a moment, Harry snorted, then turned and walked away.


March 26, 1997

London, England

Tipsy took the letter to Harry as he sat eating his breakfast. He was home for the two weeks surrounding Easter so he could do things outside of Hogwarts.

Auntie Amelia was gone to work for the day and Susan was having a lay in. Harry had been up about five, like he normally was at Hogwarts to get his workout and some training in the rooms.

"Master Harry, a letter from Gringotts," Tipsy said. Mopsy was running behind her, a stuffed bunny in her hands and trying to look just as important as her mother. Harry smiled at the small elfling as he took the letter.

"Thank you, Tipsy. I like your bunny, Mopsy," Harry said.

The small elfling suddenly got shy and hid behind her mother. Tipsy smiled at the young elf girl. "Mopsy has not seen Master Harry much. Tipsy hopes he is here for the whole holiday."

"I will be. Who knows, maybe the Easter Bunny will bring Mopsy a friend," Harry said with a smile. A grinning Mopsy poked her head from behind her mother.

"Easter bunny not bring rabbits to little elvses," the small girl commented. Elves grew at almost double the rate of humans, making her equivalent to three or four, and giving her a good control of her speech.

"The Easter Bunny brings things to all good children, or so I've been told," he said, giving Tipsy a wink. Tipsy smiled.

"Master Harry and Tipsy family is too kind. Tipsy needs to work on your laundry. Do you need anything else for brekky?" Tipsy asked.

"I'm fine, Tipsy. I can help myself," he assured her.

Tipsy nodded her head, used to Harry wanting to do things on his own now. As they walked away, he heard Mopsy mutter, "Do Easter Bunnies visit elvses?"

"If Master Harry says so, then it is so," Tipsy assured her little one.

Harry would make sure the little elf was visited.

Opening the letter, he nodded. The goblins were sure not that they had found Camelot but were being stymied by the wards and others that they could see. In other words, the Unspeakables knew they had found it and were doing what they could to stop the goblins without starting a new rebellion.

Harry was certain he had found some information on the ward stones after he had been allowed in the Longbottom's more secure library section. It took information from all three descendants to find it. Something Harry was certain was deliberate to keep the sacred place hidden except from the true descendants.

Harry would write a note back to them to have them stop until the summer, when Harry could devote his full time to it.

His eyes did raise though when the goblins reported a hidden place on the old Potter Manor grounds. He would have them investigate that.


April 3, 1997

London, England

Harry met Daphne as she stepped through the Floo in the Leaky Cauldron. He hadn't seen them in two days, so didn't feel any embarrassment to pull her in and give her a small kiss. Daphne seemed just as eager and had a small smirk on her face. "I would think you missed me," she teased.

"Never," he answered, glad she took his hand.

"If you two are good, the goblins are waiting for us," Auntie said in an amused voice.

"Yes, Auntie Ami," they said almost in unison.

She shook her head at them.

Once in the bank, they were shown down a few stairs and then a long hallway. Outside a large set of brass doors- no. Harry realized they were covered in Vipertooth scales- they were all required to leave any weapons they had on them. Harry's two wands, two knives and his sword were soon next to the three knives and two wands Daphne carried. Auntie Ami put them both to shame as she took a small arsenal off her person. Harry raised an eye to her. "Once a Hit Wizard, always a Hit Wizard," she replied.

When the doors opened, they walked into a large room. Off to one side were two desks with goblins working at some books. A half dozen guards were around the room. In the centre of the room was a round table. Hermione, Neville, Bill and an older gentleman were sitting at the table with Ragnok and two other goblins. "Come. Sit," Ragnok demanded.

Harry had to stifle his ire at the aged goblin. They were in the realms of the goblins today, not his castle, so Harry played their game.

Harry held the seat for Daphne for her to sit first. Once seated, Harry looked around. "Good day, Chief Executive Ragnok. Can I ask who is joining us today?"

The old goblin gave a small grin. "Good, a wizard that likes to get straight to the point. This is Master Curse Breaker Alex Rousseau from our Egypt branch," the goblin said to the man. Harry took a closer look at the man. He had an intense gaze honed by years in the field. His greying hair was cut in a short, soldier like way. Like Bill, he wore a much more practical leather trench coat that would allow better movement than robes.

"This is Master Curse Breaker Nosecruncher," Ragnok introduced the rather gnarly goblin to his right. There was a chunk missing from one ear and half his face looked deformed. Harry knew Curse breaking was dangerous, but here was real proof for once.

Ragnok didn't bother to introduce the last goblin, meaning it was a goblin far up the food chain but not important enough to really be involved unless called upon.

"Good to meet you both. You called this meeting, Ragnok, so I assume you have found something?" Harry asked.

"Indeed. Heiress Granger's lead has paid off on the three sites she has found. The sites in Laverstock and Northshire have ward fields that are too small to be Camelot. They are previously unknown areas. The sight in Laverstock is still on Havenscraft lands, and as such, Gringotts cannot move on it without their permission. The one in Northshire is on public lands. Gringotts would negotiate for the finder's fee and breaking of the wards on this site," Ragnok said.

Harry looked to Hermione. Auntie spoke up. "I would assume the standard fees and split of the treasure. We would like our own representative present when you work."

Ragnok nodded. "Gringotts has claim to sixty percent of all profits and choice of any goblin wrought items first."

Auntie nodded. "The rest shall be equally split between Heiress Granger and Scion Thatcher."

"Agreed. Rotnarg, draw up the contract," Ragnok ordered.

"Yes, Ablax Ragnok," the third goblin at the table said.

"Lord Weasley, you will be representative of House Granger and lead of this site," Ragnok ordered. "Are you in agreement, Madam Bones?"

"I am," she agreed.

"Yes, sir," Bill said, looking a little surprised.

"You said the third site also had something?" Harry put to the goblin.

The feral grin of the goblin sent a small shiver through his spine. "We have. That is why we requested the three we know of to have the blood of the founders of Camelot attend today. There is a large obscuring field just outside a small hamlet of Ratlinghope. It covers more than fifteen hundred acres. It is the largest area of its type discovered in the last five hundred years in Great Britain."

"You found it?" Daphne asked.

"We are confident we found something," Ragnok said. "Master Rousseau and Master Nosecruncher will be placed as leads of the project. We would ask you to tour the area before we start, especially since there has already been an incident."

"What type of incident," Hermione asked.

"Three of our curse breakers have completely lost their minds after walking into a random fog bank," Ragnok told them.

"Oh, no. Are they alright?" Hermione questioned.

"Bugger," Neville said.

Harry took in a sharp breath as he paled a little. Daphne looked to him, telling her that he knew something. Ragnok saw his reaction too. "Yes, you did warn us about this possibility. It is why we think we have found what you are looking for."

"Sweet Merlin," Harry said.

"Are the goblins going to be alright?" Hermione asked again.

"Your concern is admirable, Heiress Granger, but all curse breakers know the risk they take. Their minds have been completely blanked of anything they knew. Their clans and spouses have been given compensation. Now, you mentioned you may know how to get through this mist? We will need too to get to the ward stones we can detect, but they are about two hundred feet into the fog," Ragnok said.

"Yes. We can sense them, about two thousand of them around the border of the field, but they are protected by some powerful magics," Master Curse Breaker Rousseau added.

Harry nodded. "I have something, but I'm unsure if it will work yet. I'm starting to make it through some more advanced stuff in my libraries," Harry admitted.

"How long before you are ready?" Ragnok asked.

Harry thought for a moment. "I'm not sure. It's some pretty complicated stuff."

"Then Gringotts can offer its help," Ragnok offered.

Harry shook his head. "No. This is family magic. If I need to discuss it, I will talk with Heiress Potter-Greengrass and Scion Longbottom. Let me take a look at what I am studying, and I will let you know a better schedule."

Ragnok didn't look pleased. "Every day I have some of my top Curse breakers on this cost money, Scion Potter."

"Then I will add a percent onto your take," Harry snapped back. The goblins were already going to get twenty percent of this deal, and other items that would be priceless.

"Two percent," Ragnok countered.

"One-point-two-five," Harry argued.

"Three percent," Ragnok demanded.

Harry laughed. "One and a half."

The aged goblin stared at Harry. After a long moment, he nodded. "One and a half. Do you have any business to add?"

Harry could clearly see the dismissal. "Only a few things with my account manager, Chief Executive."

"Very well. Good day, Scion Potter," the goblin said before moving to get up.

Outside the doors, Neville let out a huge breath. "Merlin, Harry, did you just laugh at the king of the goblins?"

Harry shrugged. "We have a special understanding."

Hermione gave him a dubious look as he put the sword back on his belt. "That was the King of the Goblins? I heard he was rather unpleasant."

One of the goblins shifted next to them. "Can we hold this conversation until we are out of the bank?" auntie whispered in a concerned voice.

"My apologies, Madam Bones, master goblins," Neville said.

Harry chuckled. "Let's say that Chief Executive Ragnok and I have a certain respect for each other. He is a ruthless goblin, but I find he has a sense of humour and is highly effective."

This seemed to have the guards around them stand a little taller. Harry had just hit on some of why their leader was so respected. They stopped by his account managers office for just a few minutes. It was enough time for him to sign some documents and propose a few new deals for his manager to work on. It wasn't until they were out of the bank that Daphne moved into his side. "I think you should have some of that basilisk hide made into robes. It would be good for you to remind them why Ragnok respects you so much."

Harry grinned at his betrothed. "Maybe you are right."

Auntie chuckled. "With a woman like that at your side you'll be one of the most powerful men in Brittan."

Harry gave a cheeky smile, which dropped some when he caught Frost and Pucey glaring at them from a table at Fortescue's. They had two girls with them. Auntie caught it and immediately came to full alert. Daphne moved her free hand so her wand could freely come to her hand. Neville and Hermione didn't really notice until they were past the two other teens.

"I think we should leave," Auntie told them.

"Can't I just challenge them here?" Harry demanded.

"They are still underage. Their fathers would have to give them permission unless you start an unprovoked fight," Auntie Ami told him.

Harry grumbled before noticing two men give them a dangerous look. Harry could challenge them, but with Hermione, Neville and Daphne at his side, he didn't want to risk them getting hurt.


April 2, 1997

London, England

Harry was meeting Sirius in Diagon Alley today. His godfather had asked him to meet at Twillfit's and Tatting's. He still wasn't sure how he had let his godfather convince him to be a groomsman. Remus was best man and had organized for them to take the old dog out later tonight.

Coming out of the Floo in the Leaky Cauldron, Harry looked around. Auntie had warned him to be careful, but she couldn't justify an Auror guard with a blood feud. Blood feuds were family matters, not a DMLE matter. She had reluctantly let him go when he reminded her that he would be seventeen soon and it was only a short walk to the tailor. He kept his eyes peeled though. Though, Harry doubted that anything would happen, even if there was someone looking for him. It wouldn't take him long to get to the shop and once he was with Sirius and Remus, he knew he would be safe.

"Good day, Mr Potter," the wizened barkeep, Tom, said to him. It was fairly empty today. "Do you want a butterbeer?"

"Hello, Tom. Not today," he replied before walking out to the back alley. The bricks opened after tapping the correct one and he walked out into the alley. Looking around he didn't see anything or anyone out of the normal. That didn't keep him from holding the invisibility cloak in his hand in his pocket or his robes. It was a grip he didn't lessen until the door shut behind him at the tailors.

The outside of the store looked rather unassuming, but inside it spoke of high-class clientele. A young man in impeccable robes and a Muggle inspired suit trousers and vest coat greeted him from behind a highly polished dark wood counter. "Good morning, young sir. Can I help you?"

"Good morning. I am meeting my godfather, Lord Black," Harry said.

Harry didn't like the look in the young man's eye. It was like he was ringing up galleons with that announcement. "Of course, Scion Potter-Greengrass. Mr Twillfit is with Lord Black's party just this way."

Harry followed the man into a small hallway with four doors. The man opened the first door and Harry stepped into a fitting room with a few robes on mannequins, reams of sample cloths, a few racks of trousers, vest coats, shirts and other dress clothes spread throughout the room. Sirius was standing on a raised platform as a man with grey hair and another young man were taking measurements and pulling out samples of material.

"Do I have to do this, Moony?" Sirius complained.

"You are the one to ask her to marry you," Remus chuckled. "Hi, Harry."

"Morning, Remus. How long has he been at this?"

"Hours," Sirius moaned as the two men worked away. "How about something different than black?"

"I have a nice acromantula silk in charcoal," the assistant offered.

Remus shook his head. "We only got here about ten minutes ago."

Harry chuckled as he sat in a chair next to Remus. "He sounds like a baby."

"I resemble that remark. Oi! That's still black," Sirius complained as a bolt of material was held out to him.

"I'm not changing his diapers," Remus joked.

Harry made a face. "Don't look at me."

"Wankers," Sirius gripped. Remus laughed. "So, what do you think? Black? Black? or Black?"

"I think they call that one sable. Just take it and then get a nice vest and tie," Remus told him. "Are you looking forward to doing this?"

Sirius nodded reluctantly. "That one," he indicated.

"I still have a while to worry about this," Harry told him.

"It's going to come sooner than you think. Next Easter we'll be doing this with you," Sirius commented.

Harry smiled. "That's still a year away. How is Erica?"

"She is well. You and everyone are invited over Friday evening. We want to see you before you go back," Sirius told him.

"I'll be there. Daphne said she would come, I'm not sure about Susan. She's been with Dean all week," Harry told them.

"A good boy," Remus said. "Are they serious?"

Harry shrugged. "Susan really likes him. I want to shove a pillow over Dean's face some nights when him and Seamus get going. I really don't want to hear about Susan that way."

Sirius laughed. "Is that a protective brother thing I'm hearing?"

"Maybe," Harry said defensively.

Remus gave him a knowing smile. "And do you do the same to Astoria?"

Harry huffed. "I don't care for Higgs," Harry told him.

"You don't like Higgs, or you don't like his family?" Sirius enquired.

"His father. I still feel like the man only wants the Clearwell title, but Anders approves," Harry replied.

"And Iliana?" Sirius asked as he let them put a robe on.

"I think she likes Eric, but doesn't trust his parents," Harry told him.

Sirius eyed him. "How is Dani?"

Harry huffed. "I'm going to kill Frost and Pucey," he growled. "They haven't touched her, but I swear it was him that paid off that Ravenclaw to hit the bludger at her after that last catch."

Remus looked unsettled. "Blood isn't always the answer."

"No, but it's the only answer at times," Sirius said. "Have you talked with Anders and Amelia?"

Harry let out an angry breath. "They won't let me declare a duel yet. He hasn't crossed any line. Anders wants a clean end to this so he can claim the other houses and auntie wants the trials done first. The next date is two weeks from now. If their solicitor doesn't find another way to prolong this, then the case against his son should go to the Wizengamot."

"And what do you want?" Sirius asked.

"To break him. They are threatening my family, Sirius," Harry replied.

Sirius nodded. "I am not a direct contestant in this pissing match, but I could call a duel with one of them."

Harry let out a long breath. "I just need to turn seventeen, then I can call the bloody dick out."

"Is Pucey seventeen?" Remus asked.

"Bloody hell," Harry gripped. "He's only a fifth-year, so no."

Sirius looked at him for a moment as the men took the robes off. "If you would try this one on too, Lord Black," Mr Twillfit said.

"How do you feel about calling out Lord Frost? He's not a good dueller and I don't know of any good duellers in their family," Sirius suggested.

"Sirius! You can't be serious," Moony growled.

"Why not? Harry beats us many times now, and I'm no slouch," Sirius commented with some pride in himself. Harry snorted at his godfather's arrogance. "It doesn't have to be to the death, but if the terms are to end the feud, then that is one house out."

Harry gave a hard look to Sirius. "I want the little bastard, not his father," Harry told him.

"You get to his father, and you get the little shite," Sirius grinned.

Harry bobbed his head while he thought of that.

"I don't think you should do this. They can name any champion related with the family," Remus said.

"I'll be his second. There is no way he can lose," Sirius' grin grew wider.

"Can it be organized for just after my birthday?"

"Can do. I'll even negotiate a cessation until then, that way if Frost touches any of you, they automatically lose," Sirius told him.

Harry agreed. It was close to an hour later when the three of them had all been fitted. "How about a pint and some lunch? Erica isn't expecting me for another few hours," Sirius offered.

"Sounds good," Remus said.

"I'm game," Harry accepted.

They stepped out of the store with Mr Twillfit and his helpers wishing them a good day when Harry watched Remus stiffen. He had a second to watch the man turn his head, his nostrils flaring, before he heard a very distinct metallic twang he had never heard before. Time seemed to slow as Harry turned towards the sound, catching a blur faster than a snitch just miss him. A howl of pain came from behind him as his wand came to his hand. There was another metallic twang. He didn't think about it as his wand made an almost imperceptible circle. A semi-solid looking blue energy barrier sprung up. The thing shooting towards them bounced off the shield.

His wand moved, almost of its own accord, as years of muscle memory from hours upon hours of duelling practice kicked in. He pushed the shield out, causing it to burst in a wave of energy. Those few in the alley just doing errands or being innocent bystanders were pushed to the side, many screaming or yelling out. About twenty yards away, two men were tossing crossbows down and two others where shielding as the wave of energy just about crashed into them.

Harry didn't stop. His wand had been moving. Auntie had said he could do anything he needed too if things happened outside of Hogwarts. A half dozen blasting hexes roared out of his wand as he reached in his pocket for a few stones.

"Harry, Remus is hurt," Sirius called out from behind him.

Harry didn't stop. The best way to get Remus help was to get through these arseholes. The blasting hexes lit up the alley, even in the midday sun, as they hit the shields. He caught one of the shields collapse and one of the men cried out. Harry channelled his magic into the stones, then threw them down, a soft flare of magic flushing through the alley. "Run," one of the men cried out.

Harry heard the pop of apparition to get a resounding gong as the person hit the anti-apparition ward, he had just set down. It would only last a few times, but it was enough to have one of the figures collapse in a heap halfway between Harry and the remaining two. They started to throw spells back at him, panic clearly in their eyes, not expecting anything like this.

Sirius started to cast back. Harry sent the standard duelling spells before he heard a woman scream as she was hit by a ricochet when one of the men shielded a spell from Sirius. Harry had to end this quickly. Twirling his wand, it started to spray out water that collected in a wall before him, absorbing just about any spell that hit it, Harry dodging the few to get through. He felt a little sting in his left side.

"No time for playing," Sirius snapped.

"I'm not," Harry growled back. Snapping his wand back and then jabbing it forward, he cried out, "Glacistam!"

The now foot thick, five foot wide and six-foot-high wall of water suddenly turned into thousands of crossbolt sized spikes.

"Confractus!" Harry bellowed. The two men threw up shields as Harry banished the spikes. The first spell, a shield breaker, hit both shields, causing them both to fracture like splitting glass. Then the ice bolts impacted. They shattered as they hit, causing no harm to anyone on the streets near them. The sheer number of deadly icicles were too much for the shields and dozens got through.

Both men dropped. One screamed out, clutching at his arm. The other didn't make a sound as he dropped.

Harry scanned the street. One man was moaning as he lay in a small pool of blood, severely hurt from the blasting hex. The one closest to him was still in a heap on the ground, but Harry could see his chest moving. The third was clearly dead. The last grabbed at his wand arm. It was cut from the icicles, and a few stuck out from his right arm and leg. Harry stormed over to the guy. "Who sent you!" Harry demanded.

"I... can't say," the man gritted out.

Harry kicked the guy's wand away as he knelt next to him. "Was if Frost or Pucey?"

"Harry! That crossbolt was tipped with silver," Sirius called out. He turned to see Remus convulsing on the ground, foam coming out of his mouth.

Harry caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He stumbled back, rolling over as the man tried to stab him. Harry made a slicing motion with his wand. A white cutter jumped out of his wand, hitting the man's hand. The man screamed out as his hand was cut in half, as was the handle of the knife. A few cracks came from just down the alley. His ward stones only covered about fifty feet, so the six Aurors landed outside the field.

"Wands on the ground," one of the Aurors bellowed.

"Harry, drop the damn anti-apparition wards," Sirius demanded.

"Stop where you are!"

Not hesitating, Harry twitched his wand, making the four stones fly towards him. The Aurors reacted, stunners flying out of their wands. Harry grabbed the stones, while his wand pointed to Sirius and Remus. A shield came into existence between them as the anti-apparition field dropped. Sirius apparated away before Harry's world went dark...


A little while later...

Harry opened his eyes. Not sure where he was, he blinked for a moment before realizing they were under attack. "Sirius! Remus!" he called out as he shot up in bed.

A firm hand rammed into his chest and forced him back down. Pain radiated through his body and a groan escaped his lips. "Lay down and stay down," an angry woman demanded. Harry looked to see Auntie.

"Auntie, Remus was hurt. Where are we?"

"You are in St. Mungo's. Remus is just down the hall. You must stay here, or I'll come hunt you down myself," she threatened.

"Is Remus alright?"

"He'll survive," she told him.

Harry let out a breath and slumped down. It felt like all his bones were in agony. After a moment, he asked, "Why am I in St Mungo's?"

"You got hit by a bone dissolving curse. It's been neutralized, but you'll be here for two or three days," she told him, still sounding aggravated.

Harry frowned. "Are you upset with me?"

She took in a deep breath before letting it out. "No. Not really. You did what you had to defend yourself, except using those ward stones. How the hell did you make them and why keep them from getting away?"

Harry glared back at her. "They are Peverell and Potter family magic. I told you, auntie. I won't let my family get hurt or killed again."

She closed her eyes for a moment. "Harry, what you did is on the edge of legal. You are lucky that they were acting on the blood feud. If not, setting up anti-apparition wards like that could see you spending six months in gaol."

Harry frowned. "Why? There's no law against those wards."

"If you register them or set them up on your own home, no. But to prevent innocents from fleeing a scene or setting them up on private property not yours is not allowed," she told him.

Harry sat quietly for a moment. "Is that all I did wrong?"

"Yes," she answered before sighing. "Just to let you know, you killed a second cousin of Lord Frost, and severely hurt a member of House Rosier."

Harry frowned again. "They were trying to kill us."

"And you responded the way we have trained you. My Aurors can't get information from dead men though," she said in her lecturing tone.

Harry took in a deep breath and let it out. "I won't let anyone I care for get hurt or killed. How many got hurt besides us?"

"Three. They are set to be released tonight."

"I didn't mean to hurt them."

She patted his hand. "I know. Remember, pay attention to your surroundings. How do you feel?"

Letting his anger fall a little, he took stock of his body. "Sore."

"I'm not surprised. The Healers said you had lost almost twenty percent of your bone mass before they could stop it. You are to stay here while I go get a Healer. You move and I will come after you," she threatened, though it didn't hold any heat this time.

Harry sighed. "Yes, Auntie."

She nodded when she was sure he wouldn't move. She got up and made it to the door before he called out, "Auntie?"

"Yes, Harry?"

"Can you let Daphne know where I am? I was supposed to go over the Greengrasses for dinner," he said.

"They know. I expect Daphne will be here soon," she replied.

"And is Sirius alright?" Harry asked.

"He's with Remus but didn't get hurt. When you talk to him, try to talk him down from wanting to kill them all," she told him.

Harry clenched his fist on the blankets. "Sirius is going to challenge Lord Frost. I am going to stand his second," Harry said rather defiantly.

Auntie looked at him long and hard. "If you choose to do that, you get to tell Daphne what you are doing. As the Head of the DMLE, I don't support this path. As regent of House Bones, I will stand by our allies. As your aunt, I worry about you but will do anything I can within the law to protect you, Susan, Daphne and everyone else."

"I won't let Daphne, you or anyone else die," Harry told her.

After a moment, she sighed. "Just be careful you don't develop a lust for blood."

Harry nodded. "I won't," he promised. Daphne wouldn't allow him but would understand how he had to protect his family, present and future... well he was pretty sure she would understand.

A knock came at the door. Auntie's wand came out and she just peaked around the frame when she opened it a crack. "Madam Bones, Mr Potter's betrothed is requesting permission," an Auror told her.

Auntie's tension lessoned. "Let her in."

Daphne rushed into the room. "How bad are you hurt!" Daphne demanded.

"Nothing I won't heal from," Harry replied.

Daphne gave him an unimpressed look as she sat on the edge of his bed. Having the bed shift sent a wave of pain through him. He took in a hissing breath and Daphne jumped up. She looked scared for a moment that she had hurt him. "It's alright, Daph. I'm just really sore."

"He'll be here for a few days. Harry was hit with a weakened bone dissolving curse while he was showing off." Auntie Ami scolded. Harry got the reproach. When in a duel, you take your enemy down fast, but Harry had to take down multiple opponents and would do the same water trick again if he needed. "The Healers want to ensure it has been fully neutralized before giving him Skele-Gro to bring his bone density back up."

"I hate Skele-Gro," Harry grumbled.

Daphne took the chair on the side of his bed. Her hand reached out and ran a hand through his hair. Harry just about melted as she did so. "Thank you, Auntie Ami."

"Any time. Just make sure he stays out of trouble for a bit," auntie said to Daphne.

"He's not going anywhere," Daphne said in a tone that brooked no defiance from him.

"I never start the trouble," Harry complained.

"No, but you finish it. I'm going to check on Remus and then get back to the DMLE. I have paperwork to get done," auntie told them.

When she left, Daphne's face softened. Her hand raked through his hair again and he closed his eyes. "Are you alright?"

He let out a breath. "They tried to kill us, Daph. Remus was hit by a silver tipped arrow. Auntie won't tell me how he was really doing." He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, enjoying her nails on his scalp. "I killed someone."

"Where they trying to kill you?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Then you did nothing wrong, and I don't love you any less" she assured him.

He opened his eyes. "I don't feel bad. Is that wrong?"

She leaned over the bed, kissing him softly before leaning her forehead on his. Even that hurt a little, but he enjoyed having her that close. "You listen to me, Harry James Potter, if you have to defend yourself or those around you, then you use the same force they are using on you, I will always stand by your side and support you. The only way I would ever feel disappointed in you is if you do it in cold blood or without legitimate cause. Do you understand me?"

Harry breathed easier. "Got it."

She kissed his lips again. "Now, what are you going to do about today?"

"Sirius and I are going to challenge Lord Frost," he told her.

She backed off for a moment, her dark brown eyes searching his. After a moment, she nodded. "You are going after Frost first to take support from Pucey," she said.

"He was also the one that did the most damage to Dani," he said, a slight growl coming out of him. He wasn't considering anything else, though Frost held half the Houses against them right now.

She understood better now. "I understand why you are doing this. I will support you, but you come back to me and make sure your godfather does as well. Erica is too nice to be widowed before they are even married."

Harry nodded solemnly. "I promise I will always come back to you, Daph."

She gave him a watery smile. "I will hold you to that promise."

A knock came at the door and moment later a kindly looking woman Healer in green robes came in. "I was told you were up... oh. Hello dear. I didn't know Mr. Potter had any company."

"This is my betrothed, Daphne Greengrass," Harry told the woman.

The woman inclined her head in deference. "Very nice to meet you, Ms Greengrass. Now, Mr Potter, I need to do an examination on you. If everything is well, we can give you the Skele-Gro in the morning."

Harry grumbled again as the Healer stepped up to the bed to scan him.


April 5, 1997

Hogwarts Express, Britain

They were walking up the train to the prefects' cabin after doing a walk up and down the car. Out of the twenty-four prefects, only six of them had gone home, most staying at Hogwarts to study, being in their OWL or NEWT years.

"Do we really need to go up front?" Blaise questioned.

"Katie wanted us to meet her," Hermione reminded him.

"There are only six of us and the Head girl didn't call for a meeting last year," Susan said.

"I don't know why," Hermione replied.

Daphne held Harry's hand today. Seeing him at St. Mungo's the last few days had affected her more than she had realized. As they passed a carriage door, she caught sight of a few boys staring at them. Her eyes narrowed as her face went completely passive.

Pucey, Frost, Everwand, Selwyn and a few other younger boys all glared at them. Frost looked like he wanted to kill them. "Has Sirius issued the formal challenge yet?" Daphne asked when they were a few doors down.

"This week. If everything goes to plan, it will be a few weekends from now," he answered.

She held his hand tighter. Harry looked over his shoulder. "Do you think it's alright to leave Dani with Astoria and her friends?"

"Yes," Daphne said to reassure him. She didn't think the boys would be stupid enough to do anything, but she wasn't naive either. Others of their allies were in the car with their family.

"I want to really hurt them, Daph," Harry whispered as the others tried to figure out the meeting they had been called too.

"They will get what they deserve," Daphne assured him.

When they got to the cabin, all five of them were surprised to see Head girl Katie Bell, Auntie Ami and Headmistress McGonagall.

"Please take a seat," the Headmistress ordered in her severe tone.

Harry made sure she was sitting before he sat next to her. The Headmistress looked at them before turning to Auntie Ami. "Would you like to inform them?"

Auntie Ami stepped forward. "I know I just saw you all about two hours ago, but this couldn't wait."

Daphne felt a pit form in her stomach.

"What happened?" Harry asked. She could feel his dread.

"Two things. When we are done, Blaise, I would like you to come with me. Your mother was accosted, but will make a full recovery," she said concerned.

Blaise stiffened in anger and concern. "Who?"

"We don't know yet, but I have a guess," she said to him, not saying anything else.

"I'm going with Blaise," Hermione demanded.

"That is your choice, Hermione. You are of age. Just let the Headmistress know," Auntie Ami told them.

"I just ask that you and Mr Zabini are back by tomorrow after dinner. I expect you to be in classes Monday," the woman told them.

"Yes, Headmistress," Hermione said, taking Blaise's hand and putting a hand into his hair.

Harry felt so tense she thought he might be able to break a stone if she put one in his hand. "Who did it?" he asked in a frosty voice.

"This is an active DMLE investigation. I can say that House Bones has suspicions it was people related to the Puceys," she told him.

Harry shot up. Daphne jumped to grab his hand. "I'll break him," Harry growled.

"You will do no such thing," Headmistress McGonagall ordered. "Hogwarts is neutral ground in all conflicts."

"I won't let them go after my family or friends," Harry retorted.

McGonagall looked to be ready to say something else when Daphne said, "Headmistress McGonagall, you have my word that we will not be the aggressor, but we will not sit idly should a threat or worse occur."

"Ms Greengrass, that is not an assurance," the Headmistress said.

"Are we done? I want to see my mother," Blaise stated.

"I am going to see Blaise and Hermione to St Mungo's and then I am going to see Sirius," Harry declared.

"You are not going anywhere without your guardian's permission, Mr Potter. You are not seventeen yet," Professor McGonagall said.

"Auntie?" Harry demanded, more than questioned.

After a moment, she nodded. "I will escort you all to St Mungo's. You can take the Floo from there."

"Susan, can you keep an eye on Dani and her friends. See if Neville and Tracey will help you?" Harry asked, still feeling worried for his cousin.

"Sure, Harry. I know they won't mind," she told him.

"Susan, if anything happens or you are threatened, tell a professor or one of the Aurors on the train immediately," Auntie Ami instructed.

"Yes, Auntie," Susan said.

It was less than ten minutes later that the five of them landed outside of St Mungo's, the ribbon used for the portkey falling to the ground as they all had their wands up, just in case. "Your mother is on the fourth floor in the Spell Damage wing," auntie told Blaise.

"We'll be right behind you," Harry told them to the worried face of Blaise.

"We'll wait just inside for you. We should split up," Hermione told him.

They watched them walked towards the chained-up doors of the old department store then disappear about ten feet from the door.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" auntie asked.

"I'm going to talk to Sirius about the challenge. I want it to happen as soon as possible. After that, I am going to challenge Pucey," he told her in no uncertain terms.

"Harry, Lord Pucey is an accomplished duellist. He was a Hit Wizard for many years for the ICW. I would caution against that," she told him.

Daphne took his left arm in both her hands. "Auntie, Harry and I have been training for a few years now. Are you saying that we aren't ready? Like Harry, I won't see Tori, my parents, you, Susan or any of the Danforths hurt, not to mention our friends and allies."

Auntie pursed her lips. "I am not saying that you are not incredibly talented, but there is a difference between a sixteen-year-old with raw talent compared to a sixty-three-year-old with three decades of experience," she told him.

"I don't care," he told her. "I don't want to kill anyone else, but what if they were to kill you? Can you tell me that the two times we have been attacked they were not trying to kill us?" Harry put to her.

Auntie sighed. "I cannot. If you really mean to do this, who would you have for your second? I'm unsure Sirius is up to that fight."

Harry took in a breath and let it out. "You," he told her.

Auntie shook her head. "Harry, I can't..."

Daphne held his arm tighter. "Auntie, my father is going to challenge Everwand. He is good, but nowhere near the level of Sirius, Harry or you. You are the only one I trust to see my betrothed come back to me if he challenges Lord Pucey," Daphne told her.

Harry held his stiff stance as Auntie looked to go through things in her head. Daphne and him just waited for her. After a few, auntie pushed her shoulders back and stood tall. "If you ask, I will stand with you. I will have to recuse myself from all investigations involving the families in the feud. I cannot oversee the DMLE and act as Regent Potter in this manner."

"I understand, Auntie, but I really want you to stand with me," Harry told her.

Auntie gave him a small smile. "I would never let down one of my children," she said. Harry gave her a hug, then Daphne before she stepped back. "I will go inform Scrimgeour. Do you want me to draft the challenge?"

"I will do it and sent it to you in the next day or so," Harry told her.

"I'll be waiting for your owl. Be careful and take care of Blaise and Hermione. Please keep him out of more trouble," she said to Daphne.

Daphne shook her head. "I try, but you know him."

"I do," auntie said rather gravely.

"Well, this time I am choosing to go into the fray," Harry retorted.

"That you are. I need to get back to the DMLE. Contact me if you need anything. Oh, and keep an eye on Susan."

"I always do, Auntie," Harry assured her.