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26 November, 2022.


Chapter 47


April 10, 1997

Hogwarts, Scotland

Daphne was looking at the Marauder's Map. Harry had given it to her while Neville and him were working in the greenhouses for the night. Neville had donated some moon lilies, which were particularly tricky plants to grow in a greenhouse. As far as she knew, only the Longbottoms had learned to do so in Brittan. It was a very valuable flower in the making of wolfsbane potion. In actuality, it was the most expensive ingredient of the potion. It took two moon lilies per dose, and at close to eighteen galleons a piece, it constituted a large portion of the cost. The total dose was between fifty and seventy galleons a month, depending on the apothecary. Considering most werewolves would be lucky to earn that in a month, it was one of the reasons most werewolves couldn't afford the potion. All this cost was mostly due to the natural growth cycle of moon lilies and the difficulty in harvesting them. Naturally grown moon lilies only flowered on nights of the full moon and only in the spring months of May and June. To make it worse, they naturally attracted werewolves, who are drawn to the flowers and calm them. When grown in a greenhouse under the right conditions, Neville said they could harvest them every other month.

With the repeal of the werewolf laws of nineteen-ninety-four and new legislation that would allow them to keep normal jobs if they took the Wolfsbane potion every month, demand had grown. The Longbottoms were able to sell enough for a few dozen doses each month, but with an estimated two hundred werewolves in Britain, that was not enough. In a true act of altruism, the Longbottoms donated enough to Hogwarts, along with how to take care of them, to make upwards of a hundred doses a month while the Longbottoms increased the size of their greenhouses. Within the next six months, Neville expected there would be enough to supply all of Britain, and within three years he was hoping the continent. It would allow the NEWT students to get valuable experience in very complicated potions and advanced Herbology, as well as reduce the cost to perhaps twenty to thirty galleons a month. Still a sizable amount, but well within any working werewolves means.

The care of the moon lilies was still in its infancy at the school though, so Neville had had a few sleepless nights this past week. Harry was helping him tonight.

"Maybe I should go back," Tracey said through a yawn. Tracey had spent a few nights with Neville.

"You are getting a good night sleep, then you can go back to your man," Daphne told her.

Looking at the map, her mouth pursed. She could see Pucey, Frost, Everwand and a few others were in an old classroom not far from the common room. With it being close to curfew, Daphne didn't like it. She moved to check the dorms. Blaise and Theo were in the common room. Dani and her friends were in their dorm. Astoria was with Amanda in Eric's room with a few others. She let out a small breath to know they were all in safe places.

"What are you looking at?" Tracey asked.

"Pucey and his lot are all in an abandoned classroom," she said as they made it to the stairs to the dungeons.

"We should tell Professor Slughorn," Tracey told her. "That can't be good to have them all there like that."

"As long as they don't bother any of us, they can have all the clandestine meetings they want. Let's be quiet though," Daphne told her.

Drawing near the room, she still couldn't believe the stupidity of many of her house mates. Like the days of Malfoy, they didn't bother to put any privacy or sound dampening charms around the room.

"You said this would be done by now," they could hear a boy say.

"We can't touch them while we are in Hogwarts. You know that Graham," they could hear Pucey. He must be talking with Graham Montague, a fourth year.

"Father has told me to stay well away from them all. Since we have been dragged into your ruddy blood feud, father has says business has dropped more than eighty percent. The only ones coming in are those around your alliance or still claim to be of the Conservatives. We can't go on like this for long," Montague complained.

"Our family is reporting similar issues," a girl added. "I've also heard that Lord Black has called out Lord Frost. You never said that the Blacks would be involved. If the full might of the Potter-Greengrass alliance should come down on us, we'll end up like the Malfoy's and Parkinsons."

"Parkinson was a fool," Pucey stated. "Father says the law is on our side."

"How can it be? The girls are all claiming we did it," she heard Frost. "And it is not just Lord Black challenging my father. Potter is his second."

Tracey touched her arm. Daphne nodded, knowing they should leave before they were found. She knew she could hold her own, but five might be a little much for her, even if they were a year or two under her.

When they were away and closer to the common room door, Tracey whispered, "We should tell Harry and Neville."

"We will. For now, we will keep an eye on them. I don't trust that Frost and Pucey won't try something else," Daphne replied. Tracey looked concerned.


April 13, 1997

Hogwarts, Scotland

Harry and his closest friends and family met Sirius, Remus and Auntie Amelia in the entry hall, all having been summoned there by a letter from the Headmistress during breakfast.

Harry met Sirius with a handshake and a one arm hug, repeating it with Remus. "What are you doing here? All we got is this cryptic message," Harry told them, holding out the parchment.

Sirius look was rather grave. "Lord Frost has demanded that the duel happen today," his godfather told him.

"He does realize he has up to a month from when challenged?" Daphne asked from besides him.

"He wants it settled today, before the trial this week. If he can win, all the charges will be dropped for his son," Sirius replied.

Dani moved to his side. "He's not going to hurt us again, is he?"

Harry put an arm around her shoulder. "Never. When?"

"One o'clock at Frozen Hill," Sirius replied.

"What is Frozen Hill?" Hermione asked.

"The ancestral home of the Frosts," Auntie replied. "Harry, are you sure you want to be second? Remus has offered as well."

"I will not step down from this," Harry told her.

Sirius nodded. "It's a two's duel. I don't know who Frost's second will be."

Daphne gave him a slightly worried look. "You will be successful."

"We'll all be there for you," Susan told him.

"If you are ready, I suggest we get a light lunch, meet Anders and Illianna, and then there is a portkey that will take us there about half-past noon," Auntie told them.

It had been a while since Harry let his nerves get the better of him, but at lunch he just couldn't bring himself to eat much. It was like the first year when he was getting ready for this first quidditch match. Daphne looked to eat as much as him while most around the table were trying to make small talk, but it wasn't going anywhere.

"So, pup," Sirius said as they were getting up.

"Yeah, Padfoot?"

Sirius put a hand on his shoulder. "I want you to stand by my side, but today isn't going to be like anything you have done before. Frost and his second will be out to kill us. I know Lord Frost isn't a great dueller, but there are a few in their family that are. They will probably try to take me out first. If they succeed, it will be only you out there."

Harry could see the concern in his godfather's face. The gurgly sensation in his stomach settled, just like it always did when he was faced with a life-threatening or other situation that required him to act. "Sirius, you are one of two that I have from my original family. If you think I will let them get you, then you really are senile."

Sirius chuckled. "Your father said something similar one time when we had to go into a den of thieves and Death Eaters. I promise you will get back to that girl of yours. If they are going to attack be first, I will go on the offensive. You take out Lord Frost first. And I mean take him down. Make sure he will not get back up. If he does, make sure he is unable to anything. Do you understand?"

Harry gave him a curt nod. The others had followed them out, leaving godson and godfather to talk. "Are we going to kill them?"

Sirius gave him a grave face. "If need be. You also understand what the consequences are if we lose?"

"House Black would come under the stewardship of House Frost. Does that mean that they will be able to control me?"

Sirius shook his head. "No. You are my heir, not the scion of House Black. It does mean they could disown you. If they do, you will not be able to claim House Black unless you were to win it back by conquest."

"So, don't lose," Harry succinctly stated. "I also think that Erica would kick my arse if I let anything happen to you."

Sirius gave him a wry grin. "She's not that violent." His face became Sirius. "Harry, if anything does happen to me, promise me that you will take her under your House protection? That is very important. If I fall, immediately surrender. The second the duel is done, you must claim her under House Potter protection."

Harry looked at the man and nodded. He felt like something else was up though. "Sirius, why is that so important?"

Sirius had a concerned smile. "Well, you see, pup, when a man and a woman really love each other, they, you know," he said, wagging his eyes towards Daphne, "do things. Those things can lead to new little witches or wizards..."

The man trailed off, a light of pride and mirth in his eyes for Harry to catch onto what he was saying. "Erica is pregnant!" he said a little loudly. Sirius put a hand over his mouth as they stopped at the style at the end of town.

"I don't want that known. If they take my House, they could control my child. If I don't acknowledge it before the duel…," Sirius said, trailing off at the end.

"Then the child isn't yours unless they do a blood test," Harry replied.

Sirius winked. "Knew that those lessons were worth something. Just promise. You must protect Erica and my child. If you do, there might be a godfather title for you in there somewhere. I was thinking of asking Hermione to be godmother."

Harry gave him a smile. "I would be honoured. I swear that you will be home with Erica and your unborn child tonight."

Sirius' eyes showed pride. "I know you will, pup. Now, let's get this done."


A short time later at Frost Hill...

Daphne had never been to Frost Hill before. It was a large manor house in a hidden valley in the shadow of Crossfell Mountain in northern England. A large lake held the north of the valley, with mosses, grasses and a small orchard were to the south. The orchard must be magically maintained since there were no other trees around.

Before the manor, there was a long oval grassy plane with quidditch hoops on each end. It was a private pitch that probably saw some private matches a few times a year. It could also be where the Wigtown Wanders practiced, since the Frost's own the Scottish Team. It was made for quidditch, not the fans as they were congregated around two open sided tents a little way up the side of the valley in some of the few areas not dominated by rocks. There were two other open sided tents before them. She could see Sirius double checking Harry's armour. Harry had finally decided to use some of the basilisk hide to commission a vest, grieves for his lower legs and vangraves for his arms. It still left him a open bit on his arms and legs, but gave him free movement.

Sirius was in a set of copper coloured dragon skin armour. It had come from the Black vaults and was supposed to be enchanted with a few things most thought impossible for dragon hide armour. Part of why one wore dragon hide armour was because of its magic resistance.

Lord Frost was gearing up in what looked like armour made from a Chinese Firebolt. The red hide was just as distinctive as the dragon's scales. He was an older man, perhaps in his fifties or early sixties, with a shock of white hair down the centre of his head and a beard that was already turning white. He didn't come off as very fit, but if a wizard was good enough, he didn't always need to work out like Harry and her did. Though, she preferred those workouts, especially with how fit her boy was.

Her little mental dalliance didn't lessen her apprehension. Daphne knew Harry had to do this. She endorsed it knowing the rules and what could happen if this feud kept going or escalated. By taking out the Frosts, more than half the backers of Pucey would be removed from the conflict, as long as the other Houses kept to their alliances.

What worried Daphne was the other houses that Frost was in alliance with. The other man that stood with Frost was younger, much younger, perhaps in his late twenties. There was an auror around the man that was like Harry's. He was dangerous. He was deadly. The man had short brown hair with black leather armour and a black wand. She felt like she should recognize him but couldn't place him. It was Blaise that brought a name to her growing fear.

"Is that Aron Greaves?" Blaise asked, looking at the man with a furrowed brow.

Susan took in a breath while the rest of them looked confused.

"Who is Aron Greaves?" Hermione questioned.

"Aron Greaves is the current European Duelling Champion for the last three years. He went up against Riviera a few months back as a World Championship exhibition match. He goes for the real think in June. He won the exhibition in only three minutes. He took Riviera apart," Blaise told them. "How the hell did he get Greaves?"

Daphne looked at the man, the pit in her stomach becoming a large stone.

"Greaves. Didn't Lord Quinlan's daughter marry a Greave? If so, that would be Lord Quinlan's grandson," Tracey remarked.

"And thus eligible," Hermione said in a low voice.

"Merlin and Morgana, please protect my Harry," Daphne whispered.

Five people walked out towards the centre of the pitch. Auntie Amelia walked besides her father. Representatives of the two Houses the Frosts and Pucey's had declared feud with. A good twenty feet or more away was Lord Pucey, an older man that had an easy gate and looked as fit as a man thirty or more years younger than his seventy-two years. Next to him was Lady Frost. Without Robert Frost being of-age, and no other older members of the direct line, it fell to her to represent her House. In the centre was a man with white hair and purple robes. Lord West had been accepted by both sides as an impartial judge.

When they made it to the centre of the pitch, the elder man put his wand to his throat. The almost two hundred people that had gathered to watch listened as they moved closer to the action. "We are all here today to witness a matter of honour and blood between the Houses of Pucey and Frost against the Houses of Greengrass and Potter. On this day, the thirteenth of April, in the year of our Lords, nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-seven, the matter of the feud between House Frost and House Potter shall be decided in a duel. House Potter will be proctored by House Black and shall take all spoils or consequences. House Frost will not be proctored and shall take all spoils or consequences. Do the representatives of this feud accept the conditions of this challenge?"

"I do," Pucey said before anyone else or before Lord West could ask each house. It was improper etiquette and a few around them muttered.

Tracey took her hand as Lord West asked, "Does House Frost accept the condition of challenge?"

"Harry will be fine," Tracey told her.

Susan came up to take her other hand. Daphne knew she should stand tall and stoic to support her love, but she was grateful for their strength.

"Harry and Sirius will be fine," Susan tried to assure her.

Until she had seen the young man with Lord Frost, she had thought this would be a sure thing. Now she wasn't sure.

"Merlin protect him," she repeated.

Lord West had now asked all the others. "As the challenged, what are the rules you wish to adhere too?"

Her father stepped forward. He stated a standard set of rules, "The duel shall be until a competitor can't compete, either through exhaustion, incapacitation, forfeit or death. No Unforgivables are to be used."

"Is this acceptable, Lady Frost?" Lord West asked.

"The House of Frost will accept these rules," Lady Frost replied.

"It will only be to the death," Pucey put in.

"That is not your decision, Lord Pucey," Lord West stated. "Lady Frost, what shall the spoils be?"

"The House of Frost shall claim the House of Black. Should my husband fail, the House of Frost shall be claimed by the House of Black," she said. It sounded like she was not happy to say it, but it was tradition. A House for a House. Blood for blood. Gold for Gold. Everything had to be of some equal stature between the duellists.

"It should be the House of Potter as well," Pucey stated.

"Are you offering your house as reward if you request as such?" her father asked.

Even from here, she could see Pucey scowl. "No."

"Does the representative for the House of Black accept these spoils?" Lord West questioned.

Auntie Amelia spoke next. "House of Black, as proxied through the House of Potter, accepts these terms."

"Who shall be the duellists?" Lord West asked towards Lady Frost.

"The Lord Frost and Scion Aron Greaves, grandson to Lord Quinlan, ally and belligerent of the Pucey-Frost Blood Feud," Lady Frost declared.

"And for the House of Black?"

"Lord Sirius Orion Black and Scion Harry Potter-Greengrass, godson and claimed son of House Black and primary of the Pucey-Frost Blood feud," Auntie Amelia called out.

"Does either side have any complaints of the duellists or their claim of membership to be part of this blood duel?" Lord West questioned. When no complaint came, he said, "Very well. All terms are agreed upon. The duellists have five minutes to prepare. The representative of the House of Frost shall take up to my left. To my right shall be those for the House of Black." Lord West indicated magically outlined boxes as he pointed wands at spots thirty yards separated from each other.

Daphne wanted to be down there, but only the duellers, proxies and the House representatives were allowed. Her mother put a hand on her shoulder. "Harry has promised to marry you next summer. I don't see him as a man that would go back on his word."

Daphne shook her head. "No. Harry never goes back on his word."

As the meeting in the middle broke up, Sirius and Harry came out to meet her father and Auntie Ami. There were a few words, a handshake with her father and a hug from the woman she knew Harry saw as someone more than his aunt. She was a mother to him. She followed Harry and Sirius as they walked to the square.

Daphne squeezed Susan's and Tracey's hands hard. Hermione looked as concerned as she did, holding hands with Susan and Blaise on Susan's other side. Neville had come up to take Tracey's hand. Astoria had not been allowed to come.

"Duellers, if you are ready, I need sparks from each wand," Lord West called out. Each of them shot sparks out of their wands to signal they were ready. She noticed Harry pulled out his goblin made knife as he took up a defensive stance a step behind Sirius and two the right. Sirius looked ready to attack. On the other side, Lord Frost looked a sloppy in his stance, meanwhile Greaves looked like a shark smelling blood in the waters.

"They will have to take out Greaves first," Susan stated.

She looked to her betrothed and his godfather. Something told her that wasn't the play they would go for. "I don't think so," she voiced. Susan looked to her curiously.

"On my count of five, you may start," Lord West told the duellers.

Looking at Harry, she could see the calm that always seemed to come over him when he was ready for battle. Sirius, for all his joking and jesting, looked much the same as her Harry.


Greaves dug his foot into the ground while Lord Frost tightened his grip on his wand.


Sirius let out a long breath while Harry forced his body to relax.


Greaves looked ready to strike.


Lord Frost looked like he was realizing he had just got in over his head.


Sirius moved at the same time as Greaves. She doubted a decade separated the men, and it showed. They were both fast, they took five quick steps to close the distance and they shot off a string of spells each. Each man must have thought they were the bigger threat by the way they opened with a flurry of activity. What most weren't expecting was for Harry to fling up a yard thick stone wall as Sirius finished his string, and then cast a series of spells at Lord Frost. Sirius spun to the side Harry was on as Greaves spells hit the wall, splitting it and sending shards of stone everywhere.

Harry's spells went wide of Greaves, who dismissed them to go after Harry. That turned out to be a mistake for the men. Lord Frost had taken up the defence, setting two shields and then sending shield breakers down the pitch. Harry's spells went straight for Lord Frost. The man put up a hasty Protego shield. He didn't expect the four bombarda spells to hit the ground just under and to the side of the shield. Rock, grass and dirt shot up into Lord Frost's face.

The man screamed as he was spattered with the debris.

Harry spun, a semi-solid looking protego duo coming into existence as Greaves cutting and blasting hexes hit it. Harry had sunk the shield into the ground, protecting him from the shrapnel of the other man's spells. Sirius shot off a series of piercing and other hexes she didn't recognize. It was obvious that none of them were playing around. Not a single stunner, disarming or other non-lethal spell was being used.

Lord Frost fell to the ground, screaming out as his hands covered his face. Blood was already dripping out of his fingers.

Sirius stepped forward, closing the distance as Harry jammed his wand towards the ground. Balls of rocks, about two inches wide, suddenly shot out of the ground towards Greaves. Sirius sent off two golden shield breakers and then a few more piercing hexes.

Greaves was good though. He threw up some misty cloud between him and Harry. The rocks turned to sand as they hit the mist. He jumped out of the way of Sirius' attack, hitting the ground in a roll and sending three metal blades that had ripped themselves from the pitch. Sirius pulled his wand up, another solid looking rock wall coming up. He didn't stop though, spinning to come out the other side as Harry dropped his shield and cast a silver streak at the mist. It dissipated.

Greaves shielded an attack from Sirius before Harry was advancing. He sent a series of bludgeoning and blasting hexes as Sirius sent a series of what looked like very nasty hexes. Greaves pulled his wand up. A large mound of the turf piled up, absorbing the spells. Harry twirled around, his wand sweeping across the turf. A huge part of the pitch, about ten feet wide and feet deep, ripped itself out and flew over Harry in a huge arc. Greaves dashed out as the spells subsided. He cast a flame whip at Harry, who dropped his wand. A thin wall of water materialized before Harry. Greaves realized that a huge mass of the earth was coming down on him.

Greaves went to sprint. A white spell from Sirius hit the man and he tripped and stumbled, landing hard on his back.

"Was that a tripping jinx?" Tracey asked disbelievingly. Given how serious and deadly the fight had been to this point, it did seem silly. Greaves didn't think it was. His wand came up, forming a semi-solid dome over him. There were gasps as the potential World Champion was buried under the stones and dirt. Harry didn't stop though. He twirled his wand and then brought it down. Sirius had used the time to cast two shield breakers. The mound of dirt suddenly turned into a mound of water. The water absorbed the first shield breaker as it collapsed around Greaves' shield. The second shield breaker made a clap of thunder as it hit. A now solid looking jet of air came racing down as Greaves was doing something with his wand. Not expecting Harry's attack, it hit Greaves. Greaves was plastered to the ground before bouncing a little. He came to rest spread eagle on the ground.

Sirius used the time Harry's attack hit Greaves to transfigure a huge black Grimm. Greaves rolled a little, obviously in some pain. Harry moved into a ready stance as the dog raced past them to Greaves. In seconds, the dog was standing on Greaves' chest and growling. "Do you yield?" Sirius called out.

Daphne was able to take them all in. Sirius was standing tall, a cut in his sleeve above the dragonhide vangraves. His left arm was limp at his side as blood seeped out of the cut. Harry didn't look to be touched while Lord Frost was on the ground, whimpering and rocking with pain as his hands still cupped his face. Blood was coming out from around his hands.

Greaves' hand moved, as though looking for the wand that had fallen out of his hand. The large Grimm lowered its head toward his head. "Do you yield?" Sirius called out again.

"Never!" Greaves cried out, a knife coming to his other hand, and he jabbed it into the neck of the dog. The dog cried out in pain, allowing Greaves to roll, a second wand shooting to his off hand. Harry moved before the dog was off him. A large, silvery blade leapt from Harry's wand. It crossed the twenty or so feet between them quicker than Greaves could train his second wand on Harry.

There was a general stir in the crowd as the solid looking cutting hex hit the dog. It was probably the only thing that would save Greaves' life. The hex cut the Grimm in half. It started to crumble into the rock Sirius had used before the hex cut Greaves' wand, then his arm close to the elbow. The three objects it already cut through only allowed the spell to hit Greaves in the chest, making a deep cut, instead of cutting him in half. Blood spouted from his wounds as he rolled back onto his back.

Lord West waited to a count of five before calling out, "Match over! Neither competitor of House Frost able to compete!"

"Garret!" Lady Winter cried out as she rushed out onto the pitch. Three Healers in green robes moved quickly behind the woman.

"Harry!" Daphne exclaimed in relief and excitement. A heaping load of pride in her boy came out, and the fear and worry leaked away. Susan and Tracey didn't even try to keep her back as she ran down the slope and onto the pitch. Sirius was being seen by one of the Healers as she rushed towards Harry.

"Hey, Daph," he casually said as she launched herself at him. She wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. His arms wrapped around her.

"I'm alright, luv. I'm alright," he said reassuringly into her ear.

"I love you," she said, just happy he didn't seem hurt at all.


Later that day...

Hogwarts, Scotland

Harry accompanied Sirius, Auntie Ami, Ted Tonks, Lady Frost, a solicitor he didn't know and Daphne up to the Headmistress' Office. Technically, Sirius was now regent of House Frost, and he wasn't wasting any time to exercise his new control while Lord Frost was in St Mungo's. Harry's blasting hexes had done more damage than he realized. The unprotected face and neck of Lord Frost took extensive damage to the point it was certain he had lost one eye and would have a few days to recover. Of course, Lord Frost was now the previous-Lord of House Frost. Sirius wasn't sure what he was going to do with the House yet, but there was one action that would be handled today.

Being in her later thirties, Mrs Frost was almost two decades younger than her husband. She was a fanciful woman that was clamping down on her emotions, making her face, for lack of a better term, frosty. Harry had rarely seen such an emotionless expression after how she reacted when her husband had been hurt earlier.

Daphne was refusing to leave his side. He had come out of today without any injuries, but Sirius had been hit with a nasty cutting hex that had a withering curse mixed in. St Mungo's had been able to reverse it, but it would take a day or two before they would be able to close the wound as the surrounding area had to be regenerated first.

The other dueller, Greaves, was in a far worse situation. His arm hadn't been removed by a dark curse, but because it had been completely severed off there wasn't a way to reattach it. Magic could do most things, but not when a limb was completely removed. If it had still been just hanging on, the Healers most likely could have saved the arm. Harry hadn't meant to harm the man like that. He hadn't directly harmed his family until today, but if he had known the type of curse Sirius had been hit with, Harry wasn't sure if he would have stopped with just that one last curse... he had lost too much family.

Daphne held his arm tight as the gargoyle stepped to the side at the base of the Headmistress' stairs. No one had been talking and it remained silent as they ascended the stairs. Inside the office Harry saw a very pale Robert Frost sitting in a chair next to the headmistress' desk. Headmistress McGonagall was sitting at her desk, a grim expression on her face.

"Good evening, Headmistress McGonagall," his godfather spoke first. "I see that you got my message."

"I did, Lord Black. If you would all take a seat, I am sure that Mr Frost and I would like to know what is going on," the headmistress told them. She indicated the myriad of seats around her office. Harry was secondary to this conversation, as was Daphne, so he helped her to a seat behind Auntie Amelia and Sirius. Ted and the other solicitor took up the seats in the centre, with Lady Frost sitting next to her son.

"Mother, what is going on?" Frost questioned.

"Keep your mouth shut until asked to speak," the woman snapped at her son. "You have caused enough issues for now."

The younger Frost paled more. Harry had the impression that he wasn't usually talked to in that way.

McGonagall didn't seem to like the way Mrs Frost snapped at her son but didn't say anything as she turned to Sirius. "Lord Black, I understand that you called this meeting? What did you want to discuss?"

"As of four this afternoon, I am Regent and apparent-Lord to House Frost. I asked for this meeting to talk with my new charge here at Hogwarts, and to have our lawyers have an impartial witness to certain proceedings," Sirius told her.

Frost turned a distinctive green. Harry tried not to smile at the boy's discomfort. Daphne sat a little taller. Harry met the boy's eyes, a hard glint in his eyes that had Frost look ready to be sick. Harry had warned them he would destroy them.

McGonagall didn't seem too surprised by this. "I see. What shall I be witness too?"

Sirius nodded to the solicitors. "As Regent Frost, I have decided that I will not have the wrong sort representing my House. The solicitors have drawn up a legal agreement for Mr Frost..."

"I am Scion Frost," Robert Frost said in a small voice.

"I said keep your mouth shut," his mother said in a harsh whisper.

"Mr Frost," Sirius emphasized, "shall be presented with a choice. He can sign an agreed upon confession to the attack on Danielle Danforth, protected vassal of House Potter and soon to be Heiress of the Glamorgans, in which he shall serve three hundred hours of community service of my choosing over the next five years. He shall not ever use any derogatory terms or slander against those he may consider below him, for no one is below him. Lastly, Mr Frost shall see an increase in his grades, otherwise I shall withdraw him from Hogwarts, and we shall discuss how he will continue his education."

Frost was starting to shake. "Mother, you can't let him do this."

Her hand shot out and struck Frost across his face. It was so hard he fell out of his chair. "Your father gave you explicit orders to not touch Harry Potter or anyone involved with him. Because of you and that Pucey boy, a blood feud was called and Lord Black and Scion Potter-Greengrass won a fair honour duel today. All this because you and your father and your friends couldn't let things go. Because of your childish antics we are now vassals to Lord Black and your father is in St Mungo's. You will sign this confession, take your punishment and if you dare to dishonour our House again, I will have no issue asking Lord Black to disown you. Your younger brother has already been named as the new Scion and you will be lucky if Lord Black deigns to give you any of your inheritance. Now, sign that document."

It was a command that no one was in doubt of. McGonagall looked about ready to chastise Mrs Frost, formally Lady Frost, but stopped when she seemed to realize this was a House matter. Ted put the paper on the headmistress' desk. The Frost's solicitor hadn't said a word yet, probably grateful that Sirius had allowed him to remain the retainer to House Frost. Like with the Parkinsons, it was best to have someone representing both parties unless Sirius wanted to absorb the Frost's into the Blacks.

"But mother..."

She raised her hand again, making Frost wince. "Sign that damned parchment, Robert, or I will ask Lord Black to disown you right now."

Robert got to his feet. He was so pale and tinged green that Harry wasn't sure he had the strength to get up. When the boy did, the glare his mother was giving him had him silently turn to the desk, pick up a quill and sign the parchment.

"Excellent. Minerva, if you would just sign the witness line, we have a code of conduct and a list of academic milestones that Mr Frost is to achieve to remain in Hogwarts. If he fails at any of them, his mother and I are to be notified immediately. I will not authorize him to be involved in any extracurricular activities until he has met the first three," Sirius said.

"What are those?" Frost asked, sounding scared out of his wits.

"Your mother indicated you are just barely passing Herbology, Runes and Care of Magical Creatures. You must get them all up to an EE," Sirius stated with a smile. Harry could see the hard edge to his eyes though. Sirius hated this boy, but if they could bring him around, then it would be best. Locking people away for the rest of their lives wasn't always a good solution.

"And what about me being Scion again?"

Sirius' expression hardened. "As your mother already said, your six-year-old brother has been named scion. You have proven that you are not of the proper temperament to be the future Lord Frost. Beating up three eleven-year-old girls because they are better than you at quidditch or of the wrong blood is nothing that will be tolerated in a House I lead. Is that understood."

There was a brief bit of anger across Frost's features. "I am the Scion Frost."

"You are what I say you are," Sirius barked at the boy. "Your mother and father have asked me not to throw you out… yet. You have just signed that parchment admitting your guilt and the punishments you are to receive. The first of which will occur the week that Hogwarts is out for the summer. All summer, you will spend four days a week, four hours each day, at a Muggle Homeless Shelter helping to prepare and serve them food."

"You can't send me to the Muggles!" Frost cried out. "Their filth!"

"Shut up, Robert! You will do exactly as Lord Black declares," his mother said in a sharp voice.

Sirius went on as though there was no outburst. "You will treat those people with respect. Should you do anything to call them improper names, demean them or hurt them in anyway, I assure you that you will never return to Hogwarts, probably not any other wizarding school as well. Only by my grace will I support you taking your OWL's. Do you understand me, Mr Frost?"

Frost seemed to fight between sickness and anger before his shoulders slumped. "Yes, sir."

"Now, if I am unable to be contacted, Madam Bones shall have authority as Regent Potter, and Heiress Potter-Greengrass shall be my representative in between those times you cannot contact either of us and to ensure Mr Frost is adhering to our contract. Once Scion Potter-Greengrass reaches his majority, he can also be contacted as my representative," Sirius said, a tweak to his mouth coming as Frost gave them both a scared look. Sirius was enjoying his taking down of this boy that had hurt Dani and the others.

"That is highly unusual for another student to have such privileges over an underage student," McGonagall said.

"Perhaps, but this is a House matter of a House I am now Regent over until I decide if I release them of their vassalage when their youngest son comes of age or absorb them," Sirius said with a casual shrug. "Is there anything else we need here today, Ted?"

"I think that covers it. We will have further discussions with Mr and Mrs Frost when Mr Frost is out of the hospital, but that can wait a week or two," Ted said.

"I would request to see any agreements or other legal matters before you enact anything," the other solicitor requested.

"Of course, Travis," Ted said to the other man.

"Very well, if we are done, I would like to have a brief discussion with Scion and Heiress Potter-Greengrass and Mr Frost," McGonagall said.

"I have no issues with that, do you?" Sirius asked Auntie Ami.

"I am satisfied. I'll go with Ted to file that paperwork and have the Wizengamot notified that Mr Frost's trial is cancelled as a deal has been struck," Auntie said.

After some goodbyes, the three students found themselves alone in the office. Frost was looking downright terrified.

McGonagall eyed them all. "I trust that I won't be expecting any other issues?"

"As long as Frost adheres to the code of conduct and meets his obligations, you will have no issues," Harry assured the headmistress.

"I would like to request that Mr Frost be required to give a formal apology to Ms Danforth, Ms Umbridge and Ms Rosier before the Great Hall. He shall confess his crime and have it be known he is now a vassal of House Black," Daphne said from besides him.

"I can't," Frost muttered.

"I find that fair, Ms Greengrass. I assume that House Black will look unfavourably on those that should do anything to Mr Frost from this confession?" McGonagall asked.

"House Black will look unfavourably should anything happen to one of its vassals that results in physical harm," Harry replied.

McGongall nodded after a moment. "I will not put up with any bullying."

"That is your prerogative, headmistress," Daphne replied. "Frost, I will not limit who you associate with, but should you associate with Pucey and anyone still in the blood feud with House Potter and Greengrass, then you will be considered culpable should anything else occur."

Frost's eyes were wide.

When he didn't answer after a moment, Harry looked to Headmistress McGonagall. "Do you have anything else to discuss, headmistress?"

"I think that is all, Mr Potter," she replied.

Harry nodded. "I expect you to be in your house no later than curfew, Frost. You will have to review the code of conduct and what else is required of you. As of tomorrow at breakfast, you will be expected to adhere to everything. Only by our graces will we talk to Lord Black about any leniency to any violation."

Frost still didn't answer as Daphne and him took their leave.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Daphne pulled on his arm.

"You don't want to go get dinner?" Harry was hungry.

"We can ask Hogwarts if it will bring us food in the room," she said, pulling herself in to kiss his cheek. "I need some time with you. I know I said you have to do this, but I didn't realize how much I would worry."

Harry gave her a gentle smile, leaning down to kiss her. "I'm alright, luv."

"I know." She pecked his lips, a light coming to her eyes. "Will you sleep with me tonight?"

Harry's smile became a silly grin. "You never have to ask, though we are prefects. We should be in our bed's tonight."

She put her arms around his neck. "I don't care. I just want to feel you next to me all night. Send a Patronus to Hermione and Tracey. They'll cover for us."

"Don't you think a giant stag will be a little conspicuous?" he asked with a wry grin.

She returned it. "Right. Expecto Patronum!"

A silvery fox came out of her wand. "Tell Tracey and Hermione we aren't going to be back tonight. We'll see them for breakfast. Wait until they are in a place that only they can hear."

The silver fox gave a small yip and ran off towards Gryffindor Tower. "You know you won't earn Head girl doing things like this?"

Daphne wrapped her arms around his neck again. "Hermione can have it. I have more important things to do."

"Like me?" Harry cheekily asked.

Daphne gave him a sultry smile. "Only if you ask nicely."

Harry enjoyed the kiss they had before they took off towards the seventh floor and hoped the room wasn't occupied.