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Chapter 54


July 31, 1998

Brighton, England

Today was his eighteenth birthday. After the last couple of years, he had gotten used to an amusement park to celebrate his, Susan's and Neville's birthdays. They had celebrated Neville's birthday yesterday, with Tracey pulling him off somewhere today.

Even though he was a little disappointed they were not at an amusement park, he wasn't disappointed to see Daphne in a two-piece swim costume as they played in the cool waters of the Atlantic on a rare balmy day. Harry found himself with Daphne, Hermione, Susan, Dean and Blaise on the beach of Brighton, while Daphne had told him they would be having a party at Grace Hall later today.

In the meantime, Daphne was screaming and laughing as she rode on his shoulders while Susan was trying to knock her over. Dean was splashing water on them. Harry was trying to get closer to kick Dean's legs out from under him.

"Ha!" Susan cried out triumphantly as Daphne over balanced and they both fell back into the water. They both came back up spluttering the salty water. Daphne threw her hair back. "I am so going to get her," she said with narrowed eyes.

Susan maturely stuck her tongue out. "Bring it, Daphne. That's twice now," Susan crowed.

Daphne splashed them as Dean laughed.

"You know, there is a pregnant woman here," Hermione said as she waded into the water.

"If Blaise finds someone, I'll take him on too," Susan said smugly.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Blaise is off getting us some drinks. Oh, this water is cold."

"I find it refreshing," Harry said, playfully tossing some salt water at her.

Hermione screamed, trying to block it. "Harry!"

"Don't worry, I'll protect my godchild," Daphne said as she jumped onto Harry's back.

"OI!" Harry cried out, stumbling and almost face planting into the water. This made the others laugh before Dean suddenly leaned back.

"Don't you da…" Susan cried out before she went under. Dean came back up laughing as Susan spluttered and hit his arm.

Even in the warm day, they came out shivering. After drying off, they all decided they were done with the beach and to go explore Brighton Pier. Coming out of the changing rooms, Harry thought Daphne looked just as hot in the green sundress as she had in her two-piece. Some days he found himself wondering how he had landed such a girl and wondered why she would have ever agreed to marry him.

She gave him a satisfied smile to see the way she was looking at him. "If I didn't know better, I would think you're checking me out," she teased as she came up to him and gave him a small kiss before taking his hand.

"Well, you are beautiful," he complemented her. "Also just amazed that I'm going to be marrying you in a week."

She gave him a huge smile. "Yes, there is that."

"Are you two ready or are you going to be all lovey dovey for a while?" Dean called out.

Hermione had one hand on her stomach. She was getting big but refused to just sit around. Blaise had an arm around her shoulder while her other arm was around his waist. Susan hit Dean's arm.

Daphne moved to put her arms around Harry's neck. "I can snog him all I want," she said, giving him a much more chaste kiss than if they had been in private. The others laughed and teased them when she pulled back and they joined their friends.

"So, is Brighton Pier that good?" Harry asked, not having been here yet.

"There are a few arcades, lots of food and a small park at the end," Hermione told them.

"Wicked," Harry said, looking at the roller coaster down the end of the pier.

"I suppose you want to go on that death trap?" Daphne asked.

"Why wouldn't I?" Harry asked while Dean said, "That's the best part."

The two boys shared grins. Daphne put his arm over her shoulders, and he pulled her in.

After an afternoon playing arcade games and riding on the rides of the pier, they apparated back to Grace Hall. It was still about two hours before the rest of their guest would arrive. Hermione looked dead on her feet, so she went up with Susan and Daphne to the guest room they always let her share for a bit.

Blaise and Dean went him to the kitchens to get a butterbeer and something to eat. They had gotten only some junk food from the pier. Dobby was there with Tipsy and their two elflings, both of which were getting bigger and helping. It was still a few years from them being old enough to bond, but their magic was already maturing, and they were being taught by their parents to control it.

Mopsy was walking over to the table, a plate hovering rather precariously before her as the boys watched. When it landed on the table without spilling any of the crisps or the sandwich, Harry nodded at her. "Excellent, Mopsy. I can see you will be as good as your parents."

The little house elf beamed at him. "Thank you, Master Harry," she said. Harry had noticed that she had been rather more attached to him than either Bones, while her brother adored Susan.

Blaise chuckled to see Harry's annoyance. "Face it, mate, there is no way you are going to stop them from calling you that."

"I just hate how they feel they have too. Dobby and the others are family. I shouldn't be called master," Harry grumbled.

Dean nodded. "I agree. Very nice job, Mopsy," he praised the elfling that looked uncertain.

Dobby and Tipsy were watching, but not getting involved, seeming satisfied with how their daughter was acting. After eating their meals, they went to the family room to find Daphne and Susan talking. Hermione was taking a nap.

"I'll just go check on her," Blaise told them.

"He's so good to her," Susan said with a sigh.

"And I'm not?" Dean asked with a grin.

"You get it right some of the time," Susan said, then giggled and squealed as he started to tickle her. "DEAN! STOP!"

Daphne gave him a gimlet eye. "Don't you dare," she warned.

He held up his hands in surrender. "I'd like to see my cake tonight."

She smirked. "I guess you are good enough to keep."

"At times," he said. Susan was now breathing heavily as Dean leaned over to kiss her. When it got a little heated, Harry mentioned, "You do have a room, you know."

Dean pulled back while Susan gave him a heated look. "Later," she said, sounding like she didn't like that. "Auntie should be back soon and everyone else will be arriving in about an hour. We should go see if everything is ready. You can go find something to do and stay out of the kitchens and the hall."

"You are stealing Daphne too?" Harry asked as she got up with Dean and Susan.

"I am part of the planning committee. If you want, I'll go back to Potter Green with you tonight," she said with a wink.

He growled, remembering the promise he had made that they wouldn't do that until the wedding after Anders had walked in on them at Greencross a few weeks ago. "You're evil," he told her.

She gave him a smirk. "Father can't tell us what to do anymore," she said with a grin.

"Merlin, I love you," he said.

She leaned down to peck him. "I love you too. Now no peaking."

"Fine," he huffed.

Retreating to his room, Harry went over the stuff he had packed. They had decided that once they were married next weekend, they would live full time at Potter Green. He was looking forward to it, but at the same time he felt somewhat sad. Aunt Amelia had rescued him from a life that he wasn't sure he would have survived to see his eighteenth birthday. She had given him a home. A family. A room. His own stuff.

In the last few years, she had been a mother to him when he hadn't known what one should be like.

Looking at the two trunks and the few boxes, he felt odd that his room was empty now.

This was his home as much as he felt Potter Green was.

Fishing through his boxes, he found the quidditch banners for Gryffindor, Slytherin, the Applebee Arrows and Wimborne Wasps. He felt he needed something here to know that he still belonged. He knew Aunt Amelia would never toss him out and he wasn't sure if they wouldn't stay here in the future. He felt a little selfish, but this was his room, and he wasn't giving it up.

He had just put the banners on the wall and was looking for a specific picture he always left on his nightstand when a knock came at his door. He looked up to see Aunt Ami in the doorway. "Didn't we just pack those?" she asked, looking at the banners.

Harry shrugged. "I thought they looked better here," he told her, going back to looking in the trunk he knew he had all his pictures in.

"I won't disagree," she said.

Harry found the picture he wanted. He could get another. In it was auntie, Susan and him that had been taken four years ago on his fourteenth birthday. He shifted to put it on his nightstand.

Auntie stepped into his room. "You know that you will always have a place here, Harry."

"I know. I just felt like making sure no one forgot," he said, standing up.

She gave him a knowing look. "We would never forget. You are one of my children. Grace Hall is always your home, no matter how old you get or how far or near you are. Daphne and you are always welcome. Don't wait for an invitation."

He reached out to hug her. Aunt Ami returned the hug. "Thanks," he said.

"You never have to thank me," she replied.

When they pulled apart, Harry was trying to blink away tears. How this woman had shown him so much love and caring to an orphan that wasn't hers was something he could never repay. The hardened woman, who never usually showed emotion like this, wiped at a tear herself. "I'm proud of you and Susan. Don't ever doubt or forget that."

"I won't, Aunt Ami," he said.

She wiped at another tear. "Right, you ready for what they have for you?"

Harry looked at her dubiously. "Uhm, should I run now?"

She took his arm. "Too late for that. Years too late," she said in a joking tone as she led him down to the great hall and the couple of dozen people waiting for him. It was a bittersweet birthday that he would always remember.


August 8, 1998

Mosedale, England

Months of planning had come down to this day. Like Hermione had done a few months back, Daphne looked down on the town of Mosedale. Unlike then, though, the town had been decked out for a wedding that she couldn't believe had finally come.

The first four row houses with shoppes where now completed and open next to the inn. Another was being constructed across the street. There was an apothecary, a bookstore, a café and small subdepartment of the DMLE. It was mostly an Auror office, but most simple paperwork could be done there as well. It had helped with all the construction that was occurring around the growing village. Eight smaller residences had been constructed on what was the outskirts of the planned centre, and another six were under construction, including a small manor on the small mountain that led to the valley with a few farms. More than a hundred lived here and Harry was expecting it grow to a few thousand with all the applications for building permits. Even though the Ministry had say in the approval of the buildings, Harry had say in the final permissions.

Even with that, she was impressed with the rows of garlands that had had been strung down the lamp posts of the streets and were hung on every door. The main square had a small white gazebo before the fountain with hundreds of white chairs taking up half of the square. She could see some vendors set up on the street, ready to feed all those that came or to offer souvenirs.

On the lawns outside Potter Green were a few tents. The centre tent was where their closest friends and allies would sit with them. A large dance floor and stage took up more than half the tent. The one to the right was where their other guests would have dinner before making it to the dance floor. The last tent had a kitchen manned by fifteen house elves and a few waiters. Most of their friends had offered up the help with the four-hundred and eighty-five guests they were expecting. Her mother had said to leave about twenty setting open for anyone that had decided not to return the invitation, as that always seemed to happen.

She had thought that as ridiculous as Harry had, but with all the clout their families had in the Wizengamot and what they had done in the last few years, not to mention Harry's status as an Order of Merlin member for saving countless lives, it was expected that thousands may show. It hadn't helped that the Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly and Teen Witch Weekly had been building up this wedding for months.

A large part of her wished they could do this in a more undisclosed setting, but she knew that this would be as important to their allies and others as much as it was to them.

Behind her, her wedding party was chatting as they primped for the day. Tracey was her maiden of honour. Astoria, Hermione, Susan and Dani would be her other bridesmaids. Terri had agreed to be a flower girl. She had chosen Dani and Terri because of how much she knew Harry would appreciate it.

The tiara her father had commissioned for the wedding was exquisite and sparkling in goblin gold and diamonds. In her wedding gown, which sat low on her shoulders with an embroidered bust, sparkling diamonds here and there and a train that swept out behind her, had her feeling like a real princess. The fact she was about to live in a castle just enhanced that feeling.

Tracey stepped up beside her in the soft pink dresses that all her bridesmaids were in. They stood before the window, watching as people started to meander in. Those with invitations were being shown seats by a few ushers in smart black wizarding robes.

"Feeling nervous?" Tracey asked.

"A little," she admitted to her best friend.

"I bet Harry is more so," Tracey said with a smirk.

"He's different now. I just hope he holds up to all the attention today," Daphne told her.

Tracey snorted. "He can stare down almost three hundred Lords and Ladies in the Wizengamot, and you worry about this?"

Daphne gave a slightly satisfied smirk. "He is rather impressive at times, isn't he?"

Tracey giggled. "If you mean downright scary, yeah, I'll give you that."

Daphne smiled. "He is rather hot when he acts that way."

Tracey grinned. "With how much magic he gives off I'm surprised that every witch he's met hasn't tried to shag him yet."

Daphne snorted. It was true that great magic could attract others to have strong children. "If my soon to be husband has any sense, he'll only ever lay in my bed."

Tracey rolled her eyes. "I think that boy is in love with you, Daph. He won't ever stray. Like Neville, he's incredibly loyal to his friends and family."

Daphne's smile was back. "I know, Trace. Merlin, I'm getting married in about an hour," she said.

"Yeah, there is that" Trace agreed. "Have you told him yet?"

Daphne shook her head. "Let's enjoy the day first."

"Up to you," Tracey said.

Lady Davis came up to them. "You both look beautiful," the woman said. "I feel like I've seen you grown up as one of my own daughters."

"Thank you, Lady Davis," Daphne said. They shared a small hug, making sure that neither of them mussed their makeup or hair.

"Your old enough to call me Maria now. Are you ready for this? I think your mother thought this a royal wedding," Lady Davis said, looking at the way the town was decked out.

"Isn't it?" Tracey asked.

"In a way, it is," Daphne agreed.

"Either way, you look beautiful, and Harry is a lucky man," Maria replied.

"I feel like I am the lucky one," Daphne said softly.

Tracey put a hand on her arm. "You are. If you hadn't decided that Harry was the best option to get our grades up, then we wouldn't be here."

"And you wouldn't be marrying Neville in two weeks," she said.

"And that is another young man that I am happy with," Maria said.

"Thanks, mum. I kind of like him too," Tracey said with a cheeky grin.

Daphne laughed at her friend. "I'm telling him it's 'only kind of'," she said. A carriage that was decked out in flowers and had intricate carvings and gold filigree was pulled up from the town by a giant of a man. Nervous butterflied sudden took up to see it being pulled by two unicorns.

"What is that?" she asked.

"Merlin, Daph, how did you get Professor Hagrid to get unicorns to pull the carriage?" Tracey questioned.

"Harry is still on very good terms with him," Daphne said.

Her mother came up to the window. "Oh, good, Hagrid wasn't sure if he would be able to make it here on time," her mother said with a sigh of relief.

Daphne looked to her. "You never mentioned this."

Her mother gave her a small smile. "Hagrid contacted me a few months ago. Said he wanted to bring you and Harry a special wedding present."

She looked in wonder at the two snow white unicorns proudly prancing up the cobbled street to the castle. "Merlin, I am a princess."

The others around her chuckled or laughed. "I think Harry already knows that," Tracey teased.

Daphne shot her a glare, making her best mate snigger.

Her father stopped by about twenty minutes before she was to go down to the carriage. She would ride down with her bridesmaids.

"You look just as beautiful as your mother did on her wedding day," her father said with some pride in his eyes.

"Thank you, father," she said.

"Harry is a lucky man. I know the two of you will do our family proud. Just promise that you will come around. Your mother would like that, and you should know your brother," he said.

"You know that Harry and I will always come around," she said to him. "Phillip will be welcome over here anytime you and mother need a break. Harry's grown quite fond of him."

Her father chuckled. "Yes. He will be a fine role model for him. He will also be a good big brother."

She nodded. "He will be a good father someday too," she said, not realizing that her hand had gone to her stomach. Her father didn't think anything of the movement.

"I have no doubt of that. Are you ready to be Heiress Potter-Greengrass today?" he asked.

"We have been ready for a while, I think. I will miss Greencross, but this will be a home that we both enjoy," she said.

"It will be one of the seats of power soon. You chose well and your mother and I couldn't be prouder," he said.

She shook her head. "Harry doesn't want the power."

"But he is taking to it well. If you are ready, I would escort you to the carriage and meet you in the village," he said.

She took his arm. In the courtyard her four bridesmaids were talking with Hagrid and petting the unicorns. Her father stopped a respectable distance back not to spook the marvellous creatures. He lowered her veil. "I will see you in a short bit."

"Love you, father," she said.

"Love you too. You and Astoria." He nodded to her sister who was looking rather fetching and like a young woman at sixteen. She still saw her bratty twelve-year-old sister at times… the one that had made Harry spit milk all over the table… but she also saw the regal young woman she was growing to be.

"Hello, there, Daphne," Professor Hagrid said. "I thought you and Harry would enjoy a specially made carriage and I managed to get these nice stallions to pull it for ye special day."

She smiled at him. "It is wonderful, professor. I know Harry will be very appreciative."

The big man smiled. "It be the least I can do. Harry be a good friend."

"He is," she agreed.

When they were ready, they all sat in the carriage. Hermione, Dani and Susan sat across from her. Tracey sat next to her. She really did feel like a princess as they left the castle. There was a festive feel to the air as they approached the square. Her eyes widened to realize that there were thousands of witches, wizards and even a contingent of goblins around the square. The seats had been reserved for those invited. People of all ages had to move as the carriage made its way into the round drive of the square.

The crowds were loud and excited.

When they made it to a white carpet that led to the small gazebo, it was lined with aurors on one side and a line of goblins in full armour on the other. "Bloody hell, Daphne. Do you know the last time a goblin honour guard was seen at a wizarding function?" Tracey whispered.

Her eyes were just as wide as she struggled to not let her reaction show. "No."

"The last I know was in Hogwarts: A History. In eighteen-thirty-three when Headmaster Alabaster Tibbits died," Hermione said.

"That's probably about right," Susan said.

"How do you remember things like that?" Dani asked.

Daphne hadn't thought Harry was on friendly terms with the goblins right now. Ragnok hadn't talked to him in months. Perhaps their goose chase turned out better than was thought? Or a more Slytherin part of her thought, they were trying to curry favour to have Harry finally grant them a permit to build a branch here? Harry was weary of that only because he wouldn't be able to control where dug their tunnels or install vaults, which the goblins wanted to do. Especially since it would get them out from under some of the Ministry regulations due to the Nomajes of London.

When the carriage stopped, an usher came to the side and music started from a band near the fountain. She held herself like a proper lady as her ladies were helped out of the carriage and lined up. Her father greeted her as she got up and moved to the door and stairs down. He helped her and she put her gloved hand around his arm.

When she was ready, Susan started down the aisle, followed by Dani, Hermione, Astoria and Tracey. Terri gave her a brilliant smile before following Tracey. She was spreading rose pedals down the aisle. Daphne wanted to let her serious face slip to smile at the happy girl. When her father started to lead her down the aisle, Daphne was feeling a little overwhelmed and thankful for her years of training in occlumency and how to port herself.

As she approached the small white gazebo, she caught her first site of Harry for the day. He was standing tall with Neville besides him. Blaise and his godfather rounded out his groomsmen. She focused on Harry though. He was standing firm, like the rock he had become. His face was passive, but a small smile curled his lips up when he saw her. His intense green eyes were full of power. She could feel herself being drawn to him. Merlin, he looked nice in the trim House robes he had on. He wore the Potter crest on his left breast, with the Peverell and Glamorgon beneath it. On his right was that of House Greengrass. The Potter and Greengrass crest would be replaced with a new on later.

When her father walked her up to the gazebo, the music stopped. The bonder nodded at them before casting a silent 'sonorous' charm on himself. "On behalf of the House of Potter-Peverell-Glamorgon and the House of Greengrass-Clearwell, I would like to welcome everyone that has come to attend the joining of these two young people in eternal matrimony and to see the combining of the Potters and Greengrasses into eternal union."

The bonder turned to her and her father. "On this day, the eighth of August, nineteen-ninety-eight, I would ask who is presenting the bride?"

Her father was standing tall. "I, Lord Anders Greengrass, Lord of House Greengrass and Clearwell, present my daughter, the Heiress Daphne Potter-Greengrass, as the bride to be."

"And do you present her of your own will with the understanding that her and her husband shall become heirs of your house and Lady of your line?" the bonder asked.

"I do. She has the blessing of our House and my heart. Her mother, the Lady Greengrass and I, will be pleased to step aside to let my daughter and her husband claim Lordship over my family," her father said.

It was really striking home to her that the Potters and Greengrasses were combining. As part of the new line, Harry and her were the heads of the house when this ceremony was done. There would be no other direct line with as much power or wealth as they would have. She caught Harry's eyes over her father's shoulders when she turned to her father.

"You may unveil the bride to signify your acceptance of this union," the bonder said.

Her father did so. She was standing tall, wanting to do him and her family proud. "I freely give you away, Daphne. May you have all the happiness and may all your dreams become reality."

Her father wasn't usually a person to say something like that. She had to fight down the burning in her eyes at the pride he was showing her. "Thank you, my Lord Greengrass," she said formally. "I will do you and mother proud."

He gave her a satisfied smile before stepping to the side.

"Who presents the groom?" the bonder questioned.

Lord Black stepped up. "I, Lord Sirius Black, Lord of House Black, present my godson, the Scion Potter-Greengrass, heir to the Houses of Potter, Peverell and Glamorgon, as the groom to be."

"And you represent him of your own free will with the understanding you are presiding over the union of the Houses and the couple present?" the bonder requested.

"I freely represent my godson in this union as he has expressed his acceptance. His family and I ratify the decision to form a union and will accept his Lordship and his choice for Ladyship of the Houses under his purview," Sirius replied.

"The two to be unified can take each other's hands if they accept this as well," the bonder offered.

Her father reached out her hand as Sirius did the same with Harry. The second they touched she could feel the tingle of the magic here. Their magic was already preparing for the union. A murmur went through the crowd as they could sense it as well.

The bonder took out a rune embroidered cloth. "To all those gathered here today, I present the cloth of fasting to be used to link these two in the bonds of love, marriage and magic. By doing so, Daphne Greengrass and Harry Potter, have agreed to join and combine their family magics, thus casting away the titles of Potter and Greengrass to make the new House of Potter-Greengrass. Are there any objections to this?"

Daphne was nervous after how things went for Hermione and Blaise. After a moment, she let out a barely noticeable breath when the bonder went on. Harry and her moved to place their hands over each other, left taking right and right taking left, one over the other. The bonder moved to place the cloth over their hands. "Unlike a normal hand fasting, both hands will be required. As I wrap the cloth, let it be acknowledged that as magic makes, only magic can break. Magic will not break this bond unless it deems that a great wrong has occurred. Do you accept this unbreakable promise and bond?"

"I accept," Harry said first, his green eyes looking into hers. She felt his magic start to flow through her hands. It sent pleasant shivers down her spine.

"I accept," she said just after him and felt her magic start to flow into him. Harry's hand tightened on hers just a little. She could see the desire in his eyes as their magics started to intermingle.

"Do you, Daphne Ophelia Greengrass, pledge to share your love, magic, family and heart? Will you pledge to be faithful, through wealth or not, health or sickness, good times or bad? Will you pledge to be provide heirs and be mother to your children in service of your House and your Lord?" the bonder asked.

Daphne felt her magic rise in her. "I pledge to share my magic, love and all that I am. I will be faithful, mother to my Lord's children and will always serve my House as is required."

"Do you pledge the blood of your lines to be shared with that of your Lord as he will share his blood with yours?" the bonder enquired.

"I pledge that my blood is my Lord's blood, as his blood is mine. Our Houses shall be as one, as are out hearts," she said.

Her magic welled even more, as though waiting for something. Runes on the cloth started to glow, accepting and amplifying her magic.

The bonder nodded and turned to Harry. "Do you, Harry James Potter, pledge to share you love, magic, family and heart? Will you pledge to be faithful, through wealth or not, health or sickness, good times or bad? Will you pledge to sire heirs and be father to your children in service of your House and pledges to your land?"

"I pledge that my magic, love, family and heart is my wife's. My pledge will be firm through all challenges. I will sire all the children she may want and provide for them as best I can. They will be raised in the way of our Houses and the oaths to our lands," Harry said. She felt a flush run through her as his magic flared. It was almost like she could see his aura. Little did she know that her own was just barely visible as well. Those looking on could feel the power. It was a pleasant feeling that let everyone know that this was a bonding of love, not obligation. It was known for the combining of blood lines to be powerful, but no one in living memory could remember anything this strong.

"Do you pledge the blood of your lines to be shared with that of your Lady as she will share her blood with yours?" the bonder enquired.

"I pledge that my blood is my Lady's, as mine is hers. Our Houses shall be one, as are our hearts," he said. The rest of the runes lit up. They grew in intensity for a moment before the bonder said loud and clear.

"As Daphne Greengrass has accepted Harry Potter, they are joined in marriage and magic. Magic has accepted the bond. If everyone would raise their wands to give their blessing to seal the magic, I would encourage it now," the bonder called out.

She didn't notice the almost three–thousand wands that were raised, everyone present wanting to send their blessing. Some did it in hopes of receiving their own blessing, others for the love the two obviously shared, while others had their own motives.

No matter what the reason, her eyes grew wide to see the small globes of lights with everyone's blessings join the light of the runes, causing the entire clothe to glow. The raised magic that was between them came crashing down. It was a surge of magic from Harry as hers surged into him.

He looked shocked for a moment. His strength was keeping her up. All those around them felt the strength of the union of the Potter and Greengrass lines, with only a few probably realizing it was also the combining of the Merlin and Le Fey lines. Magic approved and was enhancing the union. All those present were blessed to see this and approve.

After a moment, the magic still moving back and forth between them, the bonder said, "As magic has accepted, our blessings have bound, and love shall see it strengthened. May I present the Scion and Heiress Potter-Greengrass. You may kiss your bride."

Harry pulled her in, their hands still bound beneath the clothe. She leaned in. It had tingled before when they kissed. This time it was like an electrical shock that had her pulling closer. Harry's tongue entered her mouth and she returned the kiss just as passionately.

It was only when she pulled back did she realize people were clapping and cheering. Harry's burning green eyes had her wanting to jump him here and now. She had to refrain though. "Well, Mrs Potter-Greengrass, shall we?"

She gave him a radiant smile before schooling her face. The bonder unwound the cloth and lain it over Harry's arm as he took her hand, holding it up before them. She turned to see her father and mother give them approving nods and a small smile from her mother. Aunt Ami did the same. She did a slight dip to her head to acknowledge them.

They walked down the aisle to the carriage, their wedding party following them, with Sirius taking Dani's arm. The younger girl was taking to all this very well.

When they got close to the carriage, Harry leaned over to whisper over the crowd, "Where did you get the carriage and the unicorns?"

"A gift from Hagrid," she said, letting Harry give her a hand to get up into the carriage. Tracey made sure her train was in before the door closed, and Harry sat next to her.

"I'm going to have to go have some tea with him soon to thank you," Harry said. He waved to the crowd. She could tell he was uncomfortable but did it anyways.

"I'll come with you this time," she said as the people stepped aside to let the unicorns pull them back towards Potter-Green. Their guests followed them. Hagrid met them on the lawn before the centre tent. Dobby and Ginger were there. "Mistress Greengrass would like you to go to the small tent," Ginger informed them.

"We know, Ginger. Have some refreshments been lain out for our guests?" she asked, taking Harry's hand as he helped her down.

"Hagrid, thank you so much." Harry was thanking the big man while she made sure everything was going as planned.

"The Misses Daphne is not to worry. Dobby and Ginger being instructed to wait on you and you not to worry," Dobby told her.

She gave the elf a smile. "Then I put myself in your capable hands today."

Dobby beamed.

Things were a blur soon after. They were joined by their wedding party, her parents, Erica and Quinn, Remus and Aunt Ami. There was a round of hugs, congratulations and then more photos than she had ever had before.

When they finally made it out into the tent, they spent enough time at the table to say thank you, have a few bites of a meal she didn't even remember having, before they were moving among the crowd to say thank you. Then a first dance. A dance with her father. More moving among the guests. Then to the side tents. Somehow, she got in a dance with Harry again. Then the cake.

The most memorable part of the night was Tracey standing just before they started their rounds at the end of the meal.

The clinking of the glasses had her leaning over to peck Harry, as tradition demanded. When she straightened up, a smiling Tracey was looking down at her. Daphne's eyes narrowed on her best mate.

"If I could have all your attention," Tracey said, an obvious sonorous charm on her.

Daphne's face promised pain to her grinning maid of honour.

"We are all here today to celebrate the wedding of my best friend to a man she fell head over heels for after asking him to help us in Defence of the Dark Arts," Tracey said, her grin turning cheekier. "For whatever reason Harry was mental enough to say yes and let Daphne get her claws into him."

"I don't have claws," she huffed to some laughter.

"I don't remember it being me being mental. I think Tracey was telling you no," Harry added to more laughter.

Tracey laughed. "Merlin, I forgot that. Anyways, she goes up to him, asks for his help and then starts to train him in how a proper man should act."

"I had to start him early," Daphne said haughtily.

Tracey laughed while Harry muttered something. "I think that day she had decided she would be the future Lady Potter. Since then, I have had the privilege to see Harry grow from an awkward teen to one of the scariest people with a wand, while my best friend has gone from being determined to be her own woman to being the heiress of one the most powerful alliances in the Wizengamot. If I had known, I might have gone after Harry."

Some laughed. Daphne muttered, "I didn't know I wanted him then."

"Through it all, I saw them fall in love. Even though I think she knew she would marry Harry, it wasn't love at first site. I think she actually whinged about him for a bit, but Harry is such a sweet person he turned who some were starting to call the Ice Queen into one of the most caring people I know," Tracey said. She reached for a wine glass. Daphne reached for hers, knowing it was non-alcoholic.

"Over the last few years, Harry broke down Daphne into someone that I am proud to call friend while she helped him to see what he was truly worth. The love you two have is something we can all try to achieve. Because of that, I need to thank you for bringing me and my Neville together. Without you two, we would never have even talked, let alone dated or become betrothed. I think there are many of us that wouldn't be with who we are, or even be the people we are, without you," Tracey said.

Daphne felt her eyes burn a little.

"I want you to know that I love you both. Neville and I…" she swept her hand over the crowd. "We all love you and couldn't be happier to share this special day with you. I want you both to have a life full of love, happiness and everything you want. So, please join me in a toast to our gracious hosts, the Potter-Greengrasses. I really wish you all the happiness."

Daphne could feel the tears as she got up, hugging Tracey. "Thank you, Trace. I love you too."

"I know," Tracey said rather smugly, making both the friends laugh and wipe at their faces with a napkin when they pulled apart.

"Now I get to tell you about the time Harry was first told he was going to marry Daphne," Tracey said grandly. Astoria went white as Harry reddened. Daphne wanted her friend to stop. Tracey then continued, having the whole tent laughing as Astoria tried to hide her face.

Honestly, the hours of the party flew by until she found herself clinging to Harry as they slowly danced around the floor. More than half the guests had left by now as the night drew in. There was still a large party going on in the town. Fireworks were starting to light up the darkening sky. All she cared about though, at that moment, was the way her arms were wrapped under his arms and holding his shoulders. Between that and his arms around her waist, she was able to stand on her sore feet with how tired she felt.

"You look beautiful," Harry softly said into her ear.

She gave a contented smile. "Thank you. How much longer do we need to do this?"

Harry chuckled. "I think we can leave at any time now."

She sighed, leaning her head against his shoulder. "I want to dance more with my husband."

"As my wife wishes," he said, kissing the side of her head.

"We are really married," she said, the day starting to sink in.

"Merlin, I hope so, because I plan to sleep with my wife tonight," he said with a slight laugh to his voice.

"And I plan to sleep with my husband. Is there something I need to know?" she asked teasingly.

"Not unless you have taken polyjuice," he said.

She moved her head against his shoulder in an attempt to shake her head no. "I can't. It's not recommended if you're pregnant."

It was another three steps when Harry suddenly paused. The music was still going, so she couldn't understand why he had stopped. "You stopped," she said, too comfortable to pull her head up.

"Daph, was that a joke?" he asked, his tone rather serious.

"Was what a joke?" she asked, not understanding what she had said. She was getting tired after everything today.

"You said you couldn't take polyjuice because… because your pregnant?" he questioned.

She blinked. Merlin! She did say that. She was going to wait for tonight. There was nothing for it now. Her head still resting on his shoulder, she said. "Well, the pamphlets I got yesterday didn't recommend it," she said, hoping he wouldn't be upset.

She made a face as he pulled back some, a hand leaving her waist to gently take her chin. She let him turn her face up. His green eyes looked a little scared, but hopeful at the same time. "Daph, are you?"

She gave a small smile. "About six weeks," she told him.

He looked totally dumbfounded for a moment. "But… but… how?"

"You don't remember?" she asked playfully.

"Well, I mean, I know how… but how?" he asked, a little colour coming to his cheeks.

She found it very endearing. She went on her tip toes, even though it hurt in the shoes she still had on. "Well, I guess the contraception potion doesn't work on animals," she said, kissing his cheek. That had been an interesting night while they had been in their animagus forms.

"Oh," he said, his eyes looking at her in a gentle way. "Oh," he said again, something more akin to wonder, than shock, on his voice. "Oh," he said again, a small smile slowly coming over his face. "I'm going to be a father?"

"Pretty sure that is what this means," she said.

"And it will be a baby, not a fox, right?" he asked a little cautiously.

She had to laugh at him. "Yes, it will be a baby. Conceiving while an animagus does not mean they will be an animal."

"Brilliant!" he suddenly exclaimed, his strong hands going to her waist again. He lifted her up. She let out a small scream as he suddenly spun her around. She started to laugh. "I'm going to be a father!" he said loudly.

"Put me down before everyone knows," she laughed at him.

He spun her around another time before putting her on her feet and then pulling her in to snog her enough that the tiara in her hair came loose. When he pulled back, she immediately pulled him back down. If she wanted to snog her happy husband, she was going too.

When they finally separated, Harry's eyes were burning with desire. A clearing of a throat interrupted what would have been an even deeper snog before she demanded he take her to their bed. They both turned their heads to look at a small crowd of people staring at them.

"Ah, hi, Aunt Ami," Harry said, who was the one standing closest to them and tapping her foot. "Ander and Iliana, I hope you are enjoying yourselves?" Her parents, Astoria, Eric, Susan, Dean, Neville and Tracey were right behind them, with a few dozen others around the dance floor having stopped to see their antics.

"Ah, hi to you. Is there something you haven't told us?" Aunt Ami asked. Her mother had a huge smile on her face.

"Well, I was just told I'm going to be a father," he said, a huge smile on his face.

Aunt Ami's brow rose in question at her. Daphne blushed a little. "I only found out yesterday," she said to the unasked question.

"Oh, this is wonderful," her mother said, coming over to hug her. She was separated from Harry as they were crowded with their friends and family. She swore once she made it back to his side, she wouldn't be leaving it again tonight.


August 22, 1998

Cleasby, England

Neville happily led Tracey out to the dance floor for their first dance. She was beaming at him as she stepped up to him. He took her right hand in his and put his left on her waist. "I promise not to step on your feet this time."

Tracey giggled. "You haven't done that in years," she told him before the music started.

"I haven't been this nervous in years," he replied, easily matching her smile. They were about to dance before a hundred and seventy guests. He was glad it wasn't as big as Harry and Daphne's. Their wedding celebration had gone into the next morning in Mosedale, and the papers were still talking about it for numerous reasons.

"You will do fine, Nev," she said confidently.

When the music started, he stepped, and she followed. Even with all the eyes on them, Neville guided her through easily, earning a smile and dancing, gleeful eyes from his wife.

His wife. Tracey was now Heiress Longbottom. He couldn't say how happy he was with that, but if anyone had told him he would be marrying this beautiful blonde… well anyone really… a few years ago, he would have thought them mental. Completely barking mad. Now though, he got to lead who he thought was the prettiest woman around the dance floor to her delight.

Seeing her this happy made him happy.

Tracey had been right two weeks ago. Without Harry and Daphne, he would never have gotten with Tracey. He could never thank them enough.

As the music ended, Neville stepped back, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles. Tracey's blue eyes looked at him appreciatively. There was pleasant applause. "Is that all you're going to kiss?"

"Well, if my wife wants…" he said, straightening up and pulling her closer. Neville could feel her body sink into his as their lips met. Clinking silverware on glasses and friendly catcalls were heard throughout the great hall of Longmarche.

"One more dance?" Tracey asked.

"As the Heiress Longbottom wants," he said. Tracey's beaming smile had funny things happen inside him, like it always did when she did that.

He nodded to the band, who struck up a cord. Others came out to the dance floor. Tracey giggled as her sister-in-law danced up to them with her two-year-old nephew. Neville greeted Wendy before offering, "Would you like the rest of this dance?"

"If the Mrs Longbottom wouldn't mind another man?" Wendy said with a smirk.

Tracey eagerly took Mathew. "If I must," Tracey said. She blew a raspberry on his face and the little boy giggle, happy to be in his aunt's arms.

Wendy stepped up to him. "Where is Roger?"

"With Yvette," she said. Neville started to lead her around the floor as Tracey twirled with Mathew. "She really loves that boy."

Wendy looked to them. "You two will make pretty babies."

Neville was a little nervous. After seeing Hermione and Daphne getting pregnant, he wasn't ready to be a dad yet. "If they look anything like Tracey, I'm in trouble."

Wendy laughed as he spun her. "You have no idea. Roger is already wrapped around Yvette's finger."

Neville laughed with her. "He's wrapped around yours as well."

Wendy gave a grin. "You have no idea. Tracey seems to have you pretty whipped as well."

Neville grinned. "Nah, she doesn't like that type of stuff."

Wendy tripped in her surprise, Neville chuckled as he dipped her, and pulled her into another spin. She looked at him incredulously. "Neville Longbottom!"

"Wendy Davis?" he replied.

She laughed. "Merlin, you hang out with your friends to much."

"Merlin be right," he said back.

She laughed again. When the song ended, he found Tracey back by his side. "Do you mind if I have one more dance with my husband before dinner?" Tracey asked.

"Of course. I wanted to say congratulations," Wendy told them, taking Mathew and kissing Tracey on the cheek.

"And I will see you later, cutie," Tracey said to Mathew. "If you need us to look after Mathew and Yvette when we get back, just let us know."

"I think our parents have you covered, but we'll remember that," Wendy said.

When Tracey stepped back into his arms, the music struck up again. Neville looked at Tracey a little nervously. "So?"

They started to dance around the floor to the slower song. "So?" Tracey asked. She was a radiant person, and he swore she was glowing today.

"So… you aren't going to tell me your pregnant or anything today, are you?" he questioned.

Her mischievous smirk had his insides twist. "Why, my husband, are you saying you don't want children?"

Neville swallowed. "I wouldn't say that."

"Good," she said, the twinkle in her eyes had him uncertain if she was going to drop a bombshell on him or pull off a joke. She stopped them so she could push herself up to kiss him. He was convinced that this was going to be bad… well, not bad… but he was not ready. When she pulled back, she whispered, "I want to give you children, but not yet. Maybe in a year or two."

His heart started to beat in his chest again. "Thank Merlin," he muttered.

Tracey giggled. "And if I had been?"

"Then we would have gotten through it together, but I don't want children yet," he said.

"Good answer," she told him, kissing him again, then leaning her head against his shoulder. It wasn't quite that type of song, but Neville didn't think he would ever deny Tracey something she wanted, so he just wrapped his arms around her waist and they more swayed until the end of the song.

After that, they joined their wedding party. Harry sat next to him, with Blaise on the other side of Harry. They had decided on a small wedding party, both of them only wanting those closest to them here. She had been afraid Roger and Wendy would be offended but had been very understanding. Neville liked that his in-laws were such good people.

They were about halfway through the meal when Harry stood up and clinked the golden spoon against his fluted wineglass. Neville gave him a look that said, 'you better behave', even though Neville had taken the mickey out Harry at his wedding.

"If I could have your attention," Harry called out.

The hall quieted and everyone looked to his best man. Harry gave him a wink and Neville groaned. Tracey had a huge smirk. "It won't be as bad as the Astoria story."

Neville had his doubts.

"On behalf of the Longbottoms and Davises, I would like to say thank you for coming. We are all here to celebrate my cousins and his wife wedding. If you would, a toast to the Scion and Heiress Longbottom," Harry said, holding his glass up before taking a sip. Most of the other guests followed suit.

So far so good, Neville thought to himself.

"Neville and Tracey are two people that have been in love with each other for a while. It's been nice to see them slowly fall for each other… though I think that was quite literally on Neville's behalf," Harry said with a cheeky grin. Many laughed. Neville used to be very clumsy.

Tracey giggled. "I like it when you fall for me."

This got more laughs.

"Seriously though, my wife and I view them as some of our closest friends, family even. They have stood by each other and supported those around them, making them some of the best friends around. Tracey has given Neville a confidence he once lacked while he has allowed his wonderful wife to become one of the best pranksters around," he said. "From what I hear, she was even able to get a few over on Fred and George Weasley, both inside and outside of school."

There was a "Here! Here!" from the crowd, making other laugh when a few small fireworks shot out of the sleeve of Fred's dress robes.

Tracey scoffed. "Amateurs."

"We accept the challenge," the twins said at once. Next to them, Angelina Weasley hit Fred, while the brunette next to George looked a little wearily at her date. Tracey eyed them, bringing more laughter from around the tent.

"Yes, yes, children," Harry mockingly said. "What I am trying to get at is that I wish my cousin and his beautiful bride all the happiness, love and children that magic will bless them with. I know Daphne is anxious to be a godmother."

"We aren't as daft as you," Tracey said affectionately to laughs and some talk. "And no, we are not expecting."

This brought about a few more laughs and murmurs. Harry rose his glass in another toast. "Well, when you are, you have family and friends that will be at your side. Congratulations. Another toast to the Scion and Heiress Longbottom."

When he sat down, Neville leaned over. "Thanks. I thought you would take the mickey out of me."

Harry just grinned as Daphne sat up. "Like you, I saved that for my wife."

"Oh, bugger," Neville said as Daphne tapped her glass. Tracey didn't look as amused at the cheeky grin on Daphne's face.

She looked about ready to start when she looked curiously at the crowd. Neville followed her gaze to see a person in lime green Healer robes being escorted by an Auror. He felt his heart drop as they approached his gran. She looked around at the crowd silenced to see the two.

The Healer got to his gran. Leaning down, they exchanged a few words. He saw the colour drain from her face before she nodded. "No. No. Not today," Neville said in a faint voice. Tracey's hand instantly found his.

His gran motioned towards him. He was up, Tracey at his side.

Daphne gave them a worried look before Harry stood up. "If you would all excuse the Longbottoms for a moment, I'm sure I can entertain you with a few stories of the happy couple."

Neville gave Harry a grateful look, putting a hand on his shoulder briefly as he made it around the table and towards the back of the hall.

When he joined his gran, there were tears in her eyes, and she was holding a hand over her mouth. He felt like the happiest day of his life had just soured. "Is it mum and dad?" he asked, Tracey trying to give him all the support she could.

The Healer gave him a small smile. "I'm sorry to interrupt you on your wedding day, but there is a change in your parents."

Neville paled. "What type of change."

His gran came over to take his hand. "Healer Crabtree just told me they woke up this morning…" she seemed choked up. Neville had almost never seen her like this. "They woke up and asked for you."

Neville blinked stupidly. "They what?"

Healer Crabtree nodded. "With Madam Longbottom's permission, I've been trying a new potion and mind healing regimen for the past two months. We've seen some positive improvements, but not like today. When your mother woke, she was asking for her Neville, her baby. I'm not sure how much she remembers, but she has been quite adamant to see you. Your father is responding to her saying you are in the nursery."

"Sweet Merlin," he said. He looked to Tracey, asking permission to go. He knew this was their wedding day, but this was also his parents.

She squeezed his hand. "Do you think we aren't going?" she responded.

He felt tears bite at his eyes. "I love you."

His gran squeezed his hand. "Take Tracey and go. I'll be right behind you after I inform everyone."

Neville nodded his head. "Are you sure?" he asked Tracey.

She moved to kiss his cheek. "I'm Mrs Longbottom. That's all I wanted. We can do another celebration when your parents are fully healed."

"I love you," he said, pulling her towards the Floo as Healer Crabtree followed with the Auror.


August 25, 1998

London, England

Harry was walking up the stairs to the second floor. Daphne was beside him. "Do you think they remember?" Daphne asked.

"I don't know, but Neville asked for us to come," Harry told her.

She held his hand tighter. Harry was hoping beyond hope that something good had happened to his aunt and her husband, more for Neville's sake than anything else.

In the lobby on the second floor they met Tracey. After a hug for both of them, she led them down the hall to a private room. Last time he had been here with Neville they had been in the Pious Thickness Ward for Long Term Patients. He prayed that was a good sign.

Tracey knocked on the door and they all entered when he heard Neville call them to.

Inside, Neville was sitting on a chair. His parents were sitting across from him. His aunt looked better than she had a few months ago but having been half an invalid for almost seventeen years had taken its toll. She was forty-two, but looked more like she was in her mid-fifties… a muggle mid-fifties, with some of her black hair already going white. The important thing though was that her blue eyes didn't look faded or lost. There was a sharpness to them than he had never seen in them.

This was the Aunt Alice he had only seen in photos.

Next to her was Uncle Frank. He looked slightly worse for wear than his wife, especially since he had been a larger man with muscles like Neville, but now looked half that size he had in the pictures. Even so, he looked years better than he had and his darker blue eyes were clear. Neville did look so much like his father. He was more Longbottom than Potter in appearance.

His Aunt Alice got up. "Harry, is that you?" she asked in a tremulous voice.

Neville had a small smile on his face.

"Aunt Alice?" Harry asked. Until now, he never really thought about it that she was his real aunt. His only direct blood relation after those pigs that kept him for years. He could see some of his features in her and that she had been his father's sister.

Tears welled into her eyes. "Good Merlin. You look so much like James," she said as she shuffled towards him. He let go of Daphne's hand to move over to her. He reached out to hug her. When his aunt wrapped his arms around her, Harry found himself sniffling, hot tears coming to his eyes. "You've gotten so big," she said.

Harry chuckled. "Time will do that so I'm told," he replied.

She laughed back. "Just as cheeky as my brother."

He laughed at that, more tears coming to his eyes.

His uncle had gotten up and shuffled over to them. He held out a hand. Harry reached over his aunt's shoulder, his real aunt's, even though Aunt Ami was closer to him than anyone else, to shake his hand. The man's grip was still soft, but Harry could feel the echoes of the strength it once had. "It's good to meet you again, Harry."

"It's great to meet you, sir," Harry said.

His uncle screwed his face. "What the hell is with this sir stuff? It's Uncle Frank," he said.

Harry squeezed the man's hand a little harder. "Alright, Uncle Frank."

Harry pulled back from his aunt. "Uhm," he said, trying to clear the lump in his throat that was forming. "I suppose I should introduce my wife," he said.

"That would be the proper thing," Daphne said behind him.

Uncle Frank smirked. "Lily had to keep James inline as well."

Harry laughed. "So, I've heard. Lord and Lady Longbottom, may I introduce my wife, Heiress Daphne Potter-Greengrass," he said. He reached over to take her hand in the proper way to present her. Daphne did a half-curtsy for their station. "Daphne, this is my aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Longbottom."

"Oh, posh. You sound too much like my father. Come here so I can get a look at you," Aunt Alice said with a grin, moving to see Daphne properly. "How is it Potter men always find the most beautiful brides? Welcome to the family, Daphne."

Daphne was pulled into a hug by his aunt. She wrapped her arms around the woman. By now, Neville had gotten up. Harry extended a hand to him. "You alright, Nev?"

"Never better, actually," his cousin said with a huge smile.

"Neville has been trying to ease us into everything we missed, but Alice insisted on seeing you," Uncle Frank said. "Merlin, you look like James, but your eyes are Lily through and through. I've heard that you been busy reviving the Great Alliance that your grandfather built?"

"Something like that. Though, from what I can see, we have been able to expand it. If Daphne hadn't come into my life though, I don't know if any of that would have happened," Harry said.

His uncle looked at him for a few. "I admit, I was surprised to learn who you wed. I look forward to understanding more of what is going on. That can wait though. Promise me that you will drag Neville and Tracey off with you tomorrow?"

Harry looked to Neville. "Dad, Tracey and I can wait," Neville said.

His father shook his head. "You know that your mother and I will have a few months to regain our old strength and we need to find out what is going on. I want you and Tracey to go enjoy yourselves. Two weeks won't make a difference Neville. We aren't going anywhere, and the Healers say we won't go back again."

"But dad, it's been seventeen years," Neville protested.

"And we will have many more decades to get to know you again and your beautiful wife," his mother said. Tracey came to his side.

"It's up to you, Nev. Daphne and I don't need to go on our honeymoon right away. As it is, we are going to fly there so it doesn't upset Daphne," he said.

Neville looked unsure.

"That is a long way on a broom," Uncle Frank commented.

Harry chuckled. "On a plane, Uncle Frank."

"Why would you take a plane? You mean a Muggle areaplane, right?" Uncle Frank asked.

At a look from Neville, he could tell his cousin still had a lot to tell his parents. "Uncle Frank and Aunt Alice, Daphne is expecting."

His aunt smile, moving to hug Daphne again. "Oh, that is brilliant," she said. "I get to see everything I missed."

Daphne smiled at the woman, hugging her back. "Harry wouldn't miss being around you. I know how much he values family."

Harry gave her a small smile back.

His uncle was starting to look tired already though. "Dad, why don't we sit and have some tea. I don't think Harry or Daphne have anywhere to go soon," Neville suggested.

"We have the whole day off," Harry agreed. Even if they didn't, he would find a way to be with his family. He conjured two more chairs as Daphne helped his aunt to her chair.

"Now, I've heard you are more of a book worm, like Lily. Is that true?" his aunt asked.

"When he's not duelling ex-Hit Wizards," Tracey said.

His uncle spit some of the tea back into his cup as his aunt looked at him like he was up to no good. "It wasn't my plan to call a blood feud," Harry tried to defend himself.

"No, but it was your plan to have you and Aunt Ami to duel. Don't do that to me again," Daphne scolded him.

"Wait. A blood feud? Duelling? You're only, what, eighteen? Right?" his aunt asked.

"I was waiting to tell them this Trace. You know the Healers said not to get them too riled yet," Neville said softly.

His father scoffed. "I've been stuck in this hospital for seventeen years. Getting my heart rate elevated a little won't kill me. What is this about a blood feud?"

Harry gave a look to Tracey who didn't look abashed. "Well, there was one and you took down a European Duelling Champion and two Hit Wizards when you were sixteen."

"SIXTEEN!" Aunt Alice exclaimed. "Merlin! Not even James was that reckless."

"I wasn't trying to be reckless. Aunt Ami and Sirius had been training us for years and if I didn't then they could have taken Daphne. I wasn't about to let that happen," he said a little heatedly.

"OH! Sirius Black. That man got James into more trouble than anyone else. I don't suppose Peter or Remus were involved as well?" she questioned.

Harry couldn't keep the scowl off his face or the way the others went silent.

"Mum, Peter Pettigrew is the one that betrayed your brother and Aunt Lily. Sirius Black spent a number of years in Azkaban when everyone thought he killed Peter and betrayed the Potters," Neville said softly.

The two elder Longbottoms just stared at Neville, then looked to Harry. Tears looked to be welling up in Alice's eyes. "I never even got to see them buried," she said.

Harry reached out to hold her hand. "When you are ready, I'll take you to their graves in Godric's Hollow," he offered.

She took his hand and put her other hand over it. "Thank you, Harry. I'm so sorry. I should have been there for you."

Harry shook his head. "Don't, Aunt Alice. You have Neville to worry about and I understand what happened."

"You are my godson and nephew. There is nothing more important than family. Dumbledore wouldn't tell us where you were," she said, starting to get worked up. "Oh, I remember now. He told us Sirius had given the Fidelius secret to You-Know-Who. I couldn't believe it. Our parents just about adopted him, and he was our brother. Oh, that old man! Once I get my hands on him, I'll throttle him. Where did he put you? Oh, Merlin! The will. Harry, Dumbledore illegally sealed the will. We had a petition into Gringotts and the Wizengamot…"

"Aunt Alice, it's alright. You don't have to worry about any of that right now. The will has been taken care of. Aunt Ami made sure of that. Dumbledore was walked through the veil a few years ago for what he did to our family and others. I am the Scion Potter-Greengrass. Our house and family are safe now," he said.

Angry tears were biting at her eyes. Uncle Frank put a hand on her shoulders. "Alice, we have a lot to catch up on. Harry and Neville are safe now. We can sort all the rest out as we go along."

She still looked angry. "It's not right, Frank! Those people stole our child, my brother, his wife and our nephew from us. We lost so many years! I just feel so angry."

"I know, dear. I do too, but it won't do us any good now. Just tell me that the Lestranges are taken care of, and Barty Crouch Junior?" Uncle Frank said.

"They are all dead, dad," Neville said with a hard tone. "The Lestranges were walked through the veil and Barty Crouch Junior was given the dementors kiss."

"Thank Morgana," Aunt Alice said. Letting out a deep breath, she changed tact. "So, we have heard how Neville and Tracey have met. How about you and Daphne? I would love to hear how a Potter married a Greengrass."

Harry gave a warm smile. "It's really all her fault," he began.

"Yes, well, I wouldn't say you were the best catch to start," Daphne deadpanned.

"Oh, Merlin, here we go again. Don't forget the dementors," Tracey said and Neville chuckled.

"What dementors?" his aunt demanded while Harry shot a glare at a grinning Tracey. So much for not exciting his aunt and uncle.


Next time on the House of Potter-Greengrass: The doors of Camelot open...