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Eren Yeager was tired. The moment he had kissed Historia's hand at the ceremony, he had seen his fate. Alongside the burden of all the people he would kill was the pain he would give and receive from his friends.

There was no going back now, there never was. He would keep moving forward until he was the enemy of the world that had to be taken down. He knew it was not a solution but a temporary first aid at best. His friends would live a peaceful life but their descendants would be annihilated.

He was not prepared for the a screen to appear in front of him. Time had stopped so it was definitely related to paths.

[You have chosen Zero Requiem. Would you like to look at the alternatives?]

He was shocked for an instant, but by now he had learned to roll with all the weird shenanigans. The alternatives could not be worse than this, could it?


[Choice 1: Lelouch vi Britannia - Zero Requiem - 5 star rating

Choice 2: Schneizel el Britannia - Sword of Damocles - 4 star rating

Choice 3: Charles zi Britannia - Ragnarok connection - 3 star rating

Choice 4: Euphemia li Britannia - Special Administrative Zone - 2 star rating

Choice 5: Suzaku Kururugi - Knight of One - 1 star rating

Choice 6: Nunnaly vi Britannia - Gentle world - 0 star rating]

Eren did not know who these people were but he knew that one of them did not belong among the Britannians. He clicked on what the ratings meant.

[Ratings are a measure of the plan in terms of the final objective, the path taken, the perception of the in-world populace, the perception of the spectators etc.]

Well, time to explore the options starting with the seemingly worst one.

[Gentle World - Its a vague formless idealistic thought which comes from good intentions of a blind and crippled little girl but has no clue about what she wants and how to get there. Its essentially an excuse to avoid taking any actions, which could be a good thing in a peaceful world but is a curse in a war torn one.]

Hmmm. Isn't this basically Mikasa and Armin? He hated saying it but even Jean was better than them at this point, he knew that Armin's IQ had dropped after eating Bertholt. He was not helping as an ally and future memories showed that he would continue to be a failure even as an enemy. If only Armin used his brain instead of licking Annie's crystal all the time like a Popsicle, maybe he could be more useful to someone and Eren would not have to be so drastic. To think that a blind and crippled little girl had the same level of thought and action as his best friends.

[Knight of One - To do your best as the lapdog of your oppressors until you are their top dog. It gives you limited rule over your people in exchange for helping oppress nameless others. It also gives you the closest chance to betray your masters at the right time.]

This was basically Kenny Ackerman, although Sannes also came close. Even though Eren had almost died in that cave, he would rate this higher. This should be a two star at least according to him. Despite the fact that it took away you freedom, there was an end goal at least.

[Special Administrative Zone - To give people certain rights within a limited area within your territory, depending on the mood and mercy of your oppressors.]

Wasn't this basically the Liberio Settlement? Maybe it wasn't as bad as he was thinking but this should have zero star rating as well from his perspective. He really hated walls. He already knew Zero Requiem at this point but still checked it.

[Zero Requiem - Becoming the enemy of the world and then sacrificing yourself. Not just your life, no, that would be too small a price. The legacy you leave behind would be people spitting on your grave long after you are gone.]

He could not do that. He was okay with the world hating him but not his friends. He would talk to them and then seal their memories until after he was dead. It was also a secret revenge to burden them with guilt, not that it would take them long to get over it.

[Sword of Damocles - Destroy all your enemies until only allies are left. Then keep them in line through fear of destruction.]

Wasn't this what he was doing by destroying 80% of the world's population? Keeping the sword hanging over people was not something he liked though. It deviated from his idea of freedom. Three stars.

He finally arrived at the plan that he had no idea about.

[Ragnarok Connection - It connects the consciousness of everyone within the collective unconscious. This hive-mind even includes all those who are already dead. This is just forced telepathy with limiting the information to levels of human brain by filtering based on thinking of a person but no filter of space or time. Lies and secrets become obsolete. As a side-effect, the mixing of thoughts would cause a convergence creating a static world. Nothing new would develop due to lack of individual thinking. A peaceful, perfect, stagnant and closed world.]

At first he thought it was a bad thing, but that was assuming that humanity was a progressive species. If they would continue the cycle of mindless destruction as a failure of a species, then this was an absolute gem of an idea. Why was it rated so low?

[The side-effects, Lelouch's rejection as well as the fact that it was explained in a way that was too complicated for people to understand.]

Damn intellectuals. But he liked it, five stars. Besides the connection could not work for the entire humanity but only for Eldians, both living and dead. So there could still be possibilities with the other races. The more he thought about it, the more he liked it so he made his choice to alter the future.

"Activate Ragnarok Connection"

In the next moment, all Eldians of present and past were telepathically connected. That included all the past shifters. Eren, Armin and others suddenly felt a lot more free with the consciousness of the dead existing separately instead of mixing in their own mind without any separation.