Mo Chridhe

Chapter 8

"Hey, Harry, common room's this way, mate!" Ron said, waving Harry away from the staircase that most definitely didn't go anywhere near Gryffindor common room. A befuddled look on his face, as he stared after his friend. His bag held loosely in his hand; the faded black bag was heavier than it should be. Unfortunately, due to its older age, it's spells had begun to lessen; hence his bag was much heavier than anyone else's. It wouldn't be long before the spells wore entirely.

"I'm going to the library," Harry explained to Ron, and why he was waiting in the stairs to come towards this staircase in particular.

Ron grimaced, "Honesty, how were you put in Gryffindor?" he said, shaking his head, imitating his mother when Percy begged for new books. Not that he realized this, otherwise he would have been even more horrified. "We've only been here a week!" what could he possibly need in the library?

Harry just shrugged, grinning at his friend who positively exuded disbelief and 'not going to happen' if it were an emotion.

"Want me to come?" Ron asked, his face broadcast his reluctance, and it had nothing to do with Harry. It was just the simple fact, he was utterly allergic to books, they made him break out in hives and sneezes, not to mention he was terrified of ending up like Percy. Knowledge wasn't his friend.

"No, that's okay," Harry shook his head, smiling at Ron grateful for his friendship. He'd come with him, he knew that, Ron was a good friend. "I'll see you later!"

"Hey, Ron, up for a game of chess?" Seamus called from the Gryffindor common room doorway.

"Yeah!" Ron said eagerly, he loved chess, crying out a little when he was nudged painfully in the back. Ron looked behind him pained to the extent he felt tears in his eyes. Hand already at his back as if he could somehow stop the pain. Then all he saw was a bushy haired girl – Granger – rushing up the steps and away into the common room. She hadn't even apologised for what she'd done.

She'd been at the library and had five books in her arms, all with hard spines that had just been dug into Ronald Weasley's side.

"You alright, mate?" the Irish boy asked, glaring at Hermione in a show of camaraderie.

"Yeah," Ron said, cheerfully putting aside the second time she'd hurt him with a book, and they'd only been here a week. He turned to seek Harry out, waving cheerfully, and in good time since Harry looked back and waved cheerful as ever with a big grin on his face.

Harry turned away, and the moment he was unobserved that big grin fell away, and the emotions dimmed to nothing. He wasn't near anyone, he was quite alone, now to find the library, and get answers, he wondered what Professor Snape and Marcus would tell him. Not a lot made sense, and he was hoping that he'd get those answers.

Hopefully in those answers would be the 'guilt' that had been eating Professor Snape up during his Potions class. He'd been downright awful, and it had been the worst class this far, but he was so confused.

Digging into his pocket for the map, he begun to make his way to the library. With a bit of luck, he wouldn't miss Marcus, since he wasn't sure he'd be able to find him anywhere else, he didn't think he'd be able to get back down to Professor Snape's place, he'd been too panicked to really pay any attention when Marcus took him down.

It took two wrong turns before he managed to get to the library. Upside, he managed to avoid any of the trick steps. He had no clue where they were, and if asked, the older years would just laugh and go on about their day. Apparently, it was just something you had to learn – like how you got sorted with the sorting hat – on your own as you navigate the school.

Personally, Harry thought it was dangerous, but he was determined to ask Marcus, he would tell him.

"Hi," Harry said as he approached Marcus, he was with someone else, so Harry wasn't sure what to do or say. Peering up at Marcus hoping to get some sort of clue from the wizard.

"Hey, you got homework?" Marcus asked, glancing at the big clock in the library. The blood red numbers on the wall displaying the date and time.

Harry nodded, yes, he'd gotten homework.

"Sit down and do it here, if you need any help let me know," Marcus said, using his foot to push the chair out. "Still got an hour before we go down." his voice a quiet rumbling burr.

Harry glanced at the older blonde boy before sitting down, and began to remove the materials he'd need to do his homework. Which he did so easily now, it didn't take him ages to write out a few words with the constant pain.

It was so odd having a body free of the constant snap, crackle and pops.

"Heir Terrance Higgs, met Heir Harry Potter," Marcus grunted, the book flicking ten pages before settling apparently on its own much to Harry's awe, he still wasn't used to magic.

"Well met, Potter," Higgs inclined his head, recalling Marcus' stark warning over the boy, and not taking any chances. Nobody in their right mind wanted to go up against Marcus. He likely knew more spells (mostly defensive) by the time he was ten than they all learned in a lifetime. The Flints were known for having dozens upon dozens of grimoires filled with family magic and not hurting for money (ever) to need to let them become public intellectual property.

"Well met," Harry echoed, with a quick glance at Marcus, almost grinning when he felt the approval coming from him.

"Transfiguration and Potions homework?" Marcus asked, scribbling away, looking at the book, before it began flipping away again.

"How did you know?" Harry asked, peering at Marcus in awe.

Higgs chuckled, "We got the same homework during our first week, only the most difficult and dangerous of classes started difficult." He explained to the boy, who seemed to revere the ground Marcus walked on. Such an odd sight, seeing the hero of the wizarding world worshiping a Slytherin.

"Oh," Harry said blinking owlishly, "Why would Transfiguration be difficult?" not that he'd read a whole lot, and obviously he hadn't done any practical work, just listened to the professor explain Transfiguration the branches and different things you did. "It sounds amazing and the professor is an Animagus!"

"He didn't grow up with our knowledge," Marcus told Higgs with very deceptive mildness, honestly, a growl at the back of his throat. Just waiting on Higgs attempting to be a smart arse that he was known to be. Oh, he knew they wouldn't actually antagonise Harry, not with his warning, but they wouldn't stop being sarcastic little shits. Or they'd attempt to do it without getting caught.

"Transfiguration is very difficult branches of magic, especially self-transfiguration, whether it's' transfiguring our body or changing its shape. One wrong turn could mean a permanent change, mistakes can be costly where Magic is concerned. It's a serious class that requires real attention, the Potters are good at both Transfiguration and potions."

"They are?" Harry perked up ignoring his homework for the moment.

"Sure, but that doesn't mean to say you will be, but certainly families are better at certain subjects. Only because they're taught from a young age a lot of people have deduced, I don't believe it is meant to be that way." Higgs explained, he'd rather not spend a week in the hospital wing with Marcus hexing him for being disrespectful or impolite.

"Like the Wood family, both parents are exceptional fliers, their son Wood is Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He'd a decent enough flyer, might even make it as a professional, but Marcus is a better flyer and player overall." Higgs explained.

Harry frowned, "Quidditch?" testing out the word, surprisingly nobody had said that word to him in the entire week he had been at Hogwarts this far.

Higgs who snuck crisps into the library, chose the wrong moment to eat one. Instead, he began choking and hacking at the fact the Boy-Who-Lived didn't even know about Quidditch.

"Vacuefacio!" Marcus intoned, clearing out Higgs airways of the obstructing crisps.

"Thanks," Higgs rasped out, coughing a little, "Merlin, thank Merlin for silencing spells, otherwise we would be out on our ear."

"Agreed." Marcus grumbled, "I don't want to be stuck in the common room." All the first and second years would be there along with Professor Snape who helped them with their homework. Mostly it would just be the first years and fifth- and seventh-year students who have exams and want an extra study session.

Higgs gave him a look of agreement. "You been set up to get library books yet?"

"Yes, we were brought here to do it on Tuesday," Harry told Higgs, not seeing the whispers that were happening from students of all ages. Seeing Harry sitting there talking to older Slytherin's definitely got them curious, worse still they were letting Harry – a Gryffindor – talk to them in turn.

"You should check out Quidditch through the ages, it will give the best description to you," Higgs said before he began to explain Quidditch enthusiastically to Harry. Using magic to transfigure items into something resembling the quidditch pitch, broomsticks, Quaffle, Bludgers, beater bats, and the smallest of all items the snitch. It was that well made it gleamed gold.

And Harry's fascination with the sport bloomed, how could it not when Higgs explained everything so enthusiastically? "One hundred and fifty points?" Harry echoed, picking up the snitch, which fluttered but didn't fly. "If you catch this?" fascinated, curiosity at the back of his mind wondered if it was real gold and if it could be sold in the Muggle world. It could get him enough food to last the summer holidays until he could come back here. If worst come to worst and professor Snape couldn't keep his promise.

"Doesn't always guarantee a win," Terrance conceded, "But for the most part, it wins the game."

"Wicked!" Harry said amazed.

Marcus smirked after glancing up from his work, then he remembered, "James Potter was a Chaser during his time at Hogwarts, for the Gryffindor team." Recalling his reaction to seeing a damn picture of his parents, unbelievably at eleven, for the first time in his life.

Naturally Harry soaked up any and all information he could get about his parents. He'd gone from knowing nothing other than they had died in a car accident to that being a lie and so, so much. Well, it was a lot to him, even if it was only his parents' wands, what they look like and things like that.

"Ugh, yeah, I remember that, during detention Filch had me cleaning the entire cabinet of trophies." Higgs commented wryly.

"You don't use magic?" Harry asked quizzically.

"Not in detention, no," Higgs confessed wryly, "Best not get too many detentions, its weird and a cruel and unusual punishment."

Harry gave him an odd look, but the reality was Higgs was a pureblood, he'd grown up with a House-elf taking care of his families every need. Any spills that happen outside were cleaned via a wand, so yes, getting detention and having to clean things the Muggle way was awful.

"Pack up, it's nearly time," Marcus nudged Harry, "The Quidditch pitch is ours tomorrow at four, let the others know. You can come by and watch us if you like?" not asking why he hadn't had a flying lesson yet, Madam Hooch had an accident earlier the day they were supposed to.

"Yes!" both Harry and Terrance crowed happily.

"You noticing the interest?" Higgs whispered to Marcus cautiously.

"I am," Marcus grumbled, he would have preferred that nobody noticed, but he guessed it was asking for too much. Luckily though, the necklace he gave Harry would protect him from anyone trying to penetrate his mind. "Probably already making its way to the teachers." Which meant it was likely Dumbledore would be paying an annoyingly close watch on them.

"Likely," Terrance agreed, "It was nice meeting you, talk to you later." He told Harry.

"You too, Higgs?" unsure of what to call him.

"You can call me Terrance," the boy declared, giving Harry a rare gift indeed, but he had a feeling the kid would be around a lot. When Marcus took any of the students under his wings, they followed him around like a duckling for at least a year. He was just astonished the boy didn't hate Slytherins on principle.

"Only if you call me Harry," Harry said happily.

"You got it," Terrance said, shoving the last of the books in his bag. "Remember Quidditch through the ages." He added, before jogging over to where he knew it would be. He was mildly surprised to find it in its slot, he plucked it out and moved back over to give it to Harry.

Harry snatched his library card from his backpack with a smile, "Thank you,"

"You're welcome kid," Terrance said, messing his hair without thinking about it and leaving.

Luckily it was all over before Harry could think to react and the fact Terrance had mental shields that prevented Harry from feeling much of anything from him. He would come to learn that most of all the Slytherin's were like that.

"Come on, let's head down," Marcus spoke after he was sure his work was dry and set it in his folder before lobbing it in his bag.

"To tell me everything?" Harry asked, peering up at Marcus curious.

Marcus grunted, "Exactly," Professor Snape would likely be finished with the first and seconds years now, and considering they'd planned this, the professor wouldn't be taking on detentions tonight. Which he did enjoy doing all too well, cleaning the cauldrons was difficult work and could not be done with magic.

It took far less time to get Marcus and Harry down to the dungeons and into Severus Snape's quarters than it took Harry to get to the library. After uttering the password Marcus got them safely inside.

"It's vital that you do not let anyone know this password, do you understand?" Marcus demanded of Harry, not that it mattered, it was likely to be changed within the next week. Professor Snape changed it once a month sometimes twice. And it had already been a week, considering the foot traffic, it was likely he would do it in a week. Not many gained the honour of knowing his passwords, they were always personal.

"Not really," Harry said, still standing until Marcus nudged him to sit down on the single seating couch, the leather was old and worn, just like the ones in the common room, but still comfortable. Despite the nudging Marcus was always careful that Harry saw him doing it and was gentle.

"Fair point," Marcus conceded, why would he understand? This was likely all too new to him.

"It is my private quarters and I do not want anyone gaining access that should not be here." Severus smoothly interjected into the conversation. "As you are no doubt aware, I am hardly in line for a professor of the year award. I do not want students gaining access to my quarters to enact their revenge as mischievous and innocent as it may seem." This was his safe heaven, his sanctuary, and he did not want it sullied by remembering his childhood years.

Harry's mouth moved from side to side, moue shaped not saying anything, to neither confirm or deny. His professor had done something wonderful for him, and if that meant he had to be horrid to him? Well, he liked the trade-off.

"I do not hear a Yes, Sir, I won't tell anyone, Sir," Severus stated firmly.

"There's no need to call me Sir professor," Harry said innocently as you please.

Severus blinked, lips drawing into a line, as he bit his tongue to prevent himself from laughing. His eyes glittered as if he was having very dangerous thoughts, but the opposite was true. Severus didn't have many reasons to be amused. Any happiness he found, was very short lived.

Marcus however had both hands over his mouth, an almighty snort leaving his nose. He did succeed in getting control over himself though, "I can see the Slytherin in you now." That sassy sarcasm, oh, he might actually enjoy Harry's company a lot.

Severus' lips quivered madly, but he retained full control over his faculties. "I notice you didn't eat anything during dinner." Changing the subject and it was easy to lose the amusement given what the change heralded. As per usual, the amusement or happiness didn't last long.

"No," Harry agreed, shaking his head.

"Are you hungry now?" Severus asked, removing his cloak.

"Could…could I get some of the porridge like before with the fruit?" Harry asked, unused to asking for anything. He stiffened, barely moving as he watched and felt the room, to see the reactions. He'd decided to trust them, only time would tell whether it was a stupid move or not.

"It's may I have some porridge," Severus corrected him absently, "And yes, you can." After giving instructions to the House-elf on what to bring, Severus made his way to the bathroom. After relieving himself in the toilet he scrubbed his hands until any possible traces of potions and herbs were gone. By the time he was done his hands and arms were red, but well clean and it was safe. He wore dragonhide gloves, yes, but some of the residue and juices slid down passed the gloves. Not that he wore gloves for all dissecting but enough to make sure he cleaned his arms and hands properly.

"May I perform a secrecy spell on you, Harry? This information is very…risky if it gets out." Severus asked as he made a reappearance. It would be unlikely that Harry would darken his quarters again after everything was revealed. However, he couldn't and wouldn't risk it getting out. To think he'd made Dumbledore swear not to tell anyone…and here he was revealing it himself. "It just means you cannot talk about what I reveal tonight, without my expressed permission." He reassured the child, who clearly didn't know the first thing about 'secrecy spells'.

Harry peered over at Marcus, seeking his aid, trusting him above all others.

"The spell if you attempt to talk about something forbidden your mouth with clamp shut. You'll still be able to breathe. Until you stop attempting to reveal anything your jaw will remain closed." Marcus explained, easily done since he had been helping the first years for a few years.

Harry turned to professor Snape and nodded, "Okay," he said sombrely.

Severus' gazed at Harry with pride (at his trust he wasn't she he could have done the same in the child's shoes) and gratitude for the trust in letting him do so. Then there was sadness, in the knowing that tonight any progress he'd made would be undone. He would still have Marcus, and that made this so much easier. He trusted Marcus more anyway, judging by the way he turned to seek his reassurance.

"What do you know about the first wizarding war?" Severus asked, sitting down getting himself comfortable.

Harry blinked, "You mean the one with Voldemo?"

"Voldemort, his name is Voldemort," Marcus pointed out, "What made you think…"

"Hagrid said it, he was almost frozen in fear, which by the way really can happen." Harry said simply, the body when flushed with so much fear can close down, the fear can keep you frozen. "I'm not quite sure why he kept saying I'd know who."

Severus' palmed his face, groaning in despair.

"To summarise, you know nothing about the first war?" Marcus deduced, glancing at Severus, this might take more than just tonight.

"I didn't know about magic until the letter came," Harry argued, or more like refuted Marcus' claim, it wasn't his fault.

"No one is blaming you, Harry," Marcus stated firmly, wanting to mistakes to be made, and Harry should know that with his ability.

"Empaths cannot read emotions of those inclined to the mind arts," Severus rebuked Marcus for his quick belief. "A little may bleed across, but for the most part, they aren't blasting out emotions."

"That's why it's so peaceful?" Harry perked up, wondering what the 'mind arts' were.

"Indeed," Severus murmured, "Now hold still while I apply the spell, if we are here more than three hours it might need reapplied."

Harry held still, watching in awe as professor Snape spoke so fast that his mouth was going with hardly any actual words being spoken. He reckoned that even if they were, he reckoned he wouldn't have understood the words. Latin perhaps? It seemed that the spells were said in Latin according to one of his professors, he'd heard that much.

"There, done, lets get this uncomfortable conversation out of the way." Severus said, the spell had split two ways, once into Harry and one into Marcus. Even Marcus wasn't being trusted with the secrets that were about to be revealed, and both wizards realized this.

"I am only going to give you the basics of the war, I am not going to delve into who is right and who is wrong. All I ask you to do, is thoroughly research the war, and not the whitewashed version anyone at Hogwarts would give you, or the newspaper called the Daily Prophet. It's owed majorly by the Ministry of magic. When you want to know more…come to me." Severus told him, "Or ask Marcus and I'll give him everything in writing." Recalling that Harry might not wish anything to do with him when remembered what he would reveal tonight.

"Okay," Harry said, pleased that they weren't just making assumptions about him and what he would do with his life. Like everyone that the Dursley's tell that he's bad news, don't even try to make their own assumptions they just think he's bad.

"There were three sides during the war, neutral that refused to get involved with the war at all. This side was the vastest. The goblins and all sentient magical creatures as well as wizards and witches all decided against fighting. Then there was the…for the lack of better word, 'light' side is run by Albus Dumbledore, he created a group of likeminded individuals called the Order of the Phoenix, they tried to stop them whenever possible." Severus explained, "The Dark side, is ran by the Dark Lord Voldemort. He is primarily known as 'You-Know-Who' or He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. People began to avoid using his name due to the fact he'd put magic on the name and those who uttered it were found, even against the best of wards."

"Oh," Harry said, understanding Hagrid's actions far better now. "They didn't come up with anything good, the names are stupid." Wrinkling his nose up, "Like what they called me." It was stupid too.

"Agreed," Severus said amusement panging through him.

"Both sides were fighting voraciously for what they believed in. I was best friends with your mother." Severus said, Marcus straightened up as if he'd just been jolted with electricity. "Yes, we were best friends for ten years, unfortunately, I made a stupid mistake as we often do in our youths, many mistakes as a matter of fact."

Harry listened, soaking up yet more information about his mum he hadn't known. Mum, it was just a foreign word to him, until a week ago he hadn't even known what she looked like. He didn't even know anyone in his family except Petunia.

"I insulted your mother in quite the worst way possible for a Muggle-born," Severus continued, "It was then I veered off in a direction she couldn't follow. I joined the Dark Lord, my reasons are my own, and something I very heavily believed in. Despite your mother and I being friends…we had vastly different upbringings."

Harry grimaced at the feeling's professor Snape emoted, even with the mind arts thing.

"Believed?" Marcus narrowed in on the wizard shock and disbelief exuding from Marcus.

Severus paused for a moment, "I still believe in the cause, just not the one doing the leading."

Like a shark Harry noticed the wording as well, "Doing the leading?" Harry swallowed thickly, "You think he's still alive?" the man who had killed his parents had still alive. "He is still alive."

"The public and just about the rest of the world excluding those who follow the Dark Lord and Dumbledore believe Voldemort died the night he attacked you and your family." Severus confirmed what Harry already knew. "However, he…marked his followers so they could be summoned to his side regardless of where he was." rolling his sleeve up, until it reached his elbow showcasing the Dark Mark in all it's glory. A mark he had been proud to get, and even more proud to bear.

"Cool," Harry said, admiring the 'tattoo' unaware that he had slipped into Parseltongue.

Severus jerked back staring inscrutably at the eleven-year-old, yanking his sleeve back down. Marcus and Severus both frozen in that moment, incomprehension thrumming through them. Severus had just felt his mark twinge for the first time in a decade. Clearly the boy was responsible for that, it had happened when he spoke.

Harry flinched away from the momentary fear, a reflex nothing more, but then came admiration and awe. "What was that?" befuddled, all he'd done was say it was cool, what did it mean?

"You can speak to snakes," Severus stated as fact, while clearly awaiting an answer.

It wasn't going to be the only shock that evening.

Harry grinned; it was entirely mischievous making him look like James Potter for the first time. Only the impishness of it and the green eyes made him also look like his mother. He nodded enthusiastically, "Yeah, only once, the Dursleys took me to the Zoo, cus Ms. Figg couldn't take me."

Severus cleared his throat, eyes narrowed in displeasure, "Figg, you say? Arabella Figg? White hair? Blue eyes? Many, many cats? And a fondness for calling people younger than her young one?"

Harry's eyes widened, "You know her?" agog at that information.

Severus gritted his teeth, "Indeed I do, she was a…member of Dumbledore's Order." Betrayal and fury almost overwhelming Severus, but he fought valiantly to keep himself composed. The last thing Harry needed was to be blasted with the fully fledged discharge of his emotions.

"Someone knew how he was being treated and said nothing?" Marcus' scowl was impressive, the anger he exuded was almost as strong as Severus'.

"Perhaps more," Severus struggled with the implication, Dumbledore was one thing…but a witch? A witch who had longed for a child but was unable to have them? She'd written to him begging and pleading for a way. Yet she'd stood by and watched Harry abused? Babysat him and seen his injuries and did nothing? Being horrified didn't even come close to how Severus felt at the moment.

"She wasn't the last of her name, was she?" Marcus asked feeling sick to his stomach.

"Technically her mother was the last of their name, Arabella Figg was born a squib." Severus stated, a grimace of disgust. He could barely believe a witch could have stood by and let it happen. He couldn't reveal her medical information so didn't tell him she'd tried for forty years to have a kid with her husband, who had taken on her name to try and preserve the Figg name.

It was a little wonder she wanted a child to carry the name on, unfortunately, the goblins had to decide what was to come of the estate when she died. Figg could not inherit due to her squib status, but until she actually died (and no heir was forthcoming from her) then they'd decide what became of it. Real estate, bank accounts, all other assets would be divided likely.

"You mean this is far worse than you thought," Marcus grumbled, boring holes into his head of houses head.

Severus nodded curtly, "But we are veering off topic for the moment, we have much to discuss and you can't stay here after curfew again less suspicions be incited." He couldn't risk anything going wrong, this would be a delicate balance for an entire year before he ended up on Dumbledore's bad side, and that was going to be enough.

"A year before you were born, I had made plans to meet Lucius in Hogshead pub, it's a bar run by Albus Dumbledore's younger brother." Severus cautioned him, he warned all his younger years never to venture into that pub. All their secrets and conversations would likely reach Dumbledore's ears if they did. "However, I was distracted by Dumbledore being in the pub, and I knew the Dark Lord would be pleased if I was able to bring back information. So, I eavesdropped on the interview, apparently for the post of Divination. It was then something happened, the witch trying to gain the Divination post went into a trance and spoke the words of a prophecy."

Marcus closed his eyes, he figured he could guess quite well what happened.

"The prophecy was only half heard by me, I was thrown from the pub for 'eavesdropping'," Severus explained, "But I didn't mind. I had something to give the Dark Lord, and I went ahead and did so, proud of my achievement." Holding Harry's hand in a tight but not painful grip, he added, "It's the one moment in my life I'd take back should I have been given the opportunity."

Marcus' gaze sharpened with sympathy.

"Despite our friendship having went sideways I still loved your mother very much." Severus told Harry quietly, pensively. "I would have done anything for her, and I did. When I realized the Dark Lord came to believe you were the child spoken in the prophecy, I went to him and begged him to spare her. I was so desperate to save her that I didn't consider you or your father in the equation. However, I forgot one of the most fundamental things about your mother. She loved you so much and would never want to live in a world that was without you."

Harry swallowed thickly, able to feel the emotions professor Snape had for his mum. It was different from any other feeling he'd experienced before. It wasn't like Dudley for his mum, it wasn't anywhere like Vernon for Petunia, it was making his heart feel ready to burst. Was it just love or was it everything he felt for her including the guilt he felt?

"I am sorry, please forgive me," Severus murmured, a single tear making its way traitorously down his cheek. Dumbledore had looked and seemed so very disgusted by his actions. Inwardly he knew what Dumbledore was doing was worse…however, emotions were not quite so easily swayed or stemmed. He'd kept this inside of him for an entire decade, it was no wonder he was ready to explode. It was not what he had wanted to do today, not what he wanted Harry to feel.

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