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Before Zeus could start the show, he stopped as a strange wave passed through the chamber, freezing everyone on the spot, the strange feeling making the campers shake in uneasiness. While handling the pressure easier, the Gods still had bids of sweat gathered on their foreheads.

Before Zeus could demand what was happening, in the center of the chamber, a swirl of darkness formed, pooling in a wide circle. Rising upward, the darkness formed what looked like a portal of some sort. Everyone watched cautiously, those with weapons and power getting ready for any sudden attack.

Just then, before any action could be done, a figure stepped out of the portal, the darkness vanishing in a blink of an eye. The chamber was silent, as all the occupants stared at the new and sudden arrival. It was a man, looking to be in his mid 20s or so, possessing short dark hair, with an average build wearing dark clothing.

The man looked around the place, his eyes moving from the Gods to the campers, before nodding. "Alright, this looks like the place." He muttered. Raising a fist up, he coughed lightly, clearing his throat. He held his hand up in greeting.

"Hello! The names Juubi, Juubi no Shinju!"

Zeus clears his throat as he starts to say "What is your business here, Mr. Shinju?" Zeus questioned the stranger in an authoritative manner while making his aura of power intense. Raising a brow, Juubi ("Shin") crossed his arms, also raising his power. The demigods could feel it, the intensity of both sides. And Grover stifles his mouth and tries not to shriek like a goat.

"Don't put your panties in a twist, Bolt-Head. I'm actually here to help you guys better understand the situation you are in." Shin explained, getting raised brows from the Gods.

"Oh?" The Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, said. "And pray tell, why would you need to have come, if you don't mind me asking?"

Shin rolled his eyes to her, smirking. "Because, my dear, I am the Creator of the reality you guys are watching." He announced, getting looks.

"What do you mean by that?" Hermes asked.

"To put it simply...I'm a God." Shin said, shaking the campers, while the Gods narrowed their eyes at him. Before they could say anything, Shin held up his hand. "And before you ask, no I don't mean a God belonging to a Pantheon or anything. You could say I'm Being on the Level of Chaos itself."

The Gods flinched, stunned, trying to comprehend what they were hearing. This man must be lying! To declare himself standing on the same level as their ancestor & creator?! The creator of ALL?! He must be speaking insanity!

Seeing the expressions on the Gods' faces, Shin smirked. "Believe me or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you are about to witness the tales of my own creation, following the actions of Naruto Uzumaki. One of many of my creations, to be truthful, and as such, I'm here that in fairness, you should at least have some understanding about what you are getting into." He said, looking around. Raising a hand, he snapped his fingers. Instantly, conjured from nothing, a chair formed behind him, allowing him to take a seat. "Now, as I understand, you have gotten a small glimpse into the lifestyle of the world Naruto comes from. However, that small peak is NOTHING compared to the reality it holds." He said, crossing his legs. Rolling his neck, a crack sounded up as he let out a sigh. "Now, I'm very busy with a current event I'm doing, and can't really leave that group alone for too long, who knows what could happen. Not to mention that I have other projects in the works I need to get back to. So, we'll have to make this as quick as we can."

Ares scoffed, crossing his arms. "And why do we need to listen to some stupid history lesson?"

Shin's eyes rolled towards him. "For one, it's actually quite the tale of war, death, betrayal, monsters, warriors, and evolution. I'm sure someone like you would find it quite entertaining. Second, because I said so. So keep your mouth shut, before I get annoyed." He warned.

Ares glared at him, but a look from Hera kept him from saying anything, so he just scoffed, looking away with crossed arms.

Shin sighed, looking at the gathered group. This was going to take a long while, as he would have to explain everything for the audience to understand the story before even the first chapter. 'So troublesome...'

With everyone's attention on him, Shin began. "Starting off at the beginning, long ago in the past of what would become the Elemental Nation, the land was torn with war and death as the lands would fight one another for territory and resources. Warriors of the norm would fight for their lands, killing their enemies left and right in the name of their lords and emperors. However, there would come a day when the planet was visited by a lone stranger from above."

Apollo cut in, raising a brow. "What, aliens? You serious?" He asked, thinking he was joking.

Shin raised a brow at him. "The universe is more mysterious than you could imagine. Endless wonders and undiscovered secrets no being could uncover in millions of years." He shot, making the Sun God go silent, unable to argue with that. Even to Gods, they were ignorant to all that is spread throughout Chaos's playground. The existence of alien beings is not that far-fetched.

Shin continued. "The visitor was a woman by the name of Kaguya Otsutsuki. She had been sent to Earth by the main family of her clan from another world to retrieve a special object which had been buried into the Earth long ago. This object was known as a "Chakra Fruit", which bloomed from a God Tree."

"God Tree?" Athena asked, intrigued by the tale so far.

Shin nodded. "As you know, chakra is the energy Naruto's people possess, flowing through their bodies which allow them to do incredible things. However, the origin of chakra itself is that it originated from the God Tree." Suddenly, the TV turned on, the screen flickering on to display a massive tree, its size stunning the viewers.

"Whoa, that's so tall," Travis commented in awe.

"Yeah, I know right. It looks like a flower more than a tree " Connor muttered.

"It is believed that the God Tree came into being on the planet when a meteorite crashed upon it long ago. From that meteorite, a tree sprouted, and grew, and grew, and grew until it became what you see before you. Its roots buried themself deep into the planet's crust, possible all over the world, from which it provided the planet life and energy. At least, that's what the people believed. In truth, whatever energy produced by the God Tree, when ready, would be reabsorbed back into it, with that energy being used to produce a special fruit. A Chakra Fruit."

"So you're saying that the humans get their powers from this tree, correct?" Annabeth questioned Shin.

Looking at the young Demi-God, Shin nodded. "Yes. What feats you witnessed performed by the shinobi, the amount of chakra they hold could barely be counted as one percent in comparison to the power gained by consuming the fruit. Truly, the name of God Tree is quite on the mark. However, moving on, the clan Kaguya came from could be called a family of Planet Eaters. Through greed or some other reason, the Otsutsuki Clan have made it their mission to travel across universes and dimensions, searching for planets in which they plant God Tress, allowing it t bloom and sprout, of which once the Chakra Fruit is formed, they consume it, empowering themselves to unspeakable levels, before restarting the process in other planets. And of those planets from which the God Trees were? They are left dry, barren, all life dead and empty." He said, eyes cold from the actions done by the Otsutsuki Clan members.

Zeus just rests his chin into his fingers. Trying to comprehend Shin's tale. If he was telling the truth. This is a serious threat. Not only to Olympus but also to the entire world. This… clan might be more powerful than Nyx herself, the only primordial who Zeus is afraid of.

"If this is true… Father, we must plan something against this kind of threat. Otherwise, all of us will be doomed in the future." Athena suggested to her father.

"D-doomed!" Tyson yelped in fear. But his friends just ignore him.

"I guess you're right, my daughter. For now, let's keep Mr. Shin speaking. For us to learn something more about this… reality." Zeus gestured to Shin to continue.

Shin nodded, continuing his tale. "As stated, Kaguya was sent to retrieve the fruit and bring it back to her home planet to give it to the main family. However, upon her arrival to Earth Kaguya had fallen in love with the beauty of the planet. So much so, she defied her sworn duty, attacking her compatriot before leaving him for dead. Swearing to keep the planet safe from her clan, she took up residence on the planet, declaring herself the guardian of the God Tree. She soon met and grew close to an emperor of the land, becoming his concubine, and from their union, she became pregnant. Of course, life is never well and peaceful. The land had its laws and rules, one of which being against the assault of a larger nation's visiting representative. Sadly, when she and her assistant had gotten threatened by the representative, Kaguya's pride could not be held down, and as such, she killed him. This action caused Kaguya and her assistant and friend to be hunted down by their own land and people to be executed."

Aphrodite cannot help but feel saddened. This emperor just broke Kaguya's love and trust in him. And they pushed her far enough to do such a thing. 'Such a tragic love story,' Aphrodite thought to herself.

Curious, Artemis asked something she's been wondering. "What does this Kaguya look like anyway?"

Smirking, Shin snapped his fingers, and the screen flickered to display Kaguya, stunning everyone with the alien woman's otherworldly beauty. And it made every man blush.

"Hot damn!" Apollo exclaimed, stunned by the woman's gorgeous's looks. Artemis just rolled her eyes at her brother's antics when it comes to gorgeous women.

"Tsk, men. Always salivating to women like rabbits in heat." Zoe scoffed

It made Dionysus spit his low-diet coke. He stared at Kaguya and admired her outworldly beauty.

Ares began grinning, his eyes glowing with lust behind his shades. The woman could give even Aphrodite a run for her money.

For the demigods, well they admit. She's so beautiful. But that's not the only thing that they notice. Her eyes…they weren't normal, it was pure white. It's like she has a cataract on both eyes.

"Her eyes, is she blind?" Reyna whispered to Jason and Piper shrugged. Didn't know the answer.

"Yeah, it's like she has cataracts in both eyes. But, hey she's beautiful and hot." Leo grinned.

'She's… like a princess,' Zeus, ever the admirer of beautiful women, stared at the image of Kaguya, finding her long silvery-white hair and blank white, pupiless eyes quite the appeal. Unfortunately for him, his wife caught on to his staring, causing her to glare heavily at him and scoffed.

"As you could guess, this event shook Kaguya's faith in humanity, the betrayal by someone she held feeling stinging more than anything she had ever experienced before. However, Kaguya had always held a desire for peace on the land. Not for humans, but for the planet itself. Why should it suffer humanity's greed and evil? As such, if humanity would not stop its battles and deaths, she would do it herself. However, in order to accomplish such a thing, she would need power. Power to make humans seize her wars. Power to force humanity to hold their actions. As such, there was only one thing that could grant her such power." Shin hinted.

Katie, Demeter, Persephone, and Grover somehow understand Kaguya's hatred. Humans did a lot of bad things even in this world. They throw trash everywhere, they're polluting the waters, the air, and land. But still, they didn't give up humanity (Although Grover hated humans for doing bad things and wanted to curse them and stuff). Not all humans were violent and greedy creatures. Others were trying to make the world a better place.

"Traveling to the God Tree, Kaguya climbed its massive bark, climbing all the way to its center point, going up its branches, until she finally found it. The Chakra Fruit, her original mission. However, centering her defection from her clan, Kaguya did her clan's forbidden taboo, and ate the fruit. And from that...she changed. From the power of the fruit...she evolved."

The tv screen changed, this time showcasing the newly transformed Kaguya. While relatively the same, the views instantly spotted the changes. Growing from the crown of her head, two big, long brown horns jolted upward. Another fact of importance was she now had a third eye, right on her forehead! Crimson in color, with a ripple-like pattern surrounding the pupil, three comma-like things resting on each ring.

"She looks… She looks…" Grover can't finish the sentence because of the fright that he feels when seeing Kaguya's evolved appearance.

"Like a monster?" Clarisse finished the sentence that Grover was trying to say as Grover nodded.

"Yup, not as appealing as she recently was." Hermes shrugged and hid his fear of Kaguya's transformation. He feels something horrible about her.

Shin raised a brow at them. "The difference between one's appearance in comparison to others is but the start of many wars. Besides, couldn't the actions brought upon by you gods also cause others to label you as monsters?" He asked, looking at the Greek Deities, making some flinch, recalling their less than savory actions they committed in the past, while others narrowed their eyes warningly at him, not willing to allow for such words against them, none more so than Zeus, who has static course through his body in rising anger, the sound of thundering clouds booming outside the chamber.

Not that Shin cared, turning away to continue the story. "Moving on. By consuming the Chakra Fruit, Kaguya achieved a level and state of power many would consider...godly. Not that they were that far off. With her newfound power, Kaguya did what she said she would do, and single handedly ended the Earth's raging wars, her power striking fear to the armies and empires. No warrior could match her. No weapon could scratch her. She was, for all intent purposes, a Goddess among Humans. Empires fell and crumbled, with Kaguya taking the top chain of power, ruling the nations, through fear and awe, receiving the blessing and love and fear and hate from the people. However the feelings were, she was worshiped. She was loved. She was feared. She was...their Rabbit Goddess." He said, smirking an almost dark smirk, making everyone flinch, the campers frightful of his words, while the gods stared wearily at the image of the so-called 'Rabbit Goddess' on the tv scream. Well, not everyone, as the Greek Goddess of the Moon and Hunt, Artemis, looked at Kaguya, intrigued. To see a female achieve godhood and end the conflicts of her planet...Artemis could not deny she would not be interested in having a conversation with the alien woman.

"That's… insane," Percy muttered.

"Yeah, definitely," Annabeth commented.

Shin lost his smile, taking on a serious expression. "However, even with peace achieved, and all her newfound power, along with her soon-to-be-born children, Kaguya did not forget about the looming threat of her clansmen. Compared to her clan's long tradition of eating Chakra Fruits, Kaguya knew she stood no match against them alone. She needed an army. However, she knew the humans of Earth were too weak to do anything against the other Otsutsuki Clan members. No, she required a different type of army. And so, she thought of a plan to gain such an army. A plan to use the humans of Earth as vessels for her troops. Of course, knowing they would put up a fight, she had to resort to...special means. As you can clearly see, the power gained from the fruit causes special alterations to Kaguya's biology." He said, gesturing to the screen, which zoomed in on Kaguya, specifically, her third eye.

"What in Chaos's name is that?" Hades asked, narrowing his eyes at the grotesque image.

"A special eye, with special abilities. I'm sure you all recall the strange eye possessed by a young red-haired child. Purple in color, with a ripple line pattern?" He asked, seeing them nod. "That is one of the special gifts certain people from the Elemental Nations possess/ They are known as Doujutsu, or Eye Techniques. Eyes affected and mutated by chakra. While strange in appearance, the Doujutsu, different between special families, grant the wielder special powers, unique from the normal shinobi. Kaguya, being the first to possess chakra, wielded the first Doujutsu in the history of the Elemental Nations, granting her numerous special abilities. One of which was the ability to project illusions into the minds of her enemies."

"Illusions?" Athena asked. "Like the Mist?"

"Ninja's can do illusions too? That's freaking awesome!" Apollo exclaimed.

"In a way, but on a more controlled method. Known as Genjutsu, or Illusionary Arts, it basically allows, should the caster's will be stronger than that of the target's, to manipulate their perception and senses to whatever the caster chooses. Kaguya planned to trap all of humanity into a world of illusions, illustrating their deepest desires, allowing her free reign to transform their bodies into mindless drones to serve as her loyal troops against her clan should they ever travel to Earth."

"Despicable." Demeter commented.

Shin shrugged. "Perhaps, but given her distaste towards humanity, her more caring and loving affection towards the planet, and fear towards her former superiors, Kaguya did what she had to. Was she wrong for it? Perhaps. However..." He stared at the gods, eyes practically glowing. "Would you have done differently, should the Titans and Primordials resurfaced?"

The Olympians flinched. The stranger had a point. What will happen if the Titans or the Primordials do something that will destroy the universe? Well, that's something that they don't want to know.

For Percy, he… how does he say this? He feels bad for Kaguya. She loved the planet but in the end, it just gave her futility and pain.

'I wish I could go home and see mom, or just get back to camp and do more training.' Percy thought to himself. He doesn't want to be a part of this.

"But…how could she possibly be able to enchant every human?" Poseidon questioned, thinking it would be impossible for a being, even a god, to compel every human in the planet.

Shin smirked. "By using the very thing no one could escape from." He said, much to their confusion. Shin then pointed a finger upwards. Everyone looked at the ceiling in confusion, not seeing what he was hinting at. Artemis furrowed her brows in thought, before her eyes widened, catching on.

"The moon!" She called out, making everyone look at her in surprise and shock, as Shin nodded.

"Correct. The moon is more than just a big ball of rock. It's a filter. A mirror. Reflecting the light of the sun onto the Earth at night. Using her third eye, her Rinne-Sharingan, and her power, Kaguya planned to cast her illusion through the moon, reflecting it back onto the planet, entrapping anyone who looked upon it in her Illusion World. A world where they could be trapped in forever or until Kaguya wills it otherwise. The Infinite Tsukuyomi."

"That...That's insane!" Athena exclaimed, finding such a plan maddening. Once more, Shin shrugged.

"To use the moon as a catalyst of a worldwide illusion? Could something like that even be possible?" Artemis thought, thinking of her chariot.

Next to her, Apollo looked at his sister nervously. "You're not thinking about doing the same and putting all of Earth's men into illusions or making them your servants, are ya sis?" He asked, snapping Artemis out of her thoughts before she glared at him.

"Of course not, you fool! I would never do such a thing!" She defended, though a traitorous thought in her head was considering it.

"You will do no such thing, Artemis!" Zeus demanded, narrowing his eyes at his daughter, making Artemis cross her arms, grumbling that she would never do such a thing, not that many believed her.

"Anywho..." Shin said, snapping everyone back into focus. "At the time, Kaguya, miraculously, still possessed some goodwill. She had allowed a small percentage of humanity to keep their will, allowing them freedom while erasing their memories of the existence of her hidden army. Of course, people still feared her. Any, if not all humans fear that which they could not hope to understand. Such is the true nature of humanity. Fear what is different. Hate what they cannot understand."

Those words caused the demigods to flinch, especially those who suffered hostility and/or abandonment from their human parents due to their divine blood.

"Of course, life always grants its surprises, as not long after, Kaguya gave birth to two young boys."

The screen flickered, soon displaying two young, slumbering newborn boys sleeping peacefully on a mattress. The sight caused many of the females in the chamber to gush at the adorable sight. None more so than Aphrodite and her daughter, finding the sight too cute to be silent.

"Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki." Shin introduced.

However, the group then noticed that they weren't ordinary infants, as from their foreheads, dull-ended curved horns projected out.

"Ahhh, aren't they adorable," Hestia giggled. How cute these babies are.

"I'm guessing the horns are genetic?" Hera asked, raising a brow at the abnormalities, but she had seen stranger.

Shin shrugged. "More or less. In truth, the horns only passed to them, not their own offspring. Of course, the horns were not the only thing they inherited from their mother. The energy she gained from eating the Chakra Fruit also passed onto them, coursing through their body in an internal system similar to the human body's circulatory system. For a good part of their lives, Kaguya loved them as any mother would, nurturing them, teaching them. Of course, as the saying goes: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. In time, her methods of ruling grew malicious. She became stricter. More merciless in punishing her 'servants' for their failures. Instead of a Goddess to be worshiped and loved, she became the Demon to be feared."

"Why am I not surprised?" Poseidon muttered.

"The stress of ruling, added with her fear of her clansmen, caused Kaguya to become paranoid. Greedy. Especially towards her power. Her chakra. Chakra, which her sons held." Hades pointed out, figuring out what could have led the woman down her path.

"Oh no." Hestia muttered, worried for the implications. Her fear was indeed correct as Shin nodded.

"Kaguya was overwhelmed by the belief that no one should possess chakra. Not the humans her eldest granted chakra to. Not her clan. Not even her own sons. As such, she desired to absorbed the chakra from their bodies, whether it killed them or not. However, her sons, at the development of young adults, have learned to master their powers. Developing different and stronger methods of using their energies, as well as their own mutations brought upon by their blood from their mother."

The screen showed the images of Hagoromo and Hamura with different eyes. Hagoromo possessing a red-colored eye with a thin line circling his pupil, with three comma-shaped markings on it. It then changed, showing a familiar rippled purple eye they've seen before.

Meanwhile, Hamura's eyes were a blank, creamy white like his mother's. Suddenly, the veins surrounding his eyes on the sides of his face began bulging, becoming visible, while a transparent, nearly invisible pupil could barely be seen.

"The Sharingan, the Rinnegan, and the Byakugan. 'Gifts' from their mother, allowing them greater power than they could've possibly imagined."

"Freaky." Apollo muttered, earring an elbow to the ribs by his sister.

"To be honest, their eyes look cool, dad." Will added. Feeling mesmerized just by looking at them.

"Really, Will? For me, I felt so uneasy." Nico remarked.

"Cautious of her sons' powers and skills, Kaguya needed a greater advantage in order to defeat them. As such, she did the unthinkable. She fused her being with the God Tree." Shin said, shocking everyone.

"She did what?!" The gods exclaimed in unison.

"Could something like that even be possible?! Fusing herself to a tree?" Bianca questioned confusedly.

"The fusion warped Kaguya's mind even more, with the fusion illustrating the state." Shin said, with the screen flickering, soon showing the monstrous image of the new being Kaguya and the God Tree became. It was massive, monstrous in appearance and description with ten massive tails swinging behind it, spikes coming out all over its body, with a large massive singular eye taking a good portion of its face. Its form shook the demigods, with the Gods not faring any better, with many unable to help to compare it to the monstrosity known as Typhon, the most powerful offspring of Gaea.

"What in the Tartarus?!" Thalia shouted.

"This woman… I could feel the power. Just by watching it." Persephone whispered and it made her nervous. As well as Amphitrite.

"Kaguya became what became known throughout legend as Ten-Tailed One-Eyed Monster, the Juubi! A creature of unspeakable power and destruction. With but a single swing of its tails, it could destroy the whole planet like nothing." Shin stated, much to the horror of the listeners. How could such a thing exist?! It was unimaginable! Like something out of their worst nightmares!


Suddenly, the sound of a mix between a beast's roar and haunting screams blared throughout the chamber, causing everyone to cover their ears in pain. The only one not affected being Shin, as he allowed the sound of the Juubi's roar to last for a few more seconds, before cutting it off.

After regaining his hearing, Apollo looked at the Author God/Avatar. "What the hell was that?!" He asked, eyes wide.

Shin shrugged. "The Juubi. Kaguya. The God Tree. Take your pick."

Zeus narrowed his eyes at him. "And could all God Trees become that...creature?" He demanded. Even he could not deny the frightful power of such a creature. It's power could even be felt, perhaps simulated, through the visual display. The thought of facing such a thing...it honestly made Zeus hesitant. And it came from a meteorite? Meaning it could be possible for more God Trees to be made?! Could they all become that creature? That...Juubi?

Shin hummed, thinking. Honestly, he didn't know himself. He was the author, anything he said, goes. He designed Naruto to be the new form of the Shinju. Taking its power, as well as all the chakra of the Elemental Nations, Biju, and Kaguya to reach his current state. Honestly, he never considered the development of other Juubis from other Shinju Trees. 'Hmm...ideas, ideas.' Deciding to think about that later, he turned to Zeus, shrugging. "Maybe. It's not outside the realm of possibility." He said, making the Gods worried. "Moving on; the battle with their transformed mother had not been easy for the brothers, none of their attacks even hurt the beast. Their battle lasted many days and many nights, wrecking and changing the landscape forever, with only their immense levels of energy allowing them to continue going. It was only when Hagomoro used the full power of his Rinnegan, that they were able to defeat the beast by doing the impossible."

Hades raised a brow. "What did he do?"

Shin smirked. "He sealed the beast within his own body."

The chamber became silent, everyone stunned by what they heard.

"With no other option available, with the Juubi's rampage damaging the land more and more, Hagoromo used the power of his Rinnegan, as well as the skills he's mastered to force the beast into his own body, containing it, and transcending his power beyond mortal belief, becoming practically a God."

"A human...becoming a God." As strange as it sounded, such a thing was not impossible. However, it was usually through the blessing of higher gods. However, never has Zeus heard of a human being capable of making a god's power their own to reach godhood. It was incomprehensible.

"Wait, wait, that's totally absurd and bullshit. I mean they may be strong and powerful, but how is that possible?!" Ares questioned.

Shin explained. "The process Hagomoro used basically connected the Juubi's chakra and power to him. Not all of it, of course, but enough to not explode his body from stress. Of course, even limited, it granted Hagoromo a power that is unimaginable, far surpassing his previous level."

The demigods looked at each other. Filled with curiosity and confusion in their minds.

"What kind of powers though? Like… umm… exploding stuff?" Grover just nervously chuckled. And his friends just gave him a deadpan stare. Well, Grover lacks imagination.

"Really, Grover? After all that we saw, you imagine explosive powers?" Annabeth said dryly.

"Well, what do you even think of his super powers, Annabeth?" Grover groaned and Annabeth didn't answer.

Shin smiled at the satyr mysteriously, making him gulp. "Let's just say, if Hagomoro was a fighter not a man of peace...you're gods would be unable to land a hand on him, much less hurt him in battle."

Zeus narrowed his eyes at him, the sky rumbling. "Do you have a death wish, boy?" He demanded, thinking the young-looking stranger was threatening them.

Shin chuckled lowly. "Merely stating what could-be. When I said Hagomoro was as close to a god in the Elemental Nations, I was not joking. The abilities granted by chakra would shock even you gods. Even with his eyes alone, Hagoromo could best you Three Main Brothers. Command of the elements? Control over Life and Death? Creating anything with but a thought? You would do well to take my words seriously." Shin warned, the chamber shaking slightly as an ominous feeling washed over everyone.

"So you'll just keep saying things that are so… foolish and absurd, no?" Poseidon glared, making his aura rumbled in the hall room

"Calm down, my love. Let's just-" Before Amphitrite could finish her sentence. Zeus stands up from his throne, an angry expression on his face.

"You know I'm growing tired of this nonsense. Are you insulting us?!" Zeus roared, the sky outside darkening with dark clouds, booming with thunder.

Seeing the angry looks he was getting from Zeus, Poseidon, and Ares, while the others narrowed their eyes at him, Shin sighed. This is why we didn't like dealing with Greek Gods, or Norse Gods. Too arrogant that they couldn't take the thought that they weren't the strongest in all of existence. But before Shin could speak…

"Oh just shut up already, Zeus!" Hera shouted at her husband. She just wanted to get this damn storytime over and done with, and Zeus picking a fight would only drag it on even more! The King of Olympus looked at her, bewildered.

"W-what did you say, woman?!" Zeus shouted back. Hera stood up from her throne, glared back at him. The King and Queen began arguing with each other, not that it was anything new for the other gods, knowing it was a normal, if not daily thing for them.

Meanwhile, the demigods were just sitting on the side, shivering because of the rulers of the gods' wrath.

"I just wanna go home." Silena sighed. Wishing to be back in her cabin and enjoying a night of beauty sleep.

"Well, that's Zeus for ya. Always so…" Grover covered Thalia's mouth. He shushed her while shivering in fear.

"Can you just shut up, Thalia. We don't want to meddle to the god's affairs right now." Grover nervously gulped. He just wished to go back to the camp and play some pan flute. Then they saw Hestia approaching with a tray of cookies and chocolate milk drink.

"I'm sorry if you have to see this, children. Here, have some cookies and drinks." Hestia gives them the snacks and the demigods grab a cookie each, taking a bite. The demigods were instantly delighted in the tasty cookies and milk chocolate drink.

"Thank you, Lady Hestia. It somehow calms us down for a bit" Beckendorf thanked the Goddess politely.

"Yeah, Lady Hestia. You're the best." Leo keeps munching the cookies. And it makes the Goddess giggle, feeling glad that the children love it.

Meanwhile, Shin stared at the arguing King and Queen boringly, his brow twitching in growing annoyance. He wasn't getting paid enough for this - wait a minute, he wasn't getting paid at all! - to sit here, listening to a god and goddess arguing with one another like children! He still had a lot to get through explaining, and he didn't want to be stuck here any more than he needed to when he had other shit to do.

'I mean, sure I can create duplicates of myself, but then that'll only make me stay here even longer! I seriously don't want to deal with an arrogant asshole like Zeus any more than I have to, especially when the actual story starts. Who knows how he'll react when he finds out about Naruto and Hera!' Yeah, he'd like to miss out on that inevitable bomb.

Letting out a sigh of annoyance, he raised his hand. With a snap of his fingers, Zeus and Hera were forced back into their thrones, blinking in confusion and daze. "Enough of that! There is still a lot to go through. So how about we quit it with the babbling, and keep going. Capeesh?!" He asked, narrowing his eyes at Zeus, who growled at him in anger, but stayed silent, shooting a final glare at his wife, who sent her own.

Athena raised a brow at Shin. "Exactly how much more do you need to explain?" It seriously felt like they've been there for hours alone.

Shin groaned, rubbing his forehead. "In layman's terms, out of a 5-page introduction, we have only gotten through the first 5 or so paragraphs." He explained, making everyone groan. He glared at them. "Oh be quiet you babies! I wanted for there to be some slideshow or something to explain the history lesson, but those damn Fates made me come here in person to do so!" This was the last time he did anyone any favors!

Hestia, ever the saint, smiled comfortingly at him. "Then let us continue on, shall we?"

Shin mumbled. "Worst 30 minutes of my Kami-damn life! Alright! Listen up! As I was saying before, absorbing the Juubi into his body, enhanced Hagoromo far past his physical, more so spiritual, limits. I'll explain more later. Anyway, after dealing with the Juubi, Hagoromo spent his time looking into how to release the people from Kaguya's illusion. Once that was accomplished, he spent the rest of his life as a priest, traveling the land and blessing people with chakra. He was of the belief that peace could be achieved if people learned to understand each other, their emotions, their feelings, their heart. He grained many followers, with his teachings becoming a religion in itself. It became known as Ninshu, with Hagoromo becoming known throughout the world as the Rikudō Sennin, the Sage of Six Paths."

Apollo whistles. "Damn, that's an awesome name."

"Peace through understanding..." Hermes muttered, smiling lightly. "Sounds like an interesting idea."

Artemis and Athena nodded in agreement. "Would be something I wish our world practiced. Less war and conflict." Artemis commented, knowing many conflicts were caused by children of the Gods, of which led to the Oath being made between her father and uncles. 'Not that it did anything.' She thought, looking at her young half-sister and the offspring of Poseidon and Hades.

Athena nodded. "After so many wars and instigated conflicts, the thought of humanity being able to at the very least come to an understanding with one another would be something anyone would wish to come into reality."

Ares scoffed, getting everyone's attention. "Oh please! As if humans care about peace. All they know is death and murder. That's the only thing they know how to do." He said, a savage grin spreading across his face, getting some glares from his family and the demigods. "Sure, maybe they could achieve some semblance of peace...for a good month or two, but you know I'm right. The first second the wrong look is sent, they'll be back to bashing each other's brains in, like savage animals." He said, chuckling darkly.

"Are you referring to yourself?" Shin asked, resting his cheek against his hand, smirking as Ares glared at him. "Of course, you're not wrong." He suddenly said, making everyone look at him. He shrugged. "As I said before, it's human nature. That which is different, humans can't help but fear it. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to killing. Killing leads to more anger. So on, and so forth. However, that doesn't mean that peace is impossible. Just difficult to maintain. Something Hagomoro wanted to achieve, as he and Hamura dealt with the repercussions of their mother's reign. But Hagomoro never gave up, even knowing his goal of world peace would be impossible for him to achieve in a single lifetime. However, even if not by his own hands, he entrusted that mission to the future generation. Even more so, his own sons."

On the tv screen, it showed the image of a grown Hagoromo, standing between two young boys, both with brown hair, wearing white attire, standing in front of each other with their hands up, pointer and index fingers raised.

"Demigod children, huh?" Poseidon said, wondering if the future event of that world would be similar to his own, with the pressure of a God parent driving the children to ruin, as was the case for many of the Greek God's offspring.

"The older son, Indra Otsutsuki. Acknowledged as a prodigy in the teachings of his father, able to quickly master his chakra beyond his peers and teachers, impressing Hagoromo." Shin explained the image zooming on Indra, showcasing a young boy with a long, wild mane of brown hair and dark eyes. The viewers watched as Indra raised his hand up, soon conjuring a small ball of fire, hoving over his hand. Suddenly, the fireball erupted in a blaze, before disrupting. The image then changed to the other boy, possessing the same dark hair, but only reaching his shoulders. "The younger son, Asura Otsutsuki. Unlike his brother, Asura wasn't as talented as Indra, and had to struggle to learn his skills. However, what he lacked in talent, he made up for it in determination and will. Constantly training to become an equal in his brother's eyes."

"Indra and Asura? Huh, that reminds me of the names of Hindu deities when I was in India." Dionysus commented.

Shin gained a mysterious smile. "Really? Must be a coincidence." He said, keeping his smile, making some of the gods narrow their eyes at him.

"I mean, I traveled halfway across the world. And sometimes I've been able to meet a few deities, like Ganesha." Dionysus smiled and remembered the time that he and Ganesha drank wine and ate weird delicacies. But still, it was a fun ride.

"And who the fuck is Ganesha?" Ares asked in an irritable manner, annoying Dionysus at the disrespect towards his friend. But decide to not answer him.

Shin continued on to prevent a fight. "Moving on, Hagoromo taught his sons the lessons of Ninshu, hoping that together, they would succeed where he failed. Unfortunately for him, there was a great torn to his plans." He said, narrowing his eyes in anger.

Athena raised a brow, seeing the look. "What would that be?"

Shin sighed, leaning back on his chair. "Before she was sealed, Kagura had a backup plan in case she failed. Before facing her sons, she created a creature. Practically formless, created to be her will on Earth to aid her in escaping her prison. This being, this leech, is known as Black Zetsu." He hissed, spitting out the name, as the screen showed what could only be described as a living shadow. Their body was solid black without any defining features, except for two beady golden dots for eyes. The sight of the creature gave the gods an ill-feeling.

"What...monstrosity is that?" Zeus wondered, narrowing his eyes at the creature.

"Whatever it is..." Artemis began, also narrowing her eyes, feeling eerie just by looking at it. "I don't like it."

"As I said, it's a Leech. It is the manifestation of Kaguya's will, to act as her agent and ensure she was free from her prison within her son. Black Zetsu becomes the master manipulator for many future events, so this won't be the last time you'll see him." Shin said.

Percy frowned, staring at Zetsu. Its description reminded him of his old enemy, Luke.

"Anyway, back to the story. For all his great power, Hagoromo was still just a human. Nothing could change that. As such, as the years passed, and boy, he grew older and weaker. He knew sooner or later, his time would come, and while that is always a sad thing, it also meant something else."

"What?" Aphrodite asked, really invested and interested in the story. She really enjoyed it!

"His death would release the Juubi from his body, allowing it to continue its reign of destruction, with no one capable of stopping it." Shin explained, shocking everyone.

"Are you serious?!" Apollo asked. "I thought it would have died with him!"

Shin shook his head. "The Juubi was too strong, and Hagoromo knew it. As such, he came up with the only other choice to prevent the Juubi's reformation. Using all of his energy, he separated the Juubi into multiple pieces. Separating the Juubi's chakra from its body. Hagoromo then split the chakra into nine separate pieces, granting each a special form."

The tv shows Hagoromo standing alone in a dark chamber. They watched him hold up his hand, before from his body, a ball of light sank out, hovering over his hand. Just then, the ball of light split into smaller ones, which then moved out around the room around him. The pieces then began to expand, taking shape, before the light vanished, showing nine large animals. A raccoon-dog. A two-tailed cat seemingly made up of blue flames with black markings. A hard, spiky shelled turtle with three shrimp-like tails. A red ruffed young ape with two long horns on its forehead and two long fangs coming from its upper lip, with four long tails with spikes running the lengths. Beside it was a strange creature, having a body resembling a horse. However, its head resembled that of a dolphin with four horns extending behind its head. It was white with five long tails. Next to it, was what looked like a large slug with stubby legs and small thin arms. It possessed six long tails, as its body oozed sludge, much to the female campers and goddesses' disgust. The seventh creature looked like a big green larva with seven long light green tails. The next creature was also strange, its lower half resembling that of an octopus with eight tentacles, yet its upper body resembles more of a humanoid in shape, with an ox-like head. The final animal was the most normal-looking. It was a large fox with orange fur, long ears with the inside and around its eyes being colored black. It didn't have normal fox paws, and instead, they looked like human hands. Behind it, nine long tails swayed. All nine creatures surrounded their creator as he smiled at them.

"I don't have long any more. Even though you have been separated, you shall always be together. Until eventually that time shall come when you will become one… You each carry a name… And with a different shape than you had up to now, you will be shown a righteous path, different from the time you spent inside of me. What is true power… …Until that time…"

The group frowned as the creatures teared up, crying at what could be their creator's final words to them. The campers felt sad for the creatures, to never see their creator...their father again. It made them wonder...should their end come, would their parents be there for them?

Shin sighed. "Creating the creators, the Biju, severely drained Hagoromo, weakening him even more and limiting his time. However, there was still one last thing he head to do. While the Juubi...his mother no longer had her chakra, she was still far from weak. Should she escape, she would just absorb the Tailed Beast into her form, taking back her chakra. To prevent this, Hagoromo cast the Juubi's body, Kaguya, along it, where it could never hurt anyone. The only place strong enough to contain her."

"Where?" Artemis asked, intrigued.

Shin smirked at her. "The same place she tried to use to take over the planet. The Moon." He revealed, shocking everyone, Artemis even more.

"Seriously?!" She asked, getting a nod.

"It would be the only place out of reach of anyone trying to free her. It would also be strong enough to hold her weak form. A bit of an ironic punishment, don't ya think?" He asked, chuckling. He saw some nod at that, finding it a bit humorous indeed. "Of course, doing so only weakened Hagoromo even more, to where he would only have a short while before the last of his life force went out. Before that, he had to choose a successor, someone to carry on his work. However, that night...it is what has forever set the future's events."

Hades raised a brow. "Meaning?"

Shin hummed, closing his eyes. "Siblings always had the concept of becoming rivals to one another, more so for a parent's love and affection." The children of Rhea, more so Zeus, frowned, knowing what he meant.

"Throughout his life, Indra and Asura struggled to meet their father's expectations, to gain his approval and praise. However, as he grew older, Hagoromo would set tests for his sons, to see who, when the time came, would be his true heir. As a final test, he set them out on individual journeys, making them show the results of his teachings. However, the results one showed were not to his liking. Asura, for all his struggles, possessed a connection and understanding for his father's teachings of Ninshu. He followed the belief that only by working together, understanding one another's struggles and helping one another, could people come together. Indra, on the other hand, growing up praised by his clan, always felt a shadow washing over him. In his eyes, he would never be enough for his father. No matter the skills shown or talent displayed. One error Hagoromo showed was his obvious display of love towards Asura. Indra knew that, and it filled him with feelings of jealousy and anger. Feelings...taken advantage of by an ever present shadow."

Athena frowned, quickly catching on. "Black Zetsu"

"Ever since I saw that… thing. It always feels like something bad is going to happen." Zoe feels eerie again when it comes to Black Zetsu.

Shin nodded. "Black Zetsu had always stayed close, watching Hagoromo, waiting for the perfect chance to free 'its mother' as he believed. However, it admittedly is smart, I'll give it that. If it is unable to meet such an opportunity, it would need a back up plan. And what better plan could there be, than to ensure it had a willing minion?" He said, making the gods frown. "It prayed on Indra's insecurities, praising his accomplishments, changing his beliefs, strengthening his hostility towards his father and brother. With each praise he received, from his increase in strength, to awakening his Sharingan he inherited from his father, it only further sunk Indra in Zetsu's hold. In time, Indra turned away from his father's beliefs, instead he came to his own belief that peace could only be achieved through strength and power. That as long as one was powerful enough, they could force peace to happen. Hagoromo knew of his son's ideals, yet foolishly did nothing about it. That...was a grave mistake. For on his deathbed, after all the evidence shown, Hagoromo picked Asura to be his successor. As you can tell, this pushed Indra over the edge."

"Shocking" Ares said sarcastically, getting hushed by his lover, making the War God frown. But Ares can relate to it. Athena was always Zeus' favorite. It was always 'Athena this', and 'Athena that' and so on. But still, while he would never admit it, Ares wanted his father and mother's approval and acceptance. And always tried to make them proud. But, all of his efforts failed and they just favored Athena even more. He just wishes to bash Athena's head right now, as his hand clenched the throne's arm rest, causing cracks to form on it.

"As always, Black Zetsu was watching, and seeing its chance, approached Indra. It convinced him to take revenge. Against his father for casting him aside. Against his brother for outshining him. Against his clan for turning their backs to him. Driven by anger and hurt...Indra listened."

From his spot, Percy clenched his fists, while beside him Annabeth held Percy's hand and frowned. The resemblance to Luke was scary and manipulative, recalling how Kronos used Luke's anger towards his father to betray the gods and work on freeing him.

Hermes frowned from his seat, also thinking of his son, and how he lost him, because of his own failings as a father. It made the messenger wonder, could he have done better? The obvious answer was yes...but would it have been enough? Would him providing his children more attention, going against his father's rule and order, and being there for his children, for Luke, prevent his son from siding with Kronos? He closed his eyes as he could feel them tear up. 'Luke...wherever you are...I'm sorry, son.'

"In his anger and grief, Indra acted rashly. When comforted by his two best friends, in a fit of rage and desire to become strong enough to challenge his father and brother for the title, Indra killed his friends." Shin said, shocking everyone, as the display showed Indra killing his friends.

"What?! Why?" Demeter asked.

"Tsk, he just killed his friends out of hate." Amphitrite commented.

"The Sharingan is a special eye. It holds more power within it than imagined. Stages not yet known at that time aside from Hagoromo. Him...and Zetsu." He said, making the others frown. "With the deaths of his two friends, it filled Indra with great and deep regret for taking the lives of the ones who had always been there for him. However...it was that grief that enhanced his Sharingan." Everyone watched as Indra's eyes began changing, their appearance shifting and warping, becoming a red atom-light design over a black background.

"What...is that?" Athena asked, frowning at the image of the strange eye.

"It's so… mesmerizing." Tyson muttered. Eyes are just scary and beautiful at the same time.

"That...is the Mangekyou Sharingan." Shin explained.

Aphrodite frowned, tilting her head to the side cutely. "Mango-what?" She really hated learning eastern languages, especially Chinese. The characters are so confusing.

"Mangekyou, it means Kaleidoscope." Apollo translated, knowing from his many times visiting Japan. Still, he sighed at the need for such a thing. Seriously?! Killing your BFFs?!

Artemis frowned at Shin. "What exactly does that eye do?" She questioned. Honestly, while curious, she couldn't see any need for something that would need her to kill her closest compatriots. Just the thought of needing to kill her hunters appalled her. But it just made her a hypocrite when she remembered what she did to Calisto, one of her loyal hunters.

Shin held up a finger. "The Mangekyo Sharingan grants the user three special techniques. The first, Amateratsu, 'Heavenly Illumination' which produces a torrent of yet black flames that cannot be put out with water, burn anything it touches to ash, and can burn for seven days and seven nights."

Apollo raised a brow. "What, like the Temple Menorah? Like Hanukkah?" He asked, making his sister give him a deadpanned look.

"Seriously? You know about that?"

Apollo shrugged. "I dated a Jewish girl that did it!" He explained, making Artemis roll her eyes at her twin.

"Wait, the name is also similar to the Shinto goddess that Lord Apollo mentioned." Clarisse remembered. But, Apollo gives him the chills when it comes to her.

Shin looked at her. "That is because the Flames of Amateratsu were a blessing from the Shinto Sun Goddess herself to Kaguya during the first few years of her godhood through the God Tree. Many Shinto Gods have fed the Tree some of their own power when it first grew, intrigued by its appearance. That share of power was absorbed by Kaguya, with Hagoromo and his children, more so Indra, gaining such gifts."

Hades hummed, raising a brow. "Reminds me of the Flames of the Underworld." He commented, knowing his realm's flames were nigh extinguishable, with even Poseidon's water having trouble doing so. Beside him, his wife nodded in agreement, smiling at the thought of her fiery home. While it had taken many centuries, she had eventually grown to appreciate its unique beauty, along with its own special citizens. Though, her smile dipped a little, knowing there were many times she still felt lonely and caged.

Shin held up a second finger. "The next was a gift from the Goddess of the Moon, Tsukuyomi-" He was cut off.

"Hold up, I thought Tsukuyomi was a male!" Poseidon asked, getting many of the demigods to nod in agreement. While they may represent the Greek pantheon, they still used Wikipedia, and know of the Japanese Gods.

Shin rolled his eyes at the interruption. "That's because Tsukuyomi has a habit of wrapping her chest, making her look flat-chested, and with her slightly muscular face, makes people think she's male. But she's really female." He explained, with Artemis nodding in agreement, having met her Shinto counterpart many times in the past.

"...Is she hot?" Apollo couldn't help but ask, before dodging an arrow. "I was just asking, sis!"

"Out of all things, brother. That is the only thing that you can ask for?!" Artemis felt enraged, not needing nor wanting her dimwit of a brother bothering her friend/rival.

Zoe rolled her eyes. Men are always like that. When it comes to women they just come like flies swarming on a bar of chocolate.

Leo leaned over to Nico. "How exactly does that work? Having two goddesses of the Moon?" He asked, getting a shrug.

"Anyway..." Shin said, cutting off the conversations. "From Tsukuyomi, she provided an illusionary technique of her name. Tsukuyomi traps victims in an almost impenetrable illusion, where time is at the user's control, though the limit is 72 hours. Of course, every second is an eternity to the victim's perspective. A single second could feel like years, with only a few seconds passing by in the real world. It's great for torturing." Shin said, smiling wickedly.

The Greeks were shocked and horrified by the technique. Though Hades and Ares looked intrigued by it, the former thinking of creating a torture method similar to it for the souls in the fields of punishment.

"What the hell?!" Percy whispered to Grover, with the satyr shaking at the thought of going through such a punishment.

"Moving on~" Shin said, enjoying the frightful looks on their faces. Honestly, this is the first amusement he's gotten since he arrived. "The tired technique was from the Shinto God of Storms, Susanoo." Zeus and Poseidon made distasteful noises at the mention of that particular god, recalling how arrogant he was and always stating how he was better at controlling the weather and the oceans than them. Not to mention always flexing with his muscles. Ugh! "Susanoo's gift was more unique compared to his sisters. It forms a large energy being around the user, protecting them from any attack. However, what true makes this technique unique, was that it possessed several stages of evolution, each one bigger and stronger than the last." That's not including the special weapons Susanoo granted the construct, holding abilities similar to his own personal weapons, but Shin will keep silent about that. No need to tell the Greeks everything.

Ares hummed, wondering how strong that technique was in battle. Made him want to see if Susanoo had any offspring capable of creating it.

"Anyway, returning to the story, because we're wasting too much fucking time as it is!" Shin said, muttering the last part. Seriously! He should be paid! "With his newfound power unlocked, Indra attacked Hagoromo and Asura, taking them by surprise. Driven by anger, Indra would not listen to anything his father told him. He only saw the causes of his pain. So into his rage, Indra attacked anyone who stood in his way, that included the villagers of his former home." To the shock and horror of the viewers, the screen showed Indra using his new powers on the frantic villagers, black flames burning people and buildings to ash.

"Hagoromo tried to use the last remnants of his strength to stop Indra, but he was too weak to move. As such, he entrusted his last energy to Asura, telling him to stop Indra. And so, brother fought against brother. Blood against blood. The peaks of their power surpassing their limit. It was unlike anything the people have ever seen before."

On the screen, a video began to play. It showed two giants of massive size. Both are made of energy. One is a dark, ominous purple, dressed as a samurai warrior. The other, a golden masked creature, wearing a tri-faced mask with multiple arms, the viewers counting six. The audience, more so the demigods, watched in awe at the battle between what could only be described as two Titans

"Whoa, it's like a battle between a Titan and a Hecatoncheires." Clarisse felt a hyped up sensation by watching it.

As the viewers watched and commented on the spectacle, Shin continued his story. "Both brothers were equally matched. Indra, the skilled prodigy warrior, and Asura, the determined failure savior. One fought to take the power denied to him. The other, fought to save his brother from himself. However, as the fight dragged on, Hagoromo watched on, saddened at what his choice had led to. However, he trusted his youngest to be able to save Indra from the darkness he was in, and so, by telling those who watched, everyone channel their energy, their belief, their to Asura, strengthening him, giving him the powerup needed to push his brother back, until finally, for the first time ever, Asura bested his brother in combat, coming out the victor." Tv screen showed Asura's right hand raised up declaring his victory over his brother.

Unable to help themselves, the campers cheered, so into the narration. The gods also showed their excitement, some holding faint smiles, trying to appear calm. Others, like Apollo, cheered loudly with the demigods, much to his sister's embarrassment.

However, Hera noticed the serious expression Shin had. "But it's not over, is it?" She asked, getting the other's attention as everyone looked at Shin, who signed, shaking his head.

"While Asura may have come out the victor...that would not be the end of their conflict. After the fight, Indra escaped, leaving behind his home, his family, leaving with nothing but his anger. Hagoromo had used up the last of his energy, his strength, and passed on, leaving his saddened family. For years to come, Asura tried to hold the belief his father passed on to him, trying to achieve his father's goal by bringing peace. Along the way, he grew a family of his own. He married his beloved. He had children. His family grew. However, so did Indra's. It wouldn't be until years later...that the brothers faced each other once more. With them, their followers."

On the screen, it showed what could only be war. Armies of men clashed with one another. The sounds of metal against metal being heard. Screams and roars echoing throughout the chamber. To the younglings' horror, bodies fell, blood drenching the rocky and grass covered field. And in the background, the familiar sight of two giants.

"Oh no," Grover gasped in horror. And Tyson just covered his eyes away from the scene.

"Once more meeting in the field of battle, Asura and Indra Otsutsuki clashed. Their wills strong, their desires even more. Even as their men fell one after the other, the two brothers continued fighting. Even when the skies shook with a fierce storm, they fought. For they knew. Only one would leave the field alive, or none would. However, no matter how much energy was used up, the two continued fighting. Even when they had used up the last of their energy, they kept fighting."

On the screen, they saw Indra and Asura, their avatars gone, battling with swords in hand, clashing hard into the other, hard glares inches from another.

'This battle has shed enough blood, I hope that they'll stop this.' Hera just hoped that this would end.

"Even as blood poured out of their wounds, they kept fighting."

Swords clanging as they fell from their hands, Asura and Indra resorted to using their fists, punching each other.

"Many questions: What is the limit to human's determination? How far would one go, to achieve their goal? What would one sacrifice? Well...I'm sure you can see the extent of those two's will."

The group watched, as the brothers dropped to the hard ground, rain pouring down on them. They thought this was it...that the battle was done...only…

They were wrong.

To their shock and feeling of horror, they witness as both brothers twitched, their heads raising from the ground, glaring at each other. To their amazement and disbelief, they watched as, incredibly, the brothers still sought to continue on, using their chins to crawl closer to the other. Both seeking to see their fight to the end. The way the two men, brothers, continued to fight on...it broke the hearts of some of the viewers.

"Please… stop." Grover begged with tears flowing down to his cheeks. And made Tyson cry as well. Poseidon tries to calm his son by patting his back.

The two brothers crawled until they were inches from each other. Going closer and closer until they were a hair-length away.

...And they stayed there, laying on the floor in the rain.

The audience blinked, confused.

"Wha? What happened?" Apollo asked, looking at Shin.

The man sighed. "They died."


"They died?!" Poseidon asked, shocked as the rest.

"And that's it?!" Ares shrieked. Come on this fight is too good.

Shin nodded. "The two had pushed themselves to their limit, broken their bodies beyond repair, burning out their chakra pathways. That moment was the last bit used up."

"So….it's over?" Silena asked, tears staining her face, trying to comprehend all that she just saw.

However, Shin shook his head. "No. It would never be over. Not for a long time." He said, to everyone's confusion. "As I said, What is the limit to a human's determination? Asura and Indra were determined to see their battle through to the end. They each fought hard to be the victor. Nothing would stop them." He said, narrowing his eyes. "Not even death."

Hades narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean by that?" He gripped both of his hands, waiting for Shin to answer.

Shin crossed his arms. "Chakra. It is more than just energy. It is the lifeforce of the people of the Elemental Nations. It is tied to their souls. Should a person run out of it...they die. However, there's more to it than just that. A person's chakra is tied to a person's hard. It is strengthened by their will and inner strength. So tell me this...how strong would a person's chakra be...when their inner strength is unmeasurable?"

Percy frowned, confused. "What do you mean?"

Shin smirked at the group. "As I said, Asura and Indra were both determined to see their battle through to the end. Sure, their mortal bodies may no longer possess the will to keep going..." He leaned forward, eyes glinting with ominous amusement. "But as long as their will is strong...they will continue their battle. No matter what the next life they live is like."

Narrowing his eyes, Zeus thought about it, before his eyes widened. Soon followed by his fellow gods. It took a few seconds, before the demigods also figured it out.

"So is this some sort of… reincarnation?" Frank questioned but hesitated.

Shin chuckled, nodding. "Asura and Indra Otsutsuki...were those two even human? To be so determined...that they would defy Death itself?" He asked, tilting his head. "To never stop, until a victor was decided."

Hera frowned. "Never stop…?" She narrowed her eyes. "You mean...more than once?"

Athena also frowned. A cycle? Were those two so thick headed in their battle, that they would reincarnate again and again until one won? She had to know. "How many?"

Shin pursed his lips. "Honestly...who's to say. Who knows how much time passes between each reincarnation. It could have gone generation by generation, or every hundred years or so." He shrugged, sitting back. "What is known is that the legacies of Indra and Asura lived on. Their families are growing, expanding. The Uchiha Clan, and the Senju Clan. Two clans, mortal enemies like their ancestors. And Asura and Indra?" He smirked, turning his head to the tv. The group followed his gaze.

On the tv, six figures appeared, two groups, facing the other. At the top row, they saw Indra and Asura.

Below them, two grown men. Under Indra, a man with a large long mane of dark blue, almost black hair, one eye covered, wearing crimson red samurai armor.

Across from him, under Asura, a man with long dark brown straight hair, his skin bronze, wearing similar armor.

On the last row, two teens, looking about the same age as the campers.

Under Indra's column, a teen with dark, blue tinted hair, spiking up at the back, wearing an open jacket showing his chest a bit and grey pants. His eyes are that of the Sharingan, glaring at the person across from them.

Said person, a teen with spiky, bright blonde hair, sharp blue eyes staring fiercely at the other teen. On his cheeks were three lines, resembling whiskers. He wore a black and orange jacket, a metal-plated forehead protected securely around his head.

The group knew who he was, having seen him in the introduction earlier.

Shin smirked. "The legacies of Asura and Indra Otsutsuki. From Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, to their latest bodies...Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. And I'm sure you remembered the title Naruto now possesses." He said, smirk growing wider.

Zeus frowned, staring at the blond.

"Naruto Uzumaki..the Juudo no Kami".


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