(? POV)

'What the-?'

Is what I think as I hear a baby screaming and the hurried noises of some adults. I couldn't see anything and felt so weak. So vulnerable. This familiar feeling of weakness disgusted and alarmed me too much.

"Omedetō, Inko-san! Futagodesu!"

(TL: Congratulations, Inko! It's a twin!)

A cheerful and energetic voice said. Probably a young woman.

'What? Wait, this is Japanese?'


(TL: ...I...am...glad...)

A weak feminine voice said. I could here her panting from behind me. I could feel hands wiping off something slimy off of my body as another baby cried from close by. I couldn't remember much from what happened earlier.

I remember running away from someone along with my partner as our orphanage was being burnt down. Bombs and sounds of bullets surrounded us both as we went to hide. I then suddenly blacked out and now I am here.

It then hit me.

'I...I died didn't I?'

All I could do now was cry and cry my grief out. All my hard work to protect the orphans and my loved ones gone up in flames. All because of fickle wars fueled by greed and evil. With all the innocents being caught up in between.

I cried and cried as I couldn't bear the pain and sadness. Such frustration. Such anger at the greedy bastards high above. Such pain at losing someone close to him.

Soon, it subsided and I calmed myself. No more crying now. I'm sure they would not be happy seeing me cry and wail here. I felt real calm after the whole crying fest. Now, I felt warm. I was wrapped in a nice and lovely feeling. This was when I was hugged by our Matron...

I felt myself being handed over to someone after I was wrapped in the blanket? I could hear a weak but firm heartbeat.

"Sorera ni nanto namae o tsukemasu ka?"

(TL: What will you name them?)

The same lively voice said but it sounded a bit more soft and gentle.

"Izuku...soshite Izuna...Karera no namae wa Midoriya Izuku to Izuna..."

(TL: Izuku...and Izuna...Their name's are Midoriya Izuku and Izuna...)

The weak voice said with such warmth. Warmth that remined me of my Matron again...my mother...

I then gathered myself and slowly and painstakingly open my eyes. What I was met with was a deep and beautiful green. It was breathtaking. It reminded me of the green fields we use to run through when we were kids.

"Kon'nani utsukushī-me, watashi no chisai Izuna."

(TL: Such beautiful eyes, my little Izuna.)

I could only stare into those beautiful green eyes of hers, as her warmth made me feel sleepy and safe.

"Welcome home, my little children."

(A/N): Just a prologue. Hope you enjoy the prologue. Please let me know if you find any mistakes anywhere.