"Zuna! Zuna! Pway~!"

It has been 2 years since I have reincarnated here in this world. So far, it has been nothing short of heaven for me. A heaven that I desperately want to keep safe, knowing of the events that will start playing out in a few years. I had enough strength within me to move about 5 to 6 months after I was 'reborn'.

"Zuna~! Zunaaa~!"

And then we have one of the many protagonists of this world, Izuku Midoriya. My little energetic twin brother whose teary eyes and innocence I cannot resist. It pains me to know what Izuku has in store in the future. His dreams of being a Hero being shattered first by the bastard doctor and then by Ma, though I can't blame her. And then by his very own idol.

Let's not forget the bullying he has to suffer under the blasty bastard Katsuki. I will make sure to send the arrogant fool six feet deep if he even thinks of touching Izuku. Now, I have the very same protagonist drooling in my arms asking to play with him.

I just pat his fluffy hair with my pudgy arms as I spot a cooing and gushing Ma watching from the kitchen counter.

"Hm. Zuku. Annoying."

"Uwaaa~ Zuna ish mean~!"


"Ueee~! Ueee~!" (These are legit sobbing or crying noises I checked after seeing different mangas.)

Ignoring Izuku's crying, there is a reason why I am confident that I will inherit a quirk. I can feel a distinct type of energy inside me that I have never felt when I was in my previous world, along with that, my eyesight is really good. I am able to spot out minuscule details for every other thing. Be it the crumbs I can see on Ma's apron or the ants that are loitering in the kitchen. I can see it.

With this, I deduced that I would get an ocular type Quirk or something that enhances my senses. Well, will have to just wait and see.

"Zuna~ Zuuunaaa~!"

"Zuku. Loud. Hm."

"Ueeee~! Mama! Zuna meanie!"

~Time Skip~

~3rd Person POV~

Izuku and Izuna could be seen playing around in a local playground with Inko sitting beneath a tree, reading a book. Izuku seemed to be chasing Izuna who was running around with a small on his face. As they played, another small family had made their way to the park they were playing in.

The mother had spiky, ash blonde hair and the father had similar, spiky hair but it was a light wood brown colour. The mother had a small boy held in her arms as she went over to Inko. Izuku and Izuna stopped playing and slowly walked towards the family.

"Izuku! Izuna! Come here." Mama Midoriya called out as Izuku and Izuna hastened their steps. They then reached the tree where she was sitting and looked at the family curiously. Izuna's eyes widened as he recognized who the family actually were.

~Izuna POV~

Well? Shit. I am now meeting one of Izuku's trauma and stepping stone. We have Bakugou Mitsuki, his mother. Masaru Bakugou, his father and finally Katsuki Bakugou himself. Katsuki was staring, no, glaring at us with his blood-red eyes as I gazed at him indifferently.

Izuku just cowered behind me seeing the angry glare of the ash-blonde boy. The adults just talked for a while before they turned to us.

"Izuku. Izuna. This aunty here is Mitsuki Bakugou and the uncle is Masaru Bakugou. This new friend of yours is Katsuki Bakugou. Introduce yourselves and say hi." Ma said as I gazed at the Bakugou family. I held Izuku's shaking arm and pulled him along with me.

"Hello. I am Izuna Midoriya and this is my younger twin, Izuku Midoriya. Pleased to meet you." I said as I and Izuku bowed lightly at them.

"Hello, you two. Nice to meet you too. I am Mitsuki Bakugou and this is my husband, Masaru Bakugou. Katsuki, introduce yourself to the polite boys." Mitsuki said as she and Masaru smiled at us. The younger blonde just clicked his tongue and stepped towards us.

"My name is Katsuki Bakugou! Remember it! I am going to be the Number One hero! So don't get in my way and follow me!" The young blonde brat said with a haughty but equally childish tone.


I couldn't stop the laughter that left my mouth after hearing his declaration. Izuku was silently giggling behind me as the young blonde glared at us with an embarrassed blush on his face. The adults also then joined the laughter increasing the boy's embarrassment.

"You seem interesting. Come on. Let's play.", I said as our laughter subsided. Although I hated Katsuki, he was still a child and had done nothing wrong. With this, Izuku had a friend and someone to interact with other than me.

"Tch. I'll show you! I will get a strong quirk and become the Number One hero! And you'll just be a bunch of random extras!"

'Boy, you have no idea...'

I just shook my head in exasperation as I saw the blonde chihuahua huffing and panting, all angry looking.

We then played the same old 'Heroes Vs Villains' game, with me being the Villain and Katsuki and Izuku being the Hero. Other than the same old dialogues being used, again and again, seeing Zuku having second thoughts on attacking me was too adorable. We played for a nice hour or two before Ma called us back.

After greeting the Bakugou elders, we leisurely make our way home. I held Ma's hand while Izuku held mine.

"Ma, when do you think I'll get my quirk?" Zuku asks ever so innocently. I had to suppress myself from flinching at the question, knowing he won't be possibly getting one. I could only suppress my anguish as I saw a hopeful look on Izuku's face as Inko cheerfully spoke with Izuku.

'Whether he gets a quirk or not, I will keep him safe and happy. That's my duty as an elder brother.'

~Time Skip~

~3rd Person POV~


"Calm down, Izuku! Calm down! Izuna! Let's go to the hospital, quick!"

Izuna could be seen sitting on the couch with a deadpanned face as Izuku and Inko panicked and flailed around after seeing him activate his quirk.

Izuna's eyes were different from the usual green. It was a deep crimson and had a black dot in the middle. A black comma was spinning around the dot.

~Izuna's POV~

As I saw Izuku and Ma fumbling around and flailing. I could only think about the quirk I was granted.

The Sharingan.

The overpowered magic eyes from the Naruto-verse. The same eyes that could copy any and all Jutsu and other techniques. The eyes that could subdue the tailed beasts. The same eyes, when evolved, could grant you enough strength to wipe out cities.

I am 4 years old now with my birthday passing by a month ago. Things will start changing from now on. I don't think I have any chakra in me which would allow me to use Jutsu's and all, so I can't say much about this power of mine.

Only time can tell as to how much power I can amass under these very eyes. Now, I have to calm both Izuku and Ma down. And then go to the doctor to get my quirk registered.

"Ma, Zuku. Calm down. Let's go to the quirk doctor."

This snapped both Izuku and Inko out of their trances and they all swiftly moved to the car. The atmosphere in the car was that of hidden excitement and a bit of worrying from Inko. We soon reached the Quirk Doctor's clinic.

"Hm. It seems that Young Izuna here has an ocular type quirk. The connection between the eye and the brain has been strengthened by multiple times. Along with this, he has also gained a passive increase in Physical ability like strength or speed. I believe it's due to his eyes that this is happening. Izuna, please activate your quirk and tell me what you see and feel."

I then activated my quirk and looked around. I'm quite thankful that this doctor isn't the one Izuku had met. Although theories were flying about, it's better to take no risks.

My vision was now clear and I took in every single detail. I relayed my thoughts to the Quirk doctor who scribbled down the details on a notepad. I could see what he was writing and even predict what he was going to write.

"I see. So the eyes which Young Izuna has granted him the ability to predict what will happen based on someone's movement. From what I can see, he is also able to mimic what I am writing and able to remember it too. Pretty fascinating and a special quirk." The doctor said with a smile on his face as Izuku looked at me in awe. Ma had a happy smile on her face as she heard him.

"His quirk's capabilities can be compared with the underground hero, Eraserhead. He is able to erase his opponent's quirk and then take them down. Young Izuna has a lot of potential to be a hero if he decides to be."

Izuku then suddenly cheered and hugged me as the doctor and Ma chuckled seeing us.

"You sure have lively kids, Inko-san. Hope they stay healthy."

"Hm. Thank you, doctor. I'll take my leave now."

"You're most welcome, Inko-san."

With that, we drove home with a cheery and happy atmosphere. I could only smile and play along with an excited Izuku. Internally? I could only wait for the day Izuku could potentially break. I can only hope that he gets one.

"Zuna! Let's be heroes together, okay?" Izuku said with his ever innocent eyes. I just smiled softly and hugged my little brother.

"Of course Zuku. We will be the best Hero Duo! I will get strong to protect you and Ma. So get your quirk and let's get stronger."

"Un! Let's get stronger after I get my quirk!"

Izuku then raised his hand and looked at me, eyes full of determination and hope.

"Once I get my quirk, I wanna be like him, too! Like All Might!"

~Time Skip~

"You should probably give it up, kid."


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