AN: You better bring some dental floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash. 'Cause this s going to be uber fluffy! Your teeth might get cavities.

Cedric sighed as he poured the final contents into the boiling caldron. It had been a rough week, between seminars, parties, magic requests, and now a special brew that the king requested to be done by morning. It was a difficult brew that required items Cedric didn't have in stock. He spent a good chunk of his time searching the castle gardens and even venturing into different parts of the Ever Realm in order to retrieve them. However, his task was almost complete.

Cedric smiled tiredly as the contents of his vile turned the odd concoction from an ocean-green color to lavender blue. He stirred the mix with a long stick until it was thoroughly combined, before taking an unused vile and carefully collecting the precious potion. With a cork now secured in its opening, he set it aside and killed the fire that had been boiling the caldron. An exhausted huff left him and he finally collapsed in the cushioned armchair located near the window. The warm sunlight spread over one side of him, heating him up to a comfortable temperature, enough to lull him to sleep.

But a knock on the door interrupted his much-needed rest. Cedric groaned, "Oh Merlin's Mushrooms." He groaned again as he pushed his aching body to move and stumbled to the door. "I swear. Baileywick, if that's you out there, I'm almost done with the king's request."

A familiar giggle sounded outside, making Cedric blush.

"Nope, not Baileywick. It's your favorite princess!"

He smiled and chuckled, opening the door and then his arms to welcome the oncoming hug. Sofia always greeted him with a warm hug every time she came by. There was no escaping her, not that he wanted to. Visits from his dear princess were some of the highlights of Cedric's days. He hummed, stroking her long hair that fell down to the middle of her back in heavy waves of silk.

Sofia was in her twenties and had blossomed into a royal beauty. She was still very mature, but still held onto some of her childish charms. Princess Sofia had also grown a little taller, reaching Cedric's shoulders, though she was still much shorter than Amber and James. Much to her annoyance.

"It's always so nice to see you, my dear," he said, leaning down to kiss her forehead. Sofia smiled lovingly and caressed his cheek, "I'm sorry, Cedric. I know I haven't been around very much, but things have been a little rough with the protector business and stuff."

"Oh, I can imagine." He chuckled, taking her hand and pressing a kiss to her knuckles, "But at least you remembered I still exist."

"Of course, I remember!" She playfully huffed, smacking his chest lightly, "Do you really think I would forget you?"

Cedric shook his head before a loud yawn broke through. He quickly covered his mouth with his sleeve, "Oh, apologies, my dear."

Sofia frowned, "You look exhausted, Cedric. Are you okay?"

"Yes, yes, I'm fine." He sighed, "You're not the only one who's been busy with their work." He smiled a little at her. Sofia rolled her eyes before ushering him to his room, "I guess Dad's been pushing you again, hasn't he?"

"Yes." Cedric groaned aloud, "I think your father is only trying to make a point. If I mess with your heart then I'll be paying for it."

They reached his bed, Sofia sat on the edge and urged Cedric to lay his head on her lap. Such actions would have left the royal sorcerer blushing like mad and stammering. He was very old-fashioned when it came to courting and as such felt it was uncouth for them to be in a bedroom together before they were married. Sofia didn't care for that, she just wanted to help Cedric sleep, and as far as she was concerned they weren't doing any illicit activities.

Cedric sighed, laying his head on her lap. Sofia's fingers stroking through his hair, massaging his scalp just the way she knew he liked it. "I'm sorry about Dad," Sofia whispered, "He's just being protective."

"Mmm, I know..." He hummed back quietly, "It's worth it though..."

Sofia smiled, twisting a lock of his hair around her finger, "I can talk to him if you want."

"No need, my dear..." Cedric whispered, lulling off, "I plan on winning his favor forever with... the potion I've made..." It was obvious, Cedric was in that space between consciousness and dream. He possessed a lovesick smile on his face, nuzzling into her dress, "After King Roland sees how great the potion is, there's no way he's going to say no."

Sofia giggled, scratching lightly on the spot above his ear, "Say 'no' to what, Cedric?"

"Mmm, my request to marry Sofia of course," He sighed, while Sofia quietly gasped, she covered her mouth with her other hand to no disturb her sorcerer. "He'll give me her hand," Cedric continued, "And we'll live happily ever after..." Reaching up, he took Sofia's stroking hand and moved it to the spot he wanted her to pet.

Sofia giggled quietly, wondering how flabbergasted he was going to be if he remembers this moment. Smiling at him, Sofia leaned down and kissed his cheek, while whispering in his ear, "I guess Amber was right, I do have you in the palm of my hand, Cedric."

He didn't answer, now fully asleep.