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Hey! I'm a new writer, and this is MerAdd/Meddison story since I am currently obsessed with the pairing. I'm not really good at writing but I hope you'd enjoy the story! English is not my first language so I apologize for any grammatical or spelling mistakes you may find in the story. Reviews will be highly appreciated!

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I'm tired of waiting, especially now that I've lost everything. I have nothing left for me here, sure there's cristina, alex, lexie and bailey but really what is there for me here? Nothing. Im tired of being all dark and twisty from all of these unnecessary baggage that I'm carrying. I cant do it anymore, its too much.

I know what you're thinking, life is like that, full of shit, there will always be ups and downs and you just got to live and face life. I know, but right now, with all that I've been through and with all the pain that I'm feeling, I can tell you that life's a bitch and I hate it. Well, I hate my life here in Seattle. Sure, I had my share of happiness but its not worth all this pain and heartache.

Sometimes the bad outweighs the good

and with that,

I need an out, a new life, a fresh start.

I didn't even notice that I was just standing in the hallway of the house, staring at nothing. I didn't even notice the tears coming down my face, or how my bag is now on the floor with all its contents now out in the open, or how my whole body is now shaking from all my sobbing. I was just there, broken and alone.

Suddenly it really hits me, that I truly lost everything.

Wiping the tears that never seems to end, I reached out for my phone that was laying on the floor after it fell out of my bag. I dialed a number that for a long time I thought I didn't need to use. I held my phone tightly with my hand as I waited for the other person to answer, while also taking deep breathes to calm myself after the nerve wrecking sobs earlier. After a few seconds, someone finally answered. "Hello, this is Sandra Young how may I help you?" a woman said with a voice laced with such professionalism but still with poise and grace.

"Sandra i-it's me" I replied with a little tremble with my throat still sore from all the crying. There was silence on the other end and suddenly I heard what sounded like paper being dropped on a desk and screeching of a chair. Clearing her throat she replied still shocked, not only for the sudden caller but also from the vulnerability that can be heard from her voice, something that rarely happens especially from this woman, "M-miss Grey? Its been a long time since you called— how may I be of service?"

Breathing in deeply and standing a little taller despite the other woman not seeing me and said with a clearer voice this time "Book me a flight to New York for tonight and please prepare my apartment for my arrival." Picking up my bag and walking up the stairs into my bedroom pausing a little as I saw the blue post-it on top the tumor drawn on the wall. "I will also need a car for my disposal."

Silence again from the other side, only the sound of someone typing on a keyboard could be heard. "Yes Miss Grey, right away, but would you like me to call up the privat—" before she could finish I immediately said "No, its unnecessary" to that she replied with an okay. A few seconds later the woman again said "A driver and a car will be waiting for you at the airport miss and as for your apartment everything has been kept clean by the cleaners but I will still send some people to check on it right now and to also stock up." I nod my head as listened to her speak while I walk to my closet to pick up my suitcase to pack my clothes. "And for your ticket and flight details, it will be sent to your email in a few minutes, is that all Miss Grey?" Sandra said.

Thinking deeply as to what other things I might need, and when I thought of nothing else I sighed and replied "No, that's everything, thank you Sandra, I'll call again when I'll land." To which she answered with a "My pleasure Miss Grey, and it's good to have you back." After saying our goodbyes and ending the call I sat down on my bed. Is this really a good idea? Am I really going? But before I could think about it more my phone rang again. I answered thinking it was Sandra who forgot to tell me something, but I froze when I heard the voice of the person from the other line.

"Meredith please—"

Derek. I immediately ended the call and blocked his number. Then everything came flashing back, a new sense of determination and also a greater wave of pain hit me after hearing his voice. Fuck you Derek Christopher Shepherd. I stood up, all doubts in my mind are gone, and as quick as I can, grabbed all my clothes, shoving them all into my luggage along with my toiletries and necessities. I grabbed my laptop and placed it on my carry on bag along with my wallet, IDs, and other things. I grabbed another suitcase to put some of my papers, shoes and more clothes. I can't bring all of them, but I don't really need to since I still have clothes and shoes left in my apartment at New York. I then changed into a pair of comfortable black jeans, white sneakers, and a white long sleeved turtle neck. Its better to be comfortable during a long flight. I then called for a cab since I don't want to leave my car at the airport.

Taking one last glance at my bedroom, I saw the framed post-it and then I felt sadness and for a second I thought about staying. No. There is nothing left for me here, I am done. Stepping on my bed, not caring that I still have my shoes on, I grabbed the post-it, reading it one last time and then throwing it in the trash. Love, my ass.

I quickly made my way down the stairs with my luggage, stopping in the middle of the entryway. I glanced at the house that held so many memories, painful and happy memories. This house is where I made a family, George, Izzie, Alex and Cristina. Remembering that I haven't told anyone that I'm leaving, I went to the office and grabbed a pen and paper to write a short letter to Alex, Lexie and Cristina. After writing I placed the letter on the counter in the kitchen so it's easier for them to see. I then heard the sound of a car horn, signaling my cab. I go get my luggage, walked down the driveway and then took one last glance at the house I called home for the past few years.

The driver helped me with my bags and I stepped inside the cab and told the driver to head to the airport. Fighting back my tears, grasping tightly to my purse, looking back to my home once again then telling the driver to go. This is it, I'm leaving. I'm leaving all the pain behind and starting a new. I'm finally getting out, going somewhere where there are no nosy roommates, angry coworkers, slutty nurses and cheating McBastards. This is it, I'm finally breaking free. With that thought, a small smile appeared on my face.

I'm Meredith Ellis Grey, and I'm coming back to New York.

The blonde being deep in thought, didn't notice the car that stopped in front of the house a few seconds after her cab took off. Inside the said car were her friends who just got home from work, unknowing of the blonde's sudden departure.