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Meredith was woken up by the light coming from her window. Her head was pounding, and the bright light was not helping her at all. Shutting her eyes tight, she buried her face more into her very soft and warm breathing pillow.

Wait, breathing?

She abruptly opened her eyes and then winced as the morning light was too bright. Suddenly the warm body under her stirred, making her look at the person below her.

Addison lay there, eyes still closed and red hair sprayed on the pillow. Meredith then noticed that she was practically laying on top of the older woman, legs tangled together under the covers, arms around her waist and head on her chest. 'Huh so that's why it's soft—Meredith! Don't think like that!' thought the blonde.

Laying there, as the silence envelopes the room, she allowed herself to think about the feelings she did not allow herself to feel. The feelings only grew as she spent more time getting to know the redhead.

So in the comfort of the sleeping woman's arms she allowed herself to open the tiny box inside her head that stored her hidden feelings for Addison.

She stared at the older woman's beautiful bare face. She looks like an angel, despite being called by many as Satan. She took in the sleeping woman before her, admiring every inch of her face, from her long eyelashes, to each light freckle on her pointy nose and to her soft pink lips. She's beautiful.

Meredith wishes to wake up to this more often, because she secretly wants to keep the redhead woman in her life.

The blonde would be lying if she says that she doesn't like Addison romantically, because she does. She has always thought that Addison was perfect, so perfect that she knows she doesn't deserve her.

She has felt the butterflies in her stomach ever since her intern year. She admired not only her beauty but also her personality and intelligence, mistaking it as wanting to be the older woman but in all actuality it was her wanting to be with Addison.

The innocent admiration turned into a full blown crush, and it freaked Meredith out. When she finally came to terms with her feelings for the other woman, Addison had already left for LA, only to return almost a year later.

Meredith knew she never had the chance, so she kept quiet. Pushed herself to love the next best thing, Derek.

She felt guilty at first, but she saw how Derek tried and even if he did hurt her unintentionally several times, she stayed. All because she knew that Derek was the only thing linking her to the redhead. Yes she did love Derek, but it was never like before the whole adulterous-wife-from-New-York drama.

She felt guilty because there are times when they kissed and she felt his stubble, she imagines what it was like to kiss Addison instead. When she wraps her arms around him, she wonders what it was like to hold Addie instead. When she pulls on Derek's hair as they make love, she wonders what it was like to tangle her fingers in long red locks instead.

It was why she was reluctant to actually get married to him, because she knew she couldn't help to compare the two.

Don't get her wrong, her current break up with Derek still hurts, because she did love him, though not enough for her to stay and fight.

And if she was honest with herself she knew this was coming long before the affair.

Because all this time, McDreamy was not the one she truly wanted.

She snapped out of her thoughts when suddenly the redhead unconsciously pulled Meredith closer, and nuzzled her hair. It was such an intimate gesture that made the blonde blush, but instead of pulling away she melted into the arms of the other woman. She needed it, it's been a long time since she was last held close by someone. So she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms tighter on Addison as she fell back asleep seeing that it was still too early anyways.

Half an hour later, it was Addison who woke up, head also pounding obviously feeling the effects of a hangover. Opening her eyes slowly, since the room was too bright for her liking, she looked around her only to see that she was not in her room but in Meredith's.

It was only then did she realize that a warm body was laying on top of her, head nuzzled to her neck. She froze, shocked at the situation she found herself in. She looked down again, arms still around the blonde, and smiled softly at soft snores coming out from the petite woman.

Never in her life did she think that she would one day wake up in the arms of the blonde.

She moved her hand to absentmindedly trace the other woman's spine. She enjoyed the quietness of the room and closed her eyes to bask in Meredith's warm embrace. She had long craved to feel someone close, so she'll savor the moment because she never knows when she'll have it again.

She lifted her hand to brush away the blonde hair and stared at the younger woman's calm face. She smiled softly as she held her cheek. Addison couldn't hide her attraction towards the blonde, even before when they were still in Seattle.

There was something about her then intern that made Addison smile. Maybe it was the way she rambled when she was nervous, or the way her nose twitched when she's confused.

When she first came to Seattle she had wondered what her ex-husband saw in the blonde woman. Was it the way she kissed, the way she laughed, or the way her eyes sparkled? So she observes the blonde, watches her every chance she gets, just to see why… not realizing that she not long after caught feelings as well.

Meredith was one of the reasons why she left the rainy city. She thought that Derek would make her happy, and staying there would only make it hard on the two. She wanted Meredith to be happy, even if it wasn't with her—though she dreamt to be the reason.

So she left, hoping that she too would find happiness, despite the gaping hole in her heart. When she later returned to Seattle the first time and found out about how Derek was dating another woman, she reprimanded the neurosurgeon and chose to ignore the spark of hope inside her.

She was going to tell her to Joes, but chickened out, so instead she pushed her to get Derek back. Had she known that Derek would still proceed to cheat on her in the future, she would have told Meredith to run away with her to sunny LA.

She wasn't blind to the way they both acted towards each other. The subtle flirting, gentle touches, and looks of longing and admiration. She knew there was something growing between them, and she hopes it does bloom into something fantastic, but she knew that Meredith needs time.

So she settles for the friendship they have now, if this is what they could only be then it's enough.

She snapped out of her thoughts as she felt the blonde stir "hmm… Addie" the blonde mumbled, cuddling closer. This made the redhead's insides tingle, it was surreal. Addison answered with a hum as she continued to play with Meredith's hair.

"Good morning Addie" smiled Meredith as she looked up to face the redhead. Her voice raspy from sleep. "Good morning Mer" replied Addison, smiling back at the still sleepy woman. Surprisingly it wasn't awkward as the two women laid in each other's arms.

They lay in silence for a few minutes when suddenly Addison's stomach rumbled making Meredith erupt in laughter as the redhead blushed before joining in. It felt normal, like they wake up next to each other, every day. "How about let's go eat?" chuckled Meredith. "I need coffee and aspirin anyways, my head is pounding" she added.

Addison only nodded her head, still a little embarrassed. As Meredith stood up it was only then did they both realize that they were only in their underwear. Wide eyed, the blonde turned red, not able to look away at the beauty, wearing nothing but a pair of black laced underwear and bra, laying in her bed.

Addison stared back, blushing. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that she was actually holding a semi naked Meredith. She took notice of how the blonde looked in nothing but her lavender thong and bra.

Shit. What the hell happened last night?

It was Meredith who broke her gaze first, as she turned and grabbed two robes and offered one to the tall woman. Coughing awkwardly the blonde ushered the red head towards the kitchen. They were silent for a while, both wondering how they ended up that way. The silence was only broken once a stomach rumbled again, this time Meredith's.

They looked at each other again before erupting in laughter. And just like that the awkwardness between them was gone. Addison offered to cook, remembering that the blonde doesn't really have the talent in cooking. "You stay there, don't come near the pan" she said, grinning widely. "We wouldn't want to burn your penthouse down" she added chuckling as Meredith threw a crumpled napkin towards her.

"Hey! I could at least cook bacon!" replied the blonde smiling brightly. "Hun, burnt does not equate to cooked" joked the older woman. "How dare you?" Meredith gasped dramatically before running towards Addison and started tickling her.

Addison shrieked, not expecting the blonde's attack. Laughter could be heard all throughout the penthouse. Meredith chased her around the kitchen island. Addison carried a spatula around pointing it at Meredith trying to make her stay back.

"I'm sorry! It's true but I'm sorry!" Screamed Addison as she ran away from Meredith. The blonde laughed, as she sat down on a stool, still out of breath from all the chasing.

The two women settled down as the redhead made breakfast while the blonde made coffee. "What are your plans for today?" asked the older woman, after she remembered that they had two days off to settle in before officially starting. "I don't know, probably going to check on the brownstone" replied the blonde, serving two cups of coffee and grabbing the aspirin from a shelf.

Addie placed two plates on the counter, one for her and one for Meredith. She sat down beside the blonde, taking a sip of her coffee. "Brownstone?" she asked, smiling as she accepted the aspirin Meredith gave her.

"Yeah, I have to see if everything is okay" the blonde said, munching on her toast. "You could come with me if you have nothing to do" proposed Meredith, glancing at the redhead who was busy eating. "Hmm, sure I have nothing planned anyways" she replied after swallowing her food.

They continued their conversation as they planned their day, when suddenly Meredith's phone pinged. It was a message from Jackson, so Meredith opened it thinking nothing much of it.

When she did though, she blushed bright red, earning her a curious glance from the redhead. "What's wrong?" asked Addison. The only reply she got was Meredith showing her the text message. Furrowing her eyebrows, she took the phone and looked—oh.

"Hope u guys are ok, u finished 5 bottles last night lol. Here's a picture of u guys dancing." Read the message, attached to it was a picture of the two women holding each other really close, foreheads touching and smiling widely. It was a screenshot from a FaceTime call.


"What the hell happened last night?" muttered Addison as she stared at the picture. And as if on cue, memories of last night came flashing back.

The two women were already finishing their fourth bottle of wine, chatting about hospital gossip and whatever. They were sipping on their wine, on the couch in front of the fireplace with music blaring from the speakers, when suddenly Meredith's laptop that was on the coffee table rang. It was Jackson requesting a FaceTime.

"Wait, the ex hubby is calling" giggled tipsy Meredith. Addison snorted as the blonde stumbled to accept the call. It was funny to watch the little woman trip on her own feet, much like a baby learning to walk.

"How much did you drink?" said Jackson as soon as he saw Meredith's flush face. "Hmm… not so much" replied the grinning blonde "How many bottles of wine?" Asked Jackson smiling.

"I think four or five" said the blonde, holding up seven fingers, yup she's drunk. Addison on the other hand mouthed 'A lot' behind the blonde woman, smiling cheekily as she lifted her wine glass as if to make a toast with Jackson.

Jackson could only shake his head at the drunk women, who are now opening a fifth bottle.

"Anywaaays heeeey Jackieee" said the blonde, smiling drunkenly at the amused plastic surgeon. "Helloooo Meredith's secret ex husbaaand" greeted the other drunk lady popping her head from Meredith's shoulder.

"Well it's not much of a secret now isn't it" says Meredith as she throws her arm around Addison. The redhead laughed, nodding her head. The two ended up laughing and falling back on the couch.

Jackson on the other end was surprised. He didn't expect Meredith to spill her secrets so early. Hell, the last time they talked about their marriage was when he asked if she was going to tell Cristina, to which the blonde immediately said no, something about it's still too soon. To think that Yang was her person, but still she was reluctant to share a little bit about her life before Seattle.

So hearing that Addison, Derek Shepherd's ex-wife, knew about it, is very surprising. What is it with Dr. Montgomery that makes the queen of trust issues open up like a damn book? Still in shock, Jackson observed the two women on the other side of the screen.

He saw how both were obviously drunk, from their loud giggling to their flushed cheeks. He also noticed how both women kept touching each other, like Meredith playing with the other woman's red locks, or how Addison kept running her hand up and down the other woman's thigh. Both women don't seem to mind the wandering hand of the other.

Jackson observed how casual yet intimate the two women were acting, forgetting about him being on the other side of the screen. Snapping out of his thoughts Jackson cleared his throat to gain the attention of both women.

The pair who were busy staring at each other, was taken out of their personal bubble at the sound of someone clearing his throat. They totally forgot about Jackson—oops.

"So you told her?" questioned the plastic surgeon.

Meredith sighed and nodded her head "Yep!" she said popping the p.

"Everything?" Jackson asked, eyebrows furrowed. He wants to know how much she told Addison.

"Well not everything, everything" the blonde replied, tilting her head to the side, raising her brows as if to say 'you know what I mean'.

This made the redhead curious, if what she said earlier still wasn't everything, then what else was the blonde not saying? Could it possibly be something about the locked door upstairs?

Jackson nodded his head, so she didn't tell everything. He wasn't surprised though, the last few years they spent in New York was hard… especially for her.

"Oh but she did tell me about your first kiss though" teased the drunk redhead, grinning at the man. "And the swan fiasco in Boston" she added, this caused another round of laughter from the blonde.

"Meredith! That was a secret!" Jackson's eyes went wide, embarrassed. He was also surprised how much Montgomery knows about their childhood, it was rare for Meredith to talk about it.

"Whatever Jackie, it was a fun story!" the blonde said, rolling her eyes as the blushing Jackson. "By the way, Trish says hi."

At the mention of Trish's name, Jackson sat straighter "Trish? As in Patricia Davis?"

"Yeah her, we bumped into each other at the hospital" Meredith said, taking another sip of her wine. "Her big mouth spilled about my marriage before I could tell Addie myself."

Addison snorted, remembering the pathetic excuse of a stare down the brunette gave her. "Pfft that woman tried to intimidate me with her eyes, as if she could intimidate Satan" she said, chuckling at her old nickname. Meredith giggled again, oblivious to the worried look on Jackson's face.

"Wait! She saw you two together?" Jackson asked, voice a little higher. It was a good thing he was at home, far from their Seattle friends. He only received a nod from the two drunk women.

"Oh okay, as long as she doesn't know you two are living together everything is fine" he said, trying to relax a little, only to sit up straight again when Addison spoke.

"Well she does" shrugged the redhead, not thinking much about it.

"Wait what?! Meredith!" yelled Jackson, moving closer to the screen.

"Relax, I told her we were staying at the brownstone. Don't worry about it Jackie" she replied, taking another sip of her drink. She knows why Jackson was worried, but she's choosing to ignore it. So what if she's staying in her penthouse with the hot redhead beside her. Trisha and whoever the fuck could kiss her cute ass.

"But Meri you know what this mea—"said the worried man, only to be cut off by Meredith standing up and saying "Oh my god I love this song! Addie come dance!"

Jackson could only shut his mouth, knowing that the two would no longer listen to him. So instead he watched as the two women stood up to dance to Make You Feel My Love by Adele. Arms wrap around each other, staring deeply into the other's eyes.

They were swaying to the music, smiling brightly and laughing every once in a while as the other whispered sweet nothings to the other.

Jackson felt like he was intruding on a private and intimate moment, so he turned his camera off and took a picture of the two dancing women, just in time as they touched their foreheads together.

Meredith, despite being drunk, was looking at Addison with such adoration and warmth. Jackson never saw her look at Derek that way, the last time he saw Meredith look at someone, other than him back when they were married, the way she's looking at Addison right now, was years ago with—no.

That person no longer has the right to be in Meri's life.

Thinking about this, he became worried again. So he decided to end the call to give the two women their privacy and so he could call another person.

He could only hope that Meredith and Addison would be safe. Addison was becoming someone Meredith cared about deeply, he could see it in the way the blonde treated the other woman. He will be damned if he'll let something happen to the two of them. Meredith could no longer afford to lose another person all because of the jealousy of an obsessive ex-lover.

With this in mind, he picked up her phone and called Sandra Young and a few other people to talk to her about the security of the two women.

The two women, oblivious to the fact that their friend already ended the call, continued to dance around the spacious living room. The lights were dim, and the fire from the fireplace gave the two women a golden glow.

They were lost in their own world. As if time slowed down and it was only the two of them in the world.

Meredith had her arms wrapped around the taller woman's neck while Addison had hers around the petite woman's waist. They swayed slowly to the music and crackling of the fire.

All talking ceased, and soft smiles were shared between the two.

It was like prom all over again, but this time instead of grand dresses they were wearing their lounge wear. Instead of Derek and Finn, they were dancing with each other, holding each other close. This time there were no stolen glances, but full blown gazes. No noisy co-workers and love sick men, just the two of them dancing the night away.

Their breaths mingled, eyes still on one another. Instinctively their eyes slowly closed as they leaned towards each other, lips brushing lightly but not really kissing.

Just as their lips were going to meet, the two women stumbled on an empty bottle of wine.

They fell onto the floor, eyes wide open in shock, Meredith on top of Addison. They lay there staring at each other, slowly the blonde grinned and then laughed. Addison watched the small woman on top of her, amazed by her blushing beauty, before she laughed along with her.

They were still laughing and rolled around the carpeted floor, when suddenly they hit the table and the half empty bottle of wine on top of it spilled its content on the two women.

The two squealed as they both got soaking wet.

Good thing they switched to white wine after their third bottle, so it wouldn't really stain. They looked down on their clothes before looking at each other and then laughing loudly.

After a few minutes the two women cleaned the living room and decided to head upstairs. As Addison was walking towards her room when she heard Meredith call her, "Yeah?" she asked.

"Can you sleep with me tonight?" said the blonde, voice small and vulnerable. Despite Addison's clouded thoughts, she knew Meredith needed someone since it was their first night in New York.

The redhead nodded her head, accepting the blonde's request, because she too needs someone right now. So she followed the other woman to her room, ready to end the night.

They lifted the covers and were supposed to lie down when they remembered their wet clothes. Both too tired and drunk to change, decided to strip to just their underwear, not minding the fact that they were going to sleep next to each other.

They both laid down, facing each other, a small space between them. "Goodnight Mer" said the redhead, giving the blonde one last glance before closing her eyes. "Goodnight Addie" replied the blonde, smiling at the redhead.

It was only when she heard the soft snores of the other woman did Meredith allow herself to let her tears flow. It was only then did everything sink in to her that she was back in New York, but this time she had Addison, despite it being unplanned.

Quietly the blonde stood up from the bed, wore her robe and grabbed a key inside the drawer of her nightstand. Slowly she walked out her room and towards a locked door down the hallway.

She inserted the key and took a deep breath before unlocking the door and opening it. She switched on the lights and scanned her eyes around the room. Everything was the same, not a thing was changed other than the covers.

She walked towards one of the shelves, and picked up a framed picture. She smiled sadly and let her tears flow. She clutched the picture tightly to her chess, finally she was home.

After a few minutes she dried her tears, and kissed the picture. She took another glance at the room before turning the lights off and locking the door.

She walked back inside her room and laid beside the already sleeping redhead. She stared at Addison for a few more minutes when suddenly she felt the redhead wrap her arms around her. Meredith froze for a second, before she allowed herself to relax and cuddled closer to the older woman.

She held the other woman close, and fell asleep as the warmth of the body lying next to her lulled her to sleep.

That night she dreamt of a blue eyed redhead, with a green eyed baby in her arms.

The two women stared at each other in shock of last night's memories. The almost kiss, and the dancing, is making the two of them blush. Meredith opened her mouth to speak when suddenly the elevator dinged.

The two surgeons broke their gaze and turned their heads to the elevator, waiting for it to open.

And when it did, it revealed a tall old man.

'That's the old man in Meredith's photo' thought Addison.

The old man walked towards the two women, grinning widely.

"Can somebody tell me why I had to find out from my secretary that my favorite granddaughter is in New York, and is currently staying in her penthouse with her girlfriend?" said the old man with a loud booming voice.

"Papa" replied Meredith, smiling widely as she ran towards the old man for a hug.

Addison's eyes widened in shock, not only is she meeting Nikolai St. Claire…

New York royalty…

Meredith's grandfather…

So early in the morning…

In nothing but a robe and underwear…

With her bed hair and a pounding headache from the hangover…

But the old man has also referred to her as Meredith's girlfriend…


Totally not how she expected to spend her morning.


She could feel the butterflies in her stomach.


Well shit, help.



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