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"You are my wife." Loki's voice barely reaches her ears. "And I… have not treated you kindly."

Sigyn holds her breath. She has learned long ago that, though she was devoted to this man, he held no such feelings and responsibilities towards her.

"I am sorry," He dips his head, giving her submission and earnest regret. "Truly, Sigyn." He looks up at her through long, dark lashes. "From this moment onward, I shall end my cruelty towards you and be a true husband."

A soft whimper escapes her. She dares not move, hesitant to fall into a heartless trap.

Loki straightens himself and slowly steps towards her. "My second vow is to restore your tongue. The All Father is gone, but there are witches and sorcerers who will help."

When he stops just inches before her, Sigyn watches his face with nervous energy coursing through her.

Please, she prays. Let this not be another of the trickster's schemes.

"I abused you for centuries." He bites his bottom lip and furrows his brow as he gently fingers a lock of her pale hair. "And you have stayed true to me during it all, never wavering and quick to my defense." His hand drops to his side, clenching into a tight fist. His face holds pain and anger and for a moment Sigyn fears he is going to unleash his wrath upon her. "We cannot be unwed," he speaks in a low, tortured voice. "But if you wish to exile me, I will honor your command. You needn't be in my presence ever again if you do not desire it."

Hundreds of years ago, he'd cut her tongue from her mouth, disabling her ability to speak words. Before that he'd had her fiancé murdered and masqueraded as her beloved Theoric, marrying her himself under false identity. He cursed her, screamed at her, been unfaithful countless times, and neglected his duties as husband and protector. He forced her into exile on this Gods forsaken planet, leaving her to fend for herself among monsters and men.

Her anger bubbles because she knows that despite it all, his cruelty and neglect and bouts of insanity...he loved her once. And perhaps it is that small, faraway memory that she clings to. A memory of black velvet skies and warm candlelight revealing his vulnerability as he slid inside of her and whispered Sigyn as if she was Valhalla. Only then had his façade vanished and only she was allowed to see what it had been guarding.

Enough time has passed between them that Loki shifts his weight, ready to turn away and accept that she will not choose him this time. Again he ducks his head and lets out a huff of breath. "I understand," he whispers.

No. You never have. Her fingers brush his and then she is slipping her hand into his.

He is hesitant at first, but then brings her hand to his lips and closes his eyes as he places a gentle kiss on the knuckles. "I do love you." His voice is thick and Sigyn feels a tremble rush through her.

"I do not deserve your loyalty or purity." He kisses her again, lips as soft and light as feathers. "But I will devote myself to you as you have to me. I promise you, Sigyn. We will make this a true marriage."

She stares at him in wonder. Who are you? What has happened to change you so drastically, trickster?

As if reading her mind, he looks up at her wide eyes and lets out a small laugh. "I imagine this is quite a lot to take in. If we may, I'd like to take you away from this horrid place and begin our adventures together."

At that, a rectangle appears randomly, outlined in bright, neon orange. Sigyn steps back, pulling her hand away from his. Turning, Loki frowns as a man steps through the gleaming rectangle.

"Time's up," Mobius says casually.

Loki nods and faces Sigyn again. Stretching his hand out, he tries to give her a reassuring smile. "Come, wife. I promise, no harm will come to you."

She hesitates, nervously glancing at the newcomer.

"It's alright, Sigyn," Loki says gently. "He's not here to hurt you."

She looks at him and bites her lip before stepping forward, reaching her delicate hand out to his. His long fingers wrap around her, holding firmly, as he leads her past the other man. She stops at the mysterious rectangle, absorbing it's oddity and feeling the urge to run from it.

Loki gives her hand a squeeze and whispers, "Don't be nervous. I'm here to keep you safe."

So you say. And yet, will I ever be safe from you? She gulps. And steps through the portal.