*I apologize for the shorter chapter.


He told her everything. His attack on New York and his betrayal to Thor. The Tesseract landing in his possession and his escape from capture during Tony Stark's perfectly timed seizure. Hunter B-15 and the Minute Men bringing him to the TVA. Mobius and Renslayer. The reel of his life he'd watched over and over, soaking in the death of his parents and self.

"I relived the moment I banished you," he whispers with his eyes lowered in shame. "I knew it was wrong. I knew it was unjust and unfair. And I did it partly because," he grinds his teeth and shakes his head, forcing himself to continue. She deserves the truth. "Because I am a vain creature. There was...doubt in my heart. I questioned your love. I should not have, but I did."

Sigyn no longer strokes his hair. She watches him silently. Her emotions battle within her, anger and sympathy, adoration and disgust. She hates that she loves him. And yet, he is what her heart calls for. Despite his chaos, despite his mischief, his anger, and trickery, and abuse. She accepts him as he is and still loves him.

"There is something else I must tell you." He takes a deep breath and finally raises his beautiful green eyes to meet her crystal blue pair. "I cannot take you home, my love. There is nothing more that I want than to return you to your family in Asgard, safe and happy. But it cannot be done."

Sigyn furrows her brow, confused.

"The fate of Asgard ends in destruction and death. I cannot bring you to that. I won't bring you to that. Our people are slaughtered by an insane eco-terrorist named Thanos. And I will do everything it takes to ensure he never knows of your existence."

He gives her a moment to process all this new information. He sees the tears building in her eyes, knows they are for her loved ones. All are dead; all murdered. And she left to live without them.

"And," his voice quivers. He does not want to bring her more pain. "We cannot leave this place. I am somewhat of a prisoner and you -"

He looks at her sadly, so incredibly sadly. He takes another deep breath before continuing. "Mobius allowed me to bring you back because...your timeline was soon to end anyway. A few moments more and a pack of the Brotherhood would have found you and claimed you before bashing your head against the rocks. I-I could not let that happen." He's shaking now and grips her hands. "I fought with Mobius and demanded you stay here with me, alive and safe."

He kisses her knuckles. "If you return to your timeline, you will die. And I will be utterly lost."

Goosebumps arise on her skin and she realizes just how cold she is. The lights are too bright in this room. The air is too thick. Her head is spinning, heart pounding. She cannot blink back the tears that come.

"I'm sorry," his voice is a low, emotional sorrow. He kisses her knuckles again, holding them at his lips for a long moment before rising just enough to sit beside her on the cot. Without hesitation, Sigyn curls into him. She buries her face within the crook of his neck and slips her arms around his middle. Loki pulls her against him, wrapping her in an embrace.

Her sobs shattered him.

He presses a kiss to the top of her mass of blonde curls. "Given enough time, I will find a way for us to escape. And perhaps there is even a way to redirect the fate of Asgard. I cannot be certain, but I am gaining Mobius' trust and perhaps he -"

Her hand on his cheek brings him to silence. He looks down at her, small and shivering in his arms. Her eyes are wet, bringing the color to a shine. Sigyn. My Sigyn. My wife. My love. He feels his chest swell where his soul lays thumping.

"You are all I have left." His soft, deep voice is laced with sorrow and love.

Sigyn strokes his smoothly shaven cheek and nods. We have each other and that will be enough.

Loki closes his eyes and presses a kiss to her forehead before bringing both of them back to lay on the cot. It's a small space and Loki is long, but Sigyn is dainty and easily fits tucked under his arm, her head resting on his bare chest. Her weeping simmers as they lay in the stillness of Loki's small room.

Clearing his throat, he ventures to speak once again. "I know that there is much between us that must be discussed and apologized for. I know that. However...I am thankful you are here. To know you are safe for the moment is a gift."

In the quiet of the night, they lay. Wrapped together on a small, uncomfortable bunk with no bedding, waiting for enough time to pass for them to rise and declare it morning. Sigyn, grieving over deaths and confused over all that has happened to her during the last hour, sniffles and whimpers her pain. Loki tries to swallow the lump in his throat, rethinking his relationships with his own family and wife, over analyzing his decisions thus far, falling deeper into a self loathing pit.

But they hold on; at times one will grip the other tighter as they work through a difficult moment; words of reassurance filling the silence surrounding them. When her body trembles from crying, he tells her he loves her, he has always loved her, will always love her. When he tenses and broods, she kisses his neck delicately, just below his ear, bringing him back to the present.

They soothe each other, calming their woes and pain and grief. For that is what love is.