I apologize for the lateness of this chapter. I had it written and ready to post, but then went into labor and gave birth to my second child.

Also, warning for explicit sex scene.

When the Night Has Come

It isn't long before their clothes are tossed aside and Loki sheathes himself inside of her. He savors her gasp and cherishes her sigh. He keeps the pace slow, burying himself as deeply as he can before pulling all but the tip of his cock back out. This is a feat in itself, for Loki is long and Sigyn is deliciously tight and somehow neither have slipped over the edge yet.

Sigyn moans, deep and long. Loki watches her carefully as he pumps in and out of her. Her light blue eyes lock with his as she bites her bottom lip. He plants his elbows on either side of her head, bracing himself and cocooning her with his body. Sigyn's nails run up and down his bare back. She brings herself upwards to kiss his neck, sending a shiver through him. He groans and looks down at her, loving the gentle, smooth motions of their bodies in sync. He moves to suck on her ear. Sigyn squirms in delight.

He presses down, sinking her into the mattress as his weight pushes. Soon her hands are in his hair, caressing and tugging. Loki releases her captured earlobe and brings his lips to her neck to bite her hard enough to leave a mark. Sigyn practically mews and the sound makes his cock throb inside of her.

He hammers into her, grunting and moaning at the sensation. Sigyn's legs spread up and out, as far wide as she can as his pounds. She clutches at him and reaches up to kiss and bite at his chest and neck. She can't last long and soon flops back against the bed with a shriek-moan at the blissful haze clouding her.

Loki does not give up and instead, leans to grasp her ankles, keeping her legs spread as he snaps his hips faster. He soaks in every expression that passes over her face. Her brows furrowing, her eyes shutting, the parting of her lips as she pants.

As it's always been for them, Loki is dominant and prefers to bring his wife to a quivering, nearl mindless orgasm. Sigyn has no objects. She goes limp and simply gives in to the feeling of slipping away from the world around her. Her only focus is on her husband's cock and his deep voice repeating "I love you". He brings her ankles to his shoulders, grips her hips and slides her as close as possible. Sigyn moans and is barely able to open her eyes and catch the dark look in his gem-like eyes.

He draws out of her slowly before snapping back into her. He repeats this over and over, digging his fingers into her flesh. She's sure she'll have a few bruises, but hasn't the will to care. All that matters now is chasing this rise to climax.

With her dazed eyes locked with his intense stare, Sigyn brings her fingers to her mouth for a good slobber before placing two upon her clit. She rubs herself while he fucks her.

"Yes," Loki groans and thrusts into her with vigor, making their bodies slap against each other. Sigyn's breasts bounce and jiggle from the speed. With her free, she teases a nipple, pulling and pinching and rubbing little circles. "Yes," Loki says again. His voice is strained and his eyes are blown from arousal.

It's all she can handle. In a matter of seconds, Sigyn is screaming. Her body tenses and then the great relief of orgasm washes over her so intently her eyes roll back and her mouth drops slack. She can't think. She can't see. She can't stop the endless stream of moaning and whining. All she knows is the wave of thrilling gratification that courses through her.

Loki is not long behind her. He lets out a growl as his release overpowers him. He gives a couple more pumps, letting the last of his seed to spill into her, before pulling out gently. He sits back on his heels and looks at his wife.

"Sigyn?" He gently runs a hand up her thigh. "My love, are you alright?"

"Mmmm?" Her eyes flutter. She's always been slow to come down from a sexual high. And Loki had always been wonderful in the aftercare portion of their love making. Tonight wasn't nearly as rough as their past experiences together, but she'd gone two hundred years without his touch and now was completely intoxicated by sex.

Quickly, Loki grabs his shirt off the floor and cleans himself and her with it. Stretching himself out next to her, he draws her into his arms. She immediately snuggles into him, pressing her face against the crook of his neck and delighting in the post-coital glow. She sighs and feels herself drifting back to the here and now.

Loki presses kisses to her hair, hugs her close, and softly begins to sing an ancient Asgardian ballad. And for the first time in two centuries, Sigyn feels relaxed and safe.


Loki blinks open his eyes to find Mobius standing over him. Sigyn is sleeping peacefully next to him, one leg hooked over his hips, her face nuzzled against his neck, and a hand tangled in his hair.

"Come on, we don't have all day."

Loki clears his throat before asking what's happened. He gently removes his satiated wife from himself and sits up, running a hand over his face.

Mobius tosses him a pair of pants. "We've got a mission. Get dressed and follow me."

"What about Sigyn?"

"She'll stay here."


Mobius shrugs. "It's not like she's going anywhere. And there's guards posted outside the door."

"So you're going to keep her locked in a cage?" Loki frowns.

"She can't come. She's not even supposed to be alive right now."

He pulls on his pants. "I'm not leaving her here alone. The TVA is not exactly the most trustworthy establishment in my eyes."

"Well," Mobius stuffs his hands in his pockets. "You don't really have a choice."

Loki glares. "I could just not go with you."

"Ah, see, if you did that, then Hunter B-15 and the others would come in and then things would get messy."

Loki looks down at Sigyn. Softly, he runs his fingers through her mass of hair. "I won't leave her again. She stays with me."

Sighing Mobius tilts his head to the side. "You know, I expected you to be a bit more cooperative after I let you kidnap -"

"I did not kidnap her!"

"Oh please," Mobius rolls his eyes. "You didn't give her much of a choice, did you? Stay on the horrendous planet filled with insane monsters - who were minutes away from raping and murdering her - or come with you?"

"I didn't kidnap her." Loki reaffirms, softer.

"I wouldn't exactly call it a rescue. You're selfish, Loki. You know and I know and she probably knows that you only came for her for your own selfish reasons. Not for her benefit and not to save her life."

He snarls, "Shut up!" and stands abruptly. He fumes internally and makes sure to place himself between Sigyn and Mobius, shielding her sleeping form from the other man. "She stays with me. That is final."

Again Mobius sighs. "You really want to drag her into all of this?"

"I imagine the alternative would be to free us. And the TVA clearly does not want to set me loose."

Shaking his head, Mobius begins to leave. "No, we certainly don't. Fine. Both of you, be ready in five minutes or I'll have the guards collar you."

Glaring at the retreating form, Loki calls after him, "Where are we going?"