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Let The Games Begin

Robert Charles Grimaldi strode over to his 'leftovers' looking them all over carefully. The girls were hot, as was to be expected, the guys were, well, guys. The girls were actually really hot this time round. It was a shame he couldn't hit on them, Finn had ruined that for everyone last year, fucking one of the girls in a limo, the girl hadn't got in and had seen his face. Idiot.

Stef looked particularly beautiful in a pink dress, his mole in the group. There was one current member of the LDB in every group, reporting back things that the 'leaders' may otherwise miss. This was a trial that had been finely tuned over the past sixty years.

"Right listen up, take these and pass them about." From his pocket he took out sticky labels and pens, that way he wouldn't have to actually remember anything. "Today you'll be known as the nickname I give you, and only by that. Giving out your actual name will be grounds for being disqualified."

He watched his group carefully. After their first activity the bets would be made. All of the leaders today, him, Finn, Colin, Seth and Juliet would make bets on who the Legacy in their group was and who the scholarship kid was. Last year Robert had won, getting himself over six hundred dollars, he was confident this year would be no different. It was the only reason they all volunteered as leaders. The rest took less demanding roles.

"You'll be given points based on how well you do challenges and anything else I please, points will be deducted for failing, for giving up or just generally annoying me," he explained to the prospects. He wanted them to continue being well behaved so they could get through this quickly and onto the party where he could get shitfaced and hopefully laid.

"Let's see..." Robert looked at the first prospect, a skinny red headed kid with more freckles than visible skin. "Big red."

He watched with satisfaction as the guy wrote down the nickname and stuck it to his chest. Obedience, good. That's what he wanted.

Next, he moved onto one of the girls. She was wearing a dark blue ball gown which clung to her delectable curves. Despite this she looked very uncomfortable in the dress and moved awkwardly. He was fairly sure she was the scholarship kid. She didn't have the confidence the others had and was obviously out of place in formal clothing. Everyone in their social circle could walk in these things since they were toddlers.

She stared back at him skittishly with big blue doe eyes. This was easy; "Bambi."

A Black girl with riotous curls and dark brown eyes was next, her golden dress standing out nicely. "Missouri," he said.

Next one was a guy who had money good looks. He looked like the high school quarterback and all-around good guy, chiselled jaw line, dark sandy blonde hair. He was a good-looking guy, not Roberts type though. "BND" Robert declared, short for Boy Next Door.

"I'd prefer a different nickname," BND said arrogantly. Robert frowned; he was betting this asshole was the Legacy. Which was fucking annoying as Legacy had just pissed him off.

"I'd prefer to be called boss, we all have our crosses to bare, deal with it," Robert barked. "And minus five points BND."

"How many points do we start off with, Boss?" A kid with long dark hair, tied back and blue eyes asked in a strong British accent.

"Twenty-seven. Take two points, Poppins, I saw what you did there," Robert said. Poppins was somewhat amusing.

"Princess," he pointed at Stephanie, who'd given him a very small list of things that he could call her without getting his balls crushed.

"Thing one," he said to a generic looking guy. Brown hair, brown eyes, average height, no discernible features, instantly forgettable.

"Tweedledum," he called the next kid, brown curl hairs, glasses, large in height and weight.

"Jazz," he said pointing to a guy with spiked brown hair and an earring. Robert thought he looked like fun; he'd be one to watch.

The last prospect was a slight guy, with a pointed, weasel face, very blonde hair and looked like a slight breeze would take him away. "Casper."

Prospects all named, all with their name tags on Robert started leading them out of the tent. They were in a field in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees. It was perfect for the secrecy needed. They'd set the field up with different tasks, other tents, toilets (rented for the day), food and drinks. Almost all the members of the LDB were here in some capacity or other. The sun was starting to beat down on them, despite being surrounded by trees there was scant amount of shade, it was looking like a hot day.

"Place your bags ladies and your phones gentlemen in the box just there, you will get them back later," Robert said pointing to a crate by the exit of the tent with Charles printed neatly on it. Leant against the box was his clipboard that Robert grabbed, as they walked, he quickly wrote down all the names of his recruits on separate pieces of paper. Adding two points for Poppins and taking away five for BND.

"Right people! First challenge we have today is dancing," Robert declared, taking them to the dance floor that had been erected way too early that morning. He was glad he wouldn't be dancing on it, Logan, Lanny and Terry had set the thing up, there was no telling if it would hold or not.

"It's a simple test, partner up, when the music starts, dance," Robert drawled. Most of his prospects looked quietly confident about the challenge. BND was outwardly smirking, Bambi however looked more resigned. Definitely scholarship. He'd make his bets as soon as they'd finished here.

"There's only three girls!" BND frowned, looking around as if he'd only just noticed the other people in his group. BND was going to be a pain in Roberts attractive ass, he could feel it.

"Then partner with a dude," Robert replied. He took another point off BND on his clipboard.

"Partner with me Bambi?" BND asked the girl flirtatiously, his eyes visibly undressing her, it was uncomfortable to watch. No class at all.

"It's your feet," Bambi shrugged, her lip between her teeth, shoulders hunched.

Robert smirked, that could only be interesting. He quickly looked around, none of the other groups were heading over. Finn and Colin had led their groups straight to the music test, obviously. Seth had gone for the film challenge and Juliet for twenty-one questions. Juliet was savvy, you could bet much easier after twenty-one questions.

"Would you care to dance, Princess?" Jazz asked Stef with a little bow. Very smooth, Robert thought.

"Dance with me Missouri?" Casper asked the golden clad girl, his hand outstretched and a smile dancing on his lips.

Both girls accepted the offers and Robert turned his attention to the guys of the group. Who were shuffling around and not looking at each other. With the exception of two. Poppins strolled up to Big Red, his shoulders back, a grin on his face and held out a hand.

"Dance with me darling?" Poppins said.

"Why I'd be delighted, sir," Big Red replied, dropping in to a fair approximation of a curtsey.

Chuckling Robert marked down two points to each of them. They'd fit in well with the LDB.

"Dance?" Tweedledum asked Thing One, who replied with a shrug, not making eye contact. Seemed that Thing One did not want to dance with another guy. Oh well, he'd get over it, or he'd get out.

All paired up Robert nodded to Rosemary, who started the music. Rosemary was an expert when it came to dance, she had studied multiple types of the art since she'd started walking. She'd wanted to go to Julliard but her parents had all but forced her to Yale. Robert personally thought the vivacious red-head had been wasted here, but she was an excellent friend so he couldn't find it within himself to be sad that she had been sent to Yale.

The dancing... wasn't great. The two pairs of male dancers were all trying to lead, which resulted in some pretty bad waltzing, but adequate enough despite that, that Robert wouldn't mark them down. He was sure he'd been no better when trying to Tango with Logan. Robert had a bruise on his shin from his blonde-haired friend for a week after that fiasco.

Robert looked at the other pairs, Stef and Jazz were dancing very well, he put down two points each for them. Missouri and Casper were mechanical, but they had the steps down, Robert gave them a point each.

Bambi and BND... it wasn't good. In fact, it was a fucking train wreck. Bambi kept stepping on BND's toes and tripping over her own feet. BND's hands kept drifting down inappropriately, his hand firmly grabbing her, shapely, ass.

Robert frowned at the pair and marked them both down by two. He was going to have to split them up in a minute.

Robert stopped for a second and then smirked. Bambi couldn't dance for shit, but he noticed that she came down particularly hard on BND's toes when his hand was groping. Which meant some of the bad dancing at least was on purpose. He debated giving her back a point, deciding not to in the end, she really was a terrible dancer.

Robert looked at the rest of the group once more, about to call out for them to change partners when he saw something that gave him pause.

Poppin's and Big Red were looking at BND and Bambi, they were muttering to each other and exchanging grins. With a nod the boys separated and made their way over to the couple.

"Excuse me, mind if we cut in?" Big Red asked, timidly, his voice low and quiet, his head ducked slightly.

"Of course!" Bambi said eagerly, stepping out of her partner's arms, 'accidently' standing on BND's toes once more. Robert bit back a chuckle but gave her back a point.

"Oh thanks," Big Red said before holding out his hands for BND.

Robert watched as Poppins took Bambi and waltzed away, his hands appropriately placed. Bambi wasn't much better with Poppins but she wasn't trying to sabotage him, or herself any longer.

Big Red was dancing with BND, who looked very uncomfortable as Big Red's hand started drifting lower on his partner's back. Robert couldn't help but laugh then. He gave Big Red and Poppins another two points each.

"Alright, that was mostly well done! Over to your right you will find a server waiting for you with drinks, beyond them are the facilities if you need to use them. You have a ten-minute break. Other than drinking or using the bathroom you will not leave this group; you will not walk off somewhere else? Got it?" Robert yelled at them all. They all nodded silently. BND moved quickly away from Big Red and Bambi stared at the floor, her face colouring, at least she knew she was bad.

Robert walked away from the group towards the members only tent. The servers were all members of the LDB so he would be told anything important. As well as that he had Stef there. He wasn't concerned.

The members only tent was located at the very back of the large field. Outside it looked like just another one of the white tents that were set up, inside though it was very different. Inside there was food and drinks across tables, luxurious couches and chairs scattered across opulent rugs of all colours. It was the tent that successful future members would be brought to.

The betting sheet was near the entrance, taped to the wall of the tent, making it hard to write on. Robert managed though, making his bet, BND the Legacy and Bambi as his scholarship kid. Theoretically those two should be the ones the club wanted. Practically, they were the ones Robert wanted least. Bambi was shy, skittish, no personality displayed as of yet. BND was just a giant pain in the ass. Worse than even Logan had been, which was saying something as the cocky, arrogant, Huntzberger heir had been an ass.

Robert quickly took off his mask and grabbed himself a soda from the ice box. It was hot outside and wearing the mask was a ball ache. Still their anonymity had to be protected at all costs, that's why no one would know the servers were actually LDB members until they'd been inducted.

Finishing off his soda and sighing, Robert donned the mask once more and made his way back to his prospects, who looked like they'd listened at least. They were all crowded round the dancefloor. Robert noticed that BND and Thing One were standing to the side talking with one another while the rest all mingled freely. An interesting divide. He made a note on both BND's and Thing One's pages.

"Follow me!" Robert yelled at the group from twenty feet away, he wasn't walking there to walk back. They were the ones being tested, not him, he'd do as little work as possible. Dutifully the group started walking towards him, talking amongst themselves, they were starting to relax a little with each other. That was good, they'd see more of their true colours that way. It was also annoying as fuck because they'd be less inclined to listen.

Robert glanced around, deciding which activity to hit next. The music challenge had Seth's group only on it, so Robert decided that was the best bet. The music challenge worked better with another group after all.

Robert strode towards the challenge, not looking behind him to make sure his prospects were following him, if he got there and they weren't he'd take ten points off them each. For being fucking idiots.

"Here we have the music challenge!" Robert declared loudly before turning round to face his group, all of which had caught up. Lucky for them, he thought.

"As you can see, there are two stands, a red stand and a green stand. One person stands on red, the other stands on, you guessed it ladies and gentlemen the green. Using lyrics from songs only you trade a battle of wits. They can be a line, or two lines, or even three lines. The lyrics have to be from the same song though. You cannot mix a Beyoncé lyric with a Run DMC lyric. The winner of the battle of wits is determined by the gentleman behind the desk who will hit either the red or green light to show who he has deemed the wittiest. Every light you get gains you three points; every one you lose takes a point. Gain the top score of the day you get an additional five points, if you win your round you stay up there till you lose," Robert said as a pair of Seth's recruits battled behind him. "Any questions?"

The group all shook their heads silently. Perfect.

Robert left the group and went to stand next to Sam and Seth, both of them were slumped, Seth was scuffing his feet against the floor, clip board held loosely in his fingers. Sam was tapping his fingers against the top of the desk he was sat behind. He pressed the red light as both contestants had finished their lyrics.

"How's it going?" Seth asked Robert.

"Eh. I've got a couple of good ones, you?" Robert replied, leaning against the desk and looking over his recruits to see who to send first.

"Mostly a load of duffers," Seth sighed as the guy who lost stepped down off the green stand. Or more like jumped down and flounced back to the group. Oh. How embarrassing for him.

"Poppins! You're up!" Robert yelled, he hoped that Poppins did well in this one, he had taken a shine to the boy.

Poppins did not do well, and was out straight away. Shame. Robert marked him down one point loss, as Seth added three points to his recruit.

"Thing One!" The boy also lost, pitifully.

"Big Red!" Big Red actually won one, but then lost on the second challenge.

"BND! Come on up!" Robert called out.

"BND?" Seth asked, his feet still scuffing the floor, a yawn clearly audible from his mask. Robert felt his friend, this was starting to get boring.

"Boy Next Door, he's a dick."

Robert frowned as he kept having to mark down three points for BND. He was making back the points he'd lost earlier, which was frustrating and painful. He was on a winning streak of three, meaning that he had won back nine points. Damn it. Legacy was looking better for getting accepted. Damn it.

"What's the score to beat today?" Robert asked Sam, who was keeping score and checking lyrics. He was currently the biggest audiophile of the group.

"Five, pitiful. F- Eugene and Patrick were most unimpressed," Sam replied, yawning again as BND once more finished off his opponent and got the green light from Sam. Damn it. Another three points. Bringing his total to four, he only had two more then he'd win the best score so far for the day.

"That was the last of my lot, we better go try something else, have fun Charles," Seth said standing up properly, his gait slower and more sluggish than normal. "Off we go you lot!"

Robert sighed and looked out as his recruits; they'd have to battle each other until another group came over.

"Bambi! You're up!" Robert yelled, gesturing to the red stand that was free. Unfortunately, scholarship didn't stand a chance, BND was going to do it, he was going to beat the score of the day and be one step closer to being accepted as a member of the LDB.

Bambi stepped up, as wobbly on her legs as her name's sake. Pitiful.

"Baby girl what's your name? Imma buy you a drink, then imma take you home with me," Legacy said with a smug smirk.

Bambi, surprisingly, rolled her eyes.

"Keep your drink, just give me the money, it's just you and your hand tonight," Bambi shot back without missing a beat.

Robert was mildly impressed as the light turned red and he marked her down for three points. Taking away one from BND.

"They're not real lyrics!" BND complained loudly as he got off the green stand. His hands screwed up into fists.

"Go stand over there with your head hung! Minus five points! You should be embarrassed; I'm embarrassed for you!" Robert said bitingly. He really didn't like that kid. Legacy or not.

BND did as he was told, however grudgingly and Robert was free to pick his next contestant.

"Missouri, you're up!"

Missouri stood on the stand, her eyes wide and her hands clenched together.

"UGLY you ain't got no alibi, you ugly!" Missouri said, her attempt at wit through song lyrics.

Robert shook his head. That had been dreadful, truly dreadful.

"Look inside, look inside your tiny mind, now look a bit harder, cause we're so uninspired," Bambi replied, her eyebrows raised, looking disappointed in her teammate. Robert, again, was fairly impressed. Though two wasn't exactly a hard score to beat.

"Princess!" Robert called up Steph, he remembered she hadn't done great at this when they'd had their games either. The look she sent him as she stepped up implied, she remembered just as well.

"Bigmouth strikes again. Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said by rights she should be bludgeoned in your bed," Bambi said before Stef could open her mouth. Damn, ruthless. He was loving that. Stef had no comeback at all and just walked off, once more glaring at him, but she raised her right eyebrow. She wanted to talk to him. He'd rush the others through and then get a break so they could talk, he nodded slightly to let her know he got it.

Bambi, very surprisingly, demolished the others of the group. She had a very quick wit and a wide range of song lyrics. Robert was now impressed, extremely impressed actually. She'd beaten the leader for the day so far as well. He needed to get a new group for her to battle and he needed to speak with Stef.

He watched as Bambi and the others, minus Stef, headed over to the drinks that Gary was serving as Robert called a break. He couldn't help but notice Bambi was now standing straighter, a smile graced her lips and her eyes held a sparkle. She'd found her confidence alright and her spine. He was much more predisposed to her now.

"What's up?" Robert asked Stef who stood behind him, he pretended he was talking to Sam.

"Big mouth, is what Matty called me on the limo ride over when I tried getting them all to talk. You should give her a couple of extra points for that, I had nothing to reply and it was all I could do not to high-five her," Stef said, kneeling on the ground as though tying her shoe or adjusting it. "Also, BND was giving Bambi shit for her dancing. He's a pain in the ass."

"That I got, don't worry," Robert drawled, pleasantly surprised at the new information. As some of the group started looking for Stef, Robert walked away to find another group that was free.

Ten minutes later and Bambi was dominating still, she was on eighteen successive wins, if she won two more then she'd have beaten the two joint reigning champions; Finn and Colin.

"Go get Eugene and Patrick please," Robert asked Gary, they needed to see this. Plus, they'd bring more people for Bambi to battle with them.

Finn and Colin came sauntering over shortly after, their prospects behind them, grouped together nervously.

"You called Charles?" Colin drawled.

"I did indeed Patrick. I have a young one here, who is one point away from joining your scores and two away from beating them," Robert said, actually proud of Bambi.

"Surely you jest?" Finn replied.

"I do not jest my good sir, I would not!" Robert said, enjoying the back and forth with his friends.

"Well, keep us in suspense no more!" Colin gestured to Robert's group.

"Bambi! Let's go!" Robert called happily. "Do you remember your score?"

"Eighteen Boss," the girl smirked at him, without a doubt she was the underdog in the competition and he was now rooting for her to win.

"Let's see, you there, you're up," Robert chose a random guy from Finn's team, the tag he was wearing proclaiming him 'donkey' he must have pissed off the usually laid-back Australian. His funeral.

"That's who you're telling us is close to joining our scores?" Colin asked with a scoff. "That tiny little girl?"

"Wait and see," Robert smirked, noticing that while Finn didn't say anything his previously crossed arms had dropped down by his sides, he'd stood straighter too, his head tilted slightly. Like a confused dog.

"Once a whore, you're nothing more, sorry, that'll never change," Donkey spat. Literally spat, perhaps Camel, would have been a better name for the guy?

"If you look back in history, it's a common double in society. The guy gets all the glory the more he can score, while the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore. You're just a little boy, think you're so cute and so coy, you must talk so big to make up for smaller things," Bambi replied, she didn't take even a moment to think about her rebuttal, it really was impressive.

"My god!" Finn gasped; a hand pressed to his chest. "I'm in love! Boys! That's the girl I'm going to marry!" He sounded completely serious.

Robert laughed along with Colin.

"She's not even a red head Eugene," Colin said dismissively after the laughter had subsided to small sniggers.

"She's stunning, she's witty. Her. I'm going to marry her," Finn insisted again.

Robert rolled his eyes at his friend and picked out another random guy from the two waiting groups. 'Tuck' a very large guy with blonde hair who didn't look too sharp.

"Hey, you're a crazy bitch, but you fuck so good I'm on top of it," Tuck said, looking Bambi over appreciatively, he'd obviously not seen her dance earlier.

"I'm gonna go home, gonna load my shotgun. Wait by the door and light a cigarette. If he wants a fight, well, now he's got one. And he ain't seen crazy yet," Bambi glared back at the blonde behemoth.

"She's done it! Bambi has beaten the high score!" Robert yelled happily; she was as good as in. Her teammates applauded, all except BND who just rolled his eyes. "Fifteen points Bambi! Next contestant, you!"

A small looking guy with glasses, uninspiringly called 'Specs' came from Colin's team. He was a slight guy who hurt his features further with the deep frown across them. He too looked at Bambi as though she was an all you can eat dessert bar.

"No one really knows if she's drunk or if she's stoned, but she's coming back to my place tonight," Specs said, licking his lips. Robert shuddered; the guy was creepy.

"Didn't you listen to the last round meathead? You're saying the same shit that he said," Bambi fired and lost, to many groans, including Roberts. Still next year, she'd be the one to beat and that was something.

"You know why you lost?" Sam asked Bambi from behind his desk.

"Yeah, it's from a movie," Bambi replied smiling, her eyes sparkling, more relaxed than they'd yet seen her. It suited her.

"Correct. Alright, Charles, if your group has quite finished now? I need a break. Bambi, well done," Sam said, getting up from his chair slowly and walking off towards the members only tent without another word.

"Right, you lot! Onward to the next test, this one is called Green Screen and will test your movie knowledge!" Robert yelled passing Finn and Colin, who were also leading away their prospects. Robert noticed Finn's eyes trailing Bambi. Maybe he had been serious? Whatever, it wouldn't last long, Finn's infatuation never did.