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End of an Era

Rory felt her heart expand as she stood in front of the Life and Death Brigade for the last time. It was the final event of the year, her last event. There were alumni there for networking and advice, there were all her best friends, her family.

She welcomed everyone to the event sincerely, then she announced it was time for the pranks. Pranks first and then they'd party.

They'd chosen a pool party for this event. They were at a Morgan hotel in Maine where the hotel and giant pool had been reserved just for them, courtesy of Amy. Food and drink flowed, everyone was in their bathing suits and Hep Alien would be playing for them soon, the warm sun beat down on them, not a cloud in the sky.

Rory listened to the pranks, deciding to go last with her group. Her last prank, their last prank. Finn and Colin had banded together with them this semester. Colin had seemed to be genuinely shocked by how detailed their planning went, each considering some of the pranks he'd been involved in didn't surprise her.

Poppins, Kat, Nika, Glenn, Charles and Dan stood together and Rory went to join them. She saw Colin and Finn walking towards them too. This had been the biggest prank they'd ever pulled, but as it was the final one they decided it was either go big or go home.

As the group before them climbed off the stage they stood on it. Nika hooked up her phone and started the sideshow. No words were spoken as they let everyone watch. They didn't need words to explain it.

Cheers and applause went round as their presentation followed.

Rory started the voting, not surprised but very happy as their group won by a clear majority. They'd won a holiday in Cuba this time round, a prize Rory was extremely excited about.

"How did you do that!" Irish asked as they stepped down from the podium. "Seriously? And we had no idea it was even you!"

"It took a lot of work, but I think it was worth it," Colin grinned at his girlfriend.

"Yeah it was, I had the best time!" Irish grinned back, the two were very sweet together. Disgustingly so sometimes.

They'd turned Yale into a winter wonderland at the beginning of the summer months. Snow had been in every corner of the college, inside, outside, grassy areas, the only place they hadn't touched had been the library. Mainly because Rory had been terrified that they'd destroy the books. They'd set up snowballs, ski's, snowboards and anything else they could think of needed for a snow day around the campus at certain points. Rory and Finn had laughed watching other people try to ski around Yale with little success as they skied like seasoned pros, well almost.

Rory walked through the crowds of people, watching as Boss, Gary and Logan had a diving competition between them. She winced as Gary belly flopped off the diving board, that would sting.

She headed for the drinks that were laid out on a table waiting for people to help themselves. Her grandpa hadn't joined this event, after his heart attack it had seemed like a good idea for him to be at home resting instead of joining in the high jinks.

Watching everyone she couldn't help but reminisce. Four years had passed in the blink of an eye, this chapter of her life was ending. As sad as it was, it was also exciting. It felt like only days ago that she had done her first trials that her mom had talked her into going to. Five minutes since she'd pulled her first prank at the Harvard Yale game and only moments ago when she'd finally agreed to go out with Finn, a blink of an eye that they'd declared their love for each other. Joining the Life and Death Brigade had been the best decision of her life, one she'd never regretted and was sure she never would.

"Oi! Bambi! Get your arse in here, we need someone on my team for volleyball!" Poppins yelled at her from the pool, interrupting her musings. With a grin she rushed to jump in the pool, Poppins was as bad at sports as her, so it'd make an amusing game if nothing else.


Finals were underway and you could cut the tension in the Simmons Building with a knife. Everyone was stressed, tense and tired. People were snapping at each other, food was being consumed at a phenomenal rate and the coffee machine was never off.

It was a powder keg just waiting to explode. The night before Rory's second final it did explode, monumentally.

Rory was sat at her small desk and Finn was darting between his two, working on one computer then the other every few minutes. Rory had three books open, going from one and then when her head felt full starting on the next. Finn pulled out one of his stashed chocolate bars and started eating it. Rory in turn got out her bag of chips. Neither of them had spoken in hours.

Music started blaring out from somewhere above them. Loud rock music.

"Who the hell is doing that?" Finn snapped angrily, half eaten chocolate bar clutched in his hand.

"A very brave person," Rory said unhappily. She stood from her chair, her back aching as she did, from hours of hunching over her desk. Going out into the corridor she saw a host of other unhappy people coming out of their rooms.

"Where's it coming from?" Poppins barked, bags under his eyes.

"Upstairs," Charles pointed out a book still in his hands.

En masse everyone made their way up where Glenn and Manbat were already pounding at the door the music was issuing from. It was Jeds room.

"Jed turn it off!" Glenn was yelling, Jed either didn't hear or care as the music carried on, deep thudding and angry yelling.

"Okay, that's it I'm going in!" Poppins yelled. He opened the door, stormed in and turned off the music, walking past the couple in the bed, who were not dressed at all and in a rather compromising position.

"What the hell!" Charles yelled trying to push his way forward.

"Charles!" Fred said, his face losing colour as he got off of Jed, thankfully keeping the bed covers around him.

"I thought we were exclusive!" Charles shouted, his face turning redder as Manbat held him back.

"I didn't know you two were-" Jed said looking confused and hurt.

"Fred, get dressed and leave," Kat said, her voice hard.

"You can't tell him to leave," Glenn argued, looking between the three men. "He should, but you can't tell him to."

"Like hell I can't, he's just hurt two of our friends and this is my house!" Kat said her arms folded, her eyes narrowed.

"We don't take sides, this is a family. But yeah, Kat and Glenn are right, I think, for now Fred, you should leave. Sort it out between the three of you when feelings aren't as tense," Rory said, she would not let this tear them apart. Despite being upset with Fred herself. Jed and Charles were close, almost brothers, she hoped that this didn't break their bond.

"You can't tell us how to feel!" Adam argued with her, his arms also folded, a deep frown on his face.

"Hey mate, back off," Finn said angrily, Rory felt him against her back. His hands went to her shoulders as they were tense.

"You would take her side!" Adam retorted.

"Hey! Back off Adam, Bambi's the leader, she's trying to keep us all together. It's a shitty situation, but we deal with it without ostracising a member," Poppins said, sounding annoyed as well.

"Hey!" "You-" "He-" "Well-"

The air was soon full of shouting and arguing. Everyone was yelling at each other.

Rory moved to the top of the stairs, back slightly from everyone, where hopefully they could all see her. She put her fingers in her mouth and whistled.

Manbat, the closest one to her, spun around his arms out in fright. She saw it coming and could do nothing about it. As she started falling she realised what an idiot she'd been, standing at the top of the stairs while everyone was arguing.

Pain radiated out from her after the first step, the second step hurt more she heard a crack, by the third she didn't feel anything, or see or hear.


Poppins felt his blood freeze as he saw what happened in slow motion. He was on Finn's heels, pushing people out of the way.

"Bambi!" Shouts rang out echoing around the corridor.

"Call a fucking ambulance!" Finn shouted at the top of his voice as he dove by Bambi's side.

Poppins was right by him. Checking her pulse, his eyes looking for any injuries. "Irish, get down here!" He yelled, Irish was pre-med, it wasn't a doctor, but the best they had.

"Don't move her!" Irish yelled at a frantic Finn.

"I've got a pulse," Poppins said in relife it was strong and steady. He thought. He had no idea what it was supposed to be like, but he was fairly sure it was alright.

Irish was checking Bambi over and Poppins could hear Kat getting an ambulance. She always seemed so composed in a crisis, until it was over and the doors closed. Then she came undone.

"I don't know enough. I think she's got a broken wrist and a broken rib, but I'm not sure and she's obviously unconscious. I'm sorry, I don't know enough," Irish said, her voice wobbling and when Poppins looked she was crying.

"This is all your fault!" Poppins heard Charles yell, he didn't know who he was talking to, he was too busy trying to take care of his best friend and having no clue how to help at all. His mind kept flashing back to that Valentine's Day and his hands shook, even as he kept telling himself this was nothing like that.

"Shut, the, fuck, up," Finn said quietly. His hand on Bambi's face, his eyes not leaving her but the anger in the man's voice was chilling. Instant silence followed.

"Charles go downstairs and wait for the paramedics," Kat ordered, her voice brooking no argument. "Jed, Fred get dressed, now. Colin go pack a hospital bag for Bambi and Finn. Include whatever thousand books she's reading right now."

Colin and Charles went straight away. Edging past the trio on the stairs, both of their eyes going to Bambi, concern shone in both of them. Poppins swore internally, why did this shit always happen to her? Why was it always Finn and him sat worrying about her? His mind flashed back to when he'd been mugged, and he realised that she'd done her own share of worrying.

It felt like hours, but was probably one ten minutes till the ambulance was there, the paramedics rushing up the stairs to Bambi. Questions were asked of them. What happened? Had she been moved? If she was on any medication? How old was she? Her full name? Birth date? Next of kin? Had she been drinking or taking any drugs? Between them Finn and Poppins managed to answer all the questions.

Poppins felt his heart sink as they loaded Rory onto a back brace, a collar around her neck and started carrying her still unconscious form down the remainder of the stairs.

"Can we go with her?" Poppins asked, he didn't want her to wake up in the hospital alone, because dammit she was going to wake up.

The paramedics exchanged looks. "One of you," the paramedic who seemed in charge said.

"Finn, you go, I'll ring Lorelai and meet you there," Poppins said, he wanted to be the one there, he wanted to make sure she was alright, but Finn needed it. Poppins wanted to, Finn needed to.

"Thanks," Finn said quietly, his eyes not leaving Bambi.

Poppins watched as Bambi was loaded into the ambulance and Finn climbed in after her. He watched as she was hooked up to machines and then the doors closed.

"Kat?" Poppins asked, feeling her steadying force behind him.

"I've got the keys and I've got their bag," Kat said, knowing what he needed without words as usual. "You ring Lorelai, I'll drive," to anyone else Kat may have sounded cut off and detached, hard. Poppins could hear her voice tremble ever so slightly though. Reaching behind him he took her hand as they made their way to her car, Poppins had a very difficult phone call to make.

He wasn't surprised when Colin, Glenn and Dan climbed in the back, he assumed the rest would meet them there.

"Are you here for Lorelai Gilmore?" A doctor came into the packed waiting room. He had a clipboard in his hand and a frown on his face.

Finn stood up feeling his heart hammering so hard in his chest that it hurt.

"Yes, yeah, we are," Poppins said from next to him where he'd been the entire time.

"Are any of you family?" The doctor asked the large group.

"Yes, we all are," Dan said firmly, his arms crossed over his body.

"Uh huh… have any of you got identification to prove that?" The doctor obviously did not believe them.

"I'm Bambi's fiance, we live together, she's got a platinum ring, with a large diamond set in it, princess cut, and smaller diamonds are around them. Her mum, Lorelai Gilmore the second, will be here in about an hour, but until then, please, please, tell me how she is," Finn said, making eye contact with the doctor. He needed to know she was going to be okay, he needed to know she was still here with him.

"Follow me, Mr…?"

"Morgan, Finn Morgan," Finn said following the doctor out into the corridor.

"Lorelai has suffered from a broken wrist, two broken ribs and does have a head injury. From our preliminary scans we can't find anything more than a concussion but I'd like to do more scans just to be on the safe side," the doctor said seriously and Finn let out a sigh.

"So she's going to be okay?" Finn asked desperately. He needed to hear the words.

"As far as we can tell at the minute, yes, she should be fine," the doctor said with a small smile. Relife hit Finn so hard he felt his knees shake.

"Thank you, thank you so much," Finn said sincerely.

"So, do we have your permission to run the other scans?" The doctor asked, taking a pen out and raising his clipboard.

"Whatever scans you need. All of the scans," Finn said, money wasn't an issue, he just needed to be sure she was fine. He'd seen what was happening in slow motion, saw her fall as if in slow motion, saw her hit the first step and he was frozen, frozen in spot, he couldn't move. He'd needed to get to her, he'd needed to save her, but he was frozen, terrified. Finn couldn't, he couldn't go through that again. What had happened before, his face in her pillow just trying to breathe in her scent, her purely Bambi smell as everything else fell away. He could not do that again.

When the doctor left he started to make his way back to the waiting room before a thought occurred to him. Pulling out his phone he brought out his contacts and pressed call.

"Hello? Finn!" Lorelai answered the phone straight away, her panic very obvious.

"It's me, Bambi's got a broken wrist, two broken ribs and a head injury. They're thinking that it's a concussion but they want to run more scans," Finn said, his hand going to his hair which he ruffled hard.

"Tell them to do the scans then, whatever they need to do!" Lorelai yelled.

"Already done," Finn said tiredly.

"We'll be there in half an hour, just keep ringing me and letting me know if anything changes. Please," his future mother in law said desperately.

"I will, I promise," Finn said, she would be his first call. He knew that she'd never forgive him if she wasn't, which would make the rest of his life very awkward and uncomfortable, especially around the holidays.

Finn walked into the waiting room where everyone from the Simmons Building waited in silence. More from the Life and Death Brigade had wanted to come, but there simply wasn't room. Finn suspected they were around the hospital anyway.

"They're going to do more scans, but they're thinking at the minute she's got a concussion, broken wrist and broken ribs," Finn said to the room, he heard his voice shake but couldn't do anything about it, more importantly he didn't care.

Manbat sat down hard in his chair, his head in his hands. Finn wanted to comfort him, it had been a mistake, an accident. He couldn't though. He came so close to losing her again, so fucking close. He wanted to be that guy, who just went, 'mate, it's fine, no harm no foul,' but he couldn't. If he went near the guy now… Bambi wouldn't want that. Instead he sat in the chair he'd occupied, sending a nod of thanks to both Colin and Poppins, either side of him who both placed a hand on one of his shoulders.

Bambi when she'd woken up a few hours later, groggy and in pain, had of course asked about everyone else first. Then panicked about her final that was in mere hours. Then she'd noticed the pain she was in, so Finn had gone to get a doctor or nurse.

When he'd come back, nurse on his heels, Lorelai, his mom and Luke were there by her bedside. He had forgotten to ring them when she'd woken up, they'd been getting food and coffee. In his defense he'd been so relieved to see those big blue eyes again, and just hold her, everything else had been forgotten.

"This wonderful nurse here is going to give you something for the pain Kitten," Finn said standing by her head.

"Thank you," she said sincerely to him and then the nurse.

Shortly after she was back asleep. He sat in a chair and just watched her even breathing, thoughts racing through his head. He had an idea. It might have been a terrible idea but it was an idea.

Three days later Finn was grinning as he pushed a grumbling Bambi out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

"I don't need to be sitting here, I can walk," she said. He could hear the adorable pout in her voice. And she called him stubborn when he was sick, she was the most stubborn person he'd ever encountered.

"Hospital policy love," Finn chuckled, glad that she at least wasn't able to push herself in the hospital.

"And you're sure my finals are taken care of?" She asked for the sixtieth time. She'd missed two finals and had been seriously stressing about it, even after she'd been reassured.

"I'm positive, you can retake them. Which means you get a week of extra study time and can still graduate with the rest of us," Finn said patiently. He couldn't wait to get her home, to lie with her in bed again, to wake up with her next to him.

"Okay, thank you," she said, letting out a sigh.


"It's come!" Her mom sang down the phone three days before graduation.

"The white steed to welcome in the apocalypse?" Rory guessed with a chuckle. Discarding the dress she'd been considering for graduation with a frown. It had buttons and she still had another week in a cast, buttons were a no, no.

"Not quite that dramatic. No, the envelope you wanted for the winter. Your surprise for Finn," her mom said and in the background she heard a loud wail that could only have come from her baby brother.

"Is he okay?" Rory asked, she hadn't been able to get back to Stars Hollow much the past month, finals, hospital stays, packing had all conspired against her.

"He's teething, poor little guy," her mom said sympathetically. "Did you hear me though?"

"I did," Rory smiled widely. She thought it had been a good surprise for Finn, for their wedding day. He'd mentioned something and it had spurred the idea that once upon a time she had completely dismissed. After talking with her mom, who had been strangely fine with the idea, Rory had gone through with it. Now it was official.

"Happy? No regrets?" Her mom asked.

"No regrets," Rory agreed, she was sure.

"Okay, well I'm going to have to run, but I'll see you in three days. I'm very excited," her mom said proudly. "And remember everyone's watching, so walk pretty and knees closed."

Rory laughed at that remembering Chilton.


Photos were taken, bottles of champagne were passed around, relatives were hugged. Spirits were high. It was graduation, they had done it, they had graduated from Yale. Finn two years later than he had originally planned maybe, but that just meant he walked with his fiance instead of his friends.

He looked around for Bambi, last time he'd seen her she was having pictures with Poppins and Jean.

"Man, congratulations!" Finn was shocked to hear the voice of one of his best friends.

"Logan, what are you doing here?" Finn asked, pulling the man in question in for a hug.

"You didn't think we'd miss you finally joining the ranks of us working fellows now did you?" Robert asked with a smirk coming from behind Finn.

"So you came to make fun of me then?" Finn smirked, shaking hands and hugging his friends who'd come to see him. Gary, Seth, Logan, Robert, Colin, Matty and Lanny, they were all there.

"We came to give you gifts and party, but if you'd rather we made fun of you that can be arranged," Robert smirked with a raised eyebrow.

"You weren't going to make fun of him? I'm out," Gary chuckled.

"You guys were here to see Finn? I was here to check Bambi out before she was taken off the market," Matty laughed, dodging Finn's fist.

"Mate, she has a rather large, rather expensive, shiny rock on her hand saying she is off the market," Finn pointed out. He knew his friend was just messing with him but there were enough guys ogling his fiancé without his friends joining in.

"Ah, it's not official until she says I do. I still have time," Matty winked. "Though I see a rather ugly accessory on her person, how did that come about? Too much studying for finals?"

"She was pushed down the stairs while everyone was arguing. Thanks for bringing the mood down mate," Finn said with a frown. He didn't particularly enjoy thinking about it and was glad that the reminder on her wrist would be gone in a matter of days.

"A story for another day then gentlemen?" Logan asked.

"Indeed, I can fill you in. Until then, Finn, these are for you," Colin said, passing over a gift bag. Finn grinned and opened it to see some rather nice Havana cigars.

"Mate, these are very nice. Thanks Blossom, shall we gentlemen?" Finn asked, opening the box.

"Indeed," Colin grinned, pulling out a cigar cutter and lighter.

"So sure I would share?" Finn chuckled passing around the box.

"I have another box," Colin shrugged with another grin.

"So this party this evening, where is it?" Gary asked, taking a long drag of his cigar.

"The alligator lounge has been rented for the occasion," Colin told the guys. Irish and he had arranged for the party, Bambi was trying to do it but between her finals, her injuries and everything else they had taken pity on her. And on Finn, Bambi had not been easy to live with those past weeks. However now the notebooks were packed away with the rest of their belongings and they had a blissful four weeks together before they moved into their new place and started work.

"The alligator lounge? Zydeco music, really?" Sam asked, walking up with Lane hand in hand with a wrinkle of his nose.

"The sound guys coming," Colin waved him away as though it should be obvious. Finn knew for a fact though that the sound guy hadn't been coming until Irish had actually visited the alligator lounge.

"Who can make the sunrise! Sprinkle it with dew!" Finn turned around hearing the not so subtle tones of his girl coming towards them and very obviously tipsy if not drunk. He shook his head but smiled, Poppins was behind it he bet. Poppins and Kat together were terrible influences, that's why he liked hanging out with the couple so much.

"Munchkin you remembered!" Gary grinned, rushing over to Bambi and wrapping her in a big bear hug.

"Of course I did, how could I forget our song? I'm going to sing it at your funeral, which will be very soon if you call me munchkin again!" Bambi said laughing and hugging Gary back.

"Where's our love, Bambi?" Robert asked with a grin as Bambi and Gary parted.

"Boss! I always have love for you, you are a very brave man," Bambi said before giving him a hug.

"He is? That's news to me," Gary chuckled, looking at Bambi in confusion.

"He broke things off with Paris. By text," Bambi told Gary while shooting a small frown at Robert.

"Ouch, man that's harsh," Logan winced and looked around, obviously to see if the scarily fierce Paris was around.

"I hadn't seen her in six months, and she didn't go down," Robert said and the males in the group all winced as Bambi frowned harder at him. "Well it's true."

"Did you go down on her?" Bambi asked, swaying slightly.

"No!" Robert said as though the thought was disgusting.

"Well there then," Bambi said, folding her arms. She walked over to Finn a bit unsteady on her feet. "Aus?" She said leaning against him, and he wrapped his arms around her waist, loving the feeling of her there.

"Yes Kitten?" Finn smiled down at her, she was adorable drunk.

She leant up on her tiptoes and whispered into his ear. "I'm horny."

"Right guys, we'll see you at the party in a couple of hours. Bambi has something I need to sort out. Like now," Finn said to his friends who all smirked at him as he hustled Bambi away from them, feeling himself react to her words already. He couldn't get enough of her, he didn't think he ever would.


"Where are we going?" Rory asked Finn as they sat on his private jet. They were going away for two weeks before they moved into their new house and started work. He hadn't told her where they were going and it was driving her mad.

"Just be surprised, love," Finn replied, practically radiating excitement.

"How long will it be until we land?" Rory asked, hoping she could get something out of him about where they were going. She scratched at her wrist, the cast had been taken off the day before but it still itched like crazy.

"About six hours Kitten, now that's all you're going to get out of me," he chuckled at her.

"What are we going to do for six hours?" Rory asked him, she hadn't packed any books or magazines or plays. There was a TV on board though, she supposed they could watch movies and he'd probably stocked the plane with food for them, they could have a plane movie day. That would be different.

"I have some ideas of what we could do for six hours, love," he smirked at her, his hand going to her thigh.

"For six hours? Have you been taking those little blue pills, because you really don't need them," Rory chuckled. Finn really didn't need any help in the bedroom department.

"You're my very own little blue pill love," Finn said, his eyes clouded with lust. "That didn't come out quite right but you get what I mean."

Rory laughed and stood up taking his hand and leading him to the back of the plane.

An hour later they were back on the sofa of Finn's plane, both flushed and rumpled but extremely satisfied. Rory leant into Finn, smiling as his arm went around her and he placed a kiss on her head.

"Love you Aus," Rory sighed happily, her heart full, she could deal with not knowing where they were going as long as she was going with him.

"Love you too Kitten," Finn said with a smile. "I can't wait to marry you."

"Me too Aus," Rory grinned, she was looking forward to being Mrs Morgan and starting the rest of their lives together.

"I would marry you right now if I could," Finn said, playing with her hair, his body lazing against hers.

"Mmm… if it weren't for the fact that my mom would skin you alive then I'd marry you right now too," Rory said, snuggling further into him. Feeling her eyes start to drift closed, safe in Finn's arms as he took her away to spend time, just the two of them.

"Yeah, she would," Finn chuckled next to her. "But you would marry me? You don't want to wait?"

"Mmhmmm," Rory said, extremely tired. "But mom said no eloping," she chuckled into his chest, smiling as she felt him kiss her temple.

"I know love, and she's a very scary lady, I wouldn't go against her," Finn said.

Rory felt sleep pull her under. A small smile on her face as she dreamt of her future with Finn.

As she dreamt of nights filled with laughter. Of days spent playing games and joined by their friends. Of a house with tiny Finn's running through it and a life lived with love. A smile spread across her face in her sleep.