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It was dark, damp and miserable. Just like the day it happened. And just like that day, he stood frozen in fear and watched it all unfold.

In front of him stood three people. A woman with long light brown hair. Next to her, a tall man with short dark hair. These were his parents. And right in front of them, a masked man dressed in black, pointing a gun right at them.

"Please, don't hurt us." His mother cried.

"I thought I was very clear?" The masked man waved his gun. "Empty all your pockets and we'll be done."


The robber was fidgety. They were standing smack in the middle of the street and he wanted this to be over with before he got caught.


If the little boy thought things were bad right now. They got even worse. His father had decided to be the hero for once, but he didn't account how twitchy the robber was.


His father took a step forward.

The robber whipped his gun at him.

The hammer pulled back, a loud click resonated from it.

A deafening bang followed by white.



He awoke with a gasp and shot up from his bed. His chocolate colored eyes darting around frantically until they fell upon a pair of blue eyes that were staring back at him in concern.

"Are you okay, honey? You were tossing and sweating."

Jaden took a few deep breaths to calm his heart. He put his hands through his messy two tone brown hair before he looked at the person hovering over his bed.

It was a pale skinned woman with blue eyes and short dark brown hair. She wore dark blue jeans and a teal blouse.

"Y-yeah." He breathed out shakily. "It was just the nightmare... again."

The woman looked concerned. "Again?" She sighed. "I thought you were over it?"

The boy shrugged. "So did I, I haven't had it in years..." he trailed off, worry visible in his eyes.

The woman stroked his hair comfortingly and gave him a warm smile. "It's okay. Mama and Papa are here for you, okay?" She planted a soft kiss on his temple.

Jaden smiled. "Yeah."

They both turned as a new voice addressed them.

"Tea, is he alright?"

A man with slightly tanned skin, tri-colored spiky hair and purple eyes entered the room. He wore a black shirt, dark blue pants and a choker around his neck.

"He's okay." The now named Tea answered. "Yugi, he had the nightmare again."

The man, Yugi, frowned in worry. He too thought that Jaden's nightmares were gone.

"It's okay, dad." Jaden assured. "It's a one time thing, promise."

His dad stared at him for a few moments before smiling. "I'll take your word for it. Now, get dressed and come down for breakfast. Today is your important day, remember?"

Jaden's eyes widened. "It's today?!" He jumped out of his bed with so much force that he almost fell on the ground. "How could I forget?!" He entered the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

The two adults stared in bewilderment at the door before suddenly Yugi began laughing. "It's good to know he can bounce back easily."

Tea let out an amused chuckle. "Yeah. If we didn't know better, we'd think nothing can get to him."

She then moved behind Yugi and began pushing him out the room. "Now, come on before she eats the whole box of cereal while we're gone."

Jaden emerged out of his room, fully dressed and ready for the day. He was wearing a red shirt underneath a black, high collar jacket and a pair of black jeans.

He entered the kitchen and his senses were greeted by the smell of eggs and his favorite, fried shrimp. But before he could even move an inch, he was tackled by a small brown haired, giggling rocket.

"Big brother!"

He looked down and saw his little sister wrapped around his waist and beaming at him with her big purple eyes.

His sister was an odd mix between their parents. Purple eyes, shoulder length brown hair which had two blond locks at the front and to top it off she was shy and outgoing at the same time. But she was the most adorable bundle in the world.

"Hey, Mana! Ready for school?"

His question brought a frown and pout on her face. "Yeah... but I'd rather come watch your duel today."

"Mana, we talked about this." Tea addressed the girl as she sat down. "You can't skip school so you can watch your brother duel."

The girl turned to her father and gave him a pleading look.

"Don't give me the puppy eyes, you know your mom's right. You're going to school." Yugi said with finality.

"Aw!" The seven year old whined as Jaden lifted her in his arms.

"Don't worry, I'll record it for you to watch later, okay?" Jaden said with a smile.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" She beamed and giggled. "You're the best, Jaden!"

Yugi and Tea watched with smiles on their faces as Jaden began to playfully jab Mana's sides while she tried to slap him in hopes that he stopped. They might not be blood related, but no one could tell that as they watched them bicker, tease and care for each other like siblings.

"So, dad, how's the game coming along?" Jaden suddenly asked as he placed Mana in her seat.

Yugi smiled. "Well, if everything goes as planned today, we'll have two things to celebrate tonight."

"You're that convinced I'll win today?" Jaden asked as he began to eat his breakfast.

Yugi smirked. "Come now, Jaden, don't be modest. You know you're good."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Jaden grinned.

Suddenly, Yugi remembered something. "Oh, before I forget!" He pulled out of his pocket a card and handed it to his son. "Here, a good luck charm, so to say."

Jaden took it and his eyes widened. "Really? You're giving me one of your cards?"

"Actually, he wanted to go with you."

Suddenly, Jaden heard a squeak come from the card. He looked down and saw a creature that resembled a brown fuzzy ball with big eyes and small angel wings appear in front of him.

He smiled as the creature flew around his head and cooed happily.

"Thanks, dad!" Jaden stood up and picked up his backpack. "I better get going!"

"Good luck!" His mother shouted. "And don't be late! You know how she gets when she waits for you!"

Jaden arrived at the Kaiba Dome. It was bustling with teens, some of them were already in uniform and were just watching the rest of the duels. He approached and leaned against the railing next to a short turquoise haired boy with glasses to watch the duels happening down below.

"Alright new guy, you got three options. Do you: A) Throw in the towel, B) Beg for mercy or C) Run home to mama?" The proctor taunted the boy on the other side of the field with a Vorse Raider.

"I'll go with D) None of the above!" The dark haired boy retaliated and activated his facedown, Ring of Destruction. "With this I sacrifice my Vorse Raider and you lose!"

Jaden was impressed over how the boy won his duel. He wanted to face him.

"Clever move, applicant." The proctor praised. "Welcome to Duel Academy."

The boy bowed in respect. "Thank you."

"Wow, that guy is pretty good!" The short boy flinched as Jaden said that.

He looked up at him. "Yeah, that's Bastion Misawa. Word is he got the second highest score on the written exam."

"Wow, impressive. I didn't think I'd pass myself."

"Yeah, I barely passed. Oh, I'm Syrus, by the way. To be honest, I don't know how I passed my match." Syrus said as he looked down.

"Jaden Yuki." Jaden's brotherly instincts kicked in. "So you're in! Congrats!" He clapped him on the back, which made Syrus almost topple over the railing. "I'll be in too, as soon as they call me down to duel."

The small boy's eyes widened. "Wait, you haven't dueled yet!? That was supposed to be the la-!"

"There you are!"

They turned around to see a beautiful young girl approach Jaden. She was a bit taller than him, with pale skin, beautiful blue eyes and shoulder length blue hair.

She gave Jaden a hug. "I was looking everywhere for you! I was beginning to think you'd overslept or something."

Jaden chuckled as he hugged her back. "Nah, the bus got caught in traffic so I ran the rest of the way here."

She sighed. "Of course you did." She turned and looked at Syrus. "Who's your new friend?"

"Oh!" Jaden's eyes widened. "This is Syrus." He turned to the boy. "Sy, this is my best friend, Erina Kaiba."

The boy's eyes widened in shock. Jaden knew Erina Kaiba? He extended his hand. "H-hello, I-I'm Syrus... meet you... nice." He fumbled out nervously.

Erina smiled in amusement as she shook his hand. "Relax, Syrus, I don't bite. And it's nice to meet you."

At another part of the arena sat a bunch of Duel Academy teachers and proctors. "Looks like we got a pretty good crop this year." One said.

"Yes, I agree." Another proctor said.

Right next to them, a teacher sat there silently, not paying attention to the conversation next to him. He's male, but could easily be mistaken as a woman due to the makeup he wore for some weird reason. He wore a blue Academy blazer with gold epaulettes and a puffy pink collar. He also had long blond hair which was tied down in a low ponytail.

"I'm sorry to interrupt." A man in a black business suit approached the flamboyant teacher. "But we have one last applicant that just arrived, Mr. Crowler."

"Excuse me?" Crowler scowled. "Did you just call me, 'mister'?"

"I'm sorry. I'm new here, Miss-"

"I have a PhD in dueling and have earned the title 'doctor' and shall be addressed as such!" Crowler snapped, full of pride for his PhD. "Now tell the applicant to come back next year." The others looked at him as if he's lost his mind.

"Come on, Doctor Crowler, we have time for one more."

"Yeah, he was just a bit late, that's all."

"Late is rude!" The doctor snapped. He slammed his fists, freaking the others out. "I don't have time for slackers!"

Just then his phone rang and he answered it. "What?!"

"It's Sheppard."

"Oh, Chancellor Sheppard." His tone did a complete one eighty as it switched from angry to bubbly pleasant, causing the others to sweatdrop.

"Just calling to make sure everything is running smoothly, Crowler." Sheppard said. "We wouldn't want a repeat of last year, would we?" Hearing this made Crowler's eyes bug out as he became nervous. "You cut a third of our students for some ridiculous reason. Calling you 'mister' or 'missus'? Whatever, make sure everyone gets a fair shot!"

"Yes, of course, sir!" Crowler hung up. 'Furry chinned windbag. Doesn't he realize that there are enough talentless flunkies at the Academy? But... he's the boss. If he wants these slackers to duel, then fine!'

"Pardon me, gentlemen." Crowler stood up and started to walk away.

"But, sir, who'll be the boy's proctor? And what deck should he use?"

Crowler huffed and walked away. "Leave that to me." He pulled out a deck from his blazer and grinned evilly.

Jaden, Erina and Syrus were casually talking when Jaden noticed Bastion sit down on the seats below them.

"Hey, sweet duel, Bastion."

The boy turned around. "Thank you." He said politely.

"By the looks of it, you might be the third best duelist here." Jaden said with a smirk.

"Third?" Bastion asked in bewilderment. He got second place in the written exam, right behind Erina Kaiba. Bastion's eyes widened as he just noticed the girl in question next to Jaden, a big smile on her face as she observed their conversation.

"Will Jaden Yuki please report to exam field four!"

"That's my cue!" Jaden said excitedly as he turned around, only to stop and look at Erina. "Hey Rina, how many turns did it take you to finish your duel?"

The bluenette smirked, knowing all too well why he asked this. "Two. Let's see you try and beat that!"

Jaden grinned. "You're on!" He said before dashing off to his duel.

Bastion was still staring in shock. "May I ask, if I'm the third best, then which one is he?"

"The best." Erina simply said as she walked down and sat next to Bastion. 'This is gonna be good!' She thought to herself as she waited for Jaden's duel to start.

Jaden was slowly riding up the platform that would take him to his duel. He inserted his deck and was raring to go.

"Are you ready, Jaden?"

Jaden looked to his left and smirked at his Spirit Guardian.

Jaden's Duel Spirit was an odd looking one. She was female, with sickly purple skin, pale blue lips, heterochromic eyes where one was orange and the other teal, a third, red irised eye placed vertically on her forehead. Short and spiky dual colored hair split right in the middle, one side was silvery white and the other a dark purple. She wore a skintight black and grey skin suit. To finish off her fiendish look, a pair of large demonic wings stretched behind her.

"You bet, Yubel!" He answered her mentally.

The platform stopped as it reached the top. Jaden saw that his opponent was already there with two girls strapping a modified Duel Disk on his vest.

Jaden blinked at the appearance of the man, though he didn't show it, he was kind of weirded out by him.

"Is... Is that a cross-dresser?" Yubel asked in confusion besides him. Jaden fought back a laugh at his guardian's comment as he took in his appearance carefully.

"Well, if he duels as well as he dresses, this won't take too long." Yubel assessed as she disappeared, letting his opponent have her ward's attention.

"Alright, test time!" Crowler adjusted his Disk. "So, son, what's your name?"

"Jaden Yuki, sir."

"So, Jaden Yuki. I'm Doctor Vellian Crowler, Department Chair of Techniques at Duel Academy."

Jaden rolled his eyes. "Wow, a Department Chair? From the way you dress, I thought you were the Academy's weird mascot!" Jaden commented with a grin, causing Crowler to go red with anger, while Erina and Yubel laughed at his comment.

Up in the stands, three boys, who were already admitted in Obelisk, were talking about Jaden's comment on Crowler.

"You know, now that he mentions it..." A boy with glasses said as he gazed at the Doctor's appearance.

"This guy's got some lip, huh Chazz?" The second boy, one with dark spiky hair said.

The raven haired boy in the middle, Chazz, looked on with a smirk. "I think I'm gonna enjoy watching Crowler mop the floor with our mouthy little friend here."

"Duel Vest, on!" Crowler snapped, activating it and drawing his five cards. Jaden was amazed by the tech the teacher was using.

"Wow! That's some cool tech you got there, teach. How do I get one?" Jaden asked excitedly.

"Oh you know... a lot of hard work and extremely high marks. Crowler answered. 'Of course, you first have to be accepted. And I'll make sure of it that you're not!'

"Extremely high marks?" Jaden asked before he shrugged. "Oh well, guess I won't be getting one of those." Jaden's carefree attitude and quick dismissal caused Crowler to fume even more.

"So are we gonna duel, or what?"

Jaden: 4000

Crowler: 4000

"I'll go first." Crowler said as his vest shot out his sixth card. 'And since I'm using my own personal deck, I'll make quick work of you, slacker!'

He held up a card. "I start by playing the spell card, Confiscation! Now, by paying 1000 life points, I get to destroy a card in your hand!"

Crowler: 3000

Holograms of the cards in Jaden's hand appeared in front of him. "Ah yes, I remember these cards when I was a rookie. Monster Reborn to the Graveyard!"

Jaden was shocked. 'Did he... did he really just do that? Out of all the cards in my hand, he chose that one?'

Erina blinked as she saw Jaden's expression. 'What got him so baffled?' She wondered.

"Next, I play two cards facedown." Two reverse cards appeared in front of Crowler's feet. "And then, I'll play Heavy Storm!" A heavy gust of wind swept across the field, destroying Crowler's facedowns. Suddenly, two gold worm-like fiend tokens appeared on the field. "And since the trap cards that were destroyed were Statue of the Wicked. I get two tokens on my field."

"A card that strong can't be in the test deck. Crowler must be using his own." The boy with the glasses said.

"Then this duel is over." The other boy said besides Chazz. "No one can beat the deck of an expert like Dr. Crowler."

Up on the stands on the other side of the arena, a boy and a girl were watching the duel. Both of them were Obelisks from the look of their uniforms. The boy had dark blue hair and eyes of the same color and wore the white version of the boys' blazer. The girl had long golden blond hair and hazel eyes. Her uniform consisted of a blue and white sleeveless blazer, blue mini-skirt and blue heels. She also had long, blue fingerless dueling gloves.

"What an elitist snob!" The blond scoffed. "Bullying some kid with his very best cards."

"I think you're too soft, Alexis." The boy folded his arms over his chest. "I just hope we'll get to see that legendary monster he has hidden in there."

"And now for your next lesson! I sacrifice my Wicked Tokens!" The two tokens disappeared just as fast as they appeared. "To summon the Ancient Gear Golem!"

A giant mechanical golem made of rusted metal and gears appeared. His one glowing red eye fixated on Jaden. (ATK: 3000/ DEF: 3000)

Alexis gasped. "There it is! The legendary rare monster!"

The boy nodded. "Now we'll see what makes it so legendary."

"And with that I end my turn!" Crowler said smugly. "We'll, Mr. Yuki, I hope you're not too disappointed that you are about to lose. I bet you're trying to rock your brain to fig-"

But he was cut off by Jaden's loud laughter. He calmed down and drew his card. He placed his hands on his hips and smirked. "You're just too much, teach! I'd hate to knock you off your high horse, but you just lost!"

His words caused the whole stadium, except for Erina, to gasp.

"Preposterous!" Crowler fumed. "There's no way a rookie like you can take down my Golem!"

"It's obvious words won't convince you." Jaden smirked. "So how about I show you?"

He slapped a card on his Duel Disk. "I summon Elemental HERO Stratos!"

On the field appeared a buff, blue skinned man wearing a pair of white pants with blue boots, blue vambraces, a blue top, a white, winged helmet with a glass visor over his face and an impressive pair of metal, razor wings. (ATK: 1800/ DEF: 300)

"And when he is summoned, I can add a HERO from my deck to my hand." Jaden took a card out of his deck. "I add Clayman to my hand!"

"Now for some fusion!" He held up a spell card. "I play Polymerization! With it I fuse Stratos with the Clayman I added to my hand to summon Elemental HERO Gaia!"

The two heroes merged, forming a towering behemoth of a man that rivaled the Gear Golem in size. He wore black armor with gold trimming and it was decorated with big amber stones. (ATK: 2200/ DEF: 2600)

"What a mistake!" Crowler laughed. "My Golem is stronger than him!"

"Yeah, keep talking." Jaden smirked. "But when his effect kicks in we'll see if you'll say the same. When Gaia is summoned, he can cut one of your monster's attack in half and add it to his own!"

Crowler's eyes bugged out of his head. The Gear Golem made some odd sound as his gears stopped moving. (ATK: 3000-1500)

Then the ambers on Gaia's armor began to glow as they surged with new power. (ATK: 2200-3700)

"Now let's see which giant has the edge! Gaia, attack Gear Golem with Continental Hammer!"

Gaia lifted his arms above his head and brought them down on top of the Gear Golem as it tried to block it, smashing it to scraps.

Crowler: 1800

"So much for your one turn kill." Crowler smirked smugly, but was starting to panic. "I still have life points."

"Yeah, you're right! So, let's fix that." Jaden said and held up the winning card. "I play Form Change! With this, I send Gaia back to my extra deck and summon a Masked HERO with the same level as him. So say hello to Masked HERO Blast!"

Gaia was suddenly enveloped in a bright light. As it died down in his place stood a hero wearing green armor with a helmet covering his face and a red scarf that was wrapped around his neck, flowing freely in the wind. (ATK: 2200/ DEF: 1800)

"This can't be!" Crowler shrieked.

"He won!" Alexis gasped.

"On his first turn!" Syrus jumped from his seat.

"Blast, attack him directly! Catastrophic Hurricane!"

The masked hero spun in place as he transformed into a tornado. The tornado charged forward and swept across Crowler's field, taking the rest of his life points.

Crowler: 0

"And that's game!" Jaden grinned as he pointed with his middle and index fingers at the doctor. "Looks like I passed, huh teach?" He said before turning and leaving.

Crowler was mortified. 'How did I lose to a slacker like him!? And in one turn!'

Syrus was jumping in joy that Jaden had won, while Bastion was looking on with a smile on his face. 'That was astonishing! I could use some competition around here and he'd make a great rival.' He thought.

Erina was grinning. She couldn't help herself. She knew he'd win, but Jaden's joyous mood was getting to her.

Chazz on the other hand was stunned in disbelief. "There's no way! No way Crowler lost to a slacker like him! That was a fluke!"

Alexis was replaying Jaden's OTK and nodded in approval. "That guy's pretty interesting. He has a future here, don't you think, Zane?" She turned to the boy next to her, only to be surprised as he turned around and walked away without saying a word.

She turned back and watched as Jaden high-fived Erina with a massive grin on his face.

'Yeah, he's gonna make things interesting.' The blond thought to herself as an involuntary smile crossed her lips.