Cedric awoke to a cold sweat with aches throughout his body. He felt feverish and dull, with his head empty and full of spiderwebs. He groaned, slowly rolling over to retrieve a glass of water he had left on his night table and drank it, nearly sobbing in relief as it cooled his burning throat. Feeling so bad, he remained in bed longer than he would have liked. His body shivering from uncomfortable chills raking through him. It didn't help that he also felt hot as well. Too hot. He couldn't properly wrap himself in his soft blanket in fear he'll have a heat stroke.

A few hours pass with Cedric struggling to get comfortable before a polite knock on his door echoed throughout his tower. He already knew it was Baileywick. Who else would it be? Sofia's knocking was always so eager sounding as if she couldn't wait to come in and see him. While a visit from his love would be nice, Cedric didn't want her catching whatever he had.

"Cedric, are you awake?" Baileywick asked from the other side of the door. He actually sounded a little worried. If Cedric wasn't so ill, he would have laughed and teased his frenemy.

"Cedric?" Baileywick started to turn the door.

"Don't come in," Cedric moaned aloud. "I'm sick, Baileywick."

"I guess that would explain why you missed your breakfast with Princess Sofia," Baileywick said, sounding a little sad, "I'll go inform her that you're ill."

After hearing Bailewick leave, Cedric grabbed a pillow and buried his face in it, groaning into its softness. Somehow he felt worse than before. Oh, Merin's Mushrooms he had forgotten about his breakfast date with Sofia! How could that have slipped his mind? Well, it couldn't be helped, and he's sure Sofia would understand. Still, he wanted to ask her something important. Something that he's been meaning to ask her for a while, but always found himself tongue-tied whenever she was around. That girl always made him feel giddy and nervous. She could command his heart with just a quirk of her lips. And Sofia knew she had him wrapped around her pretty little finger.

Another hour passed and Cedric found himself finally able to sleep a little. It was a restless sleep though, the kind that had him tossing and turning.

He awoke later to a much more gentle knock on his bedroom door. This one was soft and careful, as if afraid to disturb him. "Cedric," Sofia's sweet voice called from behind the wooden door, "Are you awake?"

"Hmm...?" He hummed, dragging himself out of sleep, "My dear, what are you doing here?"

"I brought you some soup," Sofia carefully pushed the door open and peaked in. She smiled lovingly at him and cooed, "Oh Cedric, you look terrible."

"I feel worse," he huffed and shook his head, "Sofia, while I enjoy your company, I don't think it's a good idea for you to be here while I'm like this. I don't want you catching what I have."

The princess giggled, stepping into his room anyway, "I guess that means you'll have to take care of me the same way I'm going to take care of you." She walked straight to his bed, a bowl of warm soup in her hands. "Here, this should help."

Cedric reluctantly moved to sit up, moaning with his terrible aches. A tray was placed over his lap and soon he had his soup. It smelled delicious. Sofia was a wonderful cook, especially when she made fly-cakes. He didn't think it would be possible to make anything better than his mother's, but Sofia somehow found a way to improve Winifred's recipe. Cedric picked up his silver spoon and carefully scooped up some of the soup to his mouth. He hummed at the wonderful taste that flooded his senses.

Sofia touched his hair, playing with his bangs before pressing her hand to his forehead, "You feel pretty warm." She noted before conjuring a damp rag to press to his face. Cedric sighed under her loving care. After finishing his soup, he laid down and smiled up at his beloved. "Perhaps I should be sick more often if it means I get the kind of special treatment."

Sofia giggled, "I spoil you too much." She leaned down and kissed his cheek. Cedric hummed, "I love you."

"I love you too," She replied and continued to caress his head, almost lulling him to sleep. However Cedric remembered what he wanted to ask Sofia, it was very important that he did or he might never have the courage to do so later. "Sofia, my love, there is something I've been meaning to ask you for a while."

"What is it?" She doesn't stop stroking his hair.

"There's a sorcerer's ball coming up in a few months. They usually hold one once a year, but I've never had the time to attend, nor anyone I would have been interested in. However, this year, I want to bring you along, so would you accompany me as my date?"

She smiled and nodded, "I would love to, Cedric. But what brought this up? I thought you hated dances or being in crowds in general."

"Would it be wrong if I were to say I wanted to show you off?" He smirked at her blush, "I know you love dances and magic, my love. I figured that it would be a perfect place for us to go. There's nothing more magical than a sorcerer's ball after all."

Sofia giggled and kissed his cheek again, "I don't know, Cedric, I can think of a few things that a little more magical. But yes, I want to go."

"I promise you won't regret it," He said, all the while thinking of how she'll react when he kneels down to her with a ring in his hand. He couldn't wait. Sighing, Cedric fell asleep again, and actually dreamed this time. His, hopefully, soon-to-be wife continued to stroke his hair.