Featuring: Stephanie Lemelin, Jack Dylan Grazer, Finn Wolfhard

It was another morning in Gotham and, dick was on his way to star city, to meet Oliver's niece Artemis

He hopes he can get her to open her, since she's a closed book

The two boys walked up the stairs of Oliver's mansion

Roy: ok listen Artemis isn't exactly a open book like you, she can be a bit...well...um stubborn

Dick: oh please, if I can get Conner to like me, I can get your cousin to like me

Roy: well, she's not exactly like Megan but- hey how did you know she was my cousin

Dick: she's the green arrow's niece

Roy: oh well they don't call you the boy wonder for nothing

As they get inside, they see a blonde girl sitting on a couch, her hair was in a ponytail with a green scrunchies legs crossed reading a teenage gossip magazine and chewing on bubblegum, she wore Demi shorts, green leggings, black high-knee heel boots, a white shirt and a brown leather jacket


Roy: hey, Artemis

She flips a page, still ignoring him, dick looks at Roy and he smiles nervously

Roy: (weak chuckles) uh this dick, he been joining us and Oliver wants you to get along with him, so do you think you could-

Oliver: Roy hurry up we need to go

Roy: oh uh I'm coming sorry I got to go

Dick: your leaving me here (whispers) with her

Roy: don't worry, I'll only be gone for a few minutes, I'm sure you'll be fine

Dick: ok

He runs off to help Oliver take care of sport master, dick turns to see Artemis crossing her arms and giving him a glare

Dick: (chuckles) uh I, um

Artemis: so you're the famous boy wonder

Dick: (chuckles) well i wouldn't say famous but I guess Roy told you about me

Artemis: I meet boys like you and

She gets up and walks towards him

Artemis: and when I'm done with you, You'll wish you never meet me

Dick: I like a challenge

Still glaring at him, she walks away

Moments later after their little chat, dick was determine to get Artemis to open up

So he tries again, he goes upstairs to find her, she lays on her bed listening to some music

He was going to try to talk to her again, when he pulled out her information from the justice league database, from a little help from a friend...roy

And as he looked through her database on his phone, he found something so shocking

She is the daughter of the Golden Age villains Paula Brooks and Lawrence Crock, raised in Gotham City, Her parents were assassins. Her parents were Sportsmaster and Tigress she had a sister named Jade crock she changed her last name to Nguyen after having a fight with her dad and became Cheshire During one of their crimes, her mother, Paula became paraplegic, Her parents fought everyday it started to scare Artemis and after taking a fall for her husband Paula spent the next six years in prison, during which Artemis was raised alone by her father after her older sister ran away the same year due to their father's emotional and verbal abuse, he influenced Artemis to be a criminal but she was too young and was getting sick of her father's abuse one day he decided to take her to the park and after a few hours she feel asleep but when she woke up she found that her father was gone, she went to police station and after awhile Oliver found her and took her in and raised her as his own, at the age of 10 he started training her to be his second sidekick

Not a day goes by as she trusted anyone else, she became closed and was guess on boys like dick

Dick: hmm

Later that same evening, Artemis is on the couch, texting on her phone, dick decided to have the courage to talk to her

Dick: ahem

She looks up at him then back at her phone

Artemis: what do you want

Dick: look I just wanted to say that you can push me away as far as you want but that's not gonna stop me from getting close to you, I just want you to like me

Artemis: ok listen here I will never, ever like you

Dick: look you should judge a book by its cover

Artemis: and you should give up

Dick: and yet here I am

Artemis: look just leave me alone, you know nothing about me

Dick: yes I do

Artemis: NO! You don't

Dick: I know that you're the daughter of two villains

Artemis: (gasp) ugh

She marches to him and pins him to the wall


Dick: relax, I'll never tell anyone but I want you to open up to me

She lets him go and paces back

Dick: look Artemis, I know what it's like to lose your parents


Dick: yes I do

Artemis: how would you know, you don't know what it's like to have your family leave you or being abuse by your own father OR THINK EVERYDAY KNOW THAT NOBODY IN THIS WORLD THAT GIVES A CARE ABOUT YOU ESPECIALLY YOUR UNCLE (gasp) (gasp) (gasp)

She sits back down, arms crossed, legs crossed and eyes angrily

Artemis: you don't know the pain I was in

Dick: (sigh) you're wrong Artemis, I do now what it's like to be neglected by family trust me, my dad Bruce doesn't see the things I do to make him proud

He sits next to her, places a hand on her shoulder

Dick: I lost my family two years ago, I know it was wrong for your dad to abuse you, hurt you, abandon you and I know you're still hurting but I understand the pain you're in, and if you want to talk about it I'm hear

Artemis: why do you even care about

Dick: because I'm not just only going to be your teammate it one day we're going to have to work together to save the world and I put my friends first before me, I know you probably think I'm just some rich boy that thinks of himself but I'm not what you think

He get up and stands in front of her

Dick: I care about my friends, I care about you, so if you want to talk I'm here

Artemis: (sobs)

He saw how she started to cry

Artemis: (sobbing)

Tears fell on her face as he tries to give her a hug, surprisingly she hugged him first, she buries her face in his chest and he returned the hug, rubbing circles on her back, she cried even harder

Artemis: Roy was right about you (sobbing) you do care about other people's feelings (sobbing)

Dick: I told you I'll listen and it's ok, I'm Here for you

Artemis: sorry, that I was so cold to you

Dick: it's ok, I handle girls like you

He smiled down at her, she looks up at him and smiles back, they hug again and let go, he sits down next to her

Dick: and don't worry you're secret is safe with me, now let me tell you something about me

She looks back at him and smiles

After bringing sportsmaster down, Roy races back home bashed though the doors and runs to the living room

Roy: (gasp) (gasp) sorry I'm late dick, had a little trouble with-

He looks to see him hugging Artemis and for the first time ever, he sees her smiling

Roy: well, I was right, I knew you two would get along

Artemis opens her eyes and looks at him

Artemis: you were right

The two billionaires walked in

Oliver: uh I guess you were right

Bruce: like I said he would, but now it's time for us to leave

Artemis: wait what

Dick: yep, I got to go back home Artemis but it was good talking to you

Artemis: are you sure you wanna leave, I mean you could spend the night and stay a bit

Roy: Artemis, Artemis

Dick: artey

Artemis: (gasp)

She looks up at him

Dick: don't worry you'll see me again soon, very soon

He gives her a wink and she smiles and gives him one last hug, he hugs back

As they parted, she gives him her phone number

Artemis: if you're ever alone or if you want to hang out call me ok

He takes the page and puts it in his pocket

Dick: ok bye Artemis

Artemis: bye

She waves him bye and as he gets in the car, Roy says bye to him

Roy: hey before you go I must know how did you get Artemis to open up

Dick: I just talked to her, talking to someone makes everything better

Roy: whoa, well see ya tomorrow

Dick: bye Roy

As he watches him leave, Oliver stands next to him

Oliver: you know he's going to meet him tomorrow

Roy: (sigh) don't remind me

In the mansion, Artemis was in her room holding a picture of her and dick hugging each other

The end