This is the promised spinoff of "Fallen Heroes Challenged" in which Laurel decides to reach out to Laurel from beyond the grave in order to give her a necessary dose of reality. Hopefully you'll all find it enjoyable.

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Since her capture by Sara, Bucky, and Sam almost two years ago, Dinah had been given a tremendous amount of time to reflect upon her past actions, both in regards to her actions with Walker and also beforehand when she was avenging Vince's death. The therapy she had been placed through had helped her a bit in resolving certain issues such as her rage and all of its underlying sources along with getting to the root of her arrogance and helping let go of that to an extent.

It and the counseling had also caused her to begin to feel a slight bit of remorse over her actions, including the pain she'd caused the loved ones of those she and Walker had considered collateral damage. But she still wasn't fully understanding the error of her ways and the wrongness of going down such a dark path and especially in sullying the Black Canary mantle and its legacy.

Currently it was night and she was lying in her cell bed asleep after an interesting day of therapy and meditation when she began to stir awake upon sensing a presence nearby. Turning from her side and sitting up, her eyes began to open and then shot awake as she took in the person standing next to her bed. That person being Laurel Lance herself, the original Black Canary and her sister Sara's successor.

Laurel was wearing a shimmering yellow silk dress that reached to her feet and her body was surrounded by a glowing white light. She also had her hands folded before her.

"Laurel?!" Dinah gasped out stunned, not expecting Laurel, or was it her ghost, to appear before her.

"Hello Dinah. We need to talk," Laurel greeted her and then stated firmly.

Dinah began to feel a sense of apprehension at that moment as she figured what the other woman most likely wanted to discuss with her.

"Listen Laurel. If it is about your suit and what I did while wearing your mantle, I'm going to assume that you're pretty angry about it and-"she began nervously but stopped when Laurel held out her hand, effectively cutting her off.

"Angry does not cover it. I'm furious and outraged that you would dishonor my legacy by doing what you did," she sternly said to her. "You used my mantle and legacy to shed so much blood. You used it to unleash fear and terror throughout the world and worst of all you deluded yourself into thinking you were still a hero. And not to mention but you hurt my dad during your vendetta against my doppelganger and could've hurt him even worse.

"I wasn't perfect and did have my own fair share of wrongdoings, mistakes, and even arrogance at times. But my mantle symbolized heroism and compassion and I did all I could to honor that yet you went ahead and turned it into something entirely opposite of that. And when Sam and Bucky tried to reason with you, you refused to listen and take their words into consideration.

"You committed a very grave wrong towards me, my sister, our mantle, and our legacy and while you've started to feel some remorse in regards to depriving a lot of individuals of your loved ones it clearly isn't enough and therefore you've given me no other choice."

A look of fear then crossed Dinah's face, causing her to swallow.

"What do you mean Laurel? What choice?" she asked her with wide eyes while feeling that whatever was about to happen wasn't going to be good and especially since it was clear that the other woman, or her ghost, meant business.

Laurel responded by moving closer to her and before Dinah could react or question as to what was happening, the former grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back to the bed, pinning her down, followed by her placing her hand onto the latter's forehead and a flood of images was suddenly unleashed into her mind. Those being images of all of the people Dinah and Walker had killed, including the innocents they'd murdered.

Dinah was forced to watch as she was bombarded with scenes of bloodied, broken, and mangled bodies. Some wrapped in sheets and some exposed. She was also further bombarded with images of people mourning and crying out over their innocent loved ones, the mourners including those of young children who cried for their parents they'd never see again. And some of those mourners were the young children of the innocent victims at the hotel.

She also saw pools of blood which kept flashing before her along with the other scenes of bodies, mourners, severe condemnation directed towards her and while all of it filled her with deep anguish it soon became unbearable for her.

"Stop Laurel. Please stop I'm begging you I'm so sorry I'm so, so, so sorry," Dinah begged and pleaded as she sobbed, the tears flooding her eyes and pouring down her checks as she was forced to view all of this. Laurel responded by keeping it up for a bit longer and then she stopped and let go of Dinah's head as the woman in question was a sobbing and heaving mess.

It was at this moment in which Dinah finally and completely realized as to the severity of the wrongs she'd committed, the pain she'd caused so many individuals worldwide, and fully began to realize as to how much she'd truly fallen. She continued to weep profusely and her lower lip trembled as she was filled with shame and horror over everything she'd done.

Laurel observed her silently for a moment and then sat down next to her.

"I'm sorry I had to do that but it was clearly the only way for you to actually understand the gravity of your actions and the lives of those whom you destroyed along with your callousness and lack of empathy. I hope you truly understand that now," Laurel gently explained to her and Dinah at that moment finally did understand what she'd been saying to her and also what Bucky and Sam had been trying to persuade her to realize just before their battle.

Taking a deep breath, she turned towards Laurel.

"I'm so sorry Laurel. I truly am sorry and for killing all of those people and for not having any regard for the lives of those whose blood I spilled and especially the lives of the innocents who I only saw as collateral. And I'm deeply sorry for dishonoring your mantle, your memory, and betraying it to serve my own selfish interests and deluding myself into thinking of myself as the hero of my story. You're absolutely right in everything you've said and I'm the only one to blame for my actions," she acknowledged with deep sincerity and remorse as she finally and truly repented over all she'd done.

Laurel smiled at her.

"Thank you for that and I'm glad you've finally seen reason. And now that you have, you can actually move forward on your journey towards redemption and use the memories of the dark path you'd chosen to learn from and if you ever get the chance, use it to teach others to avoid following the same path you did, not let their emotions cloud their judgment and especially, if they choose to become heroes in their own right, to teach them to not make the same mistakes or do the terrible things you've done, to not to give into the darkness, warn them that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that they must always remember what it truly means to be a hero."

Dinah nodded vigorously and with a watery smile.

"I will Laurel I will. I promise and if I ever get that chance," she agreed while wiping away her tears. Following this the two women shared a tight embrace and held each other for some time, Laurel stroking the other woman's hair.

"I'm still mad at you for what you did, just so you'll know, but as long as you maintain your repentance and work towards bettering yourself and doing all you can to make up for your actions then I may find it in my heart to forgive you. But it's entirely up to you," she softly whispered in Dinah's ear.

"Fair enough," Dinah agreed after which the two women extracted themselves and Laurel vanished followed by the former immediately waking up afterwards and looking around quickly, saw that no one was there. She then realized that it had been a dream but knew in her heart it was more than that and sensing that Laurel herself had actually appeared to her. That settled, Dinah lay back down in her bed.

"I will do everything I can to make you proud of me Laurel. I swear it," she whispered to the ceiling in hopes her predecessor could hear her and then quickly fell back to sleep.

The End

A/N I hope you all enjoyed this.

Regarding Laurel's words to Dinah on teaching any potential students of the latter, which is how Dinah and Walker are mentioned to train their future students within the main story, it felt like a good idea to me to have Dinah's teachings come from or be inspired by Laurel herself. Perhaps due to the idea of legacy and also further connecting this spinoff with the main story it came from.

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