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*Bella's Point of View*

My head was swimming with a million thoughts when he slammed the door shut behind us, wasting no time as he picked me up from the floor. We had been having a hard time keeping our hands off each other on the way back to his rented house. But now that we were finally inside, all bets were off.

This was happening. This was really happening. My unfairly handsome neighbour - who finally had a name, Edward - was on the verge of bringing my fantasies alive. I had not even dreamed about this turn of events when I decided to follow him into the night, yet here we were.

I was a little too distracted by his lips traveling up and down my neck to notice the surroundings as he moved me around through several rooms - not that I could notice much, in the crippling darkness of the house. But I could feel his scent all around me: lilac dipped in honey and left in the sunlight, dazzling my already overwhelmed senses.

The one thing bringing some of my reason back was the moment he opened a door and turned on the light. I blinked rapidly, trying to adjust my eyes to the sudden brightness, right as he placed me on the large bed by the wall. This room felt cozy, with its pale-merigold walls and the wood furniture, but somehow… impersonal. There seemed to be no personal belongings in sight, other than a few neatly-folded clothes peeking from the racks of the wardrobe.

Caught in studying the room, I had not realized that Edward had been holding something in his hands until he placed the items on the floor. I tried to take a peek, but I had not been fast enough - he made his way on top of me, making me stay put with his capable hands.

"No spying," he admonished me.

"I was curious."

"You know what happens to curious cats."

The playful threat in his voice made my insides tremble with need. I nodded affirmatively right as he reached to trace the contour of my lips with his index finger. The touch sent shivers down my spine - and it wasn't because his temperature seemed to be lower than mine, for whatever reason.

"Where do I start with you, Bella?" he queried.

I felt his finger going lower as he spoke, sliding against my neck and stopping when he reached the first button of my blouse.

"What?" I repeated, a little dazed.

"Right now I want nothing more than to fuck you. But that would be too easy, wouldn't it?"

My pulse quickened immediately, as if on demand, when he started unbuttoning my blouse. I really, really had nothing against the idea of him just getting down to business.

"I'd be okay with that," I admitted.

A crooked smile appeared on his lips and before I could muse properly over its perfection, Edward leaned over and kissed me. His lips felt cold and firm against mine, the perfect antidote to my ever-raising temperature. When the tip of his tongue brushed against my lower lip, I didn't know what else to do, so I listened to my body and wrapped my limbs around him, trying to get him to press his erection against me once more.

"I'm thinking of playing a little game," he offered, pulling back too soon and interrupting my attempts. "Let's call it yes-more-please".

His eyes studied me intently as he pushed my now-unbuttoned blouse off of me. There was hunger in them, but there was also something… more. I could not understand exactly what. But I felt like I could melt under his gaze if he kept at it.

"Tell me what to do," I managed, not really caring if I sounded desperate or not. Because, truth be told, I was desperate at this point. I had been staring at the commanding bulge in his pants for a good portion of the road back home and it wasn't easy to keep a clear line of thoughts with that image in my mind.

"There's only one rule - starting now, you may only communicate using these three words: 'yes', 'more' and 'please'. Understood?"

His voice left no room for hesitation on my part.

"Yes," I said.

"Very good. Now here's how this is going to go: I will tie you up. Hands and legs. And we'll see how far you'll let me take you."


The fluttering feeling in my stomach multiplied tenfold when his hands started roaming down my bare ribs, over my stomach and on to my hips. He unzipped my jeans with ease and rolled them off of me, until all I was left in were my bra and underwear. I realized I should have felt some type of bashful to be seen like this - after all, my lingerie didn't even match - if my limited experience with Jacob could serve as any indication. Instead, the searing, trickling feeling between my legs grew stronger as Edward's palms slid underneath my back, to unhook my bra.

"I should probably mention that if you happen to slip and use any other words, there will be consequences."

I swallowed the questions on my tongue and waited for him to elaborate. But he didn't.

"Do you remember your safeword?"

"Yes," I responded.

"Remember to use it if those consequences get to be too much."

I nodded in agreement, already feeling like a wire stretched to its maximum capacity, although he had barely touched me. The idea of those consequences was both frightening and arousing. What a peculiar mix.

As Edward removed my bra, I noticed that he was still fully clothed. That was hardly fair. Careful not to break his rules, I reached out to touch the buttons of his shirt.

"Please?" I checked under my breath.

It took him a few seconds, but he understood. With the same smile that drove me crazy moments before, he got rid of his shirt, throwing it on the growing pile of clothes at the edge of the bed, along with my bra. Then, without any other words, he retreated enough so that I could see him, his eyes growing darker as they left my face and stopped on my exposed breasts.

There was no time to wonder whether he liked what he saw or not. He had probably seen better, but I couldn't care, because… Good Lord, the way Edward looked without a shirt gave the word 'breathtaking' a whole new meaning. He walked that thin line between being muscular and being lean, which made it seem as if he wasn't even trying to be so drop-dead gorgeous, he just was. His muscles weaved in beautiful patterns underneath his ivory skin and I could swear his proportions were somehow better than those of a Greek statue.

He was definitely better than my fantasies.

I only realized I had been staring like an idiot for what must have been a minute when I felt his fingers tracing circles around my nipples. The touch woke me up in an instant, making the cravings in me almost painful.

"You're absolutely beautiful," he cooed, his voice warmer than before. "I don't know how I'll stop once I get started."

His thumb and index fingers locked around one of my nipples and twisted it around. He hadn't been too aggressive, but my back arched and I moaned at the way this touch sent shivers down my spine.

"Hmmm, you like a little pain?"

"Yes… more."

He repeated the motion, a little more pressure this time around, and bent over me until his mouth engulfed my other nipple. The combined sensations were too much to handle. I grabbed his hair and lifted my hips off the mattress, desperate to feel his hardness - and frustrated when he pushed me back on the bed.

"Patience," was all he said and, to my disappointment, left my nipples alone.

But my disappointment didn't last long. His kisses returned soon - and along with them, his hands started kneading my breasts, pinching the flesh every now and then and sending daggers of pleasure to my core. I almost didn't realize that his right hand flew lower in the process, close to the elastic band of my underwear.

My heart started raging in my chest, now that he was closer to where I needed him to be. His sudden low growl startled me - had I done anything that would be considered breaking the rules?

He must have noticed the sudden stress in my body, because he rushed to speak immediately after.

"You're doing perfect so far."

His hand moved further down, until it reached between my legs. He lingered at the apex of my high, moving slowly - so very slowly - until his fingertips arrived on the drenched cotton fibers of my underwear.

"Mmmmm, what do we have here?" he smiled, retreating to look at my face. "Do you always get this wet?"

I shook my head, because there was no way I had ever been as aroused as I was now. And the way he stared me down in this moment, with the same intensity that he held when he watched me from afar, made the aching need in my stomach pulsate violently.

"Please?" I whispered, hoping that he would get the cue.

"Hold that enthusiasm, I haven't even started, sweetheart."

I groaned with frustration, right as he pushed my underwear to the side, sliding one long finger along my glistening slit. Sounds escaped from our mouths in unison - delight and surprise, merging together.

"Oh, you're already good and ready to be fucked, Isabella, I love this. You're dripping."

Edward added another finger, this time finding my clitoris and tugging with care at its hood. I trembled, heat radiating from the contact in an instant. He played like this for a while, building me up, only to bring me back down when I was close. A few minutes into this exquisite torture, I felt his index finger diving inside, right as his thumb was working me up to another almost-orgasm with the way it massaged my clit. The shock of surprise made me wriggle and cry out under him, and I barely collected myself to utter a despaired 'more'.

"Of course your tight little cunt wants more," he teased, inserting another finger in, not once stopping his back and forth rubbing on my bundle of nerves with his thumb. "Look how wet it is for me. And I bet it tastes fucking delicious too."

There was not much I could do besides giving in to the sensations he brought with his masterful hand. I noticed in passing he had his other hand clenched in a tight fist, away from me, while he kept pumping in and out of my body, but I could not find it in me to care enough to wonder why that was.

But frustratingly enough, he stopped again.

I watched him with bewilderment, as he pulled back and started licking the fingers that had been inside me seconds ago. When he groaned, I almost fainted. The sound was so primal, so seductive, that it set my insides ablaze with the same force that his touches did.

"Even better than I thought," he decided.

Instead of coming back, like I was hoping he would, he raised up from the bed, allowing me to see his perfect form: the appetizing, tense muscles of his chest, the defined lines of his abdomen, the inviting 'V' line just above the waist of his jeans… and then, the most taunting, sinful sight: his erection pushing against the rough fabric, announcing something that I was not entirely sure if I could take.

But that didn't mean I wasn't dying to try.

"Let's get this started, shall we?" he offered and, despite the politeness of his words, his hoarse voice held a sharp edge, almost like a warning.


"I want you to close your eyes while I get you ready. Do it now."

I didn't think twice, my lids falling down at his command.

"Good girl," he encouraged me. "Hands above your head."

Once again, I did as told.

"Perfect. And part those beautiful legs for me."

Eager to listen to his wishes, I parted my thighs, wondering how visible the stain of my excitement on my underwear was. But I didn't have to wonder for long, because his fingers grabbed the flimsy elastic of my briefs and rolled it over my hips, down my thighs, past my knees and, in the end, got me out of them.

Realizing that I was now completely nude in front of him, I felt compelled to open my eyes, to see his face again. But when my eyelids fluttered, I felt it: his fingers grabbed one nipple tight and twisted it around, a little rougher than the first time he did this. I whimpered and squeezed my eyes shut in response.

"Those eyes remain closed for now, Isabella. Understand?"

I nodded affirmatively, only to feel his fingers pinching my nipple again.

"I want to hear you."


I tried to make sense of what he was doing when he let go of my breast, but all I could tell was that he wasn't moving. No sounds were coming from where he was supposed to be. Then, with a touch so deliriously gentle it made my head spin, I felt his fingers parting my wet folds, bathing in the liquids that had been collecting at my entrance.

"I've never seen something as beautiful," he said. "You're making it real hard not to fuck you right now."

All I was capable of was to raise my hips from the mattress and mewl as he explored me thoroughly. I felt like I could combust if I didn't come soon. Edward seemed to have a different train of thought when - for what now felt like the hundredth time - stopped his touches. I heard a series of different sounds ripping through the air: the soft rustle of a fabric and the harsh noise of duct tape being ripped. I didn't know what was happening until I felt sticky nylon on my wrists.

And it dawned on me: he was immobilizing me, just as he had promised.

I felt the gauze of the tape clinging to my skin as he rolled it around both of my wrists, making them prisoners together. With my eyes closed, I had to focus on my other senses better - and that was when my brain made me fully aware of the scent emanating from his pores. It was sweet in a glacial way and it didn't smell like any perfume I knew. It made my mouth water.

Still trying to recover from that feverish realization, I had not realized that he had finished my wrists and he was now focused on my legs. This time, there was no sticky tape clutching my skin. His hands parted my legs further, moving my ankles until they almost touched my bottom, and started wrapping something soft around me, binding my thighs and calves together one by one.

"Does it hurt?" he checked.

I felt pressure, but no pain, so I signaled a silent 'no'.

"Can you move?"

The raspiness in his voice made me grow weaker. I tried to switch my legs around - in vain, of course, since they were tightly wrapped.

"Now that's magnificent, Bella. Open your eyes."

With his blessing, I did. Looking around, the first thing I could see were the blue cords keeping my legs compact and in place. They extended to wrap and knot around the bedposts. Upon further inspection, they looked like something you would find on a bathrobe - which was exactly why the sturdy pressure they put on my skin was surprising. Then, as I refocused my glance, I saw Edward. With his back to the ceiling and half of his body on the bed, he smiled from between my legs.

"It's time to see how you taste when you come," he muttered, his glance not breaking away from mine when he leaned over to press his lips against my wet flesh.

I gasped in shock and my body immediately demanded more, so I tried to push my hips up. But with the cords keeping me in place, it was downright impossible.

"Please… please…" I tried to get him to do something - anything - to relieve the unbearable need for him.

And thank God, he listened.

His mouth opened and I felt his ice-cool tongue roaming around, its tip flicking my engorged clit back and forth. Unable to do anything else apart from taking the precise motions of his mouth, I moaned - loudly, with no shame, again and again, knowing that there were no neighbours or housemates to wake up. Edward brought me to the edge in a ridiculously short amount of time, but I shouldn't have been surprised: with the way he teased me before, I didn't need too much to arrive there.

My body started tensing up in a way that I knew too well, starting from my very core. I held on to the sensation, not willing to lose it again if he stopped now. But he persisted, licking me and watching me as I fell prey to his force. I had been all too used to seeing his dark eyes looking at me through a window, in the middle of the night. Now that those very same eyes were scouring me, as he licked and lapped between my legs, my instincts took the reins and they pushed me off the precipice I had been dangling on. And I fell right into the abyss.

I screamed as the pleasure exploded in me, dispersing in dozens of little waves that shook me from head to toe. Unable to move, the pleasure only intensified, filling my every tissue with a rapture that could not have been described in a single language.

"I could eat you up," he purred, his nose pushing against my sensitive spot.

As my orgasm subsided, I thought I would have time to recover. But Edward didn't seem to be keen on wasting any more time, so his lips sealed around the wet mess between my legs once more, this time accompanying his licking with his fingers. His index finger sunk inside me, followed immediately by the middle one, stretching me out. The spellbound fullness took me aback in the best way.

"More, please!" I begged.

His ring finger made its way in me, joining the other two, defeating the resistance of my inner walls. I felt the three fingers moving around, back and forth, exploring me, and I wanted more than anything for them to be replaced by his cock.

"More," I tried again.

He had to know what I meant, because I heard him chuckle against my slit. However, he acted clueless when his fingers curled up inside me, hitting a new spot, making me almost scream from how good it felt. Mindful of his effect on me, Edward repeated the motion slowly, eliciting the same response from me.

And, before I knew it, his fingers picked up their pace, rubbing against that special place, building a new kind of pressure in me. The novelty of what I was feeling made me lose track of everything else. I gave in to the powerful sensations, letting them take me wherever they wanted.

Once again, my inability to move only added to the pleasure when my climax finally hit. But this climax was completely different from what I was used to.

With Edward's fingers still working tirelessly inside me, a gush of liquids poured out of me, directly into his mouth. And then another immediately after. And when the fingers pushed onward with force, another.

"Fuck, Edward, yes!" I cried in shock, trying to comprehend the sheer force of my orgasm.

His growl resonated in the room, fierce and strong. It wasn't until he removed his fingers and retreated from between my legs with a scolding look on his face that I understood what was happening.

I had broken the one rule of the game.

"What did I tell you?"

I had not been fully prepared for the asperity of his voice. My body was still shaking from the ripples of my orgasm, trying to recover, while also craving more. I felt numbness in my legs, which only served to make the tingling inside me feel stronger.

"I'm sorry," I said rushedly.

"You look pretty damn pleased, I doubt that."

Well… I was pretty damn pleased. There was no way I could hide that from him.

"I really am sorry," I added unconvincingly.

"No, I don't think you are, but you will be."

When he stood up from the bed, the inciting sight of his bulge caught my attention once again. If I could, I would have ripped those jeans off of him from the moment we had stepped inside the house.

Realizing that I had already broken the rule, I decided to risk a little more.

"Can you take those off, please?" I asked.

Edward raised one questioning eyebrow, but didn't say anything. He proceeded to unbuckle his belt and I started to feel elated at the easy win. He threw his belt on the bed, at my feet, and I was ready to enjoy the rest of the show, but he didn't continue. He leaned down and started untying the cords that had kept my legs in place, setting me free.

"Soon," he promised.

Once freed, I tried to stretch my numb legs. For a few moments, I felt nothing. And then, a thousand pins and needles started their torture on me, as blood started flowing properly in my limbs again. I cringed at the painful tingling, praying for it to go away faster.

"On your knees, Isabella," Edward instructed, seemingly unaware of my discomfort.

"I don't think I can right now."

"You can and you will. I will not ask you twice."

Fighting off the stinging, I tried to do it. With my hands still tied up with the tape, the effort was harder, because I had to rely on my legs. And in that exact moment, they weren't exactly eager to cooperate with me. It took me an entire minute to follow what should have been a simple task, during which Edward stood back and watched, his hand gripping the swelling in his jeans in a way that kept distracting me from what I was supposed to do.

In the end, I managed to get into the position he wanted, resting on my elbows and knees. The pins and needles were almost gone, but I could still feel their painful echo. I waited, feeling a little too excited, considering the fact that I was supposed to face the punishment of my little mistake.

"I told you there would be consequences," he sighed, disappearing from my side.

I felt the mattress sinking a little when he joined me back on the bed, placing himself behind me. He grabbed one of my ankles and started wrapping it tightly with what must have been the cord from earlier. He did the same with the other ankle, not saying another word. When he was done, I heard him fumbling for a second - and then I felt something leathery grazing my left buttock.

"What's that?"

"That is my belt," he answered, continuing the gentle grazing. "You will become properly acquainted with it really soon."

Oh. Fuck.

I didn't know if the proper response was to get even wetter at the unspoken threat, but it happened anyway.

"And not only will you get acquainted with it, but you will also come while I hit your perfect ass with it. Understood?"

His voice stirred me further.

"I'm... not sure I can."

"You'll find a way, or else this belt won't stop."

I forgot whatever I wanted to say next, when I felt his hand making its way between my thighs.

"And you will also count each time this belt hits your ass."

"Okay," I half-moaned, as he circled my clitoris.

"Still remember your safeword?"



He kept the movement of his fingers steady on my clit, and I almost forgot that this was supposed to be a punishment. I groaned and succumbed to the way he rubbed me, getting lost in the bliss.

Then my bliss exploded.

The first strike of his belt took me by surprise, even though I was expecting it. It hurt more than I would have thought and I couldn't control my loud whimper. My skin started burning immediately after, offended by the sharp blow of the leather.

"Count," he ordered.


The second hit came seconds after, the pain masking the pleasure that he caused me with his skilled fingers. I moaned, helpless under this attack.

"Goddamn, count!"

"Two!" I managed under my breath, feeling the delight returning once the stinging the belt had left behind started to subside.

He plunged two fingers inside, going as deep as he could, my liquid arousal flowing out. My knees almost gave up at that point.

"This sweet little cunt of yours is insatiable, isn't it?"


Then, out of nowhere, the third hit came, chasing away my fast-approaching orgasm. This time I remembered to count out loud. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on what mattered the most: his hand thrusting back and forth inside my body. Each time I thought he had me, the unbearable belt returned, hitting me with such force that my climax retreated instantly.

I went back and forth several times, dying for release, yet finding none. In between two strikes, I gathered the strength to speak.

"I cannot come like this," I wailed.

"Yet you're getting wetter by the minute," he said, a devious smile hidden in his voice, and then hit me again.

"Fuck! Ten!"

"Wrong, this was number nine."

He bent down over my back, to place a soft kiss on my head.

"I need your cock…"

"You haven't come yet," he reminded me.

"I will if you fuck me… please!"

Another hit came, along with my moan.


"Are you trying to make a deal with me, sweetheart? You want to be fucked while I hit you?"

His fingers pushed in further, while the belt landed on my ass again.

"Eleven! Yes!"

"Hmmm, incredibly tempting."


"I'd rather hear you beg," he decided.

"I'm begging you to fuck me, please!"

And shockingly, this worked, because he stopped. I looked over my shoulder, only to see him pull the zipper of his jeans down, before getting rid of them altogether, along with his boxers. And finally - finally! - I saw him in all his naked glory. I only had a second of admiring his muscles, because my attention got drawn towards a much more imposing sight: his cock, thick and rippled with veins across its length, standing high and proud. I had guessed before he would be big, but this… He almost looked unreal.

He smiled when he heard me gasp, grabbing the base of his erection in one hand.

"If you don't come this time around, I won't let you come until morning," Edward warned.

There was no chance of that happening anyway, but I agreed.

"God, how I've waited for this," he groaned, grabbing my hips and pulling them back.

I felt his tip grazing along my slit, taunting my clit for a few precious moments. Coated in my juices, Edward moved slightly, until he was right at my entrance. He pushed forward and we both moaned when his tip parted my folds and stretched them, making its way inside.

"You feel absolutely divine," he murmured, diving deeper and deeper inside.

His fingers were nothing in comparison to this. His cock filled me in a way that nothing else could, making me feel perfectly full. My muscles clenched around him out of instinct, to greet his copious girth, and once again, we moaned together. Once he was all the way in, he started thrusting - gentle at first, allowing me to accommodate his size, then faster when my sounds of pleasure grew stronger.

But I knew the endgame, so when one of his hands left my hips, I was prepared for what was coming.

The belt hissed through the air and landed on my ass with a vicious clap. I cried out loud, before counting from where we left off earlier. This time, I didn't feel as if my own orgasm was running away from me. With Edward filling me up to the brim, it was impossible. The pain weaved with the pleasure, until they were one and the same, making me their personal slave.

When the count reached eighteen, I succumbed completely, unable to control myself. He noticed the changes in my body instantly, because he started encouraging me.

"That's it, sweetheart, let go… come for me… you can do it..."

The belt and his thrusts pushed me over the edge and I saw black.

I screamed. I cried out his name. I trembled. I exploded completely, coming all over his cock, convinced that the Earth itself was erupting along with me.

I hadn't realized I had collapsed on my belly and that he exited my body until I felt something thick and wet landing on my lower back and pouring down on my sore buttocks.

"Fuck, Bella, fuck, yes!"

Fighting the haze I was in, I realized he had come as well, all over my back and ass. The liquid was cold, just like the rest of him was, and it felt like a blessing for the burning skin on my ass. I wondered lazily how it tasted.

Through the mental fog, I barely registered the fact that he freed my ankles, turning me on my back, so that we could be face to face. I simply woke up with him on top of me, his perfect face and his fragrance overwhelming me in the best way possible. His eyes seemed darker than before, for some reason, and his lips pursed in a tight line.

"Are you all right?" I queried softly.

I expected his delicious breath to wash over my face, but he seemed to no longer breathe.


The seconds passed slowly as I tried to understand the reason behind the sudden tension in his body. I felt his erection pressing against my stomach and, although I didn't think it would be possible, I started aching with desire again. When he finally spoke, his voice was low and throaty.

"Close your eyes, Bella."

And I did, right as he leaned down to press his lips on my neck.

I had no idea if it was morning or noon when I finally opened my eyes. With the colourless overcast sky outside, it could be either. I tried stretching a bit, and the achy muscles brought back a deluge of memories from last night. There was no suppressing my smile when thoughts of Edward in the throes of pleasure inundated my mind. I turned around, to see if he had woken up.

But he wasn't there.

Worse, this was not the pale-merigold room I had fallen asleep in.

This was my room.

No, this was impossible. I might have had dreams that felt awfully real in the past, but this was not one of them. No, absolutely not. There was no logical explanation for the low burning of my buttocks, the muscle fever and my red wrists. Or for the fact that I was now dressed in my usual sweatpants and T-shirt.

Half-confused, half-annoyed, I raised up from my bed, ignoring the dizziness that came with it. I was completely alone, no signs of someone ever being in this room. Ignoring the morning fog of my brain, I started pacing back and forth, trying to find a sign that I was not losing my mind.

My books and CDs were still placed in a high stack near my bed. My computer looked untouched. The post-it notes on the wall were unchanged. I rushed to the window, trying to get a glimpse of the house from across the road - and that's when I saw it - a little frail paper, caught in the frame of the window. And on it, the most beautiful handwriting I had ever seen:

"My dearest Isabella,

I knew you would finally look here.

Last night was the best in my entire existence. I am unable to tell you how much that means exactly, so you'll have to take my word for it.

I'm glad you followed me. You're one brave woman. The bravest I know. You were closer to a certain death last night than you will ever know. You still are right now, while I am writing this and you are sleeping.

But if you are reading these words, it means that I was strong enough to leave Port Angeles. It means that the worst is over now and that you are safe and sound, as you should be.

P.S.: I love that I can still taste you on my lips. I hope it never goes away.



I frowned, bewildered. What was this supposed to mean?

'Certain death'? Yeah, right.

I rolled my eyes, exasperated at the nonsensical explanation. We had fucked until the dawn started creeping in, so what the hell was his note even about? He couldn't have found a better way to let me down easy? I doubted it. I put the note on my desk, not sure if I should be offended or annoyed. For some reason, I felt more of the latter.

Not thinking twice, I got rid of my clothes and started dressing up for the day, also looking for my wallet in the process. I had enough cash to get me through one week of travelling. Maybe two, if I was smart. If I slept in motels and resigned to eating instant meals, I could save up enough. I packed all the necessary things in my biggest backpack and left the house in a hurry, forgetting to leave a post-it for Angela to explain. But I would call her later.

As I closed the door behind me, only one thought kept me going: if Edward thought that I would let him go after I finally got a taste of him, after a month of hopeless pining...

Oh, he was dead-wrong.

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