"Sakusa-san~!" A high-pitched squealing whirled in like a storm into the dressing room. Her light blue hair was a mess. "Sakusa! I can't believe it! You're getting married~! So where's Karma-kun?" Akari had a thing for being a little insane when she was excited. But she was a fun person to be with, and a good person to confide in too.

"Akari-san!" Sakusa smiled, "You came!" She sat in the dressing chair as the girls from Class 3-E messed with her hair, arguing about which hairstyles to do. Toka, having an older sister who worked as a hair-dresser, was in charge of her hair. Kanzaki had already helped Sakusa choose her dress and was making arrangements for it to be transported to the dressing room without crumpling it too much. The boys were all in Karma's dressing room. Probably already ruining Karma's tux. At least Isogai was there to keep most of everything in place.

"OKAJIMA! GET OUT!" A raging yell came from Kataoka. There was a yelp and then a slam. Sakusa giggled.

"Ah, you must be Akari-san. Could you please come and help me..." Kayano said as Akari nodded and followed her, before winking at Sakusa and leaving.

Suddenly, a blonde haired girl came in. "Sakusa-san! Everything is ready outside. Me and some of the us got everything mostly set up already. I think the guests should be arriving soon. Are you going to be in dress already?!" Nakamura was a mess. But she was a good wedding planner, which was why Karma had chosen her. Sakusa secretly agreed with his choosing too. She may seem like just a fun-loving person who was a little savage, but when she got down to business, she was amazing.

"I think Karma's parents are already here!" Okano shouted from the entrance of the dressing room. Everything was so chaotic that Sakusa began to feel a little dazed.

"Sakusa-san?" There was a poke on her shoulder. It was Kanzaki. Sakusa turned towards her with a smile. "The dress is ready. Do you want to change now?"

"Alright then. I'm excited to see it!" Sakusa was excited. She knew that she would never wear such an amazing dress and that this opportunity was precious. She was grateful for Kanzaki. Thankfully, by the time she'd gotten up, Toka, Kurahashi, Hazama, Fuwa and a few others had finished with her hair. It was in a simple half up and half down hairstyle with braids supporting it at the sides, leading to the fancy bun at the back of her head. Her remaining hair was in a beautiful and elegant wave. Sakusa's dark raven hair had never been so attractive and divine. She thanked the girls with a hug and hurried to where the dress stood.

The white dress was the most gorgeous thing she'd ever seen. It completely bewitched her. The off-shouldered bodice was silky and lacey, covered in miniature white cherry blossoms. The tight bodice stopped at her stomach and then it was her skirt. It was nothing like she'd ever seen. The miniature cherry blossoms spread out like rain and lessened at the bottom of the skirt. The hem was wavy and uneven, showing some of her feet. The colour of the dress was milky and clear and contrasted her dark hair perfectly. But what was highlighted the most, were her dark deep eyes. She had already gotten make-up on, and now it seemed like the main feature of the exquisite bride.

All the girls helped her get it on, mainly because everyone thought she'd mess up the hair and make-up if she got the dress on herself.

"Someone lace up the back!"

"Gosh, this top bit is so hard to get on."

"Heck! Stop stepping on the dress, people!"

"Oi! Someone get her shoes. And you, hurry up with this part!"

"Let the skirt flow out nicely, don't fold it!"

Sakusa felt like she was in the middle of a tornado, the calm part. And everyone around her was the disastrous part. It felt calm in the middle. She gave a small smile. She could barely wait to see Karma again.


"Okajima! Where did you go to? Don't tell me you went to the Sakusa's dressing room!" Isogai yelled at the male who snuck into the dressing room, blushing with embarrassment and guilt.

"And what if I did?" Okajima squeaked nervously.

Karma grinned at him as he tugged his sleeves. "Then I would kill you."

"Come on now. Karma, seriously. You've got no time to joke around. You're getting married today! Hurry up now. Hang on, you're dressed and so are we... So you really don't have to do anything else now do you?" Maehara said.

Karma shrugged, "Guess not."

"Then let's just chill!" Terasaka's loud voice boomed with a beaming smile. The guys cheered and agreed, Karma laughed. He couldn't even express how much he'd missed these guys. They'd been the life of junior high. And was still his core friendship group. Not that he would tell them that.

"Shouldn't we practice or something like that?How about your marriage speech thing?" Takebayashi asked, ever the organized one.

"Practice? Like, hell! Karma's got it in the bag, haven't you?" Kyosuke quipped as he looked at the redhead male.

Karma whistled and looked away, "I think."

Nagisa gave a light laugh, "He didn't write the speech, did you? You're just so... Karma."

"What do you mean? I thought you had the speech and everything written out! You're supposed to do marriage speeches you know! I spent a whole night trying to write mine," Sugino exclaimed, face-palming.

"And I thought Karma was the genius among us," Mimura sighed, shaking his head.

Itona nodded, "I thought so too. But I think he's pretty much prepared some kind of speech, right? Even if he didn't write it out." He tilted his head and stared at the male.

"Well..." Karma clicked his tongue, "I didn't really write a speech like you dorks would. I think the words will just come out of my mouth, you know? I mean, I think I would just forget the speech when I see her anyways. So what's the point? Don't worry! The words will come. If not, I'll just say what I feel in my heart!"

Kimura chuckled. "And somehow, he still ends up being the coolest one out of all of us. How are you so... Not nervous? I'd be freaking out." The male sighed, "But I still don't have a girlfriend."

Nagisa pat him on the shoulder and grinned sadly, "You and me, Kimura-kun. You and me."

"Huh? Nagisa, I thought you and Kayano were dating. You're not?" Karma asked cheerfully, his face bright and ready to tease Nagisa.

"What?! Where did you get that from? No. We're just friends at the moment," Nagisa said with a red face. He was brighter than a tomato. "Plus, she's really busy with acting and work. How could, Nagisa Shiota, become a boyfriend of a star like that anyway?"

Terasaka cackled and slung his arm over Nagisa. "Always the low self-esteem huh? But honestly, you need to confess real soon. You don't even know how many guys are after her at this point." Karma snickered.

"Ahh... This is Karma's wedding. Let's not talk about me, please?"

"I don't mind, Nagisa!" Karma said with his signature devil face. "Now, why not tell us more about the texts you've been sharing with Kayano, huh?" The redhead male dangled Nagisa's phone in the air. It was open and showing all the texts between Kayano and Nagisa.

"Karma!" Nagisa yelled in protest.


Sakusa's heart pumped in exhilaration. Her hands were clammy and warm. Her lips felt dry. Her eyes scanned the audience as the reading continued to drone on and on in the background. Everyone was here. There were Karma's family and family friends, and such. Then there was the whole of Class 3-E, if they weren't part of the bridesmaid or groomsmen group. Family from Class 3-E, Akari and Kyosuke, Tsukishima-san who had been supporting Sakusa from the very start.

It was not a big wedding with hundreds of people. But with the intimate people in their lives. Sakusa broke at the fact that the one person she'd most wanted to be here, wasn't. If there was anyone most worthy of seeing them get married, it was Ryu-nii. And he was dead.

And one day, you'll find love stronger than a thousand seas. His words echoed in her mind.

She took a breath. Well, Ryu-nii, you were right. I owe this to you. If only you were here. I'd be the happiest bride in the world. Thank you, nii-chan, for bringing him to me. Thank you for all those days when you kept that hope alight in me. Thank you for wiping all those tears when the world around us was suffering. Thank you for protecting me the best you could. I know you had to go, but I will never forget you. Sakusa let a tear escape down her pale cheeks. Even if you didn't intend this to happen, you knew it would, didn't you?

"Sakusa Kimi, do you take Akabane Karma as your husband?"

"Yes, I do," Sakusa's face broke into a smile.

"Akabane Karma, do you take Sakusa Kimi as your wife?"

"Of course I do." His grin had never been bigger and happier. His amber eyes danced with joy as he met Sakusa's excited dark orbs.

"You may now kiss the bride!" The pair leaned forwards and forged their lips into one. "I give you, Mr and Mrs Akabane!" The clapping ad cheering blurred into the background as the pair pressed towards each other in eagerness. But were forced to separate when they heard the music. Their expressions were of pure happiness.

Ryu-nii, thank you for everything.