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One week after the battle of Ryloth

Senate Chambers- Padmé's Office

"Did you have a nice visit with your husband, my lady?" Dormé asked. "Yes, it was wonderful, but..." Padmé replied, but her smile faltered, and her eyes dropped to the ground.

"That's great," Dormé replied with a happy smile that soon turned sour by her.

"It's so important to have that time with my husband, even more, when the rest of the galaxy disagrees, or we have no way to be with another." Padmé nervously nodded. She looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was in the corridor and then turned back to the comm screen.

"Dormé, if I tell you something, do you swear not to tell a soul? Especially Christen, as this concerns him... I know how much of of his you are, but can you please keep this appropriate?"

"Oh, I guess I can keep him out of my head for a few minutes. What's going on?" Dormé replied curiously.

Since they had never used his name out loud, it was a miracle she accidentally heard it in the first place, a miracle she held close.

"You can trust me, Padmé. If somethings going on with The Punisher, then I want to know" She laughed with a lustful blush. Padme looked behind her once more, making sure nobody was listening, and then leaned closer to the screen.

"Things happened in the last month that has lead me to think Abigail is pregnant, and I think she is...cheating on Christen...again," she uttered out in a low hiss as the weight of the secret was released. Tears started to form in her eyes.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Dorme screamed

1 Minute earlier

Christen had entered the senate building and headed upstairs to the mid-rim section of the enormous building. Everyone around him was unaware he was even using the Force to cloak himself. The heads of the various military groups had tried to discourage him from going places without a heavily armored squadron of clones with him. Obviously, he ignored them for known galactic activities.

He'd always loved surprising his brother's wife and harbored some hope that the visit may turn into something a little more interesting with some information on his brother knowing that she had visited him today.

Other than that, he could mostly trust her in the way he had been feeling a little underwhelmed at the amount of time his wife was spending with him. Even when he told the Empire he was off the last couple of days, she had seemingly had tons of 'meetings' or always being out the house, the way she would simply advert his gaze the past couple of days were heartbreaking, even Emma, Galen and Abigail have agreed their mother has been

He reached the floor where Padmé's office was and proceeded down the hall to her door. It was open when he arrived, and he could see that Padmé sat with her back to the door.

Christen smiled, knowing she was too engrossed in her conversation to hear his approach. However, he was disappointed in her for being so stupid with her safety. Of course, the HK droids outside the suite didn't bother him. He was about to enter the room when he heard Padme's voice picked up in his helmet's enhanced feed a few down feet from the door.

"things happened in the last month that has lead me to think Abigail is pregnant, and I think she is...cheating on Christen."

"WHAT THE FUCK!" he heard from the other person.

From the sound of it, the screaming voice belonged to the handmaiden Dormé was it? Anyway, she seemingly had doe eyes on him since week one.

"How do I even tell him, Dorme? He'll be beyond upset with me. I mean, how could she do this? How could I not tell him! I know he's a bit monstrous with the Emperor thing, but how could she!. You don't want to know how long it took her to tell me after I started hounding her after he started attacking the republic. After Anakin's descriptions and his own opinions, I knew it had to be him; I'm surprised the republic hasn't stormed their suite from the same conclusion.

Still, you've seen the reports he's been helping outer galactical feudal worlds, from even a few republics and separatist allied worlds, saving countless slaves in the outer rim and even taking parts of the Hutt territory, keeping peaceful planets out of harm's way from this war for three months now.

Nobody in the galaxy even cares, simply because they aren't in the republic" tears dripping out her eyes, ultimately failing at keeping them back.

But christen wondered why they cared this much when they didn't even have the gall to tell HIM, no Comm or holo call, no she waited a month to tell a companion before him.

How long has this been going on?

How long has his entire marriage been a lie?

He did everything for the galaxy's best future, and his wife knew this. They had multiple talks on why he abandoned them, and yet...she betrays ME like this," his inner thoughts raged on.

"but not him he could care less what they think Dormé, he's a caring man under all that armor, a wonderful man who is the father of their children, who knows how could she cheat on... that." Christen frowned as his heart began to beat faster. Any force-sensitive could feel the waves of fear if they were around as he continued listening.

"Padme, you can't keep this secret for long, you know Christen will find out, and he WILL hate you, Padme!" Dormé was saying, wiping a few of the last tears away at the thought of the hunk of a man she's been chasing has been betrayed by the woman she thought had the perfect family.

"You nee to Tell him, Padme, I know she is your best friend, but she's as old a friend as he is. Plus Pun-Christen is so perfect he's a good father from what you tell me, for force sake Padme, he's a tank of a man if I've ever seen one, he's definitely not all human, but he's something magnificent, so tall, so dominant and dangerous!" she exclaimed

Padme just looked on at her squealing friend in fear and hatred at her decision to Abigail and promised not to tell anyone for the past month.

"I know," Padmé replied sadly as she slumped her shoulders to a point or just laying down on her desk.

"He TRUSTS me, Dormé. How can I keep this from him? Abigail messed up! It wasn't just one time either. It's the guy she was meeting with when Christen was missing. She dated him for about seven of those years, but I never thought they were in a relationship to this day till I found her having sex with him in the shuttle that I told Christen was for me. He bought it even though he questioned why I needed it, and I had the gall to lie to him Dormé. I can't believe I was helping her cover-up without knowing." Padme cried as she choked back a sob,

"Don't beat yourself up, Padmé. But this needs to happen if you ever have a chance of coming out of this unscathed," Dormé advised. The two continue talking and sobbing, totally unaware of the glaring suns that made christen's eyes as he turned away from the door and used the Force to silently shutting the door behind him.

Christen slowly backed away from the entrance, his heart hammering anger inside of him as he began to make sense of what they were talking about.

Abigail's having an affair, he thought angrily

she cheated on me…

she's been unfaithful... for all this time since I first left!

How long did it take for her even to start seeing him? Some two years while he was tortured by sith and an ancient spear.

Who is he?

Was the child inside her even his...?

after all, they had been through …

the same guy as when he was missing…?

Christen stood frozen in his tracks, not knowing what to do. Padme was helping her cover it up? Do I pretend I didn't hear? Do I walk away and never see her again?

NO! I will get my revenge. Whether this is true or not, she will PAY for deflowering my life sacrifice," christen thought, but then one of his worst fears came back to bite him in the ass.

"KILL HER, KILL THE WHORE" a screeching voice spat

"SHE MUST DIE, SHE MUST PAY DEARLY FOR HER TRANSGRESSIONS," it screeched once again, ringing inside his head like a broken bell

'OH FOR REVAN'S FUCKING SAKE,' he cursed in his mind as the long-buried voices that kept him sane during his first years on this sith homeworld.

Christen grimaced at the return of the little voice in his head ever since the completion of his first seventy tortures on Korriban during the first couple decades of slavery, but he had kicked it from his mind after he was done while upon tythons surface.

"Yes, you tried to forget us. At least this place is less dry and blood-filled. We need to change that," it preened at its newfound voice.

The masters had been right when they tried to tell him about her, and she was in love with someone else, to simply forget her and let go.

"Oh hello, Lord punisher" one of many Padmé's assistants bowed as she spoke as she passed by and stopped near the door. "Does the Senator know you're here? I can see if she's busy or not?"

"No, no, I just got here," Christen managed to say.

The thoughts in his head made it hurt to speak—malice was dripping from his voice and aura. He wouldn't be surprised if a few Jedi felt his turmoil.

"I don't think she's busy...w-w-would you like me to tell her you dropped by?" the woman replied after taking a peek into the room and but soon looked sheepishly as the tone took her off Guard. The fear began to drip off her like sweat.

"Then I'll guess I'll go in then. Thank you," he said coldly as he passed her. The room made him shiver in bloodlust from the amount of anger he was feeling upon entering the office. Had his wife brought that bastard here? In ou-my own home? My room? My ship? Had he gained support from his children?

Padmé had ended the transmission by this point and stood up.

She had a faint smile, but he could see it was fake when she saw Christen in his armor but without the helmet in the hallway outside her door, his bright orange eyes glaring down at her.

"Well, don't stand there, My lord. Come in," she said, confused by the way her childhood friend was staring and just watching her.

Christen slowly walked into the room, his boots making each step sound like a booming turbo laser. He was angrily watching numbly as Padmé took a datapad from her assistant and read it over.




He sat down numbly. The curtains that brought him some variety of comfort before now brought him nothing.

The voice in his head didn't make it any better. He was very confident that both women would hear the wild hammering of his heart and the anger and hatred that rolled off him if they were slightly force sensitive.

After handing the datapad, the assistant left quickly, skipping out and forgetting to close the door in fear.

Padmé sat down at her desk after closing the door herself and mumbling about people acting ominous. Confused as she sat down, she looked over at him with bright eyes and spoke after putting on her 'senator's face' while smiling at him, hoping to see the problem.

"Hi lord punisher, I've been missing oldest friend and guard," she said, not letting her slight smile fall after no reply came, just an armored giant staring down at her.

"I do admit it is a surprise. Your droid and A-Abigail said you wouldn't return for another couple of days. Were the assains who you found were hunting me this week taken care of? This seems to be the seventh assassin you have uncovered, is it not?" Christen nodded, not even blinking as he only glared daggers into her skull. He wanted to take her down and pierce her mind and rip it apart to find out the truth. Still, his old friend would bring too much attention if any of the Jedi or, most notably, his brother noticed any changes.

"Yes, isn't it a wonderful surprise...friend, and as for the assassins, they were on Rodia's moon as you know since you stupidly brought yourself there, it was a trap, but it seems my enemies still underestimate me? I had to kill those damn sith wannabes, some shitty names like Vinroc and Karoc... is this all you have to ask your FRIEND?"

Padmé frowned and lowered her head a bit at his cold attitude, kriff she could even feel goosebumps start coming up all over her body.

"Are you okay...Christen?" she asked, worried for her friend. "You're acting a little strangely."

"AM I!?" his short answer and small raise of tone took her aback.

"YES," she replied quickly with the same raised tone, but unlike his angered tone, hers was confused.

She was used to angry people in the senate.

"Everything okay with the secret missions you were on any stories on tython or Hapes with the kids, and the people of ryloth how are they?"

"Yes to both, and the people are doing fine. A lot of the resistance is now in the sector fleet in their planetary system under my banner. Still, it sees Abigail is rerunning her mouth with my Empire's information to people that have no need of it concerning them," Christen replied, but he was not finished. Despite her opening her mouth to speak, a small part of him felt he was too crude to her, that she might be deserving, but he didn't care. The rage-inducing thoughts in his head were too much not to let them leak out.

"My days have usually consisted of taking holo calls with planetary administrators and fleet Adrmials, while also communicating with his private fleets generals and Grand Admiral Doth, when not burying myself in meetings, I had the pleasure of making sure Many people who didn't like the Empire or for their transgressions.

It mainly consisted of some troublesome pirates, a few Jedi who thought I was a sith, a couple of cultists converged on a desolate moon, all of whom died by my blade and those of former sith who I had broken their blood-soaked my the ground, splattered across our armor and victory spread across our faces... the children had a blast severing my enemies as well, shattering their barricades upon Ryloth" he paused, his face had scrunched up in disgust.

Still, it quickly goes down, and he contains " they all had deserved it in the end as they dealt in the wrong ways to use the force, or dealing in slavery, the pirating of others hard work and those that didn't deal in such atrocities that were around."

He paused simply to see her frowning face with a small tooth-filled grin.

"Kill Her!"

"she will tell the Jedi, the republic will never let you leave this planet!" the voice screeched like a daemon from hell.

"will now reap benefits that will keep them under the banner of the empire, or until their use is of no need," he said, voice cutting like a knife as she thought better than pursue a family-related topic.

"Okay, very ominous and short of monstrous, but since you do lead an empire, I'm not surprised. Well, then I guess I'll ask if the Kids are okay. Obviously, they are having fun with... what you do. Have you seen Abigail yet? It seems like you just arrived?" she asked. His eyes flashed for a split second, but it was enough to have Padme jump, perhaps lightly joking about knowing about him being the Emperor was not a good idea. Maybe she had a death wish, but she saw her mistake a second too late, a mistake Christen would remember if his glaring eyes and scowling face had to say anything.

"No, I did not see Abigail as of my arrival a few hours ago, and the kids are on tython much to their Mothers displeasure. They returned after the capture of ryloth and are still completing their training with my guards.

They should be arriving sometime in the next month, I presume. However, SHE does change plans and never tells me so that it could change," Christen replied with anger radiation off every word.

Padmé nodded nervously, scared by Christen's odd behavior.

"Is there …something I can do for you? Are you returning as my bodyguard once again?" she asked.

"No, well…yes, at least on the guarding part, it's quite rewarding actually in the grand scheme of things," he replied. But raised his hand, she had again opened her mouth to speak.

"I have to go, Padme. I need to deal with some PERSONAL problems, don't worry, I will still be on time for the next meeting in the senate, in what a few hours before dinner?" he coldly spoke, standing up and pulling his helmet on stiffly.

Padmé looked up at him with glistening eyes as she stood up but remained behind the desk. "Christen, what's wrong? I can sense your anger, but I don't know...?" she asked but was shocked when christen shouted in rage.

"A BLIND, DEAF, COMATOSE LABOTOMY PATIENT COULD FEEL MY ANGER!" he shouted. The force aura he let go knocked everything off the shelves and made Padme tumble to her knees.

"I'll see you later," he mumbled. The voice in his mind spurring him to cut her down, but a part of him felt disgusted upon making his old friend drop to her knees like this.

"Christen... what's wrong? I don't know what's going on with you, but You know you can trust me," she whispered to him as tears dripped down her face.

She was using his real name. Christen looked down at her through the mask he had just put on.

He used the Force to push against her mental barriers, trying to read her thoughts. But it seemed she had plenty of defenses. No doubt she was hiding something from him, meanwhile damning himself for teaching her that... he saw her face contort in shock at his attempt.

He knew it with certainty, and she had the gall to tell that handmade, but even now, she wouldn't tell him. It still sickened him to know what it was... a betrayal of the highest degree.

Padmé frowned as her tears finally stopped and watched him retreat from her office, turning confused and concerned by his behavior and hoping he would have calmed down by the meeting. Otherwise, dinner tonight would be awkward.

"goodbye..." she whispered to her empty office.


Hapen 501 residence

During dinner with Padme that night, Abigail couldn't help but notice how quiet her husband had been. He had simply sat down with them and stared into his plate as if willing it to die and just dived into his food, not saying a word after cooking the Akul steak and a few Naboo-grown veggies for the three of them.

She'd been wondering all afternoon what it was that was bothering him. He wouldn't talk to her or even look her way. Had he found out that she had been cheating on him? no, he would have burst in anger and stormed into the apartment. He would possibly kill her since she could positively say he was no longer the man she married.

In the past several years, she slowly started to fall in love with the Prince of the Northern Isles. This long hapen bloodline has held solid ties with the past Queen mothers for thousands of years. Then her lost husband 'returned' after nine whole years, and everything that once had a straight path to a solid but stumbling Consortium had now become too complicated. The military sect, vast percentage of Hapen Males, and a majority of the lower-class woman help her husband... their king in high regard, a life debt for him bringing a new era upon the sector. Should he want to secede or this affair becomes public, she doubts she could hold onto the majority of the Consortium. It would spark a civil war between the entire sector, with her on the losing side.

She loved him.

Christen was everything to her. She owed him everything for giving her the family of her dreams.

But it seemed that whatever it was that made him this way, it was bothering him by dinner.

He had been rather cold, distant, and even downright rude since he had returned. "well, Abie, is there any work tonight for the Consortium or the royal family?" Padmé asked her friend, cautiously eyeing christens.

"Yes, the royal houses on the eastern sector are still arguing over while the land of a new quantum crystalline mine in one of the moons after Christen basically took half of what was there, they have been trying to bribe anyone they could to get a mine open for themselves, without the hapen guard they would have started a small war already" Abigail reported trying to cheer him up by highlighting his work.

Still, as she looked at him, she could see the plate was now empty, the pile of food gone in less than twenty seconds.

She could see it was dirty but could still see the bright reflection from the glowing irises of her husband... she now could see he was beyond angry. He was pissed. She had no idea what it was about. Still, the voice in her head and the cracks in her heart that had grown since he returned knew what the answer was, but the queen and wife in her refused to believe it. She refused to believe she had ruined her Consortium.

"A lot of it was shipped to Christen's forge worlds in the northern sectors. I believe it was a world previously used as a slave market for the Black Suns and Hutt cartels," she added, glancing back at her husband in case she got a response.

"Looks like you're going to be busy for the next week or so then," Padmé said, smiling at her friend but quickly frowned when she heard him speak.

"I guess so," Christen added with a sneer, quickly pushing his seat back against the hardwood floor.

Standing up, he didn't look at either woman as he gave C-3PO the plate and walked to his room, the doors hissing shut behind him.

The only reason that stupid useless droid was here was that his own protocol droid that should have been running around the place had been reportedly broken from his kids messing with it during their brief visit upon the city-planet...poor HK, it's his third time since they got their sabers that he's been destroyed.

Padmé had also noticed Christen's odd behavior had gotten worse and frowned deeper than she already was when he closed the bedroom door with a loud slam.

Both women looked at each other in shock and confusion about what could have brought on the behavior.

In Padme's stomach, the seed of doubt of regret from keeping her secret was getting heavier 'she would need to tell him sooner or later,' she thought.

Christen headed to the master bedroom, unknowingly slamming the door. He pulled off his armor for the next few moments and stood in front of the mirror that adjourned his room across the bed, examining himself.

I'm still in great shape, he told himself, flexing his biceps. He was built through work and alchemy to be the peak of what the Sith could take the yashan human body to.

How could she still want someone else!? Then as he looks at his glowing scars, his hands grazing the ones visible on his bottom neck, the heat radiating off them warmed his fingers.

He wondered with a scowl.

He knew the scars were ugly upon the first appearance, but they were a part of him, a signal of his power.

He earned them, and only through his experiences did he make himself strong enough to survive the explosion upon Korriban.

Had it been too much for her? Had he become something she couldn't bear to look at, she never let it known during their time together in bed.

He stepped closer to the mirror, peering closer at his hairline, searching for grey hairs. But there were non- no wrinkling either and the testament that he was two hundred thirty-one years old, and in phenomenal shape, well primarily due to him being immortal and his master's damned rituals and training techniques used by ancient sith and masochist psychopaths.

But she didn't know that. He hadn't told her many of the gory details of his time there.

So why is she still fucking this guy? why would she try to put her family and the safety of the Consortium on this affair?

The answer was obvious!

She is in love with this guy and doesn't need him anymore!

With this Prince, she could tip control of hapes and swipe everything he built on that planet from under him and the people, no matter how much they said they loved him, sure he could get the Hapen guard to usurp her within a matter of months, and then weeks if he involved his Empire. Still, he'd rather not kill tens of billions with the civil war.

The thought of that scenario being indeed destroyed him, as his anger was rapidly deepening, which didn't bode well for his mental defenses currently keeping the voices at bay, a thing he had to do once more.

Taking off his light armor and clothing, then Turning on the water, Christen stepped into the shower, at a loss to understand what was going on with his wife and unsure how to bring up the issue with her.

He wanted to know the truth, but he knew he would just lash out and rip her apart if he confronted her right now.

He was weak. He was an all-powerful force-powered entity and yet couldn't just kill his wife for this, DAMN LOVE!

Perhaps the sith and Jedi might have a case for their hatred of it.

If she's tired of me, how will I deal with that?

How will I go on without her in my life? How will the kids react? Christen didn't know the answers, so he simply showered silently.

Abigail had just said good night and decided to sleep in one of the guest rooms, saying she would not push any argument tonight with her husband. Maybe she would call Her sweet Prince! He'll take care of her tonight!.

She hesitated as she was at the door of her apartment. Still, it was only for a second before she waved goodbye at a fake smiling padme as she left, the door coming down behind her with a soft thud.

Padme let out a shaking breath. Her best friend would most likely use her apartment again. The thought of her helping Abigail cheat burned her inside. she stood up and gathered her courage.

She slowly made her way into the master bedroom and then the fresher door. She heard the water running in the fresher... Walking over to the entrance to the fresher, she stopped, hesitating for a moment, thinking of simply waiting for him to come out. Still, she decided his attitude couldn't wait for a simple shower.

.Padme never felt hesitation where Christen was concerned. She would sometimes feel odd since he was more than a head and a half taller than her and much larger. Still, she always feels safe, but she wasn't sure he would appreciate her overtures with his mood today.

"I need to know what's going on in his mind... Does he know about Abigail cheating? It would be a likely reason for him being so...cold," She decided, putting her hand on the door handle. And if he doesn't like me asking, that's too bad.

Christen's face mirrored a wicked snarl. He had heard all of Padmé's thoughts from within the Force. It was a technique he had to integrate into his everyday life. It only worked on the weak-minded and, in this case, a distracted friend. It was as natural to him now as breathing. It's really how he got most of his information, but he wishes it wasn't so easy in times like this, but he also hated teaching his wife how to block her thoughts from him.

Quickly ending his semi-trance, he looked at the fresher door. He shook off any water clinging to his hair that now reached the bottom oh shoulder blades as he just stepped out of the shower when the fresher door opened.

Padmé entered the room and saw Christen standing outside the shower, naked. The hundreds of scars glowed with an orange hue lit the dim room. The hundreds of other scars from countless battles and gladiator fights from his youth dotted his body.

She looked up and down a few times as she blushed a deep red as her mind was starstruck by the mesmerizing and slightly horrifying sight.

"Hi," she said. Quickly covering her eyes," I thought you would be done and dressed," she tried to cover her embarrassment.

"...I'm sure," he replied, quickly taking a towel from the rack.

To cover his scars as he had a newfound fear of people finding his scars disgusting.

"You think we can talk?" she asked, watching him cover himself off.

"Sure, Senator, what is it you need from your Guard," he replied, feeling his heart starting to hammer within him. Here it comes, he thought, trying to keep his composure.

"Is there something wrong, Christen ?" she asked. "You seem upset, and I don't know why."

"Is there a reason I should be upset, or is there something I shouldn't know?" Christen maliciously asked, draping the towel over the rack again. Padmé frowned.

"Christen, enough of this," she said with finality, her hands on her hips and face raised to look him in the bright orange irises.

"It's pretty obvious that you're upset. You have been ever since you came back from Force knows where with your Empire and visited me at the offi..." And her face fell in the realization and the consequences that this would bring when she spoke.

"Did You?…you overheard my conversation with Dormé, didn't you?" she half asked and stated.

Christen's eyes tore into her. This action told her that he had.

"How could you do this to me, me ME!? You and Satine are the only people I've ever trusted other than that simple whore I've called a WIFE for the past decade and a half. I thought I meant at least a little to you as a friend. You throw it away by keeping her secret from me. Do you even realize what this will do to the kids! to the Consortium? WHY?"

He asked her in a low, put, angry growl. He closed the fresher door halfway through his yelling. The heavy metal door slammed shut, startling Padme, who had now backed up entirely onto the door.

"I thought you could tell me anything of my actual life, to come out and guard you on this trashy city world you call a capital of the republic! I thought I could trust you, I've saved you dozens of times these past months, and you do this! Padme. Why the fuck would you keep this from me! I thought you cared!" He said the light from the room started to dim in a loud blaring voice as the Force began manifesting itself, the fresher window overlooking the Coruscant skyline shattered, letting in the cold wind of the night.

"I do care about you!" she yelled with shame.

"I didn't know how I could tell you without hurting both of us and everyone involved, and I CARE. Why would you doubt that?" Her voice was trembling as tears were falling down her face, ruining whatever makeup was there.

"How can I not? How could any of this make me feel like any of you care?" he retorted as he stepped closer to her. she was so caught up in the argument she didn't even see him get dressing in a mix of red and black casual clothing that had been hanging on the wall next to her.

"I've sacrificed so much padme..." he whispered to her.

"I'm leaving for a drink to get this shit out of my mind, and I don't know when I'll be back. Please don't send your Jedi boyfriend after me; otherwise, I'll have to kill two of my former friend's lovers tonight."

Padmé's eyes grew wide as she heard the threat. "Wait a minute..what about…" She tried to ask before he left through the bathroom window, but he was already gone.

The sounds of a speeder roared as it slowly drifted away to the lower levels of the planet. Padmé's sobs grew louder.

"No!" she cried. "Oh, this is not good," she sobbed as she ran back to her friend, who she would also be found was in a conflicting position.

After drinking the whole night the day before on levels 1928, 3575, and 5243, the last bar he had gotten in a couple of brawls and had killed six death stick sellers before the republic police, along with a lone Jedi padawan, showed up to ruin his fun. Still, the Force was trying to contact him on something as he awoke upon his speeder. He felt tonight was different. Something would happen tonight. Something would change his entire worldview. That's all he could gather from the Force.

Christen thought something felt off. The Force was like a switching vortex of confusion as he made his way to his apartment landing bay across the republic 500 building where Padme and his wife currently stayed in tonight to work on their senate work for the war on the effects of Ryloth and outer rim worlds.

He felt bad about yelling at her earlier, but she lied to him, a deep friendship that dulled over his disappearance, but a company he thought was still dear to her.

But he needed to go home and apologize to his wife for leaving last night. He was calmed a little and felt rather conferable to confront her about his suspicions.

Minutes later, Christen departs the ship walking to the door, but stops in his tracks as the Force warns him that his wife is not alone. His heightened sense soon picks up sounds that would haunt his dreams for weeks. It would cull his rage and hatred into a frenzy for months and test his trust for a long time to come.

"fuck, fuck, yes, my Prince faster! Faster, you fucking hunk YES!"

"I'm trying, my queen. but that beast has almost broken you."

"do-don't Ta-talk, just FUCK YESS," he heard his wife scream in an oncoming orgasm.

Oh god, it's true.


"Flay their flesh from the heights of the senate building."

Christen's eyes flared into a rage. He didn't care to hold back the waves of power emanating from him. The Force manifested instantly.

At this time, a majority of the planetfall Jedi masters and council members writhed in pain as the anger they felt flow through the Force was overwhelming as it set aflame to anything in the vicinity as the walls began to shake.

In disguise, the chancellor and sith lord grabbed his skull with both hands, his mind having the most painful migraine. The pain became so intense he couldn't even locate the point from which this power came.

Across the galaxy on the planet of tython, the children of the Emperor, currently in one of the many training grounds, being overlooked a dozen Jedaii trainees, the five other siblings decked in light armor, a few knights of the former sith and Lady Takia.

The Lady was explaining the fundamentals of the Children's chosen lightsaber forms when suddenly both Emma and Galen collapsed in spasms as screams tore out their throats. Within seconds the rest of the siblings followed. It didn't take long for the Lady and knights to feel the overwhelming power surging through the Force. A majority of them started to bleed from their noses. Meanwhile, the trainees only felt a pressing darkness. But one thing was confirmed by the screams of the children...

It was the Emperor

The hallway was a warzone as he stomped through to his destination. As his wife's moans got louder, he wished he kept his helmet on so he could cancel it out; he began his advance into the whores presence by slamming the bedroom door open with a leg kick. The door creaked and snapped into pieces as the Force of the impact broke it from the hinges as it slammed into the far wall.

Christen couldn't believe what he was seeing.

In his apartment's guest bed were his wife and the Prince of one of the underlying family's of Hapes. He remembered him from meetings upon returning. He was even the first to see him return as well... He's been here for decades.

This was the same one padme found out his wife had been fucking when he was gone. Christen stood there looking at his wife's faces, their faces which had before been marred with pleasure now twisted in fear at the seven-foot-tall man who just demolished the doorway.

The Force was tearing anything from the room that wasn't lightly bolted down. Papers, clothing, and light objects were thrown arccos the room. It pulsed within his heart as the two naked whores looked at him in horror. The man looked at him in absolute fear. Silence filled the room as minutes went by.

The Force and voices promised him salvation if he killed them right there. The dark side would give him a home to call. A mask to shield him.

But he was no Sith or a simple weakling. He knew he couldn't fall to the temptation of darkness.

He was balanced, but he couldn't let this deed go unpunished.

He was no Jedi. The silence ended when Chris lifted his head again to meet his wife's eyes.

Tears threatened to drip down his face, while he might have been enraged beyond what even when on the wastelands of Korriban. Still, he thought he came to terms with her cheating when he was drinking. He thought he was ready to confront her, to talk with her on how they could make this family and Consortium work under their separation. But to see it like this was different... It broke something in him.

Turning his eyes to his closet, the only things that held any value anymore were his armor, weapons, and the packed armor luggage bags.

He used the Force to pull his luggage bags to him, using them to bring his current beskar and quantum-infused armor to him, slowly placing it on and set forth to put the great of his clothes and belongings away.

Abigail quickly got on her nightgown and ran to his side, seeing what her husband was doing and her brain-frying itself trying to find a suitable way to explain this to her husband.

Or she tried to but bounced off the physical manifestation that the Force made around him.

She could only stand there and beg, " Pl-please, Ne-Nexu, we can talk about this, please just stop. I didn't mean to do this; it was an accident. I don't love him; he was just..." she trailed off as she could only helplessly watch her husband pack his armor, weapons and simply emptying the entire side of the closet that was his, only leaving the bear reminder of her actions. She pounded her fists against the vortex that surrounded christen. But it only ended in her fracturing her left hand and christen refusing even to look up.

"Nexu, PLEASE, I only love you and the kids. I-I-I wasn't thinking straight. Please don't do this. This will break them, the Consortium. We can't do this to THEM." She tried everything she could think of to make him stop packing his things, but she finally realized he wouldn't stop.

"We can talk... just please stop," she begged with the last of her breath as her sobbing ended, and a small whimper mixed with a low grunt from the corner of the bed reminded her the Prince of east hapes was still there.

Quickly rage and regret reached their boiling point as Abigail quickly turned to the Prince, who was still in the bed, confused and scared at the manifestation of darkness bellowed around the force user. And fear about what could await him as the entrance to the door was blocked by the massive body of Christen, who was in a trance of packing various objects into the luggage bags using the Force.

she yelled, " GET OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT, please just GET OUT ISOLARE!" Christen could tell the Prince didn't know what was happening with the swirling force bubble around him.

The confusion and fear of the man's radiating empowered the Force surrounding him while getting all his things gathered.

It fed off all the negative feelings from the three being in the room. He wouldn't be surprised if the so-called powerful Jedi council could feel his anguish. He should hold it back so they couldn't locate him. Still, for some reason, he wanted them to know as if he somehow just didn't care if they knew anymore.

The simple Prince had no idea what to do since his queen's husband's unnaturally sized body blocked the doorway.

Sensing this, Christen grinned while turned his head slowly towards the man and stopped packing, and slowly moved to the side so he could motion for the Prince to orange eyes devoured the man's soul just by looking at him.

"Id leave Quickly, young man before I decide to kill you in front of my former partner. You have three seconds after you exit that door."

"your insane" the naked man whimpered as he looked to the door and back to christen

"I prefer the term differently rational" he chuckled back to the weak man before him.

Still, the Prince wasn't going to allow himself not to take the chance. The Prince bolted from the room bare naked.

"you're not g-g-going to kill him?" his wife cried in shock and disbelief

Christen didn't even look his way as he soon got back to packing but not before smirking towards the floor and opening his right hand. Using the Force, he grabbed out with it and soon had a hold of his prey.

he then looked straight into his wife's eyes when he spoke

"That's not fear I smell, is it?" he growled out, letting his aura flare. she simply bolted to the doorway, trying to throw anything she could at the fleeing Prince

But by the time the Prince reached the hallway, his time was up. Before the Prince could down the remaining distance to the windowless balcony to his speeder and flee, he was enough out of the way that Christen put him just out of sight from Abigail.

The Prince's body suddenly stopped as he thrashed around in confusion. It became more rapid as he felt cold to filing, feeling envelop his whole body. Suddenly he began feeling his body crushing in on itself.

He tried to take a breath to scream but found no voice to yell with. Instead, the Force crushed his throat. Within seconds, blood flowed from his mouth.

The Force crushed his skull next as the fragments of bone started to dig into his flesh and stick outside his skin.

Pieces of brain clogged up any cracks with bran stew treating to burst through.

The sounds of countless bones breaking and splitting as christen used the Force to make his body a little exoskeleton.

Christen ripped his bones from their place, then began molding them to the outside of his body as he then fell in a heap of boneless flesh, and blood seeped down the entirety of the carpet.

The ringing of the man's crippled screams verberated throughout the home. *THUD* his body hit the floor, and the sound made christen look up to see Abigail's shaking form in the doorway.

One eye on what was the Prince and the other eye on him. It was odd to see her in a state of pain and horror, yet no feelings came to the surface to help her like he used to.

No, pull to tell her it's alright, no essence of trying to be the shoulder she should cry on.

NO... She was nothing to him at the dark side was doing everything in its power to sway christen to fall. to shelter him from the pain the whore brought him. To destroy anyone who would say what became of him was his fault.

The light side swelled the other side of him.

To forgive, to think of his children, to love his wife and live mutually alongside each other for their children, that things would be better if peace were to be made.

But christen knew better than to listen to either, and he had fallen to the Dark and light many times while training.

Both sides were powerful in their own rights. Neither outweighing the other. One could not gain true potential if you only need one side. NO! Christen was balanced. It had been instilled into his very being. The force nexus that resided in him demanded balance.

He knew even this day where lesser force users would fall... He would rise and continue down the path of balance. The Force would allow him to take out his anger on this man and his wife. If any others were to be in his way, the balance would fail.

He will need to satisfy his killing side tonight if he has a chance to balance himself out after knowing what he would do with his wife after killing the Prince.

Abigail followed the Prince throwing anything she could get her hands on at the fleeing man as he ran out the door. She paused to look at her husband before stepping halfway into the hallway to yell at the Prince some more. Still, She only could recoil in horror as she watched dozens of bones protrude out of his skin, blood pool out onto the floor, the trail getting longer as Christen holds him tighter with the Force.

Through the Force, christen kept the young Prince alive, begging for death. The Prince suddenly sees Abigail's body gets shoved to the side as the light in the hallway fades away, leaving the light of the blinding irises of christens' eyes.

Two bright pits of the most violent volcano looked into his bloody and torn soul. He saw christen wave his hand, and the Prince's body made squishing and slouching noises as Christen floated his mangled body into the air.

He tried to scream, but he no longer could. All he could do was feel and watch what would do with him. He could hear his flame. Abigail begs the man that was her husband to stop.

Suddenly, the Prince feels a powerful force throw all its power into his body, knocking him into the apartment wall next to the balcony door, smashing through the wall as he landed outside on one of the ship's platforms right next to his speeder.

Christen begins lifting him throws him over the edge of the walkway. The last thing he saw was the eyes of Christie and the few words he spoke.

"Consider this. Killing you would be as easy for me as it is for you to bleed right now. But id rather your last moments of being a disgusting lowly hapen prince, his body warped, scattered, broken, and lost in the abyss that is the underworld... have fun bitch"

Those were the last words the Prince registered before falling to the depths of Courscant. All the while, his wife's screams were all he could hear.

He cared about nothing at this point, not his brother, mother, Padme, the kids, or even himself.

Picking up the luggage that was on the outside of the doorway, Christen walked out of the balcony, not listening to his wife's screaming pleas for him to stop. He stopped at every one of the kid's rooms to set down a small wooden box in front of each. The contents had a meaning for each of his children...hopefully, they would follow him to tython when they discovered what happened here.

Christen stood up after setting the last one down at ambers door, his hand tracing his daughter's name on the door, his stiffened when turning to his wife. The latter was just a mess of tears and sweat from her cheating session. For some reason, she thought following him and whimpering apologies and pleas would make him falter.

He almost felt bad for her...almost.

Getting his thoughts back together, Christen heading out to the apartment docking bay built into the side. He had tears dropping as he walked towards his ship while seeing a newly constructed HK droid open the ramp. Before he could get within a dozen feet, Christen felt a sharp tug at his back as his wife was crying frantically still,

" Please, Christen, don't leave me. We can fix this, we can be like we use..." h shrugged off her grip as he continued to the ship.

He felt her swirling mass of emotions exploding in the Force. But his spine suddenly chilled as he thought her think the words she was about to speak.

He knew this conversation would come up at some corner of his mind, but he thought he would be in the deep levels of the planet my now. He was expecting tons of holo messages with these accusations.

She could only think of one thing that could make him stop. She knew of would be a low blow, but she had messed up beyond belief, she loved him, and now she was losing him again. This time, it was her fault.


She screamed at him, she saw he stopped mid-stride, The entire area suddenly dropped in silence, and the air got heavier as lights began to dim.


But her grief and sadness soon turned into pain and fear as an armored-covered hand stuck out.

SMACK! His right hand flew out, slapping her face leaving a trail of blood to leave her lips along with a chipped tooth.

" HOW DARE YOU!" he screamed as she looked up at him with blood pouring out her mouth. He was seething. All he could see was red.

"I LEFT TO TRAIN TO BECOME EVERYTHING YOU WANTED, A KING, A NOBLE HERO, A FATHER WHO WOULD DESTROY A PLANET TO KEEP HIS FAMILY AND CONSORTIUM AND EMPIRE SAFE. I SPENT TWO HUNDRED DAMN YEARS WHEN THAT SITH PROMISED ME ONLY A DECADE OF SERVITUDE TO A DAMN SITH OF ALL THINGS" he screamed as he pushed her shocked body back when she had gotten up and stepped closer to him, his eyes hurt, he felt trickles of blood rain down his cheeks. He whispered his following words.

"I have given up everything I used to love... for you, for the Consortium, for the galaxy we call home. I became a slave to the sith and did their bidding on a grand venture to find the true power of the Force for all of you. To figure a way to find the balance that maybe this galaxy could be the way the ancient je'daii envisioned, that was my dream Nexa. And I've helped build an empire and a confederacy that may be in its infancy, but it works. I envisioned us together atop the capital world of Odession, as Emperor and Empress, with our children..." he paused to look her in the eyes. No doubt his eyes were shining brighter than ever before.

Her eyes looked like a waterfall. She looked terrible. He felt so much pain and regret seeing the swelling on her cheek and lower jaw from his backhanded strike. The blood dripping down her face hurt.

Still, he saw in her eyes that told him she agreed with everything he had said and waited for him to continue... to a point, he could still see the entire heartbroken face that marred her face.

"and to find out that it was all a lie as much a lie as the sith told me, to know that even after a year when I left, you had already had plans of replacing me, and when I came back...?" he looked at her, his eyes wet with tears mixed with blood. he wanted to hold her, he wanted to feel loved, and she was the one person who he thought could ever have loved someone like him. he took her face in his hands

"but now that I look back, I see that you have always talked over me too much ever to hear what I'm saying," the tears flowing down his face as he wanted her to know the extent of his pain.

"this marriage has been so one-sided. You with power and royalty have always mattered more than just living life. You care about the Consortium, but you don't care about the rest of this galaxy, and you lost the care to hold me, dear, to your heart. I've been trying my best to make this all work. I haven't slept in a few weeks. Cybernetics, the Force, and this armor keep me going, and now to return to spend time with you...I just can't believe this is the way it ends" she looked at him as he spoke, a million memories floating in and out as she slowly agreed.

"is my heart worth breaking like this nexu?" she whispered, looking into his eyes. she shuddered when he griped her face a little tighter.

"itis unavoidable now, my nexa, even now there are so many things still love about you, the knot of hair you make when your too lazy" he gripped the knot of hair at the base of her head. "the mascara that falls when you cry, it never made you look worse, it was like a" he was cut off.

" devilish sephi... yes, I remember," she croaked out a laugh as both of them let the tears flow.

"Nexa, loving you has never been easy. It has been hard since I've returned in almost every sense. I feel we've only lasted this long because of our children. I promised I would always love you even when it got messy. I thought I was ready, but... I know I let you down when I lost my focus, but.. " he drifted off, looking at her.

Her sobbing face matched him for a few seconds before his eyes slightly turned red.

"you're not mine anymore. You haven't been since you fell in love with that Prince, but ill always be a little bit yours...i-i-I hate you so much that I'll always love you," Abigail broke down, grabbing Christen's armor with all her might and sobbing into his chest.

He embraced her one more time, taking a deep breath on her hair, taking the time to kiss her forehead, and wiping her tears before letting her go, leaving her to watch as he slowly boarded his ship.

The sound of his HK droid went stumbling by in his injured form. The last bit of protection that wasn't the hapen Guard left his wife's side and onto the ship, speedily going past him in a race towards the droid parts within the ship's storage unit.

Christen closed the ramp without looking back as the compressed air's sound sounded, sighing as he walked into the cockpit, activating the main computer.

He was not going off-planet.

Deciding to stay on Coruscant, thinking he could set up black operations that dealt in making his armor and finding relics of the old republic. He could even hire a dozen bothan spies in the lower levels for the time when he makes his move on the planet. He ordered the droid to drift his ship down to the lowest point he could.

Around an hour went by, christen the whole time, simply looked out at the descending skyscrapers and the lights of tens of thousands of speeders and shuttles flying by. However, his mind was filled with images of seeing the rest of the Prince's family dying by Kal and his boys.

He needed to release this anger, and he couldn't give it to the Force if he didn't want the Jedi to hound on him right now. He already felt a dozen signatures heading towards his apartment, so he must find a suitable place to kill on this city planet.

A sudden change in flight path knocked him out of his ship landed on a special landing pad he had put on level 5000. It was the lowest level that still saw the sky. The side of his landing pad looked like it had been used as a dumping ground for the dead. He was confused before getting pissed that he had forgotten.

Bodies were lying stacked on top of one another from the two missions he had when going for info on the species he asked dex for. Let's say they didn't give christen any good reason to live, and after two weeks, he had yet to rid their bodies from the. Setting the ship down and grabbing his two luggage bags, Christen lowered the ramp sending HK to scan the area with the probe droids. Following behind, Christen yelled to his friend, " HK, find a way down to level 1310 id rather be doing something the sulking in the regret of loving a whore my whole life. I really need to kill somebody. Make sure they're the type of meatbags the Empire likes killing too."