"I must speak with the Jedi Council ." States Shaak Ti to the temple guard outside the chamber room. He nodded and opened the sliding doors as she strode inside to see all the council members were in attendance, excluding Obi-Wan.

The other Jedi in the room consisted of Padawan Tano, Knight Skywalker, and the ancient Master Fay, who accompanied her on the Mission she was now present for. She had taken the time to look over a few information files before coming to the chambers, so everyone looked at her with expectant looks.

She walks to the center of the room and bows her head.

"Greetings, masters." Starts Shaak Ti as they all nod their heads to her

"something to reveal, you do hmmm?" Questions Yoda but comes off more like a declaration.

Shaak Ti nods her head.

"I assume it has something to do with the Savior, his now traumatized wife, and the explosion within the force?" Continues Mace Windu, making Kit Fisto and a few others hum in agreement

"It does." Confirms Shaak Ti as she begins her tale. Throughout the story, many Jedi hum in thought.

After finishing her story, many look to the Grandmaster.

"We've felt his power even before his landing on Coruscant, but to know his identity is now a boon for information," States Ki-Adi making Plo Koon nod his head.

"He is very powerful in the Force." Adds Plo Koon, with many nodding to his words.

"But he is A SITH!." All but shouted Rancisis, making others nod their heads,

"Not to mention, he is a Mandalorian, the enemy of Jedi for thousands of years," his anger visible from the veins popping on his forehead.

"More than that, he has killed for personal gain, and his death toll in these underworld attacks today counted for five hundred and seventeen lives, and this is across almost twenty levels." States Mace Windu, making Eeth Koth interject.

"As we have all seen, they were criminals, slavers, and rapists, nothing more, while I do not condone the methods or actions of lord Savior. He did a job we should have known about from what Master Fay and Master Ti saw." States Eeth Koth, making Shaak Ti and Fay nod their head.

"He was taught to survive by all means possible. If he achieves his goal, he will do whatever is necessary to make it happen." Continues Shaak Ti as the Council looks at her

"his upbringing showed him no other way. From what the senator and his wife could tell me or rather what I pick up from the Force show me his past is...unnatural," Fay spoke in her sweet voice that seemed to fill the room.

"In his fight with Nahdar, he didn't kill him." Muses Kit Fisto, thinking it would have been easy with the state Nahdar was in, "Why?"

"I have witnessed he doesn't like to kill when it doesn't have a use to his actions. He wished for us to be told by Nahdar of his exploits." States Shaak Ti, having witnessed his actions from holovids from security cameras, "When in a normal state of mind, he seeks to end the fight as quickly as possible, all the while holding himself back as much as possible."

Mace Windu's face turned dark at this statement," and if he is not in his state of mind, he is a monster who kills everything in his path and is controlled by his darker emotions. He is a danger to the Galaxy, and the Jedi" to this Fay and Shaak sighed as she spoke yet again.

"master, you are correct by what I've seen if he wanted. He could have taken most in this room at the same time. He is unnaturally strong and is of a force-sensitive species I know was wiped out a century ago."

"But why, what is he waiting for" States Ki-Adi, with others nodding their heads.

"…Meet with him. You and Master fay will." States Yoda after some thought, "Test him, you will."

"you are to follow the trail of Obi-wan, who has taken it upon himself to take the monster to mandalore with Padawan Tano and Knight Skywalker" mace Windu glared at the Grandmaster while saying this.

"Thank you, masters." States Shaak Ti and Fay with a bow of their head. Shaak Ti exits the room and looks to fay, who stands waiting next to her.

"Now, where should we start, master fay" Shaak Ti looks on with a smile.

"the deep core is our destination," she said sweetly as she strides ahead, beckoning her fellow Master to follow.


Skies above Sundari

Obi-Wan and Christen arrived over Mandalore from above and slowly started to descend in their T-6 shuttle. Christen looked at the ship inside and out in disgust, "What do you know of Duchess Satine, um.. lord punisher?" Obi-Wan asked to fly them in.

"She's the leader of Neutral Systems, over one thousand five hundred planets that want to stay out of the war, but all of that was after I knew her years ago, so I suppose some things have changed for... her pacifist ways," Christen replied to him without looking towards the Jedi.

"you know her personally," the Jedi spoke with a bit of ice in his tone, to which Christen chuckled lightly.

"yes, I knew her years ago when I was younger. We had a...falling out with her and my now Ex-wife," he spoke with no emotion, not letting the Jedi know how much he regretted picking Abigail over satine and her sister Bo.

"Very good to know," Obi-Wan said, smiling at him.

"And what do you know of Mandalore then, obviously? You know a lot since your armor seems to recreate the Mandalorian armor of Revans age, so what do you know about the planet in this age?" He asked him.

Christen looked back at the white marble of a world getting ever closer. " It's the homeworld of the Mandalorians, a fearsome warrior people who fought the sith and Jedi throughout history and even successfully raided the Jedi Temple during the fall of the old republic era. Their warriors are best known for their Beskar. For thousands of years, they were feared throughout the Galaxy. They had political influence over two thousand Star systems at one point. It was a magical time for warriors to thrive and die" he paused as he looked at the face of the now scowling Jedi.

He chuckled lightly, making the Jedi scowl even more.

"Force that was a great time in history, Jedi, but unfortunately, years of war left most of the planet inhospitable, forcing the Mandalorian people to live within dome cities. A pacifist regime somehow came to power at the end of these wars led by my old friend, the Duchess. And now, because of such of resume, the Mandalorian people, who by all accounts are weak, stand right in the middle of a war they cannot or rather refuse to fight against. She might be the downfall of her people, the people's history and legacy that has stood the test of time.

The Jedi looked coldly at him and opened his mouth to speak before Christen cut him off.

"And that one such Mandalorian Jango Fett, I believe his name is, was the original clone for your little military," he smirked at the scowling Obi-wan.

"And his son, Boba, if the boy intends to follow in his father's footsteps as a bounty hunter," Obi-Wan said with a little attitude.

Obi-Wan could feel the Mans' Aura flare slightly through the Force. The power it emitted made him wince slightly. "Something on your mind, My lord?" Obi-Wan asked him sarcastically.

He then asked the pilot to slow the ship's descent so they could talk.

"I've known that Boba's a clone, but Jango Fett raised him as a son to a father, interesting?" He asked Obi-wan. Who looked taken aback by the statement he wasn't expecting.

"What is the question here, My lord?" Obi-Wan asked him.

Christen smirked. "Did you even know your father, or did the Jedi take those memories of them when they kidnapped you?" Christen asked him.

Obi-Wan's face went blank before he focused on the flying, controlling his anger by breathing.

"I know of him, yes, when I was an apprentice, I saw them in a vision later after I was made a Master... and I eventually met them," he spoke out, still not showing any emotion on his face.

But Christen could feel the man's anger through the Force.

"you any of Jedi meet them?" Christen asked in a questionable tone. He knew there had to be a catch.

"When you ascend to the rank of Jedi Master... My lord, very little the Council can stop you from doing unless it breaks the order rules on attachment. It's not encouraged; from my experience, it can be a bitter-sweet affair. As Jedi, we must detach ourselves from all our own wants and desires. This includes family or marriage." Obi-Wan said, his tone shifting as they descended into the clouds, things becoming foggy.

"Being a Jedi can be a fulfilling life but a lonely one." Christen snorted at this, making the Jedi close his hands into fists.

"that's an understatement if I heard any," he chuckled. He didn't need to start a fight, but he really wanted to go into an argument about the Force. He missed when he would talk and discuss the Force with his children.

They finally landed outside the city of Sundari on Mandalore. The surface of Mandalore was bare and white, with domed cities dotting the surface. The ports around the city were bustling with ships and trade. When they exited the shuttle, Christen looked at the Mandalorians on the docks. They were nearly all human wearing white, pale blue, or gray tight-fitting clothing with neatly trimmed hair and shaven faces on the men, some with mustaches and light beards. Awaiting their arrival was a Mandalorian Royal Guard.

He wore strange armor with blue robes under it and a plumed helmet with a slit visor. They paused at the sight of Christen. Both slightly took defensive stances as they continued towards them.

"you wear Beskar'gam," they questioned him. Obi-wan turned to him also for an answer.

"When one studies long enough, anything is possible. I even learned the art of your people's smelting which in itself is a blessing," he said, keeping his eyes on theirs before all three nodded respectfully.

"The duchess awaits both of you." the Guard said, bowing to them both.

"Far be it for us to keep the Duchess waiting, now that your theatrics are over, "Obi-Wan said as he climbed onto the transport and Christen right behind.

As the two flew into the city, Christen's eyes broadened slightly at what he saw. Significant cubed structures of crystal glass filled the entire city, and trees were on nearly every terrace.

Christen looked uninterested at the block-like structures all around made of transparent materials in elegant patterns.

Christen was somewhat surprised at how fast the transport moved, and the entrance to the palace was approaching swiftly, hard to miss with how grand it was built with curving arches.

When it landed, Christen followed behind Obi-Wan off the transport toward the palace, taking in every little detail. He could determine where two more Royal Guards were stationed when they got closer.

When the large doors opened as Obi-Wan and Christen entered, the interior's view was just as ornate as the exterior. With art covering the walls, especially a notable painting of a woman he hasn't seen for more than a decade. She was in a blue and turquoise gown, wearing an orange headdress with golden hair; she had a slender face and nose with soft eyes and a warm smile that Christen almost seemed drawn to, god he felt like he had just finished his training. And got out into the Galaxy before bane stepped in and took everything from him.

"ah, I've missed the feeling of you and your sister," he whispered loud enough to make the Jedi look at him in absolute rage before he schooled his features.

An older man dressed in white and gold with purple eyes and a neatly trimmed set of hair and beard approached them as they entered.

"Thank you for meeting with us, Prime Minister Almec." Obi-Wan said diplomatically as the man shook hands with the Jedi

"General Kenobi."The man said, bowing politely, but his eyes almost popped out when he landed on christens armor and his glowing eyes, standing a head taller than anyone in the room.

"um...who is" he stammered out in confusion, but he cut him off with his answer and gave the man a Mandalorian handshake.

"Lord punisher will be fine for now, but if you must, just Punisher will suffice," he spoke in a low voice that seemed to make the man in front of him shiver.

"Ah, then I welcome you and you Master Jedi here as servants of the people, but I am troubled by the false rumors that have brought you here." Almec said

"Mandalore would never turn against the Republic; the Duchess Satine values peace more than her own life." The Prime Minister declared. The declaration almost made christen buckle over in laughter.

"Oh, I'm aware of the Duchess' views," Obi-Wan said, his voice filled with sarcasm as they followed Almec into the palace's grand hall.

"Yeah, she's a bit too much of peace, right! She's always been like that even though I wished it not to be," he whispered to the Jedi, who looked at him in surprise but smirked at the truthfulness.

"Master Kenobi, Punisher, Mandalore's violent past is behind us."Almec stated, much to the disgust of Christen, who valued their warrior past.

"All of our warriors were exiled to our Moon, Concordia. They died out years ago." He said, shaking his head at the idea of Mandalore being involved in violence. At this, christens eyes glowed brighter than usual for a few seconds before he could get his anger under control at the utter disrespect to the Mandalorians of old. He saw both the Jedi and prime minister look stunned and even took a step back from him.

"Mhm…are you certain?" Obi-Wan asked, his hand stroking his beard thoughtfully and trying not to pay attention to the anger radiating from his companion. "I recently encountered a man wearing Mandalorian armor more modernized version compared to Punisher, this one belonging to Jango Fett."

"Jango Fett was a common bounty hunter."Almec suddenly snapped. "How he acquired that armor is beyond me."

"Well, Master Kenobi..." a female voice said at the far end of the hall. Obi-Wan, Christen, and Almec looked to see. Walking into the throne room, the same woman in the royal cyan green dress entered with two guards and another man. He was sporting a blue shirt and tan pants under a gray cloak and cowl that exposed his face. Does she not remember me? Like, did I change that much

"My shining Jedi knight to the rescue once again, and he brought a man dressed like a barbarian Mandalorian ready for war."She retorted as she approached the throne. The woman sat down on the throne, which appeared to be made of metal silver, and stained glass chairs that lit up as soon as she sat. The design on the throne made a strange shimmering noise and glowed in orange, giving her an even more ethereal look. Christen looked at her in utter surprise, but in her eyes, he could see her look over him as he was with her. he decided to cut off what his Jedi was saying.

"After all these years, you're even-" Obi-Wan was saying before christen pushed him away. The room turned silent as the guards put all their hands on their weapons...including the Jedi.

"All these years being gone satine, and all of our fun nights together with your sister, and you really don't recognize me?" he asked with a soft tone, his eyes not leaving hers. He sees they are slightly watering up.

"Why should I recognize a man who left our people and me for some Hapen whore and then dropped off the face of the Galaxy for a decade? Hmmm," she spat out at him. The hurt in her eyes shocked him, and as he could see the gaping mouth of the was he.

"Satine, I believe-" he didn't even get far before she cut him off with more venom than ever.

"Oh, you believed, and where did that get you, huh? You think I didn't see the signs you were back, and you didn't even dare to come to see me before the Jedi, who seems like you can't get out of my life and who accuses me of treachery." he seethed with anger and in a sharp tone before she looked ashamed at the hurt face of Obi-wan.

"I'm sorry, Obi-wan, that comment was unnecessary," she said in a regretful tone, in which Christen saw the Jedi who was stiff as a board, now sagged in relief.

"I would never accuse you of Personal wrongdoing. Duchess," Obi-Wan said as he started to walk forward, trying to shift the attention of the Duchess.

Obi-Wan stopped a few steps before him until he stopped just short of the Prime Minister. "However, a separatist saboteur attacked one of our Republic cruisers, a Mandalorian saboteur. My lord, the recording you have?"

Christen pulled out a small holo-display as he activated the picture for the Duchess to see. The small blue image of the Mandalorian armored warrior appeared, firing on the crew of a Republic ship. He paused the image so that the man could be seen in complete clarity, fully aware of the anger starting to again boil inside the Duchess and the Prime Minister as he finally shut the hologram off.

"For all your work to destroy the legacy of your people, you still fail my little"

Satine looked at him in rage, but she was cut off before she could scream at him.

"You must be mistaken."Almec said, walking up to the throne to stand by his Duchess. "No Mandalorian would engage in such violence, not anymore. Where is this prisoner now?"

"He took his own life rather than submit to questioning," Obi-wan pointed out. "I know these commandos fought in Many wars, often against the Jedi," Obi-Wan added as the Duchess leaned in from her throne.

"Every one of my people is as trustworthy as I am," Satine said firmly as she stared at Christen the whole time.

Suddenly the other man in the room spoke up, "I know the Jedi sounds defensive, but-"

"Clearly, your investigation was ordered because the senate is eager to intervene in our affairs. Why else would they bring a Betraying and selfish king and a Jedi." Satine said with a touch of anger.

Christen looked back at Obi-Wan, who kept his cool "the Jedi council ordered My investigation. I asked lord Punisher to come as h- we had a... problem on Coruscant that he needed to get away from." Obi-Wan said, smirking as christen looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"I am also not a part of the Republic," he grumbled loud enough for them to hear.

"Of that, we can both be sure of...I stand corrected." Satine said calmly, elegantly raising her left hand in front of him. "General Kenobi, perhaps you and the Warrior would like to join me on a walk through the city."

"oh boy, this will be fun" christen whispered, to which the Duchess narrowed her eyes at him for like the fourteenth time.

Obi-Wan seemed taken aback for a moment, but when the Duchess raised an eyebrow and lifted her hand higher expectantly. The Jedi confidently stepped forward and gingerly took her hand in his own. He silently led her off the throne, offering his arm, which she wordlessly accepted.

Christen started to follow them, looking at their backs with a hint of jealousy as they headed out for a stroll in the city when the other man walked up to him. "So this is the famous Guard of the senator of Naboo?"

The man looked at Christen. "My apologies Verd. I am Senator Tal Merrik of Kalevala, one of our system's less-known worlds. You are quite an enigma, so mysterious?"

"Well, thank you for the recognition, but if you excuse me, I should follow the stupid Jedi and his girlfriend." Christen said, "...Of course, be sure to watch where you are. There's quite a history you don't seem to know about." Tal said before he walked off and started to speak with the Prime Minister.

Later as the royal guards and Christen trailed behind the Duchess and Jedi Master in the heart of the city, the Jedi, every few seconds, looked back in worry at him as if to see if he was still there. This infuriated his old friend as she wished to forget he was even there.

Christen couldn't help but start to eavesdrop on their conversation. "It's so good to see you again, Obi-wan, despite the circumstances with who you brought and what brought you here, "Satine said.

"Your peaceful ways have paid off."Obi-Wan said back to her, "Mandalore has prospered since the last time I was here." He said, admiring the view rather than the city.

'Yeah, if by prospering you mean by destroying the Mandalorian's entire culture just to appease the republic,' christen thought to himself.

"Not everyone on Mandalore believes that our commitment to peace is a sign of progress," Satine said, her voice going sour.

"There is a group that calls itself Death Watch. I imagine these are the renegades you're looking for. They idolize violence and the Warrior ways of the past. There are those among us, certain officials, who are working to root out these criminals. It has been an ongoing investigation." She confessed to him.

"How widespread is this Deathwatch movement?" Obi-Wan asked as Christen silently listened, watching the Jedi Masterwork.

The Satine dismissed him then, "It's hardly a movement. It's a small group of hooligans who choose to vandalize public places. Nothing more shall soon have them in custody we have tracked them down to our Moon, Concordia."

"I hope you're right, duchess."Obi-Wan said quietly.

The walk had continued throughout the gardens. "I am, but enough about me. How goes the peacekeeping in a time of conflict?" She asked.

"A peacekeeper belongs on the front lines of conflict."Obi-Wan said back to her. "Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to do his job."

"The work of a peacekeeper is to ensure that conflict does not arise."Satine said.

Christen rolled his eyes, sensing another philosophical debate coming on.

"Yes, a noble description, but not a realistic one," Obi-Wan said, almost rolling his eyes.

Satine stopped and smiled at him. "Is reality what makes a Jedi abandon his ideals?"Satine asked. "Or is it simply a response to political convenience?"

Finally, the Duchess turned to Christen "why are you here anyway? Hmm, what happened back on coruscant that you needed to be here?" She asked.

"Please, your highness." He said respectively, "like I said when we left, the council deems him a little dangerous, and I wanted him along with me to let us have time to see what we can do with him," Obi-Wan added, trying not to look at his amused companion

The Duchess approached Christen. "What do you think, Verd?" she asked.

"Uh, Pardon little Sattie?" Christen asked while tilting his head innocently

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!... About the duty of a Peacekeeper's role in keeping the peace, with violence?" she asked him in a more agitated tone now that he said her nickname, eyeing Kenobi, knowing she was toying with him, but before either of them could answer, Obi-Wan stopped as an explosion suddenly erupted right in front of them. "GET DOWN," Obi-Wan yelled, tackling Satine to the ground to protect her when debris and screams filled the air. Christen stayed standing, using the Force to redirect the debris into unoccupied parts of the surrounding area.

"Are you all right?"Obi-Wan asked, gently looking at Satine.

"I'm fine."Satine replied as Christen drew all of his lightsabers, looking around at the surroundings for any sign of the attacker"Punisher, put that away. Hooligans couldn't have arranged an attack of this scale."Obi-Wan said to him than her.

Christen didn't even look at him as he assessed the situation, begrudgingly turning his four lightsabers off, buckling up two but keeping the other two in his hands, ready to slice his enemies into pieces.

"Whatever, seeing as your peaceful ways almost got her killed," he growled.

"Then this must be the work of an off-worlder," Satine admitted helping a man who was knocked down by the amount of Force christen used. Otherwise, he would have been crushed.

"Are you sure of that, Sattie, cause it sure fucking looks like your wrong?" Christen asked as he and Obi-Wan looked to see a pointed at an orange symbol in front of them.

It looked like a triton head jagged and sharp.

The Duchess growled at him as she rose fully to her feet. As a crowd started to gather around the ruins of the explosion, some helping others up to safety, more staring in fear "The sign of the Death Watch." Satine gasped quietly.

"This goes far beyond vandalism."Obi-Wan said, "This is a political statement against your government and you." christen obviously agreed his companion might be fucking stupid with her peaceful ways. Still, she was his friend all the same.

"You're not safe here. My Lord punisher will take you back to the palace, as you two obviously have much to talk about." Obi-Wan took Satine's hand, pulling her to his side in an attempt to keep her.

"Not everyone on Mandalore believes that our commitment to peace is a sign of progress," Satine said, her voice going sour at the rest of his comment.

Christen turned around, walking up to one of the guards. "I want you and my Jedi friend to get an interview with everyone here." he ordered. Obi-wan nodded but looked sour at Christen, having taken charge of the situation.

"Nobody leaves this scene." The guards nodded. It was only a few moments before Christen sensed something in the crowd. Discreetly using his yashan eyesight to look around, he spotted a stout man in white with an uneasy look on his face when suddenly he broke off from the crowd in a frantic run.

"JEDI!" he called out. Obi-Wan snapped around to see the man running. "You there!" Obi-Wan said. Obi-Wan was about to follow, but Christen had already stopped him. "Stay with your Girlfriend!" he ordered before he chased the runner down the stairs and straight to the end of the balcony. The man had a ten-second head start and still got caught. Sometimes christen was happy for his yashan heritage.

"I only want to have a happy talk with you sir," he stated as the man had nowhere to run. The man took out a blaster and started firing at him. Yellow bolts of energy snapped at Christen, who was using the Force, as he slapped away the blastor bolts lazily around the balcony.

Satine and Obi-wan could hear the fighting outside the balcony.

"Come on." Satine ordered obi-wan to run headfirst into danger. "My-my lady, wait," he said, trying to stop her, but she was already down the steps. When she saw the man shooting, she stopped, and he was able to run out in front of her, lightsaber drawn.

"Damn it, sattie, I said stay back!"Christen yelled at the Duchess. With Christen distracted, the man climbed onto the balcony ledge, stood tall on the balcony's railing, and spoke in some language that Obi-Wan did not understand.

"Calhava bru'chun Dralshye'ran!" He yelled, and Obi-wan got ready for anything except seeing the man fall back. There was a sickening crunch below as the people screamed in terror. The Duchess and the Jedi rushed to the railing, christen simply staring at where the man jumped from with a face void of emotion. Obi-wan began peering over the edge to see the man lying in a cracked space of the glass walkway below, still speaking. Satine covered her mouth with her hand, tearing her gaze away from the sight and squeezing her eyes shut. The three silently turned from the scene and swiftly went down below to the man, still alive but not for long.

Satine approached, dropping to a kneeling position beside him.

Obi-Wan and Christen stood awkwardly off to the side. "What's he saying?" Obi-wan asked Christen

"you wouldn't understand Jedi, don't worry, not many outside the Mandalore system even know what he means" christen mused.

"how do you know" the Jedi questioned

"I've lived a long life, Jedi, unlike this man" he responded in kind

"Se solo, se kad, se Darasuum kote." the man said weakly "kadi, se norm'iim." the man said, his voice wavering as he breathed his last.

"Ki, kadi norm'iim."Satine said softly.

Then the man closed his eyes forever, his body going limp. "He was speaking in the dialect they use on Concordia, our Moon, "Satine said.

"We shall like to visit this Moon of yours then, "Obi-Wan said. "Perhaps we could accompany the body." Obi-Wan asked already a plan in motion.

Satine rose from her spot on the floor. "The concordant moon is a province with its own governor."Satine said as she stood up, "You'll need me to escort you both."

"That won't be necessary."Obi-Wan said, trying to get her out of their affairs, "Actually, it will." Christen replied quickly.

"You won't make much progress," Satine said. "Without me there, especially since you've just been involved with the death of a concordian." she said, gesturing back to the now-dead man.

"I didn't kill him or even get the chance, really."Christen said in innocence.

"I know."Satine said with a smile.

"That's why I'm still talking to you." he rolled his eyes at her comment but said nothing.

Obi-Wan looked like he was going to say something, but Satine turned away from him before he could make any quick remarks. "A fascinating woman she has become?" Christen said.

"What?" Obi-Wan asked.

Christen shrugged. "She seems to know what she's doing, unlike a couple of people I know," Christen said, following Obi-Wan back to the palace.

"What are you getting at?" Obi-Wan asked, starting to get a bit flustered.

Christen looked up at the Jedi, confused "... getting at? have no idea what you mean, hmm? Well, she is as captivating as she was a decade ago, is she not?" Christen asked.

Obi-Wan's face flushed red for a moment. "Nevermind, come we should escort Satine back to the palace- I mean the Duchess." he stomped off as christen laughed at the flustered Jedi.


Satine the Jedi and Jedaii had taken a ship to head to Concordia. Satine had changed before leaving and now wore a vivid pink outfit and tied her hair in a bun. Her pants were fitted into a snug set of brown trousers and boots more appropriate for travels than her regal robes. As they approached Concordia Christen, who hadn't moved out of his armor, much to satines displeasure, he saw the Moon was a mix of green forests on the surface and barren rocky canyons.

"I thought Concordia was an agricultural settlement?" Obi-Wan suddenly said, turning to Satine as she flew them to the Moon.

"Before the end of our wars, they turned it into a mining base." Satine said at the pilot's control, "The sheer number of mining facilities here nearly destroyed our forests; they're finally growing back." she said proudly.

"some good wars back then. Too bad the Jedi killed all the warriors cause they had the wrong info, huh" Christens snarkily exclaimed, the anger radiating from satines face and shame upon the Jedi's face made him pretty smug at that moment.

The ship descended to the Moon, approaching the rough-edged natural stone structure that appeared in front of them, set into the side of a range of jagged, slanted mountains, to a prominent city-state and its main governmental building. Their transport moved swiftly to the hanger bay, and the ramp lowered for Obi-Wan, and Satine took up the front while Christen walked down the ramp behind them.

"Punisher, tend to the body...please, my lord," Obi-Wan asked when he saw how to Christen had turned to him menacingly. He was about to take his lightsaber out before Christen started to unload the transport coffin of the Deathwatch terrorist.

Christen's eyes fell on the man that stood off to the side, shadowed in darkness and flanked by two guards. The man had similar features to the other Mandalorian people, pale-skinned with blonde hair combed neatly. He wore a blueish tunic on his chest with beige pants. Behind him stood two men in white armor with shields and batons.

"Duchess Satine, you are most welcome." the man said as the three drew closer. His eyes kept falling over to him and his armor.

"Thank you, Governor Vizsla; may I present Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi representing the Jedi Council and His friend And an...old friend of mine, Lord Punisher," Satine said, nodding towards each other as Christen brought up the body.

"Governor Vizsla is one of the officials I spoke of. He has been working to find the members of the Deathwatch." Satine relayed to the Jedi.

"I think you've heard the rumors about Satine, about how she's supposedly leading Mandalore into an alliance with the Separatists. We take offense to those claims. We do not need an armored individual." Governor Vizsla shook his head at what he considered idle gossip while glaring at Christen.

"Our only instructions are to seek the truth," Obi-Wan said back to him before his sith friend could say anything to antagonize the Governor, for being a king lord punisher wasn't very mannered, he mused.

Behind them, the man's coffin from earlier was being whisked away and drew Vizsla's attention and the boy beside it.

"This was the man who bombed the memorial shrine?" He asked, cocking an eyebrow in question.

"NO! I thought he was a Jedi of old, for fucks sake," christen mumbled loud enough for satine to hear him. She was going to slap him until she remembered the gleam of beskar on his armor. She'd have a better chance of trying to punch a hole through durasteel.

"Yes, he was apparently a part of Deathwatch." Obi-Wan said grimly, crossing his arms.

"A worrisome prospect." Vizsla said with a slight nod. "If you'll pardon me, general, my lord, we must attend to the body." The Governor expressed to them both

"My condolences to the family to have birthed such a disappointment to the Mandalorian people," Christen said unexpectedly.

Governor Vizsla's brow furrowed deeply, his face marred with anger as his voice was now low and a growl "...Thank you, My lord."

Satine, shocked to the core and smirking Christen moved to follow Vizsla and his guards. Still, Obi-Wan stopped her and pulled back Christen "well, I don't know what the kriff that was Christen but don't do it again. I'd rather not be kicked off the planet. but I need a favor from you guys. Please keep Governor Vizsla occupied at dinner." Obi-Wan said quietly, glancing between the Duchess and his partner for now.

"Where are you going?" Satine asked him hotly.

"Just for a look around," Obi-Wan said, glancing from side to side as if to make sure no one was listening. "I'd like to see one of these mining facilities for myself." christen snorted. They weren't much to look at when he had spent fifty years here. Thanks to him, a few mines of the beskar on the southern region of the Moon were now empty.

"You mean you want to determine if they're still…operational?" Satine asked him.

"I hope to determine they're not. You couldn't perhaps tell me beforehand, my lord, could you? Any info?" Obi-Wan said with a small smile. Christen stepped forward. "Jedi, are you sure you want to go alone? I've been to places like this, and you're definitely going to be caught, and I have no reason to help you. Now, are you gonna go or not?" Christen urged him.

Obi-Wan shook his head. "No, you don't. You stay here and help Satine distract the Governor." He pulled two small devices out of one of the pouches on the belt of his robe.

"I want you two to wear these earpieces so we can stay in contact in case either of you run into trouble while I'm gone," Obi-Wan said as Satine, and within a second of him giving out the earpieces, christen crushed it within his palm, the Jedi stared at him in shock until christen brought one hand to his helmet and the other to his forearm computer.

Within Obi-Wan's ear, "can you hear me, you sneaky Jedi bitch, don't ever think your gonna get a sample of me or even allow your Council to get near me. If you wanted to have the Council near me, then I will show up to your chambers on my own accord...asshole" he cut off the connection.

Obi-Wan turned and hurried over to an assembly of speeder bikes alone on one side of the wall as Satine spoke up.

"Remember that you are here under my protection; please try not to cause problems where none yet exist," Satine called out after him when Obi-Wan hopped onto a nearby speeder bike.

"Think of me as…searching for solutions," Obi-Wan admitted with a small smile.

"I have to tell you I'm opposed to all of this!" Satine shouted after him.

"I'd be disappointed if you weren't." Obi-Wan responded readily before he disappeared with the speeder.

"I would be too, and it would mean you got even worse" christen mumbled loud for the reaction he wanted.

"and WHAT is that supposed to mean" Satine exclaimed loudly

"Oh, I don't know, little Sattie, you haven't been exactly keeping the promise of keeping this planet and yourself safe when-" he spoke loudly but was soon cut off


To say he was shocked would be an understatement. To be angry at himself would be an understatement, and he couldn't continue with his thoughts as she spoke again.

"What happened to you, Big Sky" she whispered " what happened out there after you abandoned us? I know I'm a pacifist, but you always brought my darker side to the table. My sister and the clans respected me... Now I'm alone, why, why, why!" she cried silently in front of him. He turned his head and saw the backs of the security. Hopefully, they would never speak of this, or he'd have to kill them.

Christen reached up, pressed the pressure system on his helmet, and pulled it off with an audible hiss. His black hair dropped across his shoulders, he exhaled loudly, this action made satine look up, and the look in her eyes made his knees buckle with excitement but more so shame.

He abandoned this woman when he could agree that he would have been happier. He stared into the ocean-blue eyes of his former friend, his lava eyes blazing into her soul, a feeling both missed dearly.

"I have no excuse... I had two roads, and I chose the wrong one, saw power, and took the easy road, and I couldn't even enjoy that for more than five years before that monster brought me back into the fold. The sith made me into something I don't completely understand. I'm not even supposed to be here, satine, my body was supposed to be a new vessel for the sith lord, I was always only an end to his plans" he paused, her eyes shedding more tears than ever. She was clutching the sides of his face.

"I've felt as though I've been to dozens of systems and planets, I've imagined hundreds of years of memories, and I...I don't know if they're real or if I imagined them when in between, then they tortured me for my training. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S REAL IN MY MEMORY anymore... I'm losing my mind here, Sattie," he growled, tears pricking his eyes. He never talked about this with his wife.

He had her believe what he did with his masters. He hated admitting anything, even minor cuts. His children hated him for it, but why was he telling satine of all people, places, and times NOW?.

He had a good reason. He had NOBODY. He hasn't even told his children of what happened. He had figured they find out sooner or later.

"I'm not just me anymore. I've changed. I have more power than I wanted. I don't think you'll be able to accept the person I've become, not when I barely get through it myself. I've failed." he ended his admission honestly.

She had whipped away both of their tears, and now only reddened eyes remained, her makeup undeterred by the waterworks.

Satine suddenly straightened her back and then turned back to the doors. Christen slowly started to follow her silently. They whooshed open when they came to the hangar doors, and the two went in. "Obi-wan certainly doesn't care for regulations," Satine said to the Padawan. Christen didn't say a word.

She noticed his silence. "Tell me, what kind of man is your Jedi friend?" She asked him. Christen could feel there was more to the question than she was letting on.

"'well, for one Satie, he will never be my friend. I am here because id rather not be killing dozens of people every day and running from the Jedi on a planet with more than a trillion people," Christen replied, not telling her he would also destroy the planet with his available fleets, then take over the rest of the Galaxy, likey killing more then countless trillions of lifeforms in his conquest, if he were bane he would have been well on his way to doing such a thing.

"Is that so? Explains why your so... war-hungry," Satine expressed to him as she led them down the hallways of the building. "Sattie, for kriff sake! You know I love my weapons, might as well try taking your salted chocolates during your monthly shitshow," Christen said, defending himself.

Satine smiled evilly. "I've missed you, Big sky." as she gave him a small hug, the smell of her driving him crazy.

"I-i thank you, your much better company than padme and the Jedi, I've only been with him a short while, but he's annoying as kriff" Christen told her truthfully.

"Oh, how long have you known Obi?" She asked him. Christen danced around the question, "Um… less than a year, I think. I've got so many things going on. Time really doesn't matter to me much anymore."

Satine was a bit taken aback. "Oh, you're fortunate indeed; I met Obi a few years before I met you when he was only a few years older than you were when I met you. Oh, I miss little twenty-two-year-old Big Sky. Those were… different times." They walked on for a while in a silence filled with old memories and arrived at a large door. "Here we are. We will be dining in here," Satine said.

"Please follow my lead, unlike Obi." She begged him, "Yes, Sattie." Christen replied.

"and don't be an asshole?" she exclaimed.

Christen only responded by smirking.

Satine smiled faintly before her expression returned to a calm, diplomatic mask, and she opened the door, gliding elegantly inside. Christen followed her to see Governor Vizsla sitting at an office desk, writing something on a monitor. "Forgive me, Duchess, My lord. I'm writing a condolence letter to the dead man's family." As they entered the dining hall, Governor Vizsla said, "And making arrangements for them to retrieve his body." The room they were in had an office feel next to a lounge side, at the end of the room the Governor's desk, and a table at its center, with a fully stocked bar on the right.

"Of course, Governor, very proper," Satine said, standing a little straighter with her hands behind her back. "General Kenobi will join us shortly. He said he needed to…meditate." Christen looked at her, shocked at the poor excuse for the Jedi.

Governor Vizsla looked at Christen. "You didn't join him, and I thought the bond between Jedi was special?" The Governor asked him.

"It is, Governor. However, I am not and will never be a pussy Jedi. If you make such an assumption again, you'll find I care little for titles, security, or sentient life when I'm slighted or insulted, when I'm already an Emperor and king in my homeworld system" The Governor smiled at him. "Then we are well protected, dha solus, I'm glad you could join us, and I hope General Kenobi will not be too long with his meditations." He said, rising from his desk and walking around to focus his full attention on them. He was delighted with the confused face of christen.

Satine and Christen took a seat at the table, with Satine heading the table while Christen sat on her left as the Governor moved behind his office bar. "I've never known a Governor's office to come with a top-shelf bar?" Christen said, looking as the Governor mixed two drinks.

"This facility used to be a mining company's headquarters. The head foreman made sure his office was… well equipped." The Governor chuckled as he mixed the drinks.

"Someone is feeding misinformation directly to the Republic Senate, saying that the Deathwatch is taking over Mandalore." Satine said in worry. Vizsla looked at her and then at Christen as she continued, "Who stands to gain from these lies?" Satine asked him.

"Well, I mean sattie, your Mandalorians, this deathwatch seems like a group of individuals who wish for their people to retain their heritage, something you seem hellbent on destroying," he pointed out, getting a look of appreciation from the Governor mixed with Satine's look of disgust, betrayal, and horror.

"you agree with these, terrorists, barbarians!" she shouted incredibly. The Governor looked downright murderous for a split second, something that greatly interested Christen.

"Satie, Governor, I highly dislike this group, not for their group themselves, but their hypocritical message of the Mandalorian old ways. From what I've researched, the old Mandalorians who fought and died for glory would call these deathwatch one thing..." he paused to look straight into the Governor's eyes. This motion caught both off as they flinched hard.

"hut'uun" he growled. The man's face was red with anger, but he schooled it within a few seconds.

"Deathwatch, of course," Vizsla said forcefully, leaning over to pour the alcoholic beverage into a glass for Christen.

Christen looked at Satine, who seemed to be consumed by her own worry. Vizsla gave Christen a look, wondering if he'd want a drink and Christen gave a slight nod.

"They could not engineer all of this. The problem has clearly grown much larger than we thought." Satine said, resting her forehead in her hand. "And I suspect some external force helped it along…" he said, coming around the bar with the drinks and setting the three of them down as he sat opposite of Christen. When she saw the glass in front of Christen, Satine gave him a stern look.

She turned to him. "I never knew you drank?"

Christen took the drink in his hand and looked at the colorful alcohol with a frown but soon turned it into a forced smirk. "All the time when i have the chance" He said quickly, taking a sip before she could stop him. Christen felt the liquor hit him instantly as his whole body relaxed. Thank kriff. He wasn't blood lusted this time. "Delicious feels like it was aged a hundred NO one hundred eighty years ago hmm?." He said hypothetically. His yashan senses were always right on taste.

"Wow, you would be correct, My lord. My great grandfather made it," Vizsla said, holding up his drink.

"back to you, Duchess, It would be hard to believe; it would have to be someone at the highest level of influence among the Separatists," Vizsla said skeptically.

"But why target me?" Satine asked him as Christen sipped his drink again. "You lead the Council of Neutral Systems; thus, you threaten the Separatist goals," Vizsla replied quickly, raising a glass to Satine in a little show of respect. "Take it as a compliment; someone very powerful is working towards your downfall."

Christen put the empty glass down. "What of you, Lord Punisher? You must have some opinion on the situation, given your here and your obvious love for our planet's past. Still, with what rumors I've heard back on coruscant, they seem to make a connection between you and one Emperor Savior ?" The Governor asked him.

When both adults looked at the man in question, satine with shock, the Governor with amusement, "This is an internal matter for the people of Mandalore and rumors!?." Christen said, the last part dripping with venom.

"Christe-" Satine started but was cut off.

"whatever rumors you may have heard are nothing compared to what ill do to you if you continue sifting through someone's life, and on the matter of the so-called Emperor savior? He's extraordinary and makes me look like a child. I'll give you that bit of information,

"Oh, um- um well, surely the former guard of Padme Amidala, the Punisher, must have something to say," Vizsla said, trying to get him to speak. Christen felt himself reaching for his drink that the Governor somehow refilled without him seeing but stopped.

"What do you truly think of the efforts of the Deathwatch to undermine the status quo?" The Governor asked him.

Christen looked at Satine, who waited for her friend to speak. "In what regard, I've already given an opinion on them?" Christen asked the Governor.

"Take the attack today. The man would rather die than be taken prisoner, much like the saboteur, Naast be kyr'am." The Governor said something in Christen twitched hearing the Governor bring up the saboteur but was confused as to why he called him a death Destroyer in mando'a.

Christen eyed him closely with a smirk. "hmm, i dont recall ever mentioning a saboteur."

The Governor sipped his drink casually. "Oh, I'm afraid that word travels fast in the Outer Rim, so as I was saying your thoughts on the bomber, Naast is kyr'am?"

Christen waited a moment to gather his thoughts. "I think anyone willing to die for what they believe in is worthy of the respect of the Mandalorian people, especially when willing to die like a warrior," Christen said.

Vizsla suddenly looked at Christen in a much different way. His eyes were trying to be like christens... cold, but for him, they come out like a room temp drink, calculating, and he smiles like a hyena about to cackle or a wolf on the verge of biting. "Well said, My lord." He said, toasting to him.

The Duchess then spoke up, "Lord punisher, what did the Governor mean when he called you Naast be kyr'am?" She asked him.

"Forgive me, Duchess. I meant only to flatter him as his story to us is a very important matter." Vizsla said apologetically, "But I assume you heard the Song of the Death Destroyer?" He asked. Christen looked up at him, confused, before the Governor looked at him. "Song of the Death destroyer?" He asked curiously, but also horrified at the shitty name

The Governor smiled. "Figure of expression, an unknown moon in the outer rim, there was a story of an armored man, such as you. My lord, they were an old religion initiated by the sith of old. Thousands of these members lived on this Moon for thousands of years...until the Naast be kyr'am. Within a night, almost ten thousand dead and one sentient life remained until he inevitably stripped the Moon of its resources and left. A year later, a group of Mandalorians found such a place and found recordings, the Mandalorians that found this Moon respected him and gave him the name Naast be kyr'am, so being such a beast that you were almost seven years ago, what would you do to such a group like Deathwatch? " The Governor praised him, and near the end of his rant and story, christen was slightly shaking in anger at this man bringing upon of his hunts. Some of the memories were real. He scowled at the idea that he had to admit a fact he honestly didn't know was real or not.

"You-You murdered all those people!?" Satine asked him in anger.

"I had a mission, their Ancestors stole the artifacts and resources they had anyway, they had no right to them, while I may regret killing some of them, I do not regret what came from it, and would do it again in a split second if given a chance again." Christen said coldly, creating an awkward silence. He indeed wasn't regretful of killing them, except for the families and children stuck amid the carnage.

That group of missions had many designs he used for the stealth technology on his ships. Without that, his empire would have been found already.

"Then whoever your Master was, was blessed with a fine student. Tell me, are you a student of history?" The Governor asked, getting up and walking over to his desk "that's an understatement to be sure, lore of any kind excites me, but what do you wish from this statement?" Christen replied.

Governor Vizsla returned holding a book with a

multiple creature skulls adorning the cover. "This is a book on the ancient Mandalorian warrior ways; I've been using it to try and detect what the Deathwatch's next move will be. Perhaps you would enjoy it." Tar said, sliding the book over to Christen. He looked at the cover. It was leather-bound except for the metal horned skull on the front "mhmm, Thank you, Governor."

"Think nothing of it. If we don't learn from the past, we will repeat it." Governor Vizsla said, taking a seat. "Well said." The Duchess said toasting to him.

"General Kenobi's meditation is taking a rather long time," Vizsla said, cutting through the silence, a slight tone of tartness in his voice as he lightly twirled his drink in his glass.

Satine and Christen looked at one another without giving away what Obi-Wan was really up to. "You know the Jedi, they never do anything by halves," Satine said, playing nervously with her glass and offering a small smile.

"Duchess, Punisher, please acknowledge." Obi-Wan's sudden voice in Christen and the Duchess's ears. Christen had to maintain a groan from escaping him. Of course the Jedi got in trouble.

"May I offer you another drink?" Vizsla asked Satine, raising his own glass.

"Yes…certainly," Satine said.=

"I'm in a bit of an awkward spot."Obi-Wan said into the two of their ears, "I'm being held by the Deathwatch." Christen wanted to knock his forehead on the table in frustration. One trip with a Jedi and his streak of unfoiled plans and missions has ended.

"Sorry, Duchess, we're out of ice."Vizsla said apologetically as he picked up their drinks, "Padawan Rock, can I top you off with a third drink?"

"No, thank you." Christen said, pushing his empty glass away, "Sorry to hear that." Satine said with a smile speaking to two people at once.

The Governor continued to talk, "Perhaps we should begin dinner without General Kenobi." glancing between the Duchess and Christen.

"There's a tracking function on Satine's comlink. Follow it due east to my location."Obi-Wan ordered them.

Christen didn't say a word for fear of being too aggressive in his tone, but the Duchess did cover for the both of them. "I don't know if I can do that at the moment," Satine said with a small smile, hiding the action of touching the earpiece by making it look like she was nervously rubbing her neck.

"It's extremely urgent!" Obi-Wan said in a stressed voice.

Vizsla looked confused by the Duchess's answer, leaning forward. "Are you not feeling well, Duchess?"

Satine looked up at the Governor, a little startled. "Perhaps some fresh air would do me good. Chr- lord punisher will escort me. I know you would certainly appreciate it." She said, giving Christen a look that read on her face as one he loved, 'Get up and follow me outside, or you will be sliced, canned, and shipped into who knows where.

"Take a speeder. It's rough terrain." Obi-Wan warned them into each of their ears.

"Are you sure you know the way around?" Vizsla asked doubtfully.

The two got up. "I'm sure we'll manage." Satine said before they walked out of the Governor's office. Once they were a safe distance away from the dining room, the two broke into a run hurrying to the hangar without a word and activating the tracking functions. Satine hopped onto the speeder with Christen driving them to the coordinates they'd received, speeding onwards to save Obi-Wan.

The sunset on Concordia then landed outside what looked like an abandoned mine with a large camp and a dozen ships set up around it. Satine glanced around the deserted area, her eyes narrowing at the door to the mine off to their left.

"Where exactly are you?" Satine asked, contacting Obi-Wan quietly crouching as she carefully made her way into the mine entrance

"I'm within the Mine" he quickly replied.

"Could you be more specific, were you surrounded by abandoned mines, you fucking idiot?" Christen asked him and got a slap to the back of the head for it.

"Listen for the loud metallic clanging sound," Obi-Wan responded sarcastically.

"That would be the machine about to smash me into bits!"

"Well, perhaps that would teach you to be constantly vigilant on your FUCKING MISSIONS," he exclaimed in frustration. He got another slap from satine and a low mumbling from the Jedi.

Christen and Satine ran across the factory until they found Obi-Wan on a conveyor belt. There were stones in anti-gravity pods being crushed into refined metal before being shoved off. The two of them ran up to the nearby controls, and with a few easy clicks, she tripped the alarm, glancing around before she gestured for Christen to follow, rushing forward and down the hall on their right.

Just as Obi-Wan had said, they could hear loud clunks coming down the hall, and the sound was growing the closer they came. Satine suddenly dropped back into a crouch, hovering in the room's shadows behind a ramp. Satine and Christen waited until the sound of running footsteps was relatively far away to get up and enter the room.

When they peeked around, they first noticed the Jedi was held upside down in some orange force field, making slow progress down an assembly line meant to crush rocks of some rather hard minerals. After that, the two could hear more noise in the form of stones getting ground into near fine powder.

"Well, it certainly took you long enough!" Obi-Wan stated as the two sprinted past him towards the controls.

"You know, we haven't saved you yet," Satine admitted

Christen looked at the controls holding Obi-Wan upside down over the conveyor belt before he took out his lightsaber but suddenly put it back on his belt with the other three.

Obi-Wan noticed his actions. "What are you doing! Hurry!"

"you got this satine. I'm just a spectator," he shouted at the two. They both whipped their eyes to him.

"WHAT" they screamed at the same time.

"stop fucking worrying about what I do, Sattie, and save your Jedi lover" he waved his hands and shoved her a few inches back with the Force.

"Dammit, will someone SAVE ME!" Obi-wan screamed

"Be patient." Satine snapped at him as she glared back at Christen. She climbed the ladder towards the controls.

"I happen to be running a bit short on patience right now!" Obi-Wan said, his voice rising sharply, very close to a shout, as the machine and Obi-Wan got closer to fully embracing his demise.

Christen turned on his lightsaber, walked over to the machine, and tried to carve into it. He wanted to see whether it was pure beskar or a by-product, and to his heart's desire, the blade bounced out the metal, his grin widening into a smile.

"It's beskar iron, lightsaber proof." Satine said offhandedly.

"Well, I know what I am taking home with me," christen chuckled loudly above the noise. He got a disapproving look from Satine.

"Well, isn't that convenient!" Obi-wan barked as everyone was shouting.

"Satine!" Obi-Wan called out. "Turn the machine off!"

"I'm trying." Satine snapped

"Satine!"Obi-Wan shouted as he came within a crushing distance.

"There!" Satine called out, and the entire system went down.

Obi-Wan instinctively recoiled when he saw the thick metal plates rushing to squish him into a grease smear that came to a halt. Satine rushed down from her place by the controls to help Obi-Wan with his Sith companion, who seemed to be staring at the machinery. Obi-Wan sniffed the air "Christen… have you been drinking?"

Christen quickly responded, "... I had a a few drinks, but nothing that should hinder me from killing anyone."

"We've got company." he exclaimed, to which a happy shout came from the tipsy Jedaii.

Four of the Deathwatch came bursting out of the doorway to see the new intruders. Three of the soldier activated a jet pack attached to their armor and flew straight at them. He quickly grabbed two of his lightsabers,

Igniting them a fraction of a second before two of the three deathwatches tried to hold his arms but found a lovely world of orange before they were cleaved in pieces. The third flung themselves at him and tackled Christen, straddling him as he tried to wrap his hands around his neck as the other buzzed right past her towards Satine.

Obi-Wan tackled the Mando before getting to her as Christen was dropped from the top of the factory. Christen somersaulted through the air before he landed with one lightsaber at the ready. He went into his usual Juyo form.

The Mandalorian raised his arm and out of it shot a breath of fire from a flamethrower, Christen raised his own hand, and the flames hit an invisible wall of the Force. He lazily flicked his middle finger, and the wall of fire shot back at the Mandalorian. He didn't stop the flames until the mando lay motionless before him, the metal of his armor melting around his body.

Christen looked over at Obi-Wan, who knocked his mando out cold and looked at him distastefully. Christen gave him a wink and a smile, much to Satine's disapproval.

" you truly have changed," Satine said with distaste. Christen could only look at her in disappointment.

"Yes i have," and to this, she looked away from him for a fraction of a second.

Obi-Wan started to run to the exit, followed by Christen and Satine. "For a woman sworn to non-violence, you don't seem troubled that I could have been killed back there," Christen responded firmly.

Satine turned away from him and Obi-Wan as they fled into one of the access corridors. Obi-wan chimed in, "And yet I still haven't heard any thanks."

"Well, you certainly haven't changed much, "Obi-Wan admitted standing right in front of a door, and when he opened said door, they all froze. On the other side was a Deathwatch commando standing right before them. Christen quickly reacted and took the man down with two punches and a roundhouse kick that snapped the man's neck with a sickening crunch. Satine ran past him, heading left as Christen stood behind Obi-Wan.

"This is not the way we came in!" He called out before the two followed her outside the mine to an elevator they hurried into.

"We can't go back the way we came. They'll surely have the exit covered. This is another way." She told them.

Christen looked up at Obi-Wan "for fucks sake, Jedi, what happened to your lightsaber?"

"Taken by the Deathwatch, I'm afraid, a poor example of a Jedi I'm making." Obi-Wan jested as the elevator rose.

"total fucking understatement, I've been on thousands of missions, and this is the only one I've ever been caught on. You fucking Jedi suck at anything other than your little peacekeeping and stealing children," he growled at the man, who looked frightened by his cold demeanor.

They all froze to see this portion of the mine had been turned into a camp of some kind. A series of barracks were established in the mining pit with five Mandalorian cruisers all set up surrounding them were also heavily armed and surrounded by armored Mandalorians. Christen spotted three mando's beneath them and looked up to see the trespassers.

The three soldiers started blasting at them immediately. Christen held his ground, covering Obi-Wan, who hurried Satine behind one of the crates. "Cover us, Christen."

"Well, I'm seven feet tall, Jedi. How could you possibly cover me in any scenario" Christen replied sarcastically as he ignited all four lava-colored lightsabers and brought them out in an X shape in front his the three of them as Obi-Wan rapidly pressed the button beside them that would let them go down the elevator back into the mine? Suddenly the sound of a screaming missile flew directly overhead, heading straight for them.

"Move!"Obi-Wan shouted at them, both slightly embarrassed, pulling Satine to safety behind a nearby boulder.

"We'll have to stand and fight." Obi-Wan said firmly and looked at Satine. "Or in your case, just stand." she did not look amused by his joke.

"I have no problem with fighting or killing, ya know," he chuckled as he deactivated his sabers.

Obi-Wan used the Force to take the weapon of the Deathwatch soldier he had knocked out not too long ago to his side and aim at three Deathwatch men making rapid progress towards the three on their jetpacks. "Do we have a plan, Jedi, or can I just go in there and do something?" Christen asked as Obi-Wan aimed, looking down the sights of his own blaster pistols to shoot one of the Mandalorians in the jet pack. The explosion sent all three of them back, shaking the very ground.

He stood straight with a satisfied smirk, blaster firmly in hand. "Blasters, so uncivilized." He looked at the guns christen had on and then the irritated look on the man's face.

Suddenly a Mandalorian who survived the blast attacked Obi-Wan from behind, knocking him flat on his back. The man aimed, ready to deliver a killing shot. Christen came just in time to see him "for fuck sake!"

The Mandalorian turned his blaster on Christen, who held up his hand instantly and closed his hand into a fist. The Mandalorian gagged, he grabbed at his helmet like an invisible force was crushing it, and it seemed as though the man's helmet began caving in on itself.

Satine covered her mouth in fright as Obi-Wan's eyes got wide. "Christen stop-"


blood poured out the man's dented-up helmet. The body dropped to the ground, with blood now pooling around it. "What have you done…." Satine said, running out to the man's dead body.

"He was going to kill you. I had to act, nothing I hadn't done before. Hell, I did worse when I was a child, or have you forgotten?." Christen said coldly as he kicked the dead man's body, looking at Obi-Wan in the eyes, his orange blazing into the man's soul as if to dare him to say anything about taking him in.

"Where did you learn that?" He asked the man, with fear evident in his voice...

"Are you seri-" he was about to reply a sarcastic reply.

"Is this what you teach your Children? What the Kriff Crhisten?" Satine snapped at him.

"Little Sattie now is not the time. So kindly shut the fuck up" Before they could argue again, a blaster shot rang out from across the mine. All three heads turned to see four Mandalorian warriors approaching them, one with a cape leading them, and on his hip, Christen could see Obi-Wan's lightsaber. The shot came from his blaster pistol, smoking after killing one of his men.

"I think the leader of the Deathwatch is gifting us with his presence," Christen admitted seeing them approach. He took the lead, walking out in front.

Obi-wan was about to follow, but Christen raised his hand. "Stay with your little crush, Jedi." he chuckled at the two irritated faces.

The Jedi didn't answer. He only nodded and got in front of the woman, staying close to Satine for protection. When the leader of the Deathwatch finally was in front of them, he lifted off his helmet to reveal Governor Pre Vizsla himself.

"Governor!" Satine gasped in shock, standing straight up from behind the Jedi.

"I'm not even fucking surprised like you could have just told me an hour ago. Did you really have to do all this" he waved his hands around him.

"For generations, my ancestors fought proudly as warriors against the Jedi. now, that woman tarnishes the very name Mandalorian, and you even agreed Naast be kyr'am, now I respect you enough to look over the men you killed if you allow me to fight this Jedi like the old ways of Mandalore." Vizsla said, firmly scowling at her while also giving him glances of respect.

"Fine, you can fight him, but if you even think of going back on your honor and word, I will kill everyone here without mercy. If not today, it will be sometime in the future. I never leave a Mission half-finished. You should know, you know, a few of my past exploits," he stated. A couple of gasps and a dozen weapons were aimed at him. He backed up until he was by satine and used the Force to push the Jedi to the Mandalorians.

There was a moment of silence, the wind blowing the Governor's light blue cape behind him. He turned his eyes to Obi-Wan and spoke again, "Defend her if you will!" Vizsla declared, tossing Obi-Wan his lightsaber.

Obi-Wan caught it easily without even looking at the weapon, and his gaze focused on the man in front of him. Vizsla tossed his cape aside, reached back, and activated a jet-black lightsaber with a faint white glow around the edge. Christen looked at the black blade, its unusual hilt, and its hue. "Is that…"

"This lightsaber was stolen from the Jedi Temple by my ancestors during the fall of the Old Republic," Vizsla said. "Since then, many Jedi have died upon its blade…prepare yourself to join them!" He pointed the black lightsaber at Obi-Wan, who narrowed his eyes and was ready for the fight.

The duel happened immediately, with Obi-Wan catching the black lightsabers glowing white edge on his blue one. Obi-Wan parried and then struck again, dodging and blocking almost every one of the Governor's strikes. "We need to do something before one of them gets killed," Satine said to the uninterested Christen.

Christen watched Obi-Wan, who calmly evaded another blow, Vizsla, on the other hand, started to get visibly frustrated. "Nah, the Jedi is too much a pussy. Obi-Wan isn't trying to kill him."

"And the governor?" Satine asked worriedly, to which he shrugged as Vizsla suddenly leaped forward with a battle cry, bringing his lightsaber down on Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan grits his teeth, blocking the strange blade with his own standard blue blade before Vizsla continues his assault. The sword made a sharp sound of a jet when he swung it, then Obi-Wan sent Vizsla flying with a force push. Vizsla growled, shaking off the men that tried to help him off the ground before glaring at Obi-Wan before he charged again. However, Vizsla was unbalanced, and Obi-Wan was bound and determined, deeply immersed in the Force and his own Jedi training.

Obi-Wan kneed him in the face, kicked him in the chest, and kicked the lightsaber out of his hand in three sharp movements. Vizsla came back quickly, launching at an upwards angle to kick Obi-Wan in the gut, give him a hook to the face, and then sent him flying backward with another decisive blow. The Jedi Master skidded to a stop several meters away, his lightsaber deactivating while Vizsla ran back to his fallen weapon. When he had it, the Mandalorian activated his jet pack, and Obi-Wan pushed himself to his feet, his eyes narrowed on Vizsla in determination.

As Vizsla readied his black lightsaber for a dramatic downward strike, Obi-Wan launched himself into the air, ducking under the swing Vizsla tried to deliver and landed three firm punches on the man's face before he suddenly kicked Vizsla back down to the ground, landing gracefully a few paces away.

Vizsla pushed himself up, glaring hatefully at Obi-Wan as he stood. "Warriors, finish him!" The three Mandalorians that had flanked Vizsla stepped forward in a straight line, bending over to release missiles.

Obi-Wan both moved to avoid the three missiles, narrowly avoiding getting hit. It wasn't the end of it, though, as the missiles came back around for them. "Jedi…" Christen warned, slowly tracking the missile's progress with his eyes. the Jedi tried to take his armored arm to take him back to retreat, but christen wouldn't dare.

He raised both hands in front of him and shot a barrage of force lighting into the broad area where he knew the Mandalorians would be. He felt the Jedis attempts to stop him. Still, he kept shooting orange lighting for almost ten seconds. The screams and explosions brought a smile to his face. He suddenly stopped and looked over to the horrified faces of Satine and Obiwan, who had their lightsaber raised at him.

He raised an eyebrow and spoke calmly, "well, let's go and retreat now you pussy. I told you I would punish them for turning their back on honor, the honour of a warrior is not something to be taken lightly."

Obi-Wan nodded slowly, backing away towards the broken lift. The sound of a lone missile could be heard flying toward them.

"Satine, Christen!" They ran towards the lift with Obi-Wan's hand held out for Satine to take. She practically jumped into his arms as they leaped into the lift. The missile exploded above them not too long after they jumped down the shaft, falling in a sprawl on the floor below.

Obi-Wan launched himself a little farther, shielding Satine from falling fire with his own body and Christen tumbling across the rock. The young Padawan rolled onto his back to look up at the smoldering debris from the explosion in the mineshaft safe front he Deathwatch for now.

Sitting up, Christen rubbed his arm. "So, did my br- that kid Skywalker ever get it this good?" Christen asked sarcastically

"This is just day one with me, My lord," Obi-Wan spat out tiredly. He groaned while getting up and helping him to his feet. He immediately turned his gaze back to Satine, assisting the woman tenderly, looking into his eyes. Christen felt he wasn't necessarily needed, so he turned on his lightsabers to look around the mine as they spoke. Eventually, the three reached the spot they'd entered the mine, making their way slowly to the speeders.

"I suppose we're even now," Satine said gently as they approached the speeders.

Obi-Wan raised an inquiring eyebrow at Satine. "Oh, how so?"

"I saved your life. You saved mine." Satine said, smiling secretly to herself as she approached her speeder -Wan leaned against his speeder, propping himself up with his good arm as he watched her.

"Yes, well, mine was the more daring of the two rescues," Obi-Wan said with a small smile of confidence. Satine smiled slightly before she shook her head and got back on her speeder, "Come, we must inform the people of Concordia of the Governor's treachery."


Palace of the Duchess

Night had fallen on Mandalore. The city of glass cubes was illuminated across the dome shape of Sundari's cityscape. As the Duchess slept, Christen and Obi-Wan were awake in case any Deathwatch assassins dared strike at her even here. Christen was usually found fiddling with his computer, at least that's what it looked like to the Jedi, but in reality, christen had to make about three hundred commands to his empire in less than a few hours and a couple dozen messages for his base upon Tython and Coruscant, and getting to finally read the dozen or so emotional pleas of his wife, and the messages of his confused, angry and scared children, it seemed his youngest children picked their mother's side of this fight, much to his disappointment.

He had walked out onto a balcony overlooking the large square lightly filled with Mandalorian people, ready to get his mind off how disappointing he was to his children.

"You did well. Better than I had hoped for, Christen," Obi-Wan said, coming out to join him.

Christen turned, still holding the balcony edge. "I somehow think you expected me to kill you on this trip?"

" Well, perhaps I thought you needlessly killed after the incidents with the Mandalorian warriors." Obi-Wan pointed out, his hands behind his back.

Christen Narrowed his piercing gaze. "He was going to kill Sattie. I mean Satine."

"That may be, but I could feel your thoughts when you killed him, the anger you felt. It's not something a Jedi should feel when using the Force." Obi-Wan said, compelled to be a teacher at the moment.

"then it's a good thing I'm not a Jedi 'cause I would do it in an instant if given another chance," Christen asked.

Sighing, Obi-Wan shook his head. "No, you're definitely not. As a Jedi, I am disappointed and disgusted by your methods. But I do have a personal and serious question... Where did you learn to use the Force like that?"

Christen didn't answer him at first. "If you can't trust anyone, who can you trust, Christen?"

"I'm old Obi-wan. I learned everything I know about the Force from a dozen masters in the Force, both dark and light in nature, or at least I was taught by their holocrons," Christen half truthfully confessed to him.

"Sith taught you?" the Jedi asked incredibly, his hand instinctively going to his saber.

"...yes, though most of them were like fathers and mothers to me, I cherish everything their spirits taught me" he replied with a hidden sadness that the Jedi picked up on.

Obi-Wan stroked his beard. "As I suspected."

"I don't understand?" Christen asked him.

Giving the man his full attention, Obi-Wan took a breath. "The Council has been arguing on whether your a sith or not, as you know, mace Windu and a couple of other masters are convinced you are the sith behind the clone war."

"HAHA, you can tell them I was taught by Jedi and their holocrons lives in semi harmony amongst the sith, all for me, all to train me to become the best the force could offer, any of your Jedi ever think of such a possibility as that?" Christen asked him,

"you were? hmmm, this will give some thought to the Council when I return, and as a matter of fact, you have two such allies... I believe they are Master Fay and Master Shakk Ti. Do you know them, My lord?" Obi-Wan asked him, shooting holes through his eyes. "No…"

Obi-Wan could feel the anxiousness within him and did something that could lose his life and rested his gloved hand on Christen's shoulder. It tensed slightly. The Jedi saw that the man had his lightsabers in hand but had not ignited. "Take heart, Christen. I can't even imagine what your going through. You have been betrayed by someone who held your heart for what you tell me your entire romantic life. There is no shame in learning from our mistakes. It's how we grow as individuals." the Jedi exclaimed with an emotional tone. Obi-wan shockingly meant every word he said to the man in front of him.

"Thank you. I promise I won't do something like that again...for today at least," Christen said, smiling up at his new Jedi Friend, who nervously chuckled at his response.

"That's all I can ask, My lord, now come we must return to our guard duty before the Queen departs in the morning."

Christen followed him. "Wait, you aren't sleeping?"

"No," Obi-Wan replied.

"your not half bad, Jedi," he spoke lowly before walking away.

The Following Morning

As the sun rose, Obi-Wan and Christen were escorting the Duchess on one of the ports waiting for the Duchess Satine, and several other delegates were going to be leaving on the same ship, a towering red and white senatorial luxury yacht Starcraft." Obi-Wan said as the Duchess approached them with Prime Minister Almec at her side, flanked by her royal guards. Satine wore her royal outfit again and looked as if nothing had happened. Christen yawned heavily before Obi-Wan nudged him to stay vigilant even as they were leaving.

"Well, if Pre Vizsla fled, we have no way of knowing how widespread the Deathwatch really is, but there were almost thirty bodies recovered from your mess Naast be kyr'am." Satine's Prime Minister spat from beside her. This earned a scowl from her.

As the Jedi walked beside them, "It's obvious the Separatists are supporting the Deathwatch." Obi-Wan admitted.

"I disagree!" Satine said coldly. "I told you I wanted to stay out of this conflict." She almost barked at him.

"Given the current situation, I'm afraid that may no longer be possible," Obi-Wan said softly, trying to explain the situation. Still, the Duchess didn't seem to be having any of it.

"I thought you of all people would understand my position on this matter!" Satine snarled. "I will never be a part of this war!"

"Love you, Satie!" christen shouted out, and much to the surprise of everyone, the Duchess replied, "FUCK YOU NAAST" she screamed back.

With that, Satine turned and made her way angrily to the ramp of the large ship they would be taken to Coruscant.