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I came up with this one-shot story after making a batch of waffles(I kid you not). Fortunately, the batch turned out delicious! Hope you like the story.


"Master, you really should use the recipe for the waffles ."

"Relax, Snips. I've made this plenty of times before," said Anakin Skywalker as he tried to reassure his padawan.

"Uh. Huh. Twice does not count as 'plenty of times.'"

" It does from a certain point of view. "

"Ugh! Now you're starting to sound like Master Obi-wan," moaned Ahsoka. "He's rubbing off on you."

" Do you really want me to sound like Obi-wan? 'Cause I can. "said Anakin as he tried to get an eggshell out of the batter using the force.

"No thanks. Seriously though, I really don't think you can substitute baking soda for baking powder. "

"They are practically the same thing."

" I have a bad feeling about this. And- hey! Did you use blue milk instead of almond milk!? " asked Ahsoka , completely horrified.

"Snippps. Just let me cook. I got this, "groaned Anakin as he poured the batter into the waffle maker while using the force to get the syrup out of the fridge.

"But you can't cook blue milk -"


The batter and waffle maker exploded, coating everything -including Anakin and Ahsoka- in sticky waffle batter. The mark where the waffle maker had been was now just a smoking black mark on the counter.

"- with Cornelian chocolate chips," finished Ahsoka with a sigh as she grabbed a glass of water off the dining room table and doused the spot with water.


The door slid open.

" What in the world happened?! "

"Oh! Hey, Obi-wan," said Anakin, "Well, uh-"

"Skyguy decided to not use the recipe and change a few things," interrupted Ahsoka with a glare that could freeze Mustafar over easily.

Anakin squirmed. Obi-wan facepalmed.

"Well, I'll get a cleaning droid in here. Anakin, you and Ahsoka need to go to the store to replace all the groceries in the fridge because it was for some reason open," (Obi-wan paused to look at Anakin) , " and everything in it is now covered in raw waffle batter. "

"But Masssttterrrr, I hate shopping," whined Anakin.

" Would you rather clean up the mess? "

"What do you want us to get?"asked Anakin hastily in a complete change of attitude.

" Ahsoka, hold onto this credit card and don't let Anakin anywhere near it. "

"No problem,"answered Ahsoka.

" What?! But I'm older than her. "

"Anakin. Please be quiet and stop pouting.

Ahsoka bit back a chuckle.

Obi wan turned back to Ahsoka. "You might want to ask someone for help finding this stuff."

"Yeah. That's a good idea. Come on Skyguy! Morning's not gonna be here forever."

"But I'm going to miss the podracing tournament on the holonet."

"Tough luck," said Obi-wan with a sigh.

" Hey ! Does anyone care about what I want? "

"No. Except maybe a certain senator ," Soka whispered the last part with a grin.

" Black mailer, " muttered Anakin under his breath as he walked to the door.

Obi wan chuckled and shook his head as he watched them leave before requesting the Jedi Help Center for a squad of cleaning droids.

Anakin slumped over the shopping cart. "I can't do this anymore."

" Master, really, we only have 73 more items to find! "


"Stop being so dramatic. You're being a total embarrassment. "

"Very funny, padawan.

" I can't believe they even let you teach, "commented a familiar voice behind them.

" Padme? I mean Senator! Er. Uh. Um. I'm doing good. No. I mean, uh, "stuttered Anakin,completely startled.

" That- THAT-is totally blackmail material, "shouted Ahsoka as she turned off the video recorder she was holding.

" Huh? Wait. What?! Give me that! " said Anakin.

Padme burst into a fit of giggles. "Your face, Anakin, your face! It was so hilarious!" she said as she and Ahsoka both started laughing hard.

"Not funny."said Anakin. "Why is everyone making fun of me today?"

" Come on, Ani. Let's find the dairy products, and Ahsoka can find the bread and tea, and we can meet up at the fruit section, " said Padme as she took a picture of the list.

"Sounds good to me!" said Ahsoka, relieved that she didn't have to listen to Anakin complain anymore.

Ahsoka stared at the rows and rows of bread. The list said to get SolidGold Farm's lightly seeded, whole grain, organic, signature PerfectlyPerfect sourdough bread. Unfortunately, she had been scouring the shelves for the past 20 minutes trying to find it with no luck.

"Need help?"

"Barriss! What are you doing here? And,yes, I need help."

"Oh, I'm here to get a few things for my master. How about you?"

" I have to restock the kitchen because Skyguy won't listen to my warnings. "

Barriss chuckled, "Sounds like a good story for another time. Hmm. I know just where this bread is!"

" Can't Obi-wan be less specific on his grocery lists? How am I supposed to find FuzzyDew grass fed, triple pasteurized, vitamin D enriched, 3-fat bantha milk?"

"Not a clue. Hey! Let's just do this one!" said Anakin as he randomly grabbed a milk carton off the shelf.

"Well, I guess that is one way to do it, " said Padme as she remembered a conversation with Master Windu a few days ago.

(Beginning of Flashback)

"So Master Windu, are you sure Knight Skywalker will be able to stop the General in time?"

"Yes, Senator Amidala, I do. Naboo will be free again soon. Unfortunately, I just don't know what way Skywalker will finish the job."

"What way?"

" Yes, there are three ways to do something: the right way, the wrong way, and the Skywalker way. "

"How is the Skywalker way different?"

" It's the wrong way, just faster."

" Oh. "

(End of Flashback)

Barriss and Ahsoka ran through the store to the fruit aisle arriving at the same time as Anakin and Padme.

"Whew. We're finished." said Anakin who was very relieved.

Ahsoka smiled as she held up the grocery list. Everyone froze with horrified looks on their faces.

"What?" asked Ahsoka.

"There's more on the back," wailed Anakin.

Obi-wan wasn't surprised to see that only a quarter of the items bought were the right brand and product. Currently, Anakin was sulking on the couch, and Ahsoka was chatting to Barriss on her COMLink.

"Anakin, Ahsoka, thank you for shopping for me. I did, however, make the list long on purpose. "

"WHAT?!" yelled Anakin and Ahsoka in equal horror.

"I have something to show you," said Obi-wan as he walked out the door.

Anakin ran his hand along his beautiful new yellow ship. Ahsoka grinned as she studied her new COMLink, utility belt, and video recorder.

" So you sent us grocery shopping so you would have enough time to get us these? "asked Anakin.

"Yes. I was rather afraid -"

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, " quoted Ahsoka in her best Yoda impression.

"Not exactly what I meant. I was rather worried that I wouldn't have enough time to get these," chuckled Obi-wan.

"Thank you, Master, "said Anakin, "I am sorry I was being a annoying earlier today, Ahsoka."

" Thanks, Skyguy. I was worried I would have to get an apology out of you by repeatedly destroying you in Halo III. And thanks Obi-wan for the stuff. It's great."

"Oh. Thanks, Snips." said Anakin dryly. "But not this time. I'm gonna cream you in this game."

" Yeah right, loser. "

"Oh yeah?"

" Uh huh. "

Obi-wan grinned.

"Nope. I can smash you two bits in that game."

"You know how to play?" asked Ahsoka.

" I do. "

"What are we waiting for?" asked Anakin. "Let's go!"


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