I want to thank Kisame Hoshigaki for being the beta of this chapter.

Please first read Tekkaman Meet the 12 colonies, my other Tekkaman fic before you read this one. This one shot takes place around 5 to 7 years later of the first one and the Colonials still must return to Earth.

One important point is that the arrive of the humans to this version of Mass effect will be years late, just a couple before the Reapers invasion.

This is a one-shot story.

"Jump complete," said the navigator as their ship just appeared after a flash of light.

"What are the sensors readying?" asked captain Anderson.

"There is not a ship presence detected but I am reading a planet in the inhabitant zone of this solar system" answer the sensors operator.

"Well, that is interesting, we should take a look, after all this is our mission," said Anderson.

The mission of the U.E.F Magallanes (United Earth Federation) was to be part of the Shield Operation.

After many years of a space war between Earth and the Radan that had taken place in the proximity of Earth, have cause severe problem to the UEF because even if they have won all those wars, those victories always come with a high price in the form of lives and resources that were lost in the conflicts.

For that reason, the Government had always searched a way to move the front lines to a new location as far away as possible from Earth as they can.

But without FTL tech they were limited to the forward part of their own Solar System. However, that ended with the incident of that battleship that appeared around their moon and before they could get some communication established disappeared in their way of FTL. That alone was mysterious enough, but it looks that it leaves an unexpected present, a damaged ship that they believe to be a fighter was found close to the place where that battleship was.

After they manage to capture it, they found that that fighter was based on organic tech and that it must belong to a species different from the one that owned that battleship, they arrive at that conclusion after their study the materials of the fighter and pieces of the hull that they believe belong to the battleship.

The fact that there is a faction out there that can come close to Earth without a previous warning was a logistical nightmare that put the Government and the space night on high alert and focuses all their efforts on learning all that they could of the damage fighters.

That is when they found the FTL that that fighter has integrated and then everything changes. Surprising, reverse engineering of that FTL drive was easier, it could be because Earth has become an expert in reverse engineering alien tech or that the organic tech used in this fighter is inferior to the one used by the Radam.

They manage to learn that the FTL has a range of 10 light-years per jump and that they need around 30 minutes before it can jump again.

With this information, they began to work on creating their own version of the FTL drive, after a few weeks they had managed to learn many of its secrets but the main problem that they found is the fuel used to work. It took them some time to make it work with the Energy crystal that they use after they learn how to make them from the Radam tech.

The second problem that they found was the navigation system the fighter use, not because it was advance, on the contrary. The scientists in charge of that project found that even the computers that they have before the first Space war have more processing power than the one used by this fighter, once they found the jump protocols, they chose to instead to recreate that computer they will use their more advance one and adapt the protocols to their own computers.

Less than a year later they test their first prototype in a drone, the result was beyond their expectation as the drone jump 150 light-years before it returned, later version was able to jump up to 250 LY. Once the drone comes back and the scientist studies the data, they found two big surprises.

The Data confirmed the theory that the development team has about how the drive also creates an energy shield that protects the ship while they jump, and now that they have learned this fact, they will use the dedicated parts of the engines that create those energy shields and create a version that will protect their ships.

The other surprise comes when they scan the drone, in that analysis they found the residual energy that so far has only appeared in theory books and sci-fi movies, the Taquions, this discovery not only allows them to have FTL sensors and communications, but it will also improve their navigation computers.

It was thanks to this development that their sensors pick up a strange signal on mars, because of that development a ship was sent and what they found surprised them. The ruins of a base of an ancient unknown species on that planet contain damaged ships, some computers in bad shape and many warehouses with an unknown element that reduce or increase the mass of an object depending on the electric charge that it received.

At first, they believe that this will open many unknown's sciences, but further study proves that the performance of the tech develops with this element are inferior to their new tech, that, and the fact that the supply of that element is limited.

The fact that a new unknown race was present in the solar system was something the population of Earth did not like. Even less when they learn about the mass relay network because they see it as an open door to a future invasion.

The retrofit of the tech develops from the fighter that they found receive more resources and its implementation began in their all fleet. Another discovery made from this tech was how to use the organic base tech of that fighter to provide jump capabilities to the Tekkaman.

Many believe that it was a crazy idea, but they manage to incorporate a jump drive to a Tekkaman that provide it with the capability to jump 10 light-years, but it needs one hour to recharge, while inefficient in open space, it provides their Tekkaman with a way to provide a quick response in case of an invasion inside a Solar System. The new jump drive, that is now used by all the space knights Tekkaman looks like a belt with a crystal buckle.

It took a year to upgrade their current fleet, but it was this fast thanks to that Earth economy and industrial capacities keep a high per cent dedicate to their defenses.

When they were ready, they activate the relay and advance to the next system, after they secure that system, using old cargo ships that were repurposed to allow them to jump carrying a relay, they proceed to remove the one located in their home system.

After they secure the system and fortified it, they repeat the operation with the other relay that was in the system that leads them to another Solar system. This procedure keeps repeating up until now.

This is what brings us to this moment when the 7th Fleet had secured the tenth planed that has a mass relay in their system. They had removed the one that pointed to human space and has secured the planet with a garrison of Space Knights.

And now the U.E.F Magallanes has begun the standard procedure to activate the relay and travel to find where it leads, place a Taquion beacon and began to explore the space around the system.

Because of the high level of danger in this mission, all ships that made the first travel by an unknown relay must have at less three Tekkaman from the space knights with them. After doing it ten times, many had a feeling of routine with this kind of mission.

But Anderson has a feeling that this time will be different because in this mission one of the Tekkaman assigned to his ship is Nick Sheppard, son of Shinobu Aiba and grandson of the legendary Tekkaman Blade. And if the story repeats itself, he is worried that this time the same thing that happens with the Argos will happen to them and they will meet another civilization. But he hoped that this was just his imagination.

After they have arrived at the other side of the relay they activated the sensors that were calibrated with a new version of the Drake equation to find new planets, this was something interesting because thanks to their sensors and that equation they have to manage to find even more planets that can support human life, but that was too far away from the relays to be practical given the limitation of the FTL drive that uses this mass effect tech, according to the study of the ship that they found in Mars.

Now they are in the orbit of a new planet.

"Sir, the sensors said that this planet can support human life, but there is something else, I am reading the vestiges of some ruins on the western continent," said the Sensor Operator.

"Any sign of intelligent life?" asked Anderson.

"Nothing that I can see in the sensors."

"This could be a great discovery, what should we do captain?" asked his XO.

"Send a message to Admiral Hackett, tell him what we found and that we will descend into the planet to take a close look, tell our Tekkaman to report in the meeting room."

While this was happening, a few light-years away. An old ship speed down, it was medium size ship that looks pretty old, it still works but its glory days were gone as its patched-up hull show a history of overuse.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea Tali?" asked an alien in a spacesuit.

"We have already talked about this over a hundredth times Lenos" answer the one named Tali.

"We are taking a big risk here" said another one.

"But the promise of reward is even greater Tarlok" answer Tali, that looking at the last two members of the crew she asked. "What about you, Rafil, Zona, do you have second thoughts about this?"

"It will be a fool to get back now that we have arrived at this point." Answered Rafil.

"We need this, this is our opportunity, to make a difference to our people."

"Well then, we will continue with the plan as some as the drive core cold down to make the next jump." said Tali.

What is this plan that made these five Quarians come to this remote part of the space?

Well, all began when Tali was doing her pilgrimage journey, trying to find some so great for their migrant fleet that will not only help their people but also allow her to get out of her father shadow. And the opportunity to do that comes when she was working on a shipyard that fixes private ships, one day an Asari named Aria something come asking for any Captain that could be willing to take her request for a long journey trip in uncharted space.

At first, Tali believe that she was crazy, but when she comes to ask the captain and told her reason for what to make that journey. It looks that this Aria is an archology that specialize in Prothean and she comes to the theory that if the Prothean had more advanced FTL drives based on zero Element, then they could colonize planets that are at a farther distance from the relays, that means that there could be unknowns ruins of the Prothean waiting to be found.

That attracted Tali attention and used the video camera on her suit to record the rest of the talk; when the captain of the ship refuses her like the other Captains, she even uses her Omni toll to show him a space cart when she pointed the locations where she believes there could be the ruins. Unfortunately for her, this causes the contrary effect as the captain said that the distance was too far and that the time and resources to only get there will be too great to take the risk without a promise of a reward and the captain end their conversation.

That night after work, Tali began to study the space cart that she manages to record and realize that those Captains were right, the distance between the relays were too great that they will need some of the biggest transport ship caring around half of their capacities with Element zero to be able to make the trip. She was about to dismiss all this when she saw it, the space between the relays 313 and the relay 314 was not as big as the other locations.

She began to make calculations and saw that a middle size transport ship should be able to make the trip. She began to get excited, if she found some Prothean ruins that not even the council knows about, that would give the admiral board an advantage that they could use in the future.

But there was one problem, she did not have a middle size ship or the Element zero to make that trip, that is when she decides to ask her childhood friends for their help, she knew that they were also doing their pilgrimage. It took her some time to convince them, but after they all agree to do it, they manage to use all their salving to get an old and damaged transport ship, that they fix themselves to save some money, and it took them another year to get enough Element zero to make the trip. But now they are here.

And this trip already proves to be a success as in their third week of the journey they found an asteroid field with great deposits of element zero that is away from the council patrols, that alone would be enough to make this trip a success, but they wanted more and chose to continue the trip, now another three weeks later they are about to arrive at their destination.

"This will make a difference to our people" said Tali as they got ready for the final jump before they arrive at their target location.

Back on the planet.

The crew of the U.E.F Magallanes has landed at a safe distance of the ruins to not alter anything that they could find in the ruins, but also select a location that in case of trouble will allow them to hide and easily take up ready to fight.

However, it looks that this will be an easy mission, not the kind that usually requires the three space knights that were present on the ship as they made the first recon of the city in ruins to make sure that there is no danger.

"Look this place" said Ashley Willians, she looks around what appeared to be the main street. Ashley was like the other two Tekkaman on this trip a rookie, but she was very enthusiastic and have a lot of firepower in her Tekkaman form, while her general form looks like a female armor that looks that it comes out of a medieval picture with silver and gold parts, she use as her hand weapon a sword that looks like an Indian Pata, she also has Volteka reactor based on the refraction reactor develop around hundred years ago that was first used by Yumi Francois.

"This must be a great city on its time" said Kasumi Goto, another female member of the space knights that unlike Ashley and other Tekkaman, her Tekkaman form is smaller and completely black with a golden visor, her hand weapon looks like a Katana and her Volteka reactors are on her both forearms, they have the same energy that the others reactors, but while the others reactors can hit big areas where numerous enemies could be, Kasumi reactor can only be projected as beams that come from her arms, while not so good if you are facing many enemies at the same time, it also gives her a better penetration power and range that any of the other rookies.

"It makes you wonder what could happen here?" asked Nick Sheppard, a young man that is trying to live up to the legacy of his family. Been related to the great Tekkaman Blade by the side of his grandmother, have created a desire to prove that he deserves his position not by his family but for his own hard work. His Tekkaman form resembles his legendary ancestor but instead of white his Tekkaman form was black, and he didn't have his Volteka reactor on his shoulder but in his forearms, just like Kasumi but he has the wide-area range that the others reactors, another good point is that without the rectors in his shoulders, that reduce his mass and that allow him to move faster, something that he is proud. "I said that we must be looking for the buildings that look like the government center of this colony, the fact that only this city exists on this planet tells me that it must be a new colony when whatever happened hit this place."

"Also have you seen? The writing that we have found so far on those building is the same as the ruins that we found on Mars" said Ashley.

"A new question for the eggheads to find out" said Kasumi.

After a while when they confirmed that there is no danger in the area more crew members began to explore the city.

Back in the Magallanes. It has already been a day since they arrive on this planet, everything goes as normal, and the bridge crew were doing their job as usual.


"Sir I got a contact entering this system, the readings said that is compatible with the energy signature from the ships that we found on Mars!" said a sensor operator.

"How many?" asked Anderson.

"Just one, according to their trajectory and speed they should arrive here in two hours."

"Call all the teams and tell them to return to the Magallanes, tell them to pick up everything and do leave nothing behind."

The teams that were exploring the city receive the orders and hurry up to the ship.

After they got in, they receive a resume of the situation.

"Should we take up and meet them in the space?" asked Kasumi.

"From what we can see they haven't detected us yet, if we try to take up, they will see us"

"So, we are putting a trap?" asked Ashley.

"So far is only one ship and we do not believe that they may pose a danger to us and even if they do, we hope that our three residents Tekkaman will be able to handle this situation."

"What are our orders, sir?" asked Nick.

"We will remain hidden while we study them before we made the next choice, I already send a message to the 7th fleet and they agree, they told us to proceed with precaution, while this could end in a battle this could also be the first time that the human race made contact with an alien race that does not end in a bloody war."

So, while the crew of the Magallanes receive their order. The Quarian ship has arrived at the orbit of the planet and its occupants were beyond happy.

"The sensors detect a city in ruins on the planet, must be Protheans, see I told you that I was right" said Tali with a big smile.

"I must admit that I have my reservations" said Lenos. With the others agreeing with him.

"That doesn't matter anymore, what it matters is that we will be the more successful Quarians that have ever taken the Pilgrimage journey, now let's get down and began to explore that city, hope that they have a souvenir store".

With that said they began to land their ship close to that city. Once it landed, they began to explore the city in groups.

A few hours later.

"This place is amazing, even I that I'm not an archaeologist can appreciate that" said Tarlok.

"I wonder what kind of colony this place was" asked Rafil.

"We should leave that to the experts on the migrant fleet to find out" said Zona.

"There has never been a discovery like this in centuries" said Lenos.

"I am checking the north sector, had any of you found any scientific or storage facility?" asked Tali over the radio. Receiving all negative answers.

"This colony looks like it was abandoned around the same time that the Protheans disappears, I wonder what could happen?"

"This colony looks that it was abandoned around the same time that the Protheans disappears, I wonder what could happen?"

That could be heard in the bridge of the Magallanes as the translation program reproduce all the talks that have been interceded by their comm. Officer.

"They sound young, maybe even kids" said Ashley.

"You could almost believe that this is some kind of game to them" added Kasumi.

"For me, I am just happy that they don't look hostiles, God knows that we had already had enough hostility from alien races to last us for an eternity."

"I agree, from their talk we can guess a few things and now we have learned their language, we will give them time for them to return to their ship so they can feel safer before we made contact with them, with luck they can introduce us to their leader so."

"Captain I am reading a new contact! this time a lot bigger than this Quarians ship and is moving faster they should be in orbit in a few minutes, we didn't see it until now because we turn off all the active system that could reveal or position" said the sensors officer.

"Do you think that they are friends of these kids?" asked Anderson.

"Impossible to know but they use the same propulsion method that the ship that those kids use to come here."

"I guess we will need to wait and see" said Kasumi.

However, they didn't have to wait too long for an answer, and they didn't like it.

"Keelah! There is a Batarian Dreadnought on-orbit!" said Tali after she saw the alert on her Omni Tool.

"But how is that possible!" said a worried Lenos.

"That don'ts matter! We need to get to the ship and escape!"

"Even if we made to the ship there is no way to escape a Dreadnought!"

"I don't care we have to try something, anything, to escape those slavers!"

"Did she said slavers?" asked Ashley as she like the rest hear the radio talk.

"Tali is right, I prefer to die fighting that allow those pieces of garbage to chains us and force us to work until we died, shit they have deployed fighters and dropships, we need to hurry up." said Rafil.

The young Quarian meet in the clear on the forest that was in front of their ship but before they could get there a fighter made a past and fire at their ship, destroying it in the act. The force of the explosion knout then down.

"Is everyone ok?" asked Tali as she stands up.

"We are still alive."

"We need to run to the forest before they can find us."

"And then what, we just lose our only way out of here."

"One problem at the time, first we must avoid being capture."

With that, the five Quarians run towards the forest.

As soon as they arrive at the trees an open radio transmission was transmitted to their Omni tools.

"Listen up suits rats, I am Brater Captain is this Dreadnought, when we detect your ship in our long-range sensors I believe that you were heading to a Quarian secret meeting point, so we had been following you for all this time, but instead you bring us to a place with a great deposit of Element zero and a new garden world with Prothean ruins, for that, I should thank you and as a reward, I will make you my personals pets, you should be honored for that. Now surrender now, there is no way that you can escape this."

The Quarians that hear this began to fear their destiny, but before they could think of something a new voice could be heard.

"I don't think so!"

A few minutes before in the Magallanes.

"Sir? What should we do?" asked the navigator.

"Those bastards are slavers! Of course, that we should kick their assess" said Ashley.

"Begin a conflict with a new unknown race? The HQ will definitely be against that" said Anderson.

"Sir, with all due respect, I know that you are considering taking action, besides to get out of this system we will have to return to space, and at that moment they will see us, that means that we need to make contact with them, tell them to stand down and if they turn hostile, we will show them what we think about slavers" said Nick.

After a few moments of thinking, Anderson made his choice. Turning to look at the three Tekkaman before him he said.

"Get ready and wait for my order, open a channel, let them know that we are here!" at that moment he hears the captain of that Batarian ship, and he immediately replies.

"I don't think so!"

"Who said that?" asked a surprised Brater.

"I am captain Anderson of the UEF Magallanes, we arrive at this system a little before that the Quarian ship, we chose to hide our presence while we study and learned their language while listening to the radio talks in order to determinate if was possible to made first contact with them, something we were about to do when you arrive and open fire and destroy a ship that can't defend themselves and treat to slave its crew"

"So, what they are just rats in suits."

"We recommend that you leave this system while you can."

"Listen up your ignorant fool! We the Batarian are the chosen people by the gods and we have the right to slave all the galaxy, I don't know how do you look like but be the first one to have slaves of a new species will rise my reputation, so you better surrender your ship and get ready to serve your new masters, after that, we will take the navigational data of your ship so we can have a new world full of slaves ready to serve the glory of the Batarian Hegemony"

"You are sending your men to die; you have no chance to defeat us" was Anderson calm voice.

"Fool, what can a defenseless exploration ship do against my ship."

"I never said that the Magallanes was defenseless, this is your last warning, leave this system or die."

"I will enjoy putting the chains on you and your crew."

"Have it your way" and with that Anderson close the channel.

Looking at the comm. Officer, he said.

"Tell the knights that they are clear to go."

"Attention all Tekkaman, you are clear to go, I repeat you are clear to go."

In the inside of the ship, in a special chamber reserved for the transformation process Nick, Ashley and Kasumi look at each other as they nod their heads and raise their hands with their crystal.

"TEKKSETER!" said the three of them at once, as they rise to the sky from their hidden ship in the form of pillars of light. But they were not the only ones. Around the ship, all the crew transform into their semi Tekkno form so they would have extra protection in the case that the ship is damaged.

Many outsiders to the modern human society would ask why don't' turn all your warriors into full Tekkaman. The answer is pretty simple. Even after learning how to create Tekkamans as advanced as the Radan, only one for each one hundred people have the possibility to survive the full process and considering the damage that a single Tekkaman can do they rather have a small number of trusted people that they know will not abuse their power than increase their numbers and risk that one of then lose the control and level an entire city before they can stop him. At this moment there is around 2500 active Tekkaman protecting the UEF territory.

The five Quarian people are running for their lives as they got deeper into the forest.

"What was that voice?!"

"I don't know, maybe this is just a trick to made us drop our guard so they can capture us easier."

"Just keep running, we need to find a place to hide us."

"Freeze you rats!" said a group of Batarian soldiers that were chasing after them. But the Quarians just keep running as fast as they can, but they must stop when they saw another group of Batarian soldiers just in front of them.

"This is it" said one of the Quarians as they saw that they were surrounded.

"Get ready to serve your new masters you suit rats" said the leader of the first group as he began to walk towards them, but then a beam of light hit the ground between them, creating a big cloud of dust, as the dust began to disappear a lone figure could be seen.

"What happened?" asked the squadron leader.

"I am the space knight Tekkaman Maverick, I will say this only once, drop your weapons and surrender and you will live, commence an act of aggression and you will die" said a robotic figure of dark shape.

"Destroy him!" order the leader but that was the last thing that he said in his life as the figure in front of him disappears and reappeared behind him as his head fell out.

"You had your chance" said Nick in his Tekkaman form as he points his templar type sword toward the rest of the soldiers before he charges again.

While this was happening the dropship and their fighter escorts were about to experience a similar experience.

"We have an object coming right towards us, intercept" ordered the lead pilot of the dropships.

A squadron of fighters follows that order.

"I can't see anything, wait! There is a dark purple light coming towards us, I am going to shoot" said the pilot but as he was about to get that strange light in his crosshair suddenly not only change its trajectory but also increase its speed.

"I can't get a target solution!"

"It is getting closer!"

"Evade! Evade!"

But it was too late as the dark light keep following them evading every attack until it collides with them and destroy them. They keep advancing searching for more enemies to destroy.

"This is too easy, this is Tekkaman Kage; I will be done in a few more minutes" reported Kasumi as she found a new target. Her Tekkaman form surrounded by an energy that took the shape of a dark bird.

Back in the orbit of this planet.

The captain of the Dreadnought was getting strange and terrified communication from the planet.

"It is a monster! It is a monster! AHHH"

"I can't lose this light, somebody help m.."

"Captain we are losing communications with all our forces that has decedent to the planet."

"We are receiving confuse reports about a robot and a light that are destroying our forces."

"Sir something is coming from the planet towards our position!"

"What! Put it on the screen."

At that moment, the crew of the Batarian bridge could see how a silver light advanced towards their position.

"Open fire all weapons, destroy that thing!"

Every weapon on the Batarian ship fire at the light that advanced to them and taking the shape of a bird made of pure energy that ignores the weapons fire shoot at her.

"Keep firing, destroy that thing." Said the captain with panic.

"We try but our weapons are useless!" said the operator as the captain turn to see him. "Do something!"

"It is too late!" said the operator as he points to the main screen.

When the captain turns to see the last thing in his life as the silver energy bird made an impact with the Dreadnought, breaking the kinetic barrier and piercing the ship from side to side.

"This is Tekkaman Asher" said Ashley. "All clear in the space, I will meet you on the surface of the planet."

Back to the Quarians.

They have not moved from their position, to scare to even thing about to escape as they saw how that strange robot killed all the Batarian soldiers that were after them.

When all of them were dead that thing just stood there looking at them.

"What in the name of Kelaah is doing a Geth here!?"

"How do you expect us to know that!"

"This is the end! they will kill us just like they kill those Batarian."

"I don't think that those things are Geth" said Tali.

"How can you say that!? just look at them!"

"That is why I am saying it, look the Geth weren't as advanced and the way that they move it seen more like a living thing than a robot."

"No one has seen a Geth in centuries and lived to tell the tale, so how can you be so secure?"

"Because if the Geth have advanced to this point they would have conquered the Galaxy by now."

"Who are these Geths that you are talking about?" said the robotic figure for the first time, so far, he had just been standing there looking at them.

"You should know, are you a new model?" said one of the Quarian.

"Are you saying that they look like me?" that is something that Nick didn't like how it sounds, because if they have an encounter with a creature that looks like him that could only mean one thing, Radan.

"Don't play with us and kill us already if you want to, after all, that is all that your kind is good for your machine!" said another Quarian.

"I am not a machine, this" said Nick pointing to himself. "Is an advance battle armor but I can promise you that I am a living person inside this armor."

That was something that surprises the Quarians.

"Are you trying to fool us?" asked Tali.

"At this point what would I gain by doing that" answered Nick.

"Then prove it, show us that you are not a machine and remove your armor" said Tali.

"In a situation that I will be alone against five, no thanks, I will wait for my friends to come here after they are done with the Batarians, after that I will give the proof that you want."

"Done with the Batarians? But there is a Dreadnought in orbit, no mentioned the troops in the ground, many small colonies had become their victims with that same number of forces" said one of the Quarians.

"Really? Because they didn't put a good fight" said a voice from behind them, at that moment they saw another robot figure, a dark one but this one with a female figure.

"You don't need to worry about that Dreadnought anymore, you can trust me about this" said another robotic female figure but this one was a silver color one that was descending from the sky.

"You just destroy a Batarian invasion force in minutes! who are you people?"

The three figures look at each other for a moment before the male one step forward.

"I will give you the proof that you wanted, but be aware that if you try something hostile my friends here will make you regret that mistake, your last mistake, are we agree?"

With the alternatives available for them they agree to the condition.

Soon they saw how a purple energy light come from that robot but then after a second that light was gone there was an alien that they had never seen before standing where that robot was a moment ago.

"Satisfied?" asked Nick.

"But how is that possible? Who are you people?" asked Tali.

"I believe that we better have this conversion in our ship with our captain."

That is how the Quarian were lead towards the alien ship where these strange people are seen to come from.

For the next couple of days, they were treated as guests, something that was a welcome surprise to the Quarian that were used to be treated as beggars, in those days they proceed to interchange information about their respective side of the galaxy.

For the Quarians the history of these humans was something beyond anything that they could imagine, after surviving many invasions to their homeworld they had mastered the technologies of their enemies and become a power of their own. The idea of been turned into a mindless killer robot was something that terrified the Quarians and they are thankful that these space knights as they are called manage to keep their own mind and will.

For the humans, after learning about the state of this side of the galaxy was a sad surprise, because the way that they see it this citadel council wants to keep themselves at the top of the power and made the others their servants, that is something that the UEF will not allow to happen to them, in special when they learned about the past of the Krogan and Quarians.

After giving his report to his superiors, Captain Anderson received instruction to invite them to come to their new colony, by the way, they decide that the name of that planet will be Shanxy, and from there they could try to find a way to return them to their people.

After they give the formal invitation to their guest, they did not need too much time to accept, in special because they didn't have a ship to return on their own way.

And that leads us to this moment.

"I still can't believe that a ship of this size can take off from a planet without Element zero to help" said Lenos as he saw the view of the start from the outside window on the observation deck.

"What concerned me is our food, we already saw that we can't eat their food and could only safe enough supplies from our ship to last us for two more weeks, we are at four weeks trip to either relay that means that we will die from starvation before we can contact our people" said Tarlok.

"You don't have to worry about that" said Kasumi as she got closer to them. "Our FTL system is better than the ones base on mass effect, in fact, we will be at the relay that connects to our territory in the blink of an eye."

The Quarians look at each other wondering what she means by that but before they could make any question, they could hear the captain of the ship.

"Attention all decks, attention all decks, get ready to condition one, jump in T minus 30 seconds."

The Quarians saw how the crew member that was with then sit and secure themselves in their sits while other just hold on something.

"T minus 20 seconds"

"I recommend you sit and place your safety belt" said Ashley as she shows them how it is done.

They did not lose time and got ready in their seats as the countdown was getting close to cero. Then it happened.

"Jump!" said the captain.

A brilliant light forces them to close their eyes, but when they opened them again, they didn't recognize where they are.

"Kelaah, what was that?" said Lenos.

"Forget about that, the question is, where are we? Look the planet is gone" said Tarlok.

"Is that a relay?" said Tali pointing at the relay that could be seen in the distance, she hurries to confirm what she is seeing with her Omni tool. "That is the relay 314, but we were 4.2 weeks away from that relay travelling at top speed, how is possible that we are here now?"

"When we first find the Element zero, we already have our jump drives and after a few research we determinate that the tech base on Element zero do not possess any benefit to our people, so we chose to keep developing our tech" said Nick joining the conversation.

That surprised the Quarian, to meet a friendly alien race that considered Element zero tech outdated was impressing, in special because they had already seen the evidence of that.

"Wait a minute, isn't the relay 314 supposed to be inactive? The council will not like that" said Lenos.

"What do you mean?" asked Kazumi.

"One of the more important laws in the citadel space is to never active a dormant relay, anyone that dares to do it will be seen as a danger to the citadel and be sever punished."

"We aren't a member of this citadel so they can't expect us to follow their rules." Said Ashley.

"Never underestimate the arrogance of the council, they believe that they are the highest authority in the universe and that all the civilizations should follow their orders. If they found that this relay is opened, they will send their forces to find who did it and they punish whoever did, even if they aren't part of the citadel" Answered Tali.

"Are they more advanced than these Batarians guys?" asked Nick.

"They are a little more advance than the Batarians but all their tech follows the same principle of mass effect"

"Then they don't represent a big danger to us" answered Nick.

Soon the Magallanes got in front of the relay and activate it, a second later it was gone.

One hour later, on the other side of the system.

A Turian fleet in a routine patrol made an alarming discovering.

"Admiral! The relay of this system is active!"

"What! Is there any sign of the responsible of this crime?"

"Nothing on the sensors, they must have returned to the other side of the relay."

"Send a message to the headquarters tell them about this and that we will follow those criminals at the other side of the relay so they can face the council justice."

And so, the Turian fleet began to advance towards the relay, what they believe to be a simple police action ended as the worse slaughter in Turian history, beyond the ones that happened on the Richiri war or the Krogran rebellion.