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Inside the void universe, a floating futuristic chair remains in pitch black. A person was sleeping on the chair, who is snoring.

This person wears a silver suit with blue glowing lines all over the body, he wears a metal mask with a glowing blue mouth and eyes as well a pure shiny silver hood. He continues snoring until a small glow appears from the pitching void, it appears as a white sphere where it hovers closer to the person's head.

"WAKE THE F**K UP!" The white orb shouted, which panicked the person who nearly fall off his chair. He manages to land on the chair safely who turns to the orb angrily, "What is it that you disturbed my slumber!?" He shouted.

"I have a message from master itself!" The orb still shouts yet again as it changes color to grey. "Hello, Doctor Mobius."

The Doctor felt surprised by this and sits on the chair, retaining his proper position "Greetings, my lord." He said in a calm tone, ignoring his anger for this current situation.

"I have a task for you." The grey orb instructed, "You must be waiting an eternity for this moment." He added.

"Of course." The Doctor nodded. "I am prepared to do anything."

"I'm glad to hear it." The orb sounds pleasant, "I need you to go a different realm I have made to give you access of authority to it, yet you will not change the appearance much will you?" It asked.

"No my lord." Mobius shakes his head, "I will not think once to disobey your orders." He denied.

"It's okay." The orb assured as it continues, "The realm consists of a theatre, I'll send Khaos to bring in the guests, all you have to do is to wait and introduce the guests." Mobius grunted by the mention of Khaos and for a good reason to be so. "Well, I'll be off, I have something else to do..." The grey orb concludes.

"Yes my lord..." Mobius replied.

Just then the orb shifts back to the color white, "You see that!?" The white orb yelled, "Master choose me to bring guests!" Revealing the voice belongs to Khaos. "I'll see you soon, rip off Doctor Doom!"

The orb now blinks as Mobius remains in the chair, he sighs hating the chaotic entity due to its disruptive personality and nature. He knew this wasn't the time to think about it, he must do what his lord commands him to do as he teleports with his chair.


Team RWBY had taken their break as they have won. They are managed to stop the Grimm Breach from Mountain Glenn with help from their friends, other students, and even the Atlas military force.

They relax in their dorms felt victorious.

"Let's think of a celebration or something to relax for!" Yang suggests.

"Well I for one, suggest we should train for the upcoming Vytal Festival." Weiss decides, which Yang groans from it. "It seems you don't seem to care much about it."

"It's going to be a few months before the festival to get here," Yang explains.

"Yeah, I think we should take a break for this victory." Ruby agrees with Yang's idea.

"For that, I agreed, we stop Torchwick and the White Fang from preventing damage," Blake added as she closes her book. "I agreed with Ruby, nothing but a relaxation wouldn't hut for us."

Weiss huffs, "Fine, I guess a couple of days of staying ahead off study, wouldn't hurt much." She joins the idea.

"Yay! Thanks my bf!" Ruby hugs Weiss who tries to get off the hug, "Not too close!" She struggles to get off Ruby from her.

Ruby lets go of Weiss as she thinks of a plan, "Now what should we do for this today?" She wanders into a small circle.

"How immediately something fun for all of us?" Yang suggests.

"I can bring something fun!" A voice boomed the room which surprises Team RWBY, mostly Blake as a bright flash occurred in the middle of the dorm. The flash faded as its reveal to be a figure who appears to wear dark sleek armor, with small spikes appearing from both arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. What's even very noticeable is the fact his head is showing a floating skull while white fire is blazing around it.

The figure looks at the four girls who were shocked by his appearance, as the skull looks around as the skull moves itself showing facial expressions of confusion. "What are you girls looking at?" He asked, "My appearance was very 'flashy' right?" He made a joke which everyone groans except Yang, "I'll give you one." she points out.

"Who are you!?" Weiss exclaimed.

"I am Khaos!" The skull head announced loudly. "And I have my mission for Master!"

"What mission?" Blake questioned.

Just then the skull head pulls out a giant butterfly net, decorated with flashy colors as he swings to Team RWBY who disappeared inside the net. Khaos smiled as the flame glows brightly, "Four kids collected!" He cheers and pulls out a paper and looks at it, "Oh Boy! More to grab guests! I love meeting new people!" Khaos gleams as he disappears once again.

The other dorm brighten again as a feminine scream occurred from the next dorm.

From the distance, the Beacon Academy Tower was also brightened, then later on the Atlas Airships near Vale, another bright light happen twice.

Theatre Realm

Doctor Mobius is waiting as he is in the new realm that was ordered by his master. The theatre is composed of very luxurious cinema couches there's seemed to be nearly four in the middle of the room, in front of a big screen. Behind the seats, is a bar with a robot behind the counter, the robot looks human with shiny metal skin around it as it remains motionless.

Then the bright flash appeared and Khaos returns with a net that is enormous as mumbles can be heard from it.

"Honey, I'm home!" Khaos beamed.

"I see you brought the guests..." Mobius said as he looked strange by Khaos' methods. "How many did you bring?"

"I brought around..." Khaos is counting his fingers, "Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, Li Ren, Ozpin, Glynda Goodwitch, Penny Polendina, James Ironwood, and Qrow Branwen... 13 people!" He announced.

"Can you get them off?" Mobius asked.

The skull head shrugs and flips the net as the 13 people fell out of it.

"What just happen!?", "Where are we!?", "What is going on!", "Uncle Qrow?", "Ruby?", "Penny!", "Ruby!", "JNPR?" The 13 people are surprised and panicking, the Doctor decides to draw their attention, "Ahem!" He called out which the audience turned to him.

"Greetings beings from Remnant. I am here to guide you on a-"

"Who are you?" Ironwood questions the man on the chair which caused an interruption.

"I am aware, you are surprised," Mobius assured. "Khaos here is being unremarkable to invite you, guests, to this realm."

"I was bringing them the fun way!" Khaos moans while looking up. "Also your semblances and aura are disabled by the way." He added which everyone realized the skull head was right, even Ozpin felt he lost his powers.

"That crazy fiend, tries to use a net on us!" Glynda pointed out Khaos who shrugs.

"I apologize for his ruthless behavior," Mobius replied.

"What have you brought us for?" Ozpin asked.

"I am Doctor Mobius," The Doctor said. "I was ordered by my master to introduce myself to you people to this realm."

"I hope you don't mind, but we have necessary things to do than being here," Glynda responded.

"Indeed, we have the Vytal Festival to perform and if we aren't available-" James agreed.

"That will be arranged," Mobius reassured and turns to Khaos. "You may do it."

Khaos screams excitedly and snaps his fingers and then nothing happens. Everyone looked confused, but Mobius mention them, "Time has been frozen by Khaos, which resulted in your world being frozen so you won't be worrying about your important event." He explained.

"I supposed you want us for a reason," Ozpin said.

"That is correct, Headmaster." Mobius replied, "It's come to my attention for all 13 of you!" He boasted his voice, "That you are here to watch-" Khaos steps up, "Alternate Realties!" He cheers yet again which annoyed Mobius.

Everyone looked confused by this as Mobuis decides to explain further. "You are here to watch alternate universes of yourselves. Think of it as watching movies or videos of yourselves."

"That explains the theatres." Qrow mentioned the seats.

"So we will be watching alternate versions of ourselves?" Penny asked.

"That feels weird from watching other versions of us," Jaune commented

"That is correct Miss Polendina. And to you Mr. Arc, it will be fine" Mobius nodded as he turns to Khaos, "If you were to be kind to leave us be." Khaos shrugs and waves to the audience, "I hope we enjoy our times!" Just that he disappears again.

"Hopefully not..." Some were unpleasant by this.

"Thank the lord, he's gone..." Mobius murmured before turning to the audience, "Please be seated." He instructed. As Team RWBY sits at front left, second one from left, Team JNPR next to them by the right while the back was the left couch was where the adults are. "The bar is behind if you're considering snacks or meals," Mobius added which audience turns to the bot who waves which Penny waved back.

They turn to the screen, Yang whispers to the students, "I guess this is how we spend our day after our victory from the Breach." The students nodded while the adults heard it, they considered remain due to the fact that it may not be the only attack that occurred at Beacon.

"What are we watching?" Ruby asks.

"You'll be seeing something interesting..." Mobius replied. "That's all I have to say for now..."

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