Chapter 1


Standing on top of a skyscraper, Deku observed all the people below. Only a year after the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front and everyone's lives were going on, as if nothing happened. It was how it should be, the peace and faith in heroes returning after they defeated Shigaraki and All for One.

He was the one that achieved it, he was the one who ended the centuries old war between All for One and One for All.

But on the inside he knew that he failed.

Now in the last year of his schooling, he would become a real hero. For some he already was a symbol, of peace, of hope...

This way wasn't good, it was flawed. Putting all the burden on a single man already proven to be a bad move. All Might was a great man, the greatest. But even he wasn't able to keep everything on his own shoulders.

Feeling a vibration in one of his costume pockets, he fished out his old battered phone. It was a miracle that this device survived for so long, being a present from All Might himself after the incident at the Pussycats training camp. It was reinforced to hell and back, just like Toshinori's own.

'Shoto: Hey, how's your patrol? Want to get lunch with me and Camie?' A short message from his friend read.

Smiling to himself he decided to not replay, wanting to be alone for a bit longer. Exiting the messaging app his eyes lingered on the background of his home screen.

The whole class 1-A formed a happy group in front of the freshly built dorms, all of them so full of life and dreams. No one even considered that something could go bad, but life never is so forgiving.

From the whole class, only three people survived the war. It was to be expected, taking into consideration that they were freshmen. Only half a year of training to prepare them all for the hell that came their way.

He felt responsible, Shigaraki used his quirk on such a scale that everything in a radius of 8 kilometers turned to dust.

And he meant everything.

Over 400 heroes died in the line of duty, hundreds of thousands civilians, nearly all of the Paranormal Liberation Front... Everything turned to dust in a matter of seconds.

He was rushing that way with Shoto and Katsuki, being the fastest he witnessed all of this first hand. Using Float, one of the quirks in One for All, he was speeding like a bullet to make it on time.

He didn't.

Being barely 30 meters away from his classmates he could only watch. One by one they crumbled to dust, some of them not even having the time to comprehend what was happening.

Kirishima was first, standing with his back to the wave of pure destruction. Tsuyu and Mineta next, then Shoji and Sero. One by one his friends disintegrated, exploding in a shower of dust.

The worst was Yaoyorozu... She knew what was happening, she was trying to outpace the wave. With desperation in her eyes she tried, but in the end it wasn't enough. Milliseconds before she became another victim she looked him straight in the eyes, a few small tears in her own. She smiled, at the end she smiled as if to tell him that it wasn't his fault, but it was.

He wasn't that close with the girl, but she was a friend nonetheless. A few times they studied together in the common room, or just talked. He could admit that after some time he fell in love with the heavenly tea she prepared for them. He always had a whole tea preparation set with him nowadays and a large supply of all kinds of tea leaves, at least from the time he managed to access the last quirk in OfA's arsenal . Even when he tried his hardest he couldn't make it properly, like she was able to.

Looking at his hands covered by the gauntlets of his suit he felt weak. Not in a physical sense, no. He was probably the one strongest person in the whole world, that was nearly certain. He felt weak because he couldn't reach his own friends in the moment of need.

Even if only in his own mind, those hands were covered in blood. With the war becoming a literal one, the Hero Commission and Japanese government lifted the kill ban on all heroes. It caused an outrage at first, but after Shigaraki disintegrated a few more cities those voices went silent.

Even now the ban was lifted. As the prospect of getting killed by a hero instead of getting captured was a reality, the crime rate was smaller than even when All Might was on the heroic scene.

He looked over his suit once more, trying to get out of the downward spiral that was his train of thought. With him managing to finally harness OfA his body reacted in an interesting way. A second growth spurt of sorts occurred, causing him to reach an intimidating height of 217 cm.

Shield Melissa rose to the challenge, and created a masterpiece that even her father would be proud of. His overall aesthetic wasn't changed, still sporting the same rabbit ear like cowl and the color scheme. It was a marvelous piece of technology, created with the latest nano tech. The whole suit was self repairing, self powered and fit in one larger pouch on his hip. It was going to become standard issue for high profile heroes, at least ones that need a suit that was impervious to wardrobe malfunctions.

At his own request all of it was made to look worn down. He discovered that the intimidating look he had during his solo mission against AfO was working wonders on lesser villains and evildoers. Especially when for some reason the cowl created enough shadows to make his eyes appear black, with only the neon green light of his irises visible.

Looking once more at the photo on his phone he said a small prayer for his friends, promising to himself to visit the monument in their honor later today. While locking the device he saw himself in it's screen, flinching a little at the look in his eyes. Once full of life, happiness. Now cold and calculating, mostly because of what he witnessed during his fights. Too many times he had to witness death, and certainly too many times he was the cause of one.

Deciding to take a small break for now, he was just about to fly away but something stopped him from doing that.

A faint voice in the back of his head, so familiar that his eyes nearly started to water. It couldn't be right, it had to be a figment of imagination. His tired mind playing tricks on itself, after remembering that moment in his life.

"I, Montmorency Le Blanc de La Vallière, in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers call upon you, my wise and heroic familiar, heed my wish!" The voice of the vice president of his class clearly rang around, gaining power from one word to the next. It was in a strange language, but Deku would recognize it anywhere.

Looking around Izuku couldn't determine where that voice was coming from. Turning around he stopped in his tracks, a pale green orb of energy was floating just in front of him. Danger Sense didn't react at all, so it couldn't be an attack.

Deciding that it would be wise to back off, Deku was about to take a step back but a stray gust of wind sent his shoulder cape straight into the strange orb. Nothing happened for a few seconds, causing the greenette to relax. Trying to tug his battered cape back, it surprised him that it wouldn't budge.

Feeling that the fabric was starting to pull him in he activated Full Cowling at 100% stopping the movement but the cape was getting more and more taut. Getting irritated from the situation he was about to rip off the piece that was stuck, only to hear that voice once more.

"I... I beg you... Please... Please help me... This is my only chance... I don't want to be given away..." Yaoyorozu called again, this time her voice coming from the portal.

He didn't understand what she said, it sounded like a mix between Italian and French. The tone of voice was a different story. It was full of desperation, of hope. She was asking him for help, like when he saw her last time.

Knowing that he would probably regret that he activated his quirk at full force just in case, after a few more seconds he stopped resisting and allowed himself to be pulled into the pale green portal.


With a small gasp a young raven haired girl sat up in her bed. Sweat and tears were running down her face, after another violent dream.

Getting up, she shakily walked to the window. Warm and fresh air softly caressed her face, two moons in the sky giving enough light to see past academy walls.

It was barely 2 in the morning, but she knew that sleep was off the table now. Those nightmares started not so long ago, but we're so realistic that a few times she experienced panic attacks after waking up.

It always played in the same way. She was with a group of people, all of them wearing fantastical clothes and looking really strange.

Then something happened, everything started to crumble to dust. Turning away she tried to run, moving so slowly that it was painful.

She saw a young man clad in green, a mage. He was flying to her, to help. The green mage had his face covered, but the horror of the situation was written in his eyes alone.

She knew that both of them couldn't make it, that it was too late. So she just smiled, and everything turned dark with a powerful jolt of pain that would always wake her up. After that she didn't want to sleep, she feared that the dream would come back and cause her more pain.

Drinking a glass of water, she sat at the table and started to read a book. It was a manual on the ceremony of summoning familiars, it was practically a right of passage to become a true mage.

That's what her sister, Luise, thought anyway. For the raven haired girl it was something more personal than all that. With her appearance so different from the rest of her family, Montmorency was often described as a literal black sheep of the Vallières.

Her mother and three sisters all had bright hair, from platinum blonde to vibrant pink. Even her father had a beautiful golden mane of hair, with only her having the black color.

Pitch black hair and dark grey eyes caused a bit of commotion, her father even had the gall to accuse her mother of cheating. In the end a Romalian priest confirmed that she was a real daughter of the two, even finding out about her gift.

Her magical abilities were slightly higher than Luise, but only slightly. It was enough to use basic spells like light or spark, but nothing more really.

What made her different from the rest was an extremely rare ability, a blessing from Brimir himself. She was able to create things from her own body.

That ability was mostly used to create precious metals and minerals at her father's request, sometimes causing her to faint and collapse before she managed to make the amount wanted by the head of her family.

Looking at her reflection in a mirror from polished silver she grimaced a bit. Her body didn't have enough time to recover after her father's last request, looking a bit sickly. She looked as if she starved for the last month, with a few ribs showing thru the skin over stomach. For some reason her womanly features were the least affected, always giving her a mature look.

That was a blessing and a curse it turned out, with the sudden marriage proposal from count Mott. It was a well known fact that the palace messenger was a womanizer, often just buying peasants as playthings. She certainly didn't want to be just another target of that man's sexual fantasies.

The only way to escape that fate, or at least postpone it for longer, would be to stay at the prestigious Tristain Academy of Magic. To do that she needs to summon a familiar, in a ritual that would take place today. She wasn't picky, even if a small mouse or frog would show up it was going to be enough.

Remembering the strange spell her sister prepared she decided to give it a little try too. It wasn't really that important what the incantation would be, according to professor Colbert it was more in the feelings and visualisation.

With the light from the twin moons, Montmorency spent her time over books. For some other nobles learning like that was something excruciating, but for her it was fascinating instead. The knowledge of the world, magical and practical, at her fingertips.

A sudden knock on the doors brought her out of her studying trance, nearly making her drop the book she was holding.

"Miss Vallière?" The voice of the servant assigned to her room could be heard from beyond the doors. Looking to the window she spotted that the light of the moons was replaced by the sun.

"You can come in." She replied, after making sure she was decent.

With a soft click the big wooden door opened, revealing a young girl in a black maid dress and a white apron.

"Good morning Miss Vallière. Do you require assistance in dressing for the day?" The maid asked, performing a practiced curtsy.

"No, thank you. I would like some water to freshen up to be brought to my room." Momo replied, getting a small smile and another curtsy in return. With swift and practiced moves the maid went out of the room to fetch the requested water.

Cleaning up her desk, she resolutely decided to let Brimir guide her fate. She knew the standard words of the summoning spell, if anyone would modify theirs then she would just go with her heart.


After a small breakfast the whole second year of the Academy was slowly trickling out of the dining hall, with only a few of the people remaining.

Montmorency just finished her slightly bigger portion of food, but still felt hungry. It was a rather normal occurrence in her life, after her father ordered her to eat less because she wasn't looking like Noble should. Apparently a 9 year old girl eating enough to feed 5 grown adults was extremely frowned upon by the Noble community.

Standing up she covered her head with the big hood of her cape, not wanting to show her slightly sunken cheeks to anyone. Across the hall she spotted one of her classmates, a young man by the name Guiche Chevalier de Gramont. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, a rather slim and skinny build and always was carrying a rose. It was a specially made magical focus that was extremely helpful for casting, but the fact that it was made to look like a rose was just idiotic in her opinion.

The blonde man in question was talking with a freshman girl, judging from her cape's color. Seeing that the raven haired girl only shook her head. Guiche was a well known womanizer, even trying more than a few times to court Montmorency herself. The fact that she was too shy to respond saved her skin, as the true colors of the young man quickly came out.

At the same time he was trying to confess to a few girls, with her other classmate Montmorency Margarita La Fère de Montmorency accepting his advances. She was a bit shorter than him and had similar blonde hair and blue eyes to Guiche himself. The raven haired girl couldn't comprehend how the two stayed together, with her namesake somehow accepting the two timing man.

Walking out of the dinning hall, Montmorency went out to the courtyard where the summoning rituals would be held. A few people already had some kind of creature with them.

"Hey Momo! You can wait with us if you want!" A red headed girl called out, catching her attention. Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst, together with Tabitha were standing to the side of a small crowd. Both of them clearly did not mind waiting for their turn to perform the ritual themselves.

Kirche was a tall and brown skinned woman with crimson red hair and a sinfully seductive personality. Some of the students thought of her in a rather unflattering way, but the black haired girl knew that those were only rumors. To the ire of her sister the two of them became quite good friends, with both agreeing that the centuries old conflict between their families wasn't something that should be continued.

Tabitha was... weird. She was really silent, often using only a few words to communicate. Her family name was unknown, but she had to be of Noble birth to attend the academy. Her magical abilities were really high, with the rare ice magic being her favorite.

"Hello Kirche, Tabitha. Are you two planning on waiting to the end with your own rituals?" Montmorency greeted them, gaining a seductive wink and a small nod of acknowledgement.

"Yes! We decided to blow them out of the water with the familiars we will summon! And how's little Louise? Ready for the big day?" The red haired woman asked back, with a slightly mocking tone.

"I don't know... She didn't want to talk to me for a few days already. I'm hoping that she will be able to summon a familiar, Father is really irritated with her lack of progress." The ravenette replied, looking around for her pink haired sister.

With the students going into the middle one by one, Momo observed the familiars that appeared. She would never admit, but small embers of jealousy were starting to burn deep inside her. From small frogs thru flying bugbears and even a giant mole, the creatures seemed so amazing.

That feeling only doubled in strength when her redheaded friend summoned a fire salamander. It was so beautiful and strong looking!

And then was the real shocker, a wind dragon summoned by Tabitha. The silent girl didn't even look surprised, gently patting her new companion on the snout.

"Is there anyone else?" Professor Colbert asked, looking through a long parchment with names.

"Only the Vallière sisters, Professor!" Guiche called out, pointing his rose in their direction.

"Ah yes, which one of you wants to go first?" The bald professor asked, leaning a bit on his staff.

Momo was about to politely raise her hand and volunteer, but the boisterous voice of her sister cut her off before she even could say anything.

"I'll go! I'm ready!" Louise said sternly and full of confidence.

"Louise the Zero! Give us a good show!" Someone from the crowds shouted, causing a bout of laughter.

"Just don't explode the magic circle! Your sister still needs it! Even if she is going to fail like you!" Another jeer escaped the gathered students.

"Everyone! That's not how a noble should behave! Now miss Louise, please perform your summoning ritual." Professor Colbert silenced the rowdy youths, smiling gently to the now shaking pinkette.

Marching to the edge of the magic formation she raised her wand overhead and started chanting.

"My servant that existed somewhere in this vast universe, my divine, beautiful, wise, powerful servant, heed my call."

To her strange chant the laughter and giggles returned, but she didn't pay them any mind.

"I wish from the bottom of my heart and add to my guidance and appear!" Louise finished, with a lot more magical energy gathering than normal.

With a loud explosion, dust and smoke shot out in all directions. Most of the students already knowing that it could happen shielded themselves with spells. Momo was ready to receive the shockwave but Tabitha shielded her and Kirche with a wave of her staff.

Using wind magic, Professor Colbert created an updraft that took the smoke away. In the summoning circle stood a man, a teenager looking to be the same age as the young nobles around.

"What the hell is happening?! Where am I?!" The strange teen yelled out, in a foreign language that no one could understand.

"She summoned a commoner! Of all things! Hahahaha!" The jeers returned twofold, causing Momo's heart to fall to the floor from the look in the eyes of her sister. To call upon a normal person, it was unheard of.

Louise tried to argue with the bald Professor but in the end she had to perform the second part of the ritual too. With everyone laughing when the summoned commoner evaded her when she tried to seal the contract with a kiss.

Momo cringed a bit when the boy started to scream, clutching his hand tightly. A glowing white rune of a familiar burned itself onto his right hand, apparently causing a lot of pain. The mysterious boy fainted just after Professor Colbert managed to write down those runes for later research.

"Okay, the magical formation looks to be intact. You can proceed, miss Montmorency." The bald mage said, giving her a reassuring smile.

"Well, she at least doesn't cause explosions." Someone murmured.

"She can only make some minerals with her blessing, otherwise she is useless!" Another voice could be heard with a few people taking a like to that name.

"What a fitting runic name! Momo the Useless! Ha!" Someone laughed, causing the already nervous girl to stumble on her way to the summoning circle and getting jeered on even more.

Stopping in front of the magical circle she took a deep breath to calm down a bit, her teacher scolding others for their behavior and getting a few seconds of silence for her to focus. For some reason the form of that green clad mage from her nightmares flashed in her mind.

"I, Montmorency Le Blanc de La Vallière, in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers call upon you, my wise and heroic familiar, heed my wish!" She chanted, raising her wand to the sky like everyone else before her.

For a few seconds nothing happened, causing a heavy feeling in her stomach. She felt the spell activate, the magical energy she spent to fuel the ritual. But nobody responded to her call.

"Hahaha! She really is useless! Not even a small rodent responded to her summoning!" Once more insults started to be directed at her, but she wasn't listening to them. Her world was crumbling, the worst becoming a reality.

If she would be able to summon something then her mother could cancel the engagement. Now she would be removed from the Academy, and there wouldn't be any reason to delay her marriage any further.

"Don't worry, Miss Vallière. It's possible the magical formation was damaged when your sister used it, please let me check it." Professor Colbert said, smiling at her a bit.

That wasn't right, she felt that the spell worked. In fact she still felt a faint connection, as if something was causing the whole ritual to wait for something.

"I... I beg you... Please... Please help me... This is my only chance... I don't want to be given away..." She pleaded, with tears streaming down her face. Some of the people seeing her state started to laugh and jeer even more, a few of them pointing out how pathetic she looked.

Colbert was about to silence them again but a small flash of green light caught his attention at the center of the magic circle. Then a large green lightning bolt started to dance around the formation, with one of its ends staying in the center.

Everyone looked with surprise and wonder, for the first time in history the summoning ritual reacting in such a way.

And then with a roar of a thunder a shockwave of pure energy sent all of the present to the ground, even the battle hardened teacher.

With a tear stained face, Montmorency looked at the creature that responded to her call. She immediately recognized the green clothes and black armor of the mage in her dreams, but the one standing before her was totally different.

The green cowl that shrouded the top of his face was nearly sinister looking, with the rabbit like ears jagged and torn. His eyes were completely covered by shadows with only the glowing green irises visible. The mouth guard was darker than in her dreams and looked battered and scuffed, but really sturdy too. His whole uniform, or armor, was looking like that too. The metallic arm guards and heavy looking black leg armor was as if he was in a war just seconds ago. Green lightning was dancing across his body, sometimes connecting with the grass around but didn't do anything to damage it.

Colbert immediately rose to his feet, trying to ascertain if the summoned being was of any danger to his students. It was certainly humanoid and huge. It was taller than the professor himself by a head at least. The green lightning cursing around it looked extremely unusual, like nothing the bald man saw in his life. It's eyes were something that he was all too familiar with though. Even if unnaturally glowing, those eyes were off a person that saw a lot of destruction and death. It's clothing and armor looked extremely worn down but still sturdy and usable. It was looking as if it came from a battlefield not too long ago.

"Miss Vallière, it seems that it's not hostile. I would recommend finishing the ritual." The Professor called out, gaining the attention of the being. It was looking slowly around, as if scanning every single person in the vicinity.

Standing up, Montmorency stiffened a bit when her eyes met the glowing green orbs of the summoned creature. It was intimidating, taller than her by head and shoulders. It was clearly male, with it's wide chest and impressive musculature visible under it's tight clothing. It's eyes followed her every movement, only making the girl more nervous.

"Yaoyorozu?" It's voice clearly rang out through the silence, strangely distorted and unnatural.

She stopped for a second, not knowing what that meant. It's eyes still followed her every movement but the creature didn't move from it's initial spot.

Walking just in front of her soon to be familiar, she had to look up to maintain eye contact, something rather new to her taking into consideration that she was one of the tallest students in her year. Seeing that the metallic face guard was in the way she gestured the creature to take it off, hoping that it would understand.

After a few seconds passed, the metallic protector opened, with the front parts sliding soundlessly to the sides of its head. To everyone's surprise under it was a rather normal looking face, with a few light scars running along his jaw and one bigger cutting thru his lips.

"Is it really you, Yaoyorozu?" It spoke again, this time in a normal tone without any distortions. Some whispers started to run through the crowds, getting the green giant's attention.

Deciding that it would be better to be quick about what's next, Montmorency quickly recited the rest of the ritual and standing on her tiptoes pecked him lightly in the lips. That action seemed to be surprising, as the green giant immediately took a few steps back and snapped shut his face guard.

A soft glow suddenly emanated from over the familiar's heart, apparently the being itself felt that too. It looked down, observing what was happening. A simple rune glowed through the fabric, looking like two letters x one over another.

"Hmm, it's unheard of for a familiar seal to consist of only one rune. From the looks of it it's just an Ing rune... A hero huh..." Colbert analyzed and whispered to himself, writing the fascinating phenomena on his parchment.

"Who are you? What did you do?" Suddenly the familiar spoke, this time in fluent Tristainian. His warbled and raised voice made the students back off a bit.

"I... I summoned you as my familiar." Montmorency spoke, shaking under the green gaze.

"A familiar?" He asked again, looking at the gathered crowds. He seemed to understand the situation, but was cautious all the time.

"Yes, who are you?" Seeing that he wasn't acting aggressive or hostile the raven haired girl decided to ask.

"I'm Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya, where am I?" He introduced himself, looking around some more.

To his words the gathered people started to whisper among themselves, some louder than the rest.

"She summoned a foreign noble! What's happening? Maybe Louise's familiar was a noble too?" Questions like those were asked, but none were answered.

"This is the Tristain Academy of Magic. Could you tell us where you are from, good sir?" Colbert asked, walking closer to the two.

"... Tristain?" The now named Izuku asked. To the increasing surprise of everyone he flew straight up without any incantations or warning. He flew high into the sky, visibly looking around for something.

"What the hell? He didn't even chant or use a magic focus! How is that possible! Is he an elf?!" With that statement everyone started to panic, some of the students took out their wands ready to defend themselves.

"Calm down everyone, he clearly isn't hostile!" The Professor called out, but readied his battle staff as well.

As fast as he raised into the air, the green clad familiar plummeted to the ground landing harshly. He looked around once more, as if confirming something.

"Well... Damn. I might have done goofed this time." He said to himself, running a hand over his forehead.

"Is... Is something wrong?" Momo asked, barely managing to get out of her stupor. The glowing green eyes locked onto her once more, as if searching for something.

"I should have known that it's too good to be true... Yaoyorozu is gone like everyone else..." He whispered to himself, looking the girl in front of him over.

"I need to return back. Can you create that green portal again?" He asked, with the Yaoyorozu lookalike wilting a bit under his gaze.

Now that he stopped for a few seconds she clearly showed the signs of malnutrition, like when his friend would after severally overusing her quirk in the training. It didn't matter, he needed to return to Musutafu for now.

"Y... You want to go back? Are you going to leave me?" She asked shyly, his eyes widened slightly when he saw tears slowly going down her cheeks.

"That's not really an option mister Izuku, you already got branded by the Brimiric Familiar ritual as Miss Vallière's servant. According to our law you are to remain by her side until the death of you or your master." Colbert said, gaining Izuku's attention.

"What? You kidnap me, use some kind of quirk on me without my consent and now I'm going to be made into a slave of that girl?" Suddenly the air got heavy, with the green lightning starting to go off of his form in waves.

"I'm sorry! I didn't want this to happen! You can be free, I won't try to stop you!" For some reason only the raven haired girl wasn't affected by the sudden show off power, with everyone else holding their breath like in front of an ultimate predator.

"... I'm sorry too, there wasn't much time for me to rest lately and I might have overreacted." The green clad familiar said, with the pressure lifting quickly. "Can you explain to me where on Earth Tristain is located? I can get home by myself." He asked resigned.

"Earth? I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean. Tristain is located in central Helkagina, on the North West coast of the continent." The bald Professor replied, a bit curious of what the familiar was talking about.

"There is no continent by the name of Helkagina, I may not be the best at geography but I'm sure of that. But for some reason I don't think you are lying. There were no chemtrails from planes or even one modern looking structure in the vicinity. My communicator and localizator don't pick up any signals at all, even basic GPS..." Izuku started to mutter to himself.

"Ummm... Mister Izuku. I'm truly sorry for summoning you, but according to the description of the ritual it works in only one way..." The raven haired girl said, nervously clutching her wand in one hand and cape in the other.

"And the good news just keeps coming..." He said to himself, causing Momo to flinch a bit.

"Okay everyone! All the rituals were successful, you can go back to your dorms and have the rest of the day free. Please use this time to bond with your familiars." Colbert said, with the group of teenagers murmuring among themselves.

To the greenette's surprise all of them rose slightly into the air and slowly flew to the large building nearby, an entourage of strange and fantastical animals following them.

"Mister Izuku, could you follow your... Miss Vallière for now? She will be responsible for you until we can resolve this situation somehow." The bald instructor asked with a wry smile. If the green clad familiar would turn out to be a member of foreign nobility this situation could even spark a war.

"I'm going to be in your care for now then, miss Vallière." Izuku said, turning his attention back to the Yaoyorozu lookalike.

Not knowing if she should feel happy or terrified the raven haired girl started to guide her new familiar to her room. Somehow she had a feeling that her life would get really interesting in the near future.


Author's Note: Hello! I'm toying with the idea of a story like this. In this iteration Momo is somewhat of a reincarnated person but without too many memories, so a clear slate for her. Izuku is in his last year in UA when he is summoned, the war ended a year ago and he mastered all of his quirks and powers.

Zero no Tsukaima was one of the first anime I watched ever, so it has a special place in my stony heart. I toyed with the idea of a crossover like this but I didn't like Louise really, and with the darker chapters of MHA lately I somehow created this here.

I made this story to get my creative juices flowing again, so updates may be really far apart. Sorry about that !