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"What about him finding out about Jade making out with Moose? I know it's been done before, but I'm sure you can put your own spin on it." - southerngirl5

This storyline is a bit tricky because there are so many fics written about Jade and Moose. However I haven't found one where I was fully satisfied. This was going to be posted as a one shot in BoF, but I wanted to expand it beyond Beck's POV. I also just love Jade and think she deserved so much more on that show lol.

Set: At the end of the episode "Three Girls and a Moose."

"Later can we get a hamburger?"

"We'll see."

The thrill of her plan coming to fruition made her overlook such a typical dumb boy remark. Her mouth curled up into a smile. It's been months and she needs this win.

As Moose's hand slides from her arm down to her waist, her mind was in 3 places at once: 60% hormones; 30% internally celebrating successfully beating Tori at getting the hot guy; and, as much as she hates to admit it, 10% Beck. She pushed herself closer to Moose, kissing him harder, trying to completely expel her ex-boyfriend from her mind and stay in the moment.

Suddenly he pulled his face back and took his hand off her hip. Before she could say anything, he found the button that moved the passenger seat all the way back and held it down. It was very slow moving and they smiled at each other in amusement, something Jade hadn't done in a long time. She felt elated. Making out with Moose did exactly what she thought it would- give her a confidence boost and confirm that she always got the hot guy.

With the seat pulled back, she gave him a devious smile. He returned it with a happy smirk as he reached his hands out to grab her hips and pull her down. In a swift move Jade swung her legs over the center console to fully straddle his lap in the passenger seat. With her above him he lifted his face up to reach her lips once more, slower than before while his big hands tightened around her small waist and his thumbs skimmed beneath her chest. His mouth moved from her lips to her neck. Her head rolled back to give him more access, her hand gripped his hair and in that moment with the guy she's been vying for all week below her, a rush of triumph coursed through her. She knew the biting and sucking would leave a mark, but she didn't care, especially as she felt one hand go under her skirt…


"Has anyone seen Moose?" Beck looked around the room as his friends all mumbled no.

"And where's Jade?" Andre asked, puzzled.

"Oh! She said she had plans tonight so she couldn't perform with us," Cat replied innocently.

Beck rolled his eyes. Of course Jade wouldn't be polite enough to apologize for ignoring them all week. After seeing how mature she'd been at the vet clinic two weeks ago, where she didn't get mad or jealous that he went out on a platonic date with Tori, he thought she had turned a new leaf. Clearly that moment of maturity passed. There was a part of him that hoped she would go beyond his expectations and come to the show tonight.

The gang squeezed together at a table by the front of the stage, with the boys getting up periodically to announce the next performer. The rest of the night went off without a hitch, and by the end of the show their table was covered with empty soda cups, and half-full baskets of fries and wings. Finally they were up to their final performance: Robbie's magic act. Beck and Andre started walking off the stage when they heard Tori cry out excitedly, "Moose!"

Beck's head swung up and he saw Tori run through the crowd to forcefully grab the boys arm and pull him to their table. Moose smiled in amusement looking back at Jade who followed behind them. Tori dragged Moose and pushed her way through people while Jade walked straight through a clear path as everyone got out of her way.

Something stirred in Beck when he saw her smiling back at Moose with a satisfied smirk. Tori plopped down in her seat and moved the empty trays on the table out of the way.

"Take a seat here, Moose," she said, looking up at him batting her eyelashes and patting the seat next to her. She just couldn't help herself when it came to cute guys.

Rather than taking a seat immediately, he turned his head on either side to see where Jade was. He caught her eye, looking for her approval. Jade stayed standing, giving him a look of confusion and slight disgust at his lack of a backbone...and seeming to think their hookup was more than just a convenient, fun-time, one-time deal. With a small shrug from Jade, he let Tori pull him down in the seat between her and Cat (Andre's original seat).

Jade turned her head up, rolled her shoulders back and took the empty seat on the other side of Cat. This all happened within a minute but Beck caught the whole silent exchange. Andre simply shook his head at Tori's ridiculousness while Beck looked on in confusion. The pair walked over to the table; Beck reclaimed his seat next to Tori, leaving Andre to roll his eyes and grab two seats from a table near them, one for him and one for Robbie. He sat down next to Beck and left the empty Robbie seat in between him and Jade.

"Where were you guys?" Beck asked, holding back his slight annoyance at their amused expressions and the constant glances Moose kept making to Jade. Moose was his friend after all and the girls were hogging him throughout his visit. Although his current frustration concerned the smug, satisfied look on Jade's face. He recognized that look too well and knew something was missing here.

"I was driving him to Karaoke Dokie but Moose wanted to stop to get in-N-out," Jade said. "Not that it's any of your business." She added as she casually inspected her black fingernails rather than looking at him.

His gaze went back to Moose who was stifling a chuckle and replied, "Yeah, we got hungry."

"Jade doesn't like burgers," Cat said. "Something fishy is going on here."

"You really couldn't have just come here for burgers?" Beck asked incredulously.

Jade looked him right in the eyes and repeated herself slowly as if he couldn't understand, "Moose...wanted...to stop-

He began to roll his eyes at the obvious lie, but paused when he caught her low-cut shirt. Tuning out her voice he focused on admiring her top instead. One of the hardest things Jade could not get rid of: her hyper-awareness of his eyes whenever and wherever he looked at her. Spotting his eye line, she squinted and her tone darkened mid-sentence. Out of curiosity and personal enjoyment, she leaned forward onto the table as she spoke to further accentuate the area. She saw Beck's eyes widen. He couldn't help but take in a nervous gulp. In these moments he especially missed being with Jade. He knew even when they were together that getting to touch her was an exclusive luxury, and he wouldn't mind having that opportunity back one day. He couldn't help as his mind flashed to moments of them fooling around, naked in his RV.

Having his full attention, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Her face transformed into a rare, full-blown smile and his face went from shock to anger.

"You're joking?" Beck stood up from his seat and looked from Jade to Moose. His friend still wore a smirk, completely unaware that, as he unzipped his hoodie with the hand Tori wasn't playing with, his shirt shifted and revealed his shoulder. Before he could fix it Beck's spotted a familiar bite mark on the exposed skin. He imagined them together, Moose touching her, kissing her...

"Seriously?!" He bit his lip and went around the table to grab her arm. With strength she forgot he had, he lifted her up from her chair to pull her somewhere they could talk alone.

"So grabby," Jade grumbled once they found a corner that wasn't packed with people. She crossed her arms tight to discreetly rub the spot he gripped.

"Did you make out with Moose?" Beck asked.

Jade gave him a devious grin and said, "Maybe."

"Damnit, Jade. Is this because I hung out with Tori? I told you that wasn't a date." He couldn't hold it in any longer. He focused on his anger, trying to stop the picture of Jade and Moose from popping back in. "How are you still jealous? I thought you changed." He huffed and added, "this is a new low for you."

A flash of hurt wiped the smile from her face and made his heart squeeze in guilt. It was rare she let her guard down, especially in public.

"Look- I'm sorry, I didn't mean-" Her pained expression immediately transformed into a glare.

Interrupting his apology, "This isn't about you, Beck."

He looked at her in confusion, making Jade let out a humorless scoff, "If you're allowed to go out with another girl, why can't I hook up with another guy?"

His eyes went to her hickey. He opened his mouth but closed it quickly trying to stop himself from asking what their "hook up" entailed. Instead he let his aggravation take over.

"Oh, come on, you knew exactly what you were doing."

She bit her tongue to keep from exploding.

"Beck, why do you suddenly care about my sex life?"

The moment the words were out he knew he'd dwell on them for hours once he was alone.

"I care when it involves my ex-girlfriend and- and best friend," he stuttered and his voice faltered at the end realizing his hypocrisy.

Her eyes widened and the image of Beck trying to kiss Tori filled her head. She could have punched something.

"Well at least I'm not trying to date him!" She blurted out.


She stopped him before he could say anything and took a breath.

"Listen, I'm trying to move on, just like you-

"Jade-" Beck interrupted, trying to speak again. Jade glanced over at their table to see Moose looking at them with a wary expression. He gave her a small, uncertain wave and she remembered his hands around her waist; gripping her hips. Her lips turned up slightly until she turned her attention back to her ex.

"I saw you try to kiss Tori." She spoke calmly, as though she didn't just drop a bomb on him.

"Wha-what?" He asked. She smiled at his panicked, embarrassed expression. It's not easy to disarm him.

"The webcam on Tori's laptop was on and I saw it from the laptop in the dressing room, before the Platinum Music Awards."

"You saw?"

"Yes, and I saw her reject you." He opened his mouth to speak again but nothing came out. She took advantage of this and continued, "So don't tell me I can't hook up with anyone I want. This is a one time...maybe two time thing. It's not like I'm in love with him."

She made her expression unreadable- one half of her felt proud and powerful (and amused to drop in the idea they might get together again). The other half was pain. Albeit diluted with the passage of time, his betrayal still hurt.

Beck reached his hand out, not sure what his plan was, but it didn't matter as Jade immediately stepped back.

"I'm sorry," he said, sticking his hands in his pockets and looking down uncomfortably. Neither of them were great at apologies. "I would never have wanted you to see that."

She gulped and held back saying anything, concerned that if she spoke she'd cry.

Looking up, he repeated, "I'm so sorry, Jade." She held her chin high and looked away.

"And I'm not in love with Tori."

Jade shook her head. "If there was ever a time to deny-

"No. I don't love Tori." Beck said firmly, placing both hands on her shoulders to get her attention. She took his hands off her body and breathed deeply. All the wasted energy on the debate of Tori, she realized that it doesn't matter now. They're broken up.

Just when he thought he got through to her, he saw her shift in body language and the anger in her face dissolved into a look of nonchalance.

"You know what? I don't care. But don't you dare get mad at me for actually succeeding in kissing someone." She turned on her heel, and walked back to grab her purse. She felt Beck behind her and decided to shock her friends and flaunt her power.

"Hey Moose, want to watch a movie at my place?" She said with a smirk.

"Uh, yeah, sure, cool." Moose stuttered through a response as he quickly folded up his hoodie. "See you back at the RV." He said, looking back at Beck.

"I'm coming too!" Tori cried out. Jade chuckled and looked at Beck with a knowing gaze- her lifted eyebrow saying: see? You'll never have Tori and you don't have me.

"No room for you, sorry Vega," she called out and sauntered away with Moose in tow.

"Beck, you awake?" He loudly whispered into the dark RV. "Beck?"

Of course he was awake. Since he got home four hours ago he'd been staring up at the ceiling, running through his conversation with Jade- at one point almost crying at his mistaken decision to look through photos on his phone from a few months before they broke up, seeing her uninhibited smile and how happy they were... and finding the racy photos of Jade he was supposed to delete. I guess I have to find new material, Beck thought as he actually respected her wishes and deleted them.

"Yeah, man," he replied flatly.

"Sweet. Dude, you'll never believe-

"You had sex with Jade?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Moose gave him a skeptical look, before finally finding the light switch and blinding Beck.

"She told me."

"Is that what you were talking about at the karaoke place?"

Obviously Beck thought. Instead he nodded and replied, "She didn't mention it to you?"

He paused to think about it until his cheeks turned pink.

"I don't think we got that far in conversation." Moose was practically giggling. He opened up his suitcase to grab his pajamas.

"So, what movie did you watch?" Beck continued, realizing this is the only way to get his Jade fix (and gauge her mood after their fight).

Rather than answering, Moose gave him a smile and winked.

Whipping his shirt off to put his pajamas on, both guys looked over Jade's damage.

The burn of pain and anger emanating from Beck was practically tangible.

"What's up?"

Beck felt like someone hit him in the stomach. Jade clearly took her aggression out on him. Scratches, bite marks...and what looked like hickeys just above his crotch? (Well that's a new one…).

His hand drew into a fist when he thought about what Moose could have done to her. Does she have any scars?

Taking a breath, he finally asked, "Did Jade ever tell you she's my ex-girlfriend?"

"Wait, what?" He stopped changing and looked panicked. "No, she- she didn't mention you at all. I had no idea. I'm so sorry, man."

After a second he shyly inquired, "When did you guys break up?"

"Few months ago." Beck said. He turned to lay flat on his back, admiring the ceiling again.

"I'm so sorry," he repeated.

Beck didn't know what to say so he just mumbled "it's fine." Not sure if he actually meant it or not, but he didn't really care. Jade and Moose...it was never about him, so he shouldn't be mad...if Jade was happy, why couldn't he be happy?

Neither spoke and the tense silence between them lasted for a few minutes until Moose chimed in, "So, are we cool?"

Beck chuckled, "Yeah, we're cool." But he couldn't stop himself. With a smile, he added, "She's pretty, right?"

"Gorgeous. Why the hell did you break up with her?"

"Right now, I don't know."

Jade stretched out then curled up on her side. For the first time this year she felt fully content. But even tonight, as she closed her eyes, thoughts of Beck filled her mind.

Her phone vibrated on her nightstand an hour later.

Beck (4:00am): I'm sorry.

Beck (4:15am): I miss you.

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