Tonight is going to be amazing, Rose; I kept telling myself in the mirror. I just finished getting ready for tonight's party.

The occasion was a birthday, we would celebrate outside of college in a private garden. It is a rare way of celebrating a birthday here at college.

But Dimitri was everything but a common guy. He was extraordinary in every way, although not the same way as Adrian who just always seems to be a little bit over the top, too much of everything. Dimitri on the other hand was that type of guy that is hard to find nowadays.

Over the last few months we kind of started dating, the only thing is that we didn't want anyone to know just now, because he was one of our tutors, sort of.

It was not like our relationship was forbidden, but we feared my friends and colleagues here at college wouldn't like the fact, especially since he helps marking some of our tests.

They might wouldn't care that Dimitri never marks my test, so that my grades couldn't be doubted.

However tonight was his birthday party and he invited a few of the other students as well. We would celebrate without his family, but in his family's garden. Normally, parties were held on college grounds or in a bar near college, but rarely in a garden house.

Now I was on my way, alone, because I wanted to be there earlier to help Dimitri set everything up. Although it was already dark outside, I found the way to their garden through this labyrinth of paths and gardens. Over the last few months we'd spend a lot of evenings here with his family.

I got there and we started decorating, after an hour the first people arrived. It was a quiet evening, we were just sitting around, talking, drinking a little bit, having fun. Dimitri was gone to get the snacks from the garden house, when one of the others saw the picture on one of the bottle openers. There were two on the table and one had a picture of a small boy on it. The boy was grinning wide, showing off his missing front tooth.

"Look there is a boy on this one." Meredith showed it to the boy sitting next to her, I forgot his name. They all started looking at the photo and all the girls were saying how sweet he was.

"Do you think it's Dimitri when he was young?"

"He sure looks familiar to him now."

I grinned and after some minutes of listening to them guessing who this boy is, I told them, "It's Paul, his nephew."

Just when someone wanted to ask me something, Dimitri came outside. Tasha, who had a crush on Dimitri since forever, looked at me as if she wanted to murder me. Her face lit up when Dimitri came outside and then she reached for the bottle opener. "Hay, Dimitri. Who is this boy on this picture?"

As she said that she shot me a devilish grin as to show me, that she wanted to reveal that I was just making up who this kid is.

I wanted to have her face on tape when Dimitri told her the same thing I just said. Now it was my turn to grin at her.

Distracted by the food Dimitri brought with him, the normal conversation started again. Sometime later, Dimitri's phone started ringing. He picked up and started talking fast in Russian. I heard that he was talking to his mother.

When he closed his phone, he looked up to see everyone looking at him expectedly, waiting for him to tell who he was talking to. Although I was doing the same thing, I thought it was very rude of them to be so eager to know who had just called him. I'm his girlfriend, I am allowed to get to know that.

Dimitri looked at me and said, "It was my mother, she just informed me, that my cousin Ivan is going to come by to pick up some things and she greets you," he finished, looking at the rest after telling me. Even though it was just an information for me, not them, everyone thanked for the greetings and Dimitri winked at me, flashing one of his famous smiles he reserves just for me. I smiled back at him and then we joined the conversation the rest of his friends were having.

Some hours later, Ivan came with some of his friends in tow. They didn't saw me, as I was just standing beside the table, throwing away the trash we had left after eating.

I was about to sit back down as they headed inside to find Dimitri and wishing him happy birthday.

"And who was his cousin now?" Meredith asked, seemingly a little confused at the sight of the three guys who just got into the cabin. Again I enlightened them. "It was the guy who came in first. That was Ivan, his cousin."

Meredith looked at me and said, "Wow, you know a lot about his family apparently…"

I just shrugged and repeated, "Apparently." Tasha growled and tried to stare me to death. Her frown even depend if that was possible, as Ivan came out again and he exclaimed my name happily as he saw me and hugged me. "Rose! I haven't seen you in years, how are you? And what are you doing here? I thought you would come here tomorrow?"

Laughing I hugged him back. "Years? You saw me 2 weeks ago. Yes, I'll still be here tomorrow, I am excited to see the whole family again. I'm fine, how are you?"

Ivan let go and looked at everyone who watched us, surely surprised to see us so close.

"Wait? You know each other? You know Dimitri's family?" Tasha asked, she looked like she wanted to kill me with her bare hands.

Ivan frowned at her. "Sure, as his girlfriend she should know his family… And who are you?"

My eyes widened and Dimitri who stood behind Ivan looked at me, the same shocked expression on his face. We never told his family about the privacy of our relationship at college, but it was just so typically Ivan to drop the bomb like this.

Now everyone looked between Dimitri and me.

"His Girlfriend?" Tasha exclaimed, furious.

Dimitri just nodded and I didn't do anything.

Everyone seemed to take in the news relaxed, actually a little bit disinterested, as if that wouldn't be a surprise or a difficult situation.

"Cool." Was the only other reaction. Ivan's phone started ringing and he sighed.

"Okay, I've got to go. Karolina is waiting in the car. We'll see us tomorrow, keep celebrating your birthday, Dimka."

We waved him off as he and his friends went away.

A little hesitant Dimitri and I sat down next to each other. We waited for them to start the questioning or screaming or complaining or whatever, but all they wanted to know was how long we've been together and why we didn't told them earlier.

After we answered the questions, we all started small talk again, as if nothing had happened just moments ago.

Most of them apparently already had their ideas about what was going on between us.

I looked at Dimitri and we both smiled at each other, relieved our worries about our friend's reactions have been so completely wrong.

Tasha was in a bad mood and when Dimitri leaned over to kiss me when we had relaxed after some more minutes, she sprang up and stormed off, not looking at Dimitri, but frowning at me with pure hate in her eyes.

We just shrugged and continued having a nice evening.

Everyone went home after another hour and Dimitri and I were the only ones left. He hugged me and I looked him in the eyes. "That's a way of telling them, only Ivan can pull off." We started laughing. "Maybe we should have told your family about this, but if we had, maybe we would have never gained the courage to tell the others about us. At least I hope you liked your party."

Dimitri nodded and kissed me passionately. "It was wonderful, but now I am looking forward to spend the night with you, just the two of us, all alone in this little garden cabin."
With that we started kissing again and got into the cabin to show each other just how much we were in love.