Today was the day, dick meets kid flash, but Roy wasn't too happy about it

They head to central city, they arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs where Barry Allen a.k.a the flash worked as a scientist

They walked up the stairs where Roy leaves dick to meet kid flash

Roy: this is where I leave you here sorry cause I have baseball practice

He was wearing a white-red striped uniform

Dick: yeah tell me again why you are playing baseball

Roy: Oliver wants me to have a hobby

Dick: ok

Roy grabs him by the arm, he looks at him

Roy: you don't have to this if you don't want to

Dick: but I have to Roy, if I'm going to be on this team I have to get everyone to like me

He tries to loosen his grip but Roy was strong and struggled to let dick go

Roy: we don't have to do this, let's just go back to when it was just the two of us

Dick: ROY

He looks up at him and dick grabs him by the shoulders

Roy: huh?

Dick: no mater what happens, we'll always be best friends ok

Roy: (sigh) now it's just well kid flash can be a bit well, impulsive

Dick: oh please, if I can handle your stubborn cousin and get her to open up, I can handle a impulsive hyperactive flash junior, speaking of which how is she doing

Roy: well, she's talking about you a lot... but anyway we're getting off track here (gasp) if you can't get along with him just call me and I'll get you

Dick:alright I'll see you later Roy

Roy: bye

He walks inside, to see Bruce talking to Barry, they turned to see dick

Barry: oh good you're here kid, my nephew is at school

Dick: I don't I was going to meet your sidekick

Barry: whoa, whoa slow down kid, you'll get a chance to meet him soon, in time I want you to meet my nephew wallly

Dick: ok,

Barry: he's at central city high school

He goes to central city high school and walks inside

Barry told him that he'll be at running track, and by doing so, he sees Simone running by super speed, he got down to get a closer look, but saw that the mysterious runner gone

Dick: huh?

He scratches his chin and behind super sonic fast standing behind him was a orange hair boy, with freckles, white t-shirt, red shorts and sneakers, he bend down next to him and started up and down at dick

Walls: (whispers) how are we looking for

Dick: ah

He gets startled and falls on his back

Walls: (laughing) hahaha hahaha sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, I'm Wally

He hands his hand out in front of him, he takes it and Wally pulls him up and they shake

Wally shakes his hand fast

Wally: so you must be robin the boy wonder

Dick: yeah-wait how did you know my name

He takes his hand away nervously

Wally: oh sorry my uncle told me about you flash

Dick: flash? Then you must be kid flash

Wally: yeah, Roy talks about you a lot and well I wanted to be the first to meet you but speedy had a problem with it

Dick: (soft chuckles) hehehehe, yeah he told me about you

Wally: yeah that's nice, hey do you like video games

Dick: yeah

Wally: have you heard of zombotic war 2: the apocalypse


Wally: ME TOO, I have it at my house, if you wanna come over play it

Dick: yeah sure

They ran outside to find both their mentors

Wally: hey uncle Barry, I'm just going take my new best friend to my house and we're just going to try and bond, see ya

Dick: bye Bruce

As the two boys leave, the two men look at each other

Bruce: why do I have a bad feeling about your nephew

Barry: (chuckles) don't worry, Wally is a great kid, now while they try to get to know each other, maybe you can we with a problem I'm having

After They changed into their costumes, flash told the Batman about his mortal enemy- gorilla grodd

He escaped from the zoo, and Used his hyper-intelligent telepathic to control the minds of others gorillas, to do his crime spree list

They go out to find him

Meanwhile with dick and Wally, they asked each other questions about themselves, while playing the video game

Dick/Wally: (laughing) hahaha hahaha, whoa, whoa, look out, I am looking out, whoa right behind you, whoa I got you, whoa

Wally looks at dick and smiles

Wally: ok, can you fly like a robin

Dick: no

Wally: oh sorry, I thought that well since you're named after a bird-

Dick: just because I'm named robin, doesn't mean I can fly like a robin

He rolls his eyes playfully

Wally: those that mean the Batman isn't a vampire

Dick: ie, now I know what Roy meant by you being impulsive

Wally: oh is that what he told you ugh when I get my hands on him

Dick: why do I get the feeling that you two don't like each other

Wally: let's say we have a thing

Dick: (nervously) okay, (gasp) hey I think I we about the beat level 37

Wally: (gasp) your right

Dick/Wally: oh, come on, come on, go go go go go


Dick/Wally: YES! Whooo

He high five each other

Dick/Wally: hahaha hahaha

It's been a while since dick had a laugh, he looks up to see Wally smiling at him, he smiles back


Dick/Wally: (gasp)

They looked outside the window to see gorilla grodd's army of gorilla destroying central city

Wally: gorilla grodd

Dick: who

Wally: oh he's this a hyper-intelligent telepathic gorilla able to control the minds of others

Dick: oh ok

Wally: come on we need to stop, but hey this could be a good time for you to show me what you can do

After they changed, Robin was his costume, it was like his mentor but it was yellow and red instead yellow boots and had goggles with wings on the side

Robin: nice costume

Kid flash: thanks

He watches him as he rubs and hits gorilla grodd rapidly

Grodd: (growls)

Kid flash: hahaha bring it on ya big money

Grodd: monkey! (screams) I'll show you, you blathering mouth brat

He tries to smash kid flash but misses everytime kid flash use his super speed

Thud, thud, thud

Kid flash: hahaha

Robin watched unaware of the other gorilla behind him, he raises his fist above his head, kid flash noticed

Kid flash: (gasp) ROB LOOK OUT

Robin: huh

He turns to see the gorilla behind him, he dodges as the gorilla hit the concrete street, he runs grabbed onto a pole swings himself around and kicks the gorilla down jumps up in the air and throws his robinrangs at the gorilla and capturing him in a net

Kid flash: whoa

Kid flash was impressed but didn't see gorilla grodd punching him in the back of his head

Kid flash: ah

He collapsed on the floor and turns to see gorilla grodd raises both his fist together getting ready to knock him out when robin jumped on his back and whacked him hard on the head, knocking him out and handcuffing him

He walks over the kid flash smiling at him

Kid flash: know i know why they call you boy wonder

Robin smiles at him and they shake hands

After gorilla was taken back to prison, it was time for dick to go back home

Wally: it's a shame you have to go back

Dick: yeah but I did make a new friend

He looks at him and smiles Wally smiles back, but before he could go he walks to him and hands him his hands

Dick: it was nice meeting you Wally

He shakes his hand

Wally: you too

They let go

Dick: pals forever

Wally: (gasp)

He smiles and pulls him in a bear hug

Dick: ugh (chuckles) hehehehe

He puts him down and just on time for Roy to see

Wally: pals forever

Roy: ahem

Wally/dick: (gasp)

Roy: what do you think your doing

Dick: oh Roy I was

He found out her was talking to Wally

Wally: relax, im his best friends Rory

Roy: very funny but he's my best friend

Wally: says who

Roy: says me

He pulls on dick's right arm, Wally pulls on his left and begin to play tug of war with him

Wally: he's my best friend

Roy: no he's not

Wally: is too


Wally: mine

Roy/Wally: MINE!

They then let him and got into each other's face

Dick: GUYS

He gets in between them and puts his arms around them

Dick: We can make this work, you both can be my best friends

Roy/Wally: (sigh) ugh! Okay

The three stayed like that for a while

The three mentors saw the whole thing

Barry: well looks like, our sidekicks will be fight for him

Oliver: yeah but just to be clear, Roy was his best friend first

Barry: sure!

As dick says goodbye to Wally, they drive back home