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Now for this fic. In this fic, ash will be the chosen one of arceus. He will have an overpowered team of pokemon as well as both aura and psychic powers.

Ash will have a large harem of girls though most of them will just be the meny jennys and joys that will just spend the nights with ash while he is in their cities. Because of that, the age at which pokemon trainers are allowed to start their journey will be sixteen.

To those of you who read my Naruto fic, this fanfic will be less about lemons, at least in the kanto part of this fic. I'll actually write the lemons every time a new character comes into Ash's bedroom or when I feel like it. Don't feel too disappointed yet since in the fic I'll try to focus on the romance side of love rather than just get into bed and pound the shit out of some girl.

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"Human and Pokemon Speech"


"Psychic speech"

Chapter zero: prologue

Pallet town.

The current home to the pokemon laboratory of the world famous professor Samuel oak. Next to the laboratory is the oak ranch. It's a huge place where there are all kinds of different terrains. From an open field and a rocky hill to a deep lake. All for the pokemon of the trainers that are under the sponsorship of professor oak.

A little ways away from the oak lab and ranch, there was a small building with a syringe symbol on the front. It was Pallet town's clinic. Out of said building, came a loud scream.

Inside of the building was a room with a hospital bed on it. on the bed was a woman.

The woman looked to be about twenty years-old. She had long brown hair and warm brown eyes and was dressed in a hospital gown.

Around the bed were three nurses. "Common delia. Just a little bit more. I can see the head. Give one last push!" said one of the nurses to the woman on the bed now identified as delia.

Delia pushed harder and with one last scream, she gave birth to her first and only child.

The nurse picked up the child and wrapped him in a blanket before walking over and handing him over to the now out of breath delia.

Delia took one look at her baby boy and smiled. She was so happy right now. Ever since her husband left to fight in the war that was in the kingdom of rota, she didn't feel happy at all but now she was overwhelmed.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard one of the nurses.

"Congratulations, you have a healthy looking baby boy. Do you know what you are going to name him?" she asked.

Delia took a moment to think and then nodded. "I will name him… ashton richard ketchum. Or Ash ketchum for short."

Time skip: five years after Ash's birth.

It was about five fifty A.M. when an alarm clock was set off in the room of one ash ketchum.

Ash woke up instantly and turned the alarm clock off. he got out of bed and walked until he was in front of the window in his room. Just in time too because the moment he got to the window, the sun started to rise in the horizon.

After taking a few moments to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise, Ash dropped to the floor and did his morning exercise which consisted of a few push ups, a few sit ups and after he was done, he got outside through his window and slid down on the drain pipe until he was on the ground.

He got out through his window so he wouldn't accidentally make a sound and wake his mom up. While she knew what he was doing, and even encouraged him to do so, she preferred to sleep until at least seven A.M. so ash got himself the habit of sliding down the drain pipe from his second floor window as a fan game.

After ash got down from the pipe, he bolted out into a jog. He jogged around pallet town for around half an hour and then got back home.

When he got home, he climbed back onto the drain tube and then he entered through his window. He picked out some clothes and went into the shower. About ten minutes later, ash came out of the shower and sat down on his bed.

He reached for his book shelf and picked out a fairly thick book. The book was a little old looking and it was titled 'legendary pokemon'

Ash, while still five years old, was very mature for his age. He knew that if he wanted to be a pokemon master like in his dreams, he needed to not only be strong himself but he also needed to be smart.

And so, ever since he learned how to read at the age of three and ten months, he has been reading every kind of book he could get his hands on that was related in any way to pokemon.

Today was Ash's fifth birthday and so, yesterday he got the book that he is reading right now from professor oak.

Ash understood that he wouldn't be able to see professor Oak today since he was making last preparations for the summer camp that would be happening tomorrow. So while a bit sad that his grandfather figure wouldn't be able to come over for his party, Ash understood and was very happy to get the book as a birthday present.

As Ash read through the book, the time went on until it was about seven thirty.

"Ash! Breakfast is ready! Come down here!" Delia yelled from down stairs.

"Okay mom! I'll come down in a minute!" Ash yelled back as he went back to his book.

Ash reached a particularly interesting page and continued reading.

'Arceus. Very little is known about this particular legendary pokemon but legends say that it's the god pokemon with power that is unmatched by any other pokemon. Legendary or otherwise.' ash read with wide eyes.

He looked at the picture that was on the page. In the picture there was a wall with a pokemon carved into the wall. (enter arceus description. I have no idea how to describe arceus. If you don't have a picture in mind, look it up on google.)

Ash was in total awe as he looked at the picture for about a minute. After a minute, he remembered that his mom called him for breakfast and so he closed the book and ran down stairs.

Time skip: the next day.

After waking up at his usual time and doing his daily exercise, Ash ate breakfast, and after saying goodbye to his mom, he took the backpack that he made the day before and ran off to the oak lab.

After about ten minutes of jogging to the oak lab, he made it there at about seven fifty. Ash enthusiastically knocked on the door of the lab and with barely contained excitement, he awaited for the door to open.

A few seconds later, professor Oak opened the door and smiled as Ash jumped on him in a hug. He hugged Ash back and chuckled at the boy's enthusiasm.

"It's good to see you Ash, but you know that the summer camp starts in forty minutes right? I told you to be here at eight thirty." he scolded playfully.

Ash huffed. "You know as well as I do that I wake up at five A.M. every day. I didn't have anything to do for just forty minutes." he mumbled.

Oak laughed. "Right. Right. Anyway, since you're early and no one else is here yet, how about you help me set things up?" he asked.

Ash bobbed his head up and down enthusiastically. "Sure, let's go."

Forty minutes later, professor Oak was standing on an elevated stage in front of about twenty children.

"Hello kids and welcome to the summer camp. My name is professor Samuel oak. Today we're going to start things off with a scavenger hunt. Each of you will be given a picture of a pokemon and you will need to get said pokemon from the woods and bring it back here. The one who will be able to bring the correct pokemon here first will win and will be given the chance to capture the pokemon you got. The winner will be given one pokeball and if you aren't able to capture the pokemon with your first ball, you lose your chance." oak declared.

After the kids calmed down from the excitement, they were each given a photo with a pokemon on it.

Back to Ash, he got a small blue pokemon with a swirl on its stomach. Ash instantly recognised it as a poliwag. And so, he ran into the forest in search of the poliwag. If he only knew what was waiting for him in that forest…

Time skip: half an hour later.

The moment Ash ran into the forest, he saw a poliwag as if it was waiting for him. However, when ash got too close to poliwag, it started running.

That's what Ash has been doing for the past half an hour. He has been running after the poliwag.

As he ran after the poliwag. He noticed that they were entering a clearing where poliwag stopped. It turned to look at ash and it giggled before it started to glow.

The poliwag changed shape into a pink feline like pokemon. The pokemon started giggling as it flew in an eight shape.

When Ash saw the pokemon, his jaw dropped. He read through the entire legendary pokemon book yesterday and so, he recognised the pokemon.

"M-Mew" ash mumbled in shock. After hearing its name, said pokemon nodded it's small head.

Suddenly, behind Mew appeared a bright light. After the light cleared, Ash felt like he was going to faint.

He recognised the pokemon that came out of the light as the god pokemon, arceus. The pokemon that was said to not be seen in a few thousands of years.

As Ash was staring at Arceus, both legendary pokemon were examining ash.

About five minutes after the arrival of Arceus, she finally spoke. "Thank you mew. Hello ash" she said in a femennin voice inside of both ash's and mew's minds.

Ash jumped, startled. "What was that?" He asked himself. "It was i, the goddess pokemon" arceus telepathed in a somewhat riddle.

Ash stared at Arceus and unconsciously took a step back in slight fear.

Arceus smiled or at least what Ash thought was a smile. "Do not fear me child, I'm not here to hurt you, I wish to speak with you as well as help you." she said in his mind.

Ash tilted his head to the side. But before he could say anything, mew appeared in front of him. "You are so cute" she squealed, nuzzling Ash's face.

Ash couldn't help but laugh at the tingling sensation.

After mew let go of him, she settled on his shoulder. Ash looked at arceus, "you said you wanted to talk?" He asked and she nodded in confirmation. "As well as help me with something" he finished and she nodded once more.

"You see, you are a very special human. Actually, there has never been a human as special as you in all of history." She leaned her head down in front of the little five year old.

"You see, there are two major superpowers that you humans can use. One is called aura and the other is called psychic. You can think of it this way. Aura is more like normal attack while psychic is like special attack." she said to ash in his head.

He nodded, "I understand. I read about a pokemon that can use aura power in its purest form. They are called Riolu and Lucario right? They can make aura spheres, aura shields and can sense things using their aura" ash said, putting a finger to his chin.

She nodded, "correct, do you have an example for psychic powers?" she asked telepathically.

He nodded again, "I think. The way you speak right now is through telepathy which is a form of psychic along with telekinesis, mind reading and some more." he answered. "There are a lot of psychic type pokemon namely mew here and abra, kadabra and alakazam in the kanto region." he finished, scratching mew behind the ear.

Arceus nodded in approval, "impressive. You are so young yet you know so much. Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is that you are the only human to ever be born with the affinity towards both. Usually, aura users and psychics hate each other, however, your father, richard katchem an aura user and your mother delia richards a psychic user had no such hate for each other. I can assume you understand what that means, right?"

Ash nodded slowly as he looked down. Both legendary pokemon were able to sense ash's sadness and failed to understand the reason for it. "Is something the matter, ash?" he haired in his head in a feminine voice but one that was different then the one arceus used.

Ash figured it was mew and so he didn't mind the new voice too much. He sighed, "not really, no. I guess that when you brought up my dad I got a little sad and when you said that my mom had superpowers that she never told me about made me sad as well…" he mumbled so silently that they didn't hear him.

Lucky for them, they were both able to use psychic powers to read his mind and reach the same conclusion.

"Don't worry ash It's alright, I'm sure your mom had a good reason." mew said comfortingly.

Ash gave a weak smile, "yeah" he said. "Too bad she won't believe me when I tell her what happened here." he said weakly.

Arceus smiled at him from her position in front of his face, "that's where you're wrong. You see, because of how special you are, I have chosen you to be my chosen one, my champion. And so, I'll give you some presents too." She said as her eyes glowed blue.

Ash suddenly felt an insane amount of power coursing through his body and then he clutched his head as he felt a lot of memories entering his brain.

A few seconds later ash dropped to his knees and panted hard. He was wondering what happened when he heard a voice in his mind.

"I apologise that it took a lot out of you but forcing both of your powers to awaken eleven years before they should have been wasn't easy." Arceus said in his mind.

Mew floated down in front of his face and licked his nose. Ash chuckled and rose to his feet.

"So if my powers were just unlocked, what are all of the memories i got?" He asked.

"I gave you the knowledge you need in order to obtain basic control over your powers. Short range teleportation and basic telekinesis in psychic powers and aura sense as well as pokespeach in aura." Arceus replied.

Ash nodded, "thank you, now if that's all. I'll try out my aura to find a poliwag and teleport to it and then with it to professor oak." He said, grinning like a kid in a candy store.

Before ash could leave, Arceus stopped him. "Before you go ash, I have one more gift for you," she said in her normal pokespeach as she moved to the side.

Behind where she stood was a basket. Inside the basket were five pokemon eggs.

When Ash made it to the basket, he almost fainted. "This is for me?" He asked. As Arceus nodded, Ash walked up to the basket.

While ash was focused on the eggs he now owned, mew flew from ash's shoulder towards arceus.

"Mommy '' Mew said, gaining arceus' attention. "I have something to ask," she said innocently.

Arceus rolled her eyes, "yes, you can. I see you like him a lot" she said. Mew squealed as she started to figure eight in the air.

Ash eventually came to as he picked the basket and walked over to the legendaries.

He bowed his head deeply. "I thank you both for everything you two have done for me" he said.

Mew giggled and flew over to him. "Ash, I like you a lot and have decided to tag along with you on your adventures. I've always wanted to be a part of those pokemon battle events you humans have" she said as she sat on ash's shoulder.

Ash was stunned for a few minutes until arceus spoke. "Ash. While I enjoy spending my time with you, you must go. There is a female child from your camp that requires assistance."

Ash snapped out of his shock and closed his eyes. He found her using her aura senses and nodded. "Mew, I have an idea, transform into poliwag again" Ash said.

Mew had no idea what for but she transformed anyway. Ash waved at arceus, "good bye, I hope I'll see you again" he said before he and the 'poliwag' that was sitting on his shoulder disappeared.

Ash and the disguised mew appeared about five feet away from the girl behind some bushes, set the basket with the eggs in hiding and came out.

When the girl saw the bush moving she was scared.

After she saw that it was a boy with a poliwag, she relaxed. "Are you alright? I'm ash by the way" he said.

She nodded weakly. "I'm serena. I think I hurt my knee." She replied.

Ash nodded and pulled out a piece of cloth that he had in his pocket and tied it around her knee.

When he finished, he stood back up and offered her a hand. Serena took his and and was pulled into ash. She blushed slightly as Ash placed one of his hands around her shoulders and they began to walk together towards Oak's place.

Once they made it to the oak lab, ash sat serena down in the entrance and ran to oak.

On his way there, ash decided to tell mew what they'll be doing.

"Mew, I want you to stay as a poliwag. You see, since I'm only five years old, I can't capture you in any normal way for the next eleven years. However, professor Oak said that whoever comes back with the pokemon they needed to get first would get one chance to capture it." It was all ash had to say because he made it to professor oak.

"I understand" mew told him mentally.

"Professor!" Ash shouted, getting the attention of said man.

"Oh ash, you made it here first. Is that the pokemon you needed to get?" He asked.

Ash noddes his head, "yeah, it is. However, it's not important right now. I found one of the girls that are a part of the camp in the woods with a hurt leg. Come with me, i brought her here." Ash said and began running to the entrance of the lab.

After ash and oak made it to Serena, Oak called the pallet town clinic and sent Serena there.

Right now, Ash has just been declared the winner of the hunt.

He was given a pokeball from Oak and is standing in front of the descaised mew.

Ash threw the only pokeball he got from professor Oak at the poliwag shaped mew.

The ball hit and shook once before dinging a successful capture.

Ash cheered and ran over to the ball.

He grabbed the ball and hugged it to his chest.

"Well done Ash. You've captured your first pokemon" Oak said as he walked over.

He placed his hand on Ash's shoulder but before he could say anything, Ash spoke.

"Professor, we need to talk. I have something you and mom need to know."

Before Oak could have said anything, ash already started running.

"I'll see you at the lab in an hour." Ash called out before he went out the door of the lab.

The moment ash was out of anyone's sight, he teleported over to the outside of his house.

He entered the house and called out "mom, I need to speak with you please come here."

A few seconds later his mother appeared out of the kitchen.

"Is everything alright Ash?" She asked.

She was dressed in her normal clothes but she also had an apron on so ash assumed that she was cooking.

"No mom. I just need you to be ready. We are going to the professor's lab in an hour so get ready." He said.

Delia had no idea what was going on but nodded anyway before she went back into the kitchen.

An hour later at the Oak lab.

Ash and delia just walked into the living room of the Oak lab.

A few seconds later, professor Oak walked into the room but he kept the door open.

He sat down on a chair that was in front of where Ash was sitting with Delia next to Oak.

Ash looked at his mom and frowned.

"Mom, what can you tell me about this?" He asked. Delia raised an eyebrow before her eyes widened.

Ash stood up and closed his eyes. After a little while, he opened them and they were glowing bright blue as the door of the room was enveloped in a blue aura and it was closed.

"Telekinesis," Oak muttered in total shock. Delia on the other hand had a blank face. However, inside of her head, Delia was in a panic. She had so many emotions going through her. Sadness, guilt, surprise, pride and even releaf.

"H-how," Delia asked. "Why? Why now?" She asked. Oak raised an eyebrow, "what do you mean by why now?" He asked.

Delia sighed, "i guess there is no going back now." She said to herself.

"What I meant is that ash is very special. What you knew is that Richard was an aura guardian, meaning that ash would have the power of aura. However, what you didn't know…" she said as her own eyes glowed blue.

"I have psychic powers, which means that Ash is the first human to ever have both. What I don't understand is why now. You see, in humans, powers such as psychic and aura awaken at the age of sixteen that means that ash's powers have awakened eleven years before they should have for no reason." She said.

Oak's eyes widened. However, before he spoke, Ash beat him to it.

"There was a reason for my early awakening," he said.

Delia looked at him, "please, enlighten us" she said.

Ash nodded, "you see, i met a certain legendary pokemon in the forest just now. Actually, I met two legendary pokemon but only one had something to do with my awakening."

Delia gasped, "there is only one pokemon that can awaken such powerful and dormant powers with such little time and with no damage done. And it's the mightiest of them all" she said.

Now it was Oak's turn to gasp "the god pokemon, arceus" he breathed.

Ash grinned and nodded. "Goddess" he corrected.

"Ash, do you have any way to prove your claims?" Oak asked.

Ash grinned and nodded, "I'll be right back" he said and teleported away.

A few seconds away, he came back with a basket in his hands.

Oak picked into the basket and gasped.

Ash ginned, "she gave me five pokemon eggs to help me on my journeys to come."

Oak sighed, "any more surprises?" He asked.

When he saw Ash's grin widen he knew that there was more.

Ash pulled out the pokeball he had and threw it. Out of the ball popped the 'poliwag' he captured.

"Don't blink professor" he said and nodded.

Mew giggled as she floated up and changed back into her mew form.

She started to float around ash until she settled on his shoulder.

Oak fell out of his seat and started imitating a fish out of water.

Mew purred as ash scratched her behind the ear.

After a while of staring, Ash and mew told Delia and Oak what happened in the forest.

"And that's what happened before I found Serena in the forest." Ash said.

Delia and Oak could only nod as ash stood up once again.

"The reason I told you both what happened is because I want you both to help me and teach me what you know." He posed for a second.

"Mom, you can teach me how to use my psychic power as well as everything I need to know in order to survive out in the world. And your professor can teach me what you know about pokemon" he explained.

Both adults looked at one another for a second before nodding. "We'll be happy to help you ash!" They both exclaimed at the same time.

Time skip: one year later.

Ash woke up in the middle of the night at about four A.M. from a bright light in his room.

Today was his sixth birthday and he had progressed incredibly well in his training.

Ash was turning out to be a prodigy in everything. From cooking and survival to pokemon battle, nursing and research he was incredible at them all.

As he got up from his bed, mew who had taken to cuddling with ash at night woke up as well.

"What's up ash?" she asked in a sleepy tone.

Ash grinned happily at her, "the eggs are hatching!" he exclaimed.

That snapped Mew out of her sleepiness. She floated over next to ash and looked over his shoulder.

All five eggs were engulfed in a bright white light and with one last flash, they all hatched.

The one furthest to the right was a small red fox with six tails. The one to its left was a mostly yellow bipedal like pokemon. In the middle was a light blue frog pokemon with what looked like white wool around its neck. To its left was a small black and blue dog-like pokemon. The last one and the one furthest to the left was a small serpentine Pokémon with a blue body and a white underside.

Ash gasped, "no way" he breathed. "Vulpix, abra, froakie, riolu and dratini" he muttered.

After a few seconds, he grinned. "We are going to be best friends," he declared.

He reached over and patted the vulpix first and went on doing the same for the rest of them.

The pokemon looked at the human in confusion at first but once he started petting them, they relaxed.

After Ash sat down in front of them, Vulpix hopped into his lap. Ash smiled and scratched it behind its ear, earning an approving purr in return.

Both Riolu and Abra extended their senses and after finding out how powerful ash's aura and psychic powers were they nodded to themselves.

"You will be a great master for me" riolu said as it sat down and laid its back against ash's leg.

Abra nodded in agreement with Riolu's statement and laid itself against Ash's other leg.

Froakie nodded sharply and jumped onto Ash's shoulder, "we'll get along well boss. I can sense it." he said.

Dratini slithered around Ash's neck and exchanged looks with vulpix.

"We'll have lots of fan daddy" they both exclaimed at the same time.

After they realised what the other said, they glared at each other but a single scratch on the head from Ash was enough to calm them down.

Ash looked over his shoulder, "mew? Would you be so kind as to tell me their genders? I can't tell" he said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

Mew giggled and nodded. "Sure, riolu abra and froakie are male while vulpix and dratini are female." she stated simply.

Ash nodded and yawned. "We are going to have a long day ahead of us, we'd better get some sleep," he said. He got up, much to Vulpix's annoyance and walked over to his bed.

He crashed face first onto the bed and patted the space next to him. All six pokemon jumped on the opportunity and onto the bed. They crawled into a ball or leaned against ash and all seven fell asleep.

Time skip: ten years later.

Today was the day.

Today was the day that Ash would be setting out on his journey. He has perfected everything he possibly could. From his aura and psychic powers to becoming a pokemon professor with almost the same level of knowledge as professor Oak and a master chef with the same skill in the kitchen as his mother.

Ash got out of his bed for the last time in the near future and walked in front of the window. It was the last sunrise he would see from home for a while. "It's hard to believe that it has been eleven years ever since that day, isn't it?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, and honestly, I think going with you was the best decision I have ever made." Mew replied as she floated next to ash and nuzzled him.

Ash nodded, "yeah, that's right. You love me so much that I have no idea what you've done before you met me" Ash said teasingly to Mew.

Mew didn't seem to mind, she nuzzled him again and sighed in content. "That's right,"she replied.

Ash smiled, "let's get this day started" he said as he opened the window and jumped out. With all of Ash's psychic training, he could float himself so jumping out a second floor window was no problem for him.

Ash stood in front of his house and reached for his belt. On his belt were clipped six pokeballs.

After his eggs hatched, Ash got pokeballs from professor Oak so he could catch the pokemon and so, now he had a full team of six pokemon.

He took the five balls that were still filled from his belt and threw them into the air.

After the bright light of the pokemon being released from the balls was gone, five incredibly strong and fully evolved pokemon stood.

"Ninetails, Alakazam, Greninja, Lucario and Dragonite. I'm happy to tell you all that today is the day. Today, in a few hours we'll be going out on our actual adventure to win the indigo league." Ash said with a wide grin on his face.

The pokemon cheered as they started their morning jog with Dragonite, Alakazam and Mew flying alongside them.

After they finished their jog and exercise, Ash returned all of his pokemon to their balls much to the disappointment of both Ninetails and Mew and floated himself back into his room through the window.

After Ash took off his clothes for the shower, he looked at himself in the mirror. He smirked as he remembered how the few women that have seen him in that state of dress have reacted.

There have been three women that have been sleeping with him. Those three being viridian city's nurse joy and officer jenny and the last one being leaf green of his very own pallet town.

All three knew that he had a relationship with all three of them and none of them cared. Hell, he had a foursome with all three of them. He was as they put it a 'hung stud'. Between his well built lean athlete like body and his twelve inch long and forearm thick cock, he would make them drool with just the sight of him.

Joy and Jenny even told him once that they told their sisters and cousins about how good he was so he shouldn't be surprised when they would jump him once they met.

When Ash asked them why they were so willing to share him, they reminded him that his libido was endless and that even all three of them together couldn't satisfy him. That conversation ended in a hot foursome.

After Ash finished his shower, he released both ninetails and mew out of their balls and went downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast, Ash took his time and walked over to Oak's lab. Like every time they were in public, Mew transformed herself into poliwag in order to keep Mew's whereabouts a secret.

When he made it to Oak's lab, Ash walked in. "Professor, are you here?" he called.

While ash could sense Oak's presence with his aura sense and sight, he wanted Oak to know he was there.

"Yes, Ash, I'm right here" he called out from a room.

Ash walked into the room and saw three pokeballs on a machine.

"So, no one was here yet?" Ash asked. Oak sweatdropped, "Ash, It's seven A.M. I told them to be here at eight." he deadpanned.

Ash nodded, "I guess that makes sense." he said.

"Come with me ash, I have something to show you." Oak suddenly said.

Ash nodded and followed Oak until they made it to a computer.

Oak pressed a few buttons and the computer turned on a page that said: 'trainer I.D. for pokemon trainer Ash ketchum.'

Ash nodded, "my trainer I.D., what about it?" he asked.

Oak tapped a few more keys and the screen changed.

'Titles: Pokemon trainer, Pokemon professor.

Carry limit: because of the title of "pokemon professor" trainer Ash ketchum is allowed to carry up to twelve pokemon with him.

Known pokemon: Poliwag, Ninetails, Alakazam, Greninja (shiny), Lucario and dragonite.'

Ash was ecstatic. "Wow, professor, you signed me up as a pokemon professor causing my carry limit to go higher?" he stated thankfully.

Oak just nodded. Ash thanked him and they started to talk about the things that happened in the past decade.

As they talked, time went by. When the clock showed seven fifty, the doorbell rang.

Ash went to get it and much to his shock, when he opened the door, he was jumped by none other than leaf green. The moment she saw him she got hot under the collar and very wet.

She just tackled him to the ground and kissed him very passionately.

A little while later, she let go of him and panted with a huge blush on her face.

Ash smirked at her state. He knew it would be easy for him to get her horny but not that easy.

He picked her up bridal style and kissed her to mute her moans before he started to finger her pussy very quickly, making her orgasem instantly. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she lost herself in her pleasure.

About a minute later, she came to and ash allowed her back to her feet. She felt like her legs were made out of jelly but she pushed through it and leaned on ash for support and together they walked into the room where professor Oak was.

Through their greetings with Oak, Leaf was connected to Ash with his hand wrapped tightly in her hands between her breasts.

After the greetings ended, leaf dragged ash over to the machine with the pokeballs but before she could pick one, the doorbell rang again.

This time, Oak went to get it and while he did, Ash and Leaf made out furiously.

Once Professor Oak returned with the newcomer which both ash and leaf recognized as the professor's own grandson, Gary Oak, leaf dragged ash back to the machine much to his amusement and Gary's jealousy.

Leaf picked the pokeball with the leaf symbol on it with all the irony and Gary picked the one with the bubble symbol on it, leaving the fire symbolized pokeball to the last trainer that would come later on today.

After Ash, Leaf and Gary got their pokeballs and pokedexes, Gary left in some red sports car with cheerleaders. Ash shook his head at Gary's actions but before Leaf and him could leave, there was an explosion in the ranch.

The three ran outside and saw a dragonite fighting a tyranitar. Ash saw that this fight was beyond diplomacy so he decided to take action.

"Greninja, come forth for battle" Ash called out and tossed a pokeball out.

Graninja appeared out of his ball in a shower of sparkles as every shiny pokemon does and looked around.

He spotted the two pokemon fighting and nodded at ash. "Let's do it boss" Greninja called out and held up his fist.

Ash nodded and released himself from Leaf's grip. He placed his fist up and as both he and Greninja synchronised. They both lowered their hands at the same time and called out together. "Stronger! stronger! even stronger!" and with one last cry, Greninja was enveloped in water that shaped into a huge water shuriken on his back. (google shiny Ash-greninja)

"Greninja use ice beam on dragonite and water shuriken on tyranitar." Ash called out calmly.

Greninja nodded before he disappeared. The next moment he appeared between the fighting pokemon and charged a ball of ice in his mouth. The ice ball turned into a beam that shot at Dragonite, knocking out the already tired pokemon in one hit.

Then Greninja reached behind his back and grabbed the huge shuriken. He yanked it hard and released it towards tyranitar, knocking it out as well.

Back with ash, both Oak and Leaf were staring in complete amazement at greninja.

As Ash recalled Greninja, he was tackled by Leaf. Though this time he was expecting it so he was able to stay standing.

Leaf kissed him hotly, "you were so cool" she squealed.

After Leaf calmed herself down, she stuck to Ash's arm again.

Ash grinned and waved to professor Oak goodbye.

After that, he left with Leaf. "So Leaf, are you tugging along with me?" He asked.

She bobbed her head enthusiastically. "You got my panties so wet after you forced me to squirt onto them, I need your cock in me as soon as possible."

Ash grinned as he pulled out two balls, "come out" he called out.

With flashes of light, mew and ninetails appeared.

Mew floated up to Ash's shoulder and transformed into poliwag and ninetails held Ash's free hand with one of her tails while walking alongside him.

The foursome continued to calmly walk their way out of pallet town and into the surrounding forest as the journey continues…

Author's notes: There it is guys, the end of the prologue. I hope you liked it and I apologise if it was a little boring. This chapter was just a setup and so, next chapter will probably be the meating with misty, viridian city and maybe even the viridian forest but I'm not sure about that last one there.

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