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Chapter fourteen: instance battles

Ash, Sycamore, Sophie, Leaf, Misty, Giselle, Cynthia, Diantha, Serena and Aria all made their way outside to where the battlefield was.

Ash smiled to himself as he saw Cosmog peacefully sleeping in Serena's arms. He grinned as he looked at Sycamore. "Would you like them both to come at me at once? I'm sure Greninja and I can handle it…" he said, a smirk on his face.

Sycamore waved him off. "There's no need for that. myself and Sophie can only focus on a single pokemon each. If you battle two Vs. one, we won't be able to effectively collect data." he said.

Diantha looked at Ash. "So Ash, who do you want to fight first?" she asked.

Ash thought for a second. "I would like to battle Cynthia first. Based on Gardevoir's type advantage against Greninja, I'd say it'll be a harder fight. Since I've never really fought a mega evolved pokemon, I would like to see just how much more powerful the pokemon gets from it before I jump into the harder fight." Ash explained and both girls nodded, Cynthia stepping into the trainer's box on the other side of the field.

Sycamore stood in the referee's position with Sophie on the other side of the field. The two had installed a few cameras and some more gadgets which allowed them to determine the pokemon's speed, strength and energy levels.

Sycamore raised his hand. "this will be a one on one pokemon battle between Ash and his Greninja and Cynthia and her Garchomp. This battle is only for the purpose of research so please, avoid hurting either pokemon too badly. however if a pokemon is injured, we can quickly heal it so please, don't hold back, it damages the research if you do so." he explained.

Sophie giggled. "What professor Sycamore is trying to ask of you is that you have mercy. don't brutally attack a pokemon if it's unable to battle even if we haven't called the match. I know that you both already know that, but you can never be too sure." she explained.

Ash and Cynthia both nodded their heads, confirming that they understood.

Sycamore dropped his hand. "challengers, please bring out your pokemon." he asked.

Ash threw his ball into the air. "Greninja, come forth for battle!" he shouted. Greninja appeared on the field, one of his hands held in front of his chest with the half tiger hand seal and his other hand held straight up with one of his legs crouching down and his other leg straight and towards the side.

Cynthia threw her ball. "Garchomp, I require your assistance!" she shouted. Garchomp appeared on the field and slammed her hands together in an 'X' shape over her chest before throwing her hands back and biting the air. Once done with her little show, she stood straight, ready for orders from her mistress.

Sycamore smiled in excitement as he saw the mega ring in Garchomp's collar sparkle. "Alright, Battle… Begin!" he shouted in excitement.

Ash grinned. "Alright. Cynthia, go all out from the start! I wanna see the power of mega evolution!" he shouted.

Cynthia nodded. "Alright. Let's do it, Garchomp!" she shouted as she pressed her hand down on her Key stone. Her Key stone started to glow along with Garchomp's mega stone. Both stones started to let out bolts of energy and finally, the bolts connected.

Energy transferred between the two and Garchomp started to glow a bright white color. She started changing shape, her claws grew into what looked like scythes, her jaw became very square, Two spikes grew on each of her limbs and five spikes grew on her torso.

Ash grinned in excitement as he saw Garchomp transforming.

Once Garchomp was done, the light came off of her and she slashed her scythes, cheating a shockwave as she roared.

"Alright, Greninja, Let's see what they can do now!" Ash shouted.

"Let's start it off with a quick attack and once you are close, use night slash!" he shouted.

Greninja disappeared in a blur of speed, appearing behind Garchomp. Like last time, Garchomp was able to react in time, though this time, she was able to block the attack, taking only minor damage.

Ash smiled seeing that. "Greninja, come back, her defences are a lot better now. We're gonna have to use a lot more powerful attacks!" he said in determination.

Cynthia grinned seeing her pokemon's new defence. "Alright, Garchomp! Use dragon rush!" she ordered.

Garchomp was enveloped by a green and blue Aura as she rushed at Greninja, doing whatever she could to move as fast as possible in her new and improved body.

"Greninja, use double team to avoid Garchomp!" Ash ordered.

Greninja blurred as he moved around, twenty after images were left after him.

Garchomp started to hit the after images, running straight through them, not caring if she hit Greninja or not.

"Alright, Greninja, use hydro pump!" he ordered.

The remaining five Greninjas took a deep breath before shooting a beam of water on their enemy.

Garchomp looked at the approaching water beams in horror as she was hit.

Garchomp growled as she felt the pain of the attack hitting her. However, she felt where the real attack was coming from.

Cynthia noticed that Garchomp was looking towards one of the water beams and decided to take a guess. "Garchomp, dragon pulse!" she shouted.

Garchomp pushed through her pain and charged a blue orb in her mouth before firing it off in the form of a beam. The beam clashed with the real Hydro pump and caused the after images to disappear.

Greninja had to focus all of his power on the attack, pushing against Garchomp's dragon pulse..

The beam clash ended when in the middle of both beams, an explosion occurred. A smokescreen appeared and the two looked to be a little out of breath.

Ash grinned. "This mega evolution is Awesome! I can't wait to use it with my pokemon! You are doing very well, Cynthia. However, we are no where near done!" he shouted,

"Greninja, run through the smoke screen and start attacking with night slash!" he shouted.

Greninja blurred through the smoke screen and slashed at Garchomp's chest though she was able to block the attack. The next second, Greninja appeared right behind her and slashed at her back. Garchomp was barely able to block the attack with her hand, though she was starting to feel pain from all of those cuts.

Greninja appeared in a crouch next to her leg and slashed at her ankle, drawing a pained cry from the mega evolved pokemon.

Greninja continued with his barrage, slashing at her shoulder, stomach, throat, and anywhere he saw an opening.

"Garchomp!" shouted Cynthia. She clenched her fists as she looked at her pokemon being hurt.

"Fine! Garchomp use outrage!" she shouted. Garchomp's eyes turned blank as she gave in to her rage. She slashed at Greninja with improved speed and attack power, only missing the ninja frog pokemon by a little bit.

Ash, seeing this, frowned. "Greninja, come back here. We attack in a few seconds. The moment Outrage runs out." he ordered.

Greninja started running back, only to see that Garchomp was right on his tail.

He started jumping and running to the sides to try and confuse the blinded pokemon but to no avail.

Garchomp tried to attack him. Bite, dragon claw, slash, any attack she could think about.

Ash smiled. "Good… good… this is very fun! You have earned the right to fight us at our full power!" he shouted as he held his hand up.

Greninja stopped in place and did the same, Raising his fist up. They both lowered their fists together. "Witness the great power of a trainer and pokemon working together in unison, witness the power of Ash-Greninja!" Both Ash and Greninja shouted, Greninja speaking in the pokemon language.

Greninja was suddenly enveloped by water, swirling around him dangerously. Enough so that even in her berserk form, Garchomp hesitated.

Finally, the water settled in the form of a large shuriken on Greninja's back.

Greninja's face changed, the sides of his head looked like the sides of Ash's messy hair with a red thunderbolt pattern on it, he had a red fin on his head, right between the eyes and between the eyes and the fin there was red coloring.

Everyone started in awe at the powerful form of Ash's greninja.

Greninja crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes looking at Garchomp.

Garchomp, still in her berzerk form, charged at Greninja, her body having a green and blue Aura around it, signaling a Dragon rush.

Ash said nothing as Greninja watched the attack move towards him. Greninja closed his eyes as his body swayed to the right, allowing Grachomp to pass right next to him.

She looked at him before her eyes pulsed and she came back from her rage.

Ash and Greninja looked at her and as one, they both reached behind their backs, Greninja grabbing the shuriken and Ash doing the same motions.

Suddenly, their hands flew forward, the shuriken flying out of Greninja's arms and straight into Garchomp's face.

Garchomp flew all the way in front of Cynthia where she struggled to get up.

Once she did, Cynthia decided to order her strongest attack. "Garchomp, use Draco Meteor!" she ordered, hoping to defeat Greninja with it.

Garchomp opened her mouth and fired an orb of orange energy into the air. The orb exploded into smaller meteors which started to fall down towards the ground where Greninja was.

Ash smirked. "Greninja, let's climb the Meteors!" he shouted.

Greninja jumped up, landing on the first meteor before he started jumping up from one meteor to the next.

Once he was at the top, he jumped off. "Greninja, use Ice beam!" he shouted.

Greninja charged up a beam of light blue energy in his mouth before firing it in the form of a beam at the exhausted pokemon, hitting it dead on. Garchomp fell forward, fainted as she went back to her fully evolved form.

Sycamore raised his hand. "Winners, Ash and his Greninja!" he declared.

Cynthia returned her pokemon to it's ball before she smiled lightly. She walked to the middle of the field where Ash was waiting for her.

Ash wrapped her up in a hug. "Good Job, Cynthia. You and Garchomp did very well. Greninja and I simply had more experience…" he said as he grabbed her chin and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Cynthia smiled as she wrapped her own arms around Ash and rested her head on his chest. "Thank you, Ash. However, I never stood a chance and neither does Diantha… you and Greninja were able to keep up with our mega evolution in your base form, not to mention the incredible power boost you gain from that transformation of yours." she said as she raised her head from his chest to look at him.

She lightly punched him on the chest. "Though you'd better believe I'll be winning next time! We will train very hard and we will surpass you eventually!" she shouted in determination.

Ash laughed and nodded. "I'm sure you will. Now you need to get out of here so we can get started with my next fight…" he said as he kissed her one last time and ran back to his trainer's box.

Cynthia smiled to herself as she made her way towards where the other girls were sitting.

Diantha made her way towards the trainer's box, trying to think up a strategy which she would be able to use against Ash and his Greninja, after all, she just had the chance to witness their true power. To say that she was amazed by such power is an understatement.

Diantha stood nervously as she looked at Ash and his greninja. After the battle, much like with mega evolution, Greninja returned to his normal form and now was standing next to his trainer, awaiting his next battle.

Sycamore raised his hand. "This will be a one on one battle between Ash and his Greninja and Diantha and her Gardevoir. Challengers, please bring out your pokemon." he said.

Ash just stood there as Greninja was already there.

Diantha pulled her pokeball out and threw it into the air. "Gardevoir, I require your assistance!" she shouted as Gardevoir appeared out of her ball.

Gardevoir flexed her arms and released a pulse of psychic power to scan her surroundings. She looked ahead to the only point in the nearby area which she couldn't sense and it meant that there was a dark type pokemon there since it was the only type which was completely immune to Psychic energy.

She was proven correct when she saw Greninja standing there, his arms crossed and looking at her with a blank face.

She looked back at her trainer and nodded, understanding that she must battle that Greninja.

Sycamore dropped his hand. "Battle…. Begin!" he shouted.

Diantha remembered what happened when Cynthia gave Ash a little time to attack and remembered that it ended very badly for her and so, she decided to go all out from the beginning.

Diantha grabbed hold of her necklace. Suddenly, her Key stone started to glow. The Mega stone on Gardevoir's wrist started to glow and it sent bolts of energy back towards Diantha whose Key stone started to send bolts of energy back.

Finally, the energy bolts connected and Gardevoir started to glow. Her Natural skirt puffed out, the fin which came out of her chest doubled, her hands became cloaked by what looked to be white sleeves, and the white spikes which were where her ears were supposed to be grew bigger.

"Gardevoir, let's start off with Moonblast!" Diantha ordered. Gardevoir flexed her arms as a pink orb of energy appeared in front of her hands. She motioned towards Greninja and the orb flew at him with blinding speed.

Greninja didn't need orders from Ash. he jumped back, allowing the orb to fly right past him… he quickly backflipped as he sensed another orb approaching him. He continued to dodge, jumping left and right, swaying his body out of the way to dodge the attack. He once made the mistake of trying to block the orb with a night slash only for the orb to melt through his knife and almost hit him. Ash explained that Moonblast was a fairy type move which was super effective against his Dark type attack.

And so, other than that single hit which he took to both of his forearms, he was unharmed.

Now that the barrage finally stopped as Gardevoir stopped to take a few seconds to rest, Ash and Greninja could finally go on the attack.

"Greninja use water shuriken!" Ash ordered. Greninja jumped into the air so he could aim better before clapping his hands together, creating a water shuriken. Greninja took Aim for a second before throwing the Shuriken, hitting Gardevoir with ease.

Gardevoir cried in pain but stayed strong on her feet, taking the damage. She glared at Greninja with determination.

She looked back at her trainer, and Diantha nodded her head.

"Alright, Ash, let me show you what It's like when we got all out!" Diantha shouted, smirking.

Ash raised an eyebrow as he grinned excitedly, wondering what Diantha was going to do.

"Gardevoir, use Misty terrain." she ordered. (I know that Misty terrain would not help at all in Diantha's situation as it only cancels status affects and dragon type moves but I'm gonna have it make fairy type moves stronger like electric Terrain does for electric type moves)

Gardevoir sang her voice out and Mist appeared on the ground as well as very thin mist in the air.

Diantha smirked. "Let's see how you like this! Gardevoir, use Dazzling gleam!" she ordered.

Gardevoir was enveloped by a massive pink Aura as she dashed towards Greninja at a very fast speed.

"Shit… that's not good…" Ash said as he paled. "Greninja! We need to transform right now to get enough speed to dodge that!" Ash called.

Greninja nodded as they both raised their right fist into the air.

The two allowed their arms to slowly drop down, making sure that they were in sync. A few moments before Gardevoir hit Greninja, he was enveloped in water and with incredible speed, he disappeared, leaving his foot imprint on the ground where he stood.

As Gardevoir ran into his after image, she deactivated the Dazzling gleam, understanding that she missed her chance to hit him this time.

She looked behind her only to come face to face with Greninja. Gardevoir jumped back, landing in front of DIantha. "Damn! So close!" Diantha cursed as she thought about her current options..

"Wrong move! Never hesitate during battle!" Ash shouted as he and Greninja reached behind their backs. Greninja yanked the Shuriken out from behind his back and threw it at Gardevoir.

Diantha's eyes widened. "Gardevoir, quickly use shadow ball to block it!" she shouted.

A ball of blackness formed in Gardevoir's hands and blocked the Shuriken though the shuriken was still pushing hard, making her have to use all of her power to defend.

Ash smirked. "Good, now Greninja double team into gunk shot!" he shouted.

Diantha smirked as she saw Greninja appear behind Gardevoir and spit out a wave of gunk.

"Now Gardevoir! Use Teleport!" she shouted.

Gardevoir teleported away, allowing the water shuriken to go straight into the gunk wave only for it to pass right through it and Greninja.

They all looked around in confusion before Gardevoir reappeared only to be buried by a wave of gunk.

The wave died down and showed Gardevoir unconscious on the floor back in her fully evolved form.

"Gardevoir is unable to battle! The win goes to Ash and his Greninja!" Sycamore shouted in excitement as he went over to the camera and started to analyze the whole battle.

"Great Job as usual, Greninja. Take a good rest!" Ash said as he held up Greninja's ball. "Thanks boss, I liked those two, they're rather strong. I would love to battle them again someday… maybe both of them together…" he said, sending Ash a thumb's up as he was returned into his pokeball.

Ash laughed as he walked towards Diantha.

"Great battle Diantha. I really was close to losing back there… twice actually…" he said, smiling at her as he wrapped her up in his arms.

Diantha looked curiously at him. "How did you know Gardevoir was going to teleport? And how did you know where she was going?" she asked.

Ash grinned at her. "After Greninja hit her with his normal water shuriken at the beginning of the battle, I heard Gardevoir telling you to use her teleportation as a last resort. She might have used telepathy but she needs to work on that skill more as she didn't send it into your brain, she sent it around you. I just happened to hear what she said with my own telepathic abilities and had prepared a counter plan. As for how I knew where she went, I could simply sense a build up of psychic power and told Greninja to go there using my own telepathy through my Aura. you might have actually won this if I didn't have my psychic powers… though that Misty terrain took me by complete surprise…" he explained.

Diantha pouted as she nodded her head. "That's no fair… both you and Cynthia have cool powers… I want cool powers for myself as well…" she huffed.

Ash grinned. "I don't really know why you want our Aura… didn't Gardevoir tell you that you are soon going to awaken your psychic powers?" he asked, enjoying the shock on her face.

Diantha squealed as she kissed Ash on the lips. "She knew yet she had the nerves not to tell me? I will give her bland pokemon food for a month now!" she declared in anger.

Ash laughed as he patted her head. "Don't be so angry… she was just trying to keep it a surprise. Plus, I'm sure she wouldn't mind helping you train like Cynthia is doing with her lucario. Also, you could always ask my Alakazam and Mew to help you…" he said and she eagerly nodded.

Ash pecked her lips again as he started to walk together with her towards the rest of their friends.

Once they made it there, Misty ran up to Ash. "Ash! You have to let me know how you trained your Greninja! I never knew that water type pokemon could grow to be as strong as to be equal to mega evolved pokemon in their base form!" she shouted excitedly as she held onto Ash's hand tightly.

Ash shook his hand out of her grasp before petting her head. "Don't worry, I'll show you how we used to train back when we just started." he said, making Misty smile happily.

Leaf and Giselle just watched from the side with smiles on their faces as they watched their love being complimented.

Cosmog floated into Ash's arms and happily giggled, rubbing her face against the face of the person she got to know as her father.

Aria was looking at Ash in disbelief. "How can your pokemon be so strong? I thought you just started not too long ago…" she asked.

Ash shrugged. I have had Greninja and a few more of my pokemon since I was six years old. They hatched out of eggs which I was given and I raised them to be as strong as they are now." he answered nonchilantly.

He watched Serena coming closer and something clicked in his head. "Oh right, Serena, someone asked me to let her out when I see you… Professor! Sophie! Come here! I have something to show you two! Think of this as a thanks for giving us the Key stones!" he shouted.

The two older people made their way over to the group of teens and looked at Ash questioningly. Ash grinned as he pulled out a pokeball and threw it into the air.

As the pokeball opened, mew came out with a somersault. Professor Sycamore dropped back like a sack of potatoes, unconscious while Sophie was gaping at the little legendary pheline.

Mew looked around and went towards Ash but after she continued looking around, she saw serena. "Serena!" she screamed in her pokespeech as she tackled the girl back. Serena laughed. "Hey mew, It's good to see you again." she said.

And so, our heroes' journey continues. He had some amazing battles and reunited some old friends. What more awaits our heroes on their adventures? Find out, as the journey continues…

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