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The Wedding


Alice swept into the room when we were still hugging each other.

'Alright, she said yes!' she chimed. I couldn't help but laugh at her enthusiasm. 'Now we only have an hour to get this all ready, so Edward you need to go downstairs and prepare the garden. Rosalie, Angela and I will be making Bella beautiful and then you need to meet with Carlisle to change in your tux.'

this is going to be so perfect. Oh Edward you'll both be so happy, I just know it. She thought at me.

I smiled at her grateful for that, but then she was back to blocking me out, before asking Bella to shield her from me. That way she wouldn't have to be careful with her thoughts. Bella of course complied and I shook my head at both of them.

With one last kiss I left Bella in Alice's capable hands and headed down the stairs. My brothers were waiting at the foot of the stairs an welcomed me with claps on my back and smiles.

'I'm glad you get this second chance.' Jasper said honestly. I nodded my thanks at him.

'She's really livened up this place.' Emmett agreed. 'You chose well. Now only if you'd listened to your big brothers sooner, then you could have been this happy earlier.' He chided.

I rolled my eyes at him. 'Yes, Emmett. You are the best and I will from now on always try to listen to you.'

My voice was dripping with sarcasm, but that went over Ememtt's head. He nodded in agreement.

Jasper chuckled and we quickly headed outside to set everything in motion. Alice had already prepared everything so it was just a matter of putting everything in place. The giant tent was erected in moments, and we set about stringing the fairy lights and putting the flowers in place. Angela was walking along directing us as she showed us what Alice wanted through her proejctions. It was a handy gift. I had to admit.

Within no time everything was set up and Angela and Ben headed over to fetch their instruments, they would be playing a composition of mine as Bella walked down the aisle, although my damaged hand had limited my ability to play, I could still compose.

I quickly hurried into the house again and headed to Bella and my room. Carlisle was waiting for me there with a black garment bag.

'Are you ready to do it right this time?' he asked me.

I nodded my head. 'no more stupid mistakes for me.'

'I'm glad you came to your senses. That woman is amazing.' He said.

I sighed and agreed. 'if I could turn back time I would.'

he smiled and nodded. 'Let's get you ready.'

he helped me with my vest and tie and placed the flower in my lapel. Before I knew it I was heading back up and the guests were all taking their seats. It was nearly time.

I was bouncing on my feet, nervous to say the least. I knew it was right though, the right way to end our time at the big house and the start to our new life. I was also definitely looking forward to the honeymoon. It had been a stressful few months and although Bella and I had a stronger relationship than ever. I was sure that two weeks of undivided attention for each other was exactly what we needed before we would begin as rulers of the vampire race.

I swallowed hard as the voices of my sisters floated in from the house. They were ready. They were coming.

Angela and Ben started playing, Ben on the piano and Angela on the Cello and as the first few chords rung out my sisters appeared. Slowly they walked down the aisle, both kissing my cheek as they reached me and then Bella appeared.

My breath caught.

As she stepped out of the house, the sun struck her skin and she threw rainbows across the yard. Her hair hung in ringlets down her back and was swept away from her face, her eyes were bright and smoldering as they locked with mine. She was wearing a wedding dress which I couldn't believe Alice had managed to get here in time. It was beautiful and clung to her in all the right places, before flaring out and trialing behind her elegantly. She was clutching a bouquet of purple and blue flowers that smelled deliciously. I recognized lavender and freesia, the two scents of Bella's unique smell. I smiled at that subtle detail.

She began walking towards me and I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face. She was a vision and an angel and she was all mine. As she reached me I stretched out my hand. She placed hers in mine and I squeezed it tightly.

'I love you.' I mouthed to her.

'I love you too.' She mouthed back.

Carlisle began then, much like the first time around, only this time we spoke the vows with meaning and we couldn't stop touching and looking at each other. When the time came, Calrisle pronounced us husband and wife and before he could finish I had her in my arms and was kissing her soundly.

She grunted in surprise but soon relaxed against me and kissed me back with a passion that rivalled mine. She was mine and she was mine forever, like I was hers and only hers forever. She owned me and I was not ashamed of that.

She was not my weakness, but rather my greatest help and support. I loved her and I would stop at nothing to prove it to her for the rest of my existence.