Welcome to Remnant. It has four primary kingdoms, with about a population of a billion spread between them and the smaller settlements. Why only four, you may ask? Well besides the soulless monsters and the demon bitch commanding them, really nothing. But we'll get to the demon bitch later, where the story starts, at least for us, is a small warehouse in Valeā€¦.

In one of the hallways, we see two guards standing around, talking. "So, any idea why the boss is moving around dust for Torchwick?" one of them asks. "Apparently he needs all the dust he's stealing somewhere, so he's paid the boss to do like we'll see a cent of it." The other one replied. As the two guards were talking, neither of them noticed a figure come up behind them. As the figure moves their hands up, the guards finish their conversation. "All I'm saying is, why the hell would you- AUK!" The figure smashes the heads of the guards together, knocking them out immediately. As the figure grabs the bodies, we finally get a good look at her.

She has long, Blue hair going down to her back and brown eyes. She's wearing a white tank top, blue jeans, and a short flannel skirt. She also has knife holsters on top of her skirt, with the knives still in them. She pulls a scroll out of her pocket, checking a message on top:

Wanted for Robbery, Murder, Smuggling.

Blue Navy

Reward: 300,000 Lein

Below that was a picture of a man with a black beard and balding hair. This was the target that one Wendy Marvell was after. Why would a seventeen year old be hunting down a murderer? Simple, she needed money.

As Wendy snuck her way through the warehouse, the aforementioned Navy was having his men pack up dust. "C'mon! We don't have all day you fucking idiots!" He noticed someone sneaking around behind a box. "Who's there?" He says while pointing his machine gun at Wendy, who stepped out of her her arms up. "What are you, a copper?" Hand over ya weapons." He said, most likely going to shoot her as soon as the knives are handed over. "No, I think I'll keep these with me." Wendy responded, Pulling a knife out and flipping it. "Well then, hard way it is. Get'er boys!"

The thugs under Navy charged Wendy, the girl pulling the other knife out of her pocket and swinging wildly, knocking down enemy after enemy that came at her. One of the thugs got close enough to swing and immediately had his aura broken by a stab and a kick.

"What do you even pay them?" Wendy asked while steeping over one of the goons towards Navy. "Apparently not enough", Navy says as he fires on Wendy, causing her to dive behind one of the trucks the goons had been loading dust into.

"Great job Wendy! You've gotten yourself stuck because you couldn't just keep yourself hidden!" Wendy mused to herself while bolting from cover after cover as the criminal got closer.

" Alright, what can I use? Knife's out of the question, can't keep up sustained fire with my guns, can't get in close." She was quickly realizing she was almost out of options. "Use your Dragon-Slayer magic" some voice in the back of her head responded. She scowled.

Now, any normal person would be raised by a person, or occasionally nobody. Wendy Marvell was not a normal person in that regard. She was raised by a dragon, taught its magic. Twelve years ago, the dragon disappeared, and Wendy's been alone ever since. She's not even sure the dragon and her were from Remnant, judging by the unbroken moon they'd slept under, so she tended to keep her mouth shut about the whole thing. Hell, she'd think it'd have been some kind of year long fever dream if it wasn't for the magic Gradeeneey taught her still being around, although Wendy swore she would be dead before she'd use it.

As Wendy looked for anything that could help her, she saw a crate hanging from a crane. Goons were probably using it to move the dust. And what would you know- The highly deadly criminal is almost right under it! As a plan formulated in her head, she pressed a switch on one of her knives. The thick blade turned and released objects from inside of it, turning it into a revolver. Wendy pulled out a fire dust bullet, put it in the gun, and aimed at the chains. As Navy stepped on an invisible X, she pulled the trigger, breaking the chain and sending the crate falling onto the Criminal's head, knocking him out instantaneously. As Wendy got out from behind one of the trucks, she pulled out her Scroll, pressing a few buttons. As she puts the Scroll up to her ear, she says " Wendy Marvell, I got Navy in a warehouse on 4th street. Won't be moving anytime soon. Learn to do your job." As she hung up, she walked outside of the warehouse, hoping to get home before the police got here.

"Ahh, bed!" Wendy said, now changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She flopped down on the bed of her apartment. She'd lived here for three years, back when she'd first moved into Vale. As she sat up on her bed, she pulled out a laptop stored at the side of it. As she logged into the laptop to check her email, she saw the thing she had been waiting for for months. That her application to beacon academy had been approved. Being a huntress was her dream job, helping people and fighting back darkness. Hell, a small part of her would say Grandeeney would be proud of her. Sure, being practically a bounty hunter for the police was fun, don't get her wrong. But as soon as she heard of what huntsmen and Huntresses did, she had wanted to do it. She had finally gotten accepted now she just needed-

Wendy heard her scroll make a noise, and saw that the bounty was added to her bank account. That should be enough to cover the rest of the money she needed for everything. Content with what she achieved tonight, Wendy fell back into her bed, falling asleep almost instantaneously.

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