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Here is the sequel to the Goblet of Fire's Trap.

Konoka was skating to her classroom with Asuna for the first day of the new year when she felt a large magical source coming towards them. She looked towards it and saw it was a little kid.

"Your love is unrequited" said Negi looking at Asuna.

"What was that you little brat" growled Asuna shaking Negi.

"That's enough Asuna" said Konoka.

She took Negi out of Asuna's hands and put him on the ground.

"The elementary school is in that direction" said Konoka pointing towards it.

As they both left, Konoka felt the kid following them. Konoka stopped and looked back seeing that he was following them.

"Why are you following us brat" asked Asuna growling?

"I was told to go see the Dean when I arrived," said Negi.

"We can take you there then" said Konoka.

When they arrived at the main school building, they saw Takahata-sensei standing in the doorway.

"Takahata-sensei" exclaimed Asuna.

"I see you found Negi" said Takahata.

"How do you know him" shouted Asuna?

"I am the new English teacher; my name is Negi Springfield."

"WHAT" yelled Asuna!

"So, this is Chao's ancestor" thought Konoka.

She then felt a buildup of magical power and saw that Negi was about to sneeze. She got out of the way as Negi sneezed and destroyed Asuna's uniform. Asuna let of a shriek as she quickly covered herself. Takahata quickly ran off and came back with a tracksuit that Asuna quickly put on.

"How did you do that" shouted Asuna?

"I'm sorry," cried Negi.

"Let's just go to the Dean's office" said Takahata.

"Let's go Asuna" said Konoka grabbing Asuna's arm.

"But…" said Asuna.

"I'm sure it was just a coincidence" said Konoka looking at Asuna.

"It was just a coincidence" said Asuna.

Konoka smiled as Takahata took them to the Dean's office. Along the way there, Konoka was thinking "Where have I heard the name Springfield before?"

"Chao never told us who her ancestor was" she thought.

When they arrived at the Dean's office, Konoka remembered where she heard that name before.

"That was the name of the person that sealed Eva-chan here and forgot about her" thought Konoka.

"She is not going to like this" she thought.

"Welcome Negi" said Konoemon seeing them.

"Do you understand the task you have been given for your training" he asked?

"Yes, I am to be a teacher here," said Negi.

"Training" thought Konoka shocked.

"How is teaching us training" she thought?

"You will be given this semester to prove yourself" said Konoemon.

"You understand what will happen if you fail" he said.

"You won't be given a second chance" he added.

"I know," said Negi nodding his head.

"I won't fail" he said determined.

"Very good" said Konoemon.

"You will be teaching their class" he said pointing at Konoka and Asuna.

"WHAT" yelled Asuna!

"You are replacing Takahata-sensei" she exclaimed.

"He will be living with you as well" said Konoemon smiling.

"No way" shouted Asuna!

"He has no other place to stay" said Konoemon.

"What are you planning Grandpa" thought Konoka.

"It's fine" said Konoka.

"Why are you agreeing to this" exclaimed Asuna.

"I'm sure Grandpa knows what he is doing" said Konoka with a 'innocent' smile.

"Fine" huffed Asuna.

"Very good" said Konoemon.

"Now head on to class, I still have some things to talk to Negi-sensei about" he said.

"Ok" said Konoka.

"Let's go Asuna" she said leaving.

Once they arrived at their classroom, Konoka went over to Chao's desk.

"You better get ready" said Konoka with a giggle.

"What was that about" asked Rose?

"You will see" said Konoka smiling.

A few minutes later the classroom door opened revealing a little kid. The eraser balancing on the door fell and hovered over his head for a second before hitting his head. He then took a step forward and tripped over a trip wire and fell into a bucket. That bucket slid across the floor and hit the teacher's desk. Fuka and Fumika got up and ran over and helped him out of the bucket.

"We are sorry about that" said Fumika.

"That was supposed to be for our teacher" said Fuka.

"Where is our teacher" asked Ayaka looking around?

"You are getting a new teacher" said Shizuna walking in.

"Let me introduce you all to your new teacher, Negi Springfield" she said.

Evangeline started growling as Chao started sweating feeling her glaring at her. As most of the class started crowding around their new teacher, Evangeline grabbed Chao and pulled her to the back of the room. She looked at Rose who put a silencing ward around them before activating her communicator so everyone else could hear it.

"You are descended from HIM" growled Evangeline.

"I didn't know" exclaimed Chao.

"How did you not know" hissed Evangeline.

"I couldn't find anything about his parents," said Chao.

"It was like someone got rid of it all" she added.

"You didn't think to look when you came here" asked Evangeline?

"I was focused on other things," said Chao looking away.

"How about after you weren't focused on those things" asked Evangeline?

"It didn't really matter to me anymore," said Chao.

"I love the ways things are now" she said smiling.

"Fine" grumbled Evangeline.

"I should have known that you were related to HIM" she said.

She looked to Rose who got rid of the silencing ward and returned to their seats while Shizuna got the rest of the girls to return to their desks.

"Good luck Negi-sensei" said Shizuna leaving.

Negi took out his books and went to go write on the board when he saw he could not reach it.

"Here you go Negi-sensei" said Ayaka placing on footstool on the ground.

"Thank you," said Negi getting on it.

"Do you want me to make sure you don't fall off" asked Ayaka?

"No, thank you," said Negi.

During the class Asuna kept flicking bits of erasers at Negi hoping something would happen. Once class was over, Negi quickly left the room.

"Let's go see grandpa" said Konoka getting up.

"Ok" said Rose getting up.

Setsuna and Gabrielle got up and followed them. When they arrived at the Dean's office, Rose turned on her communicator before they went inside. The Dean looked up and sighed when he saw them come into his office.

"I should have known you would be back after your first class" said Konoemon.

"Why are we being taught be a little kid" asked Rose?

"He is fully qualified in the fields he is teaching" said Konoemon.

"Just because he is qualified doesn't mean he can teach," said Rose.

"How is him teaching us training" asked Konoka?

"Shouldn't he still be in school for that" asked Gabrielle?

"He just graduated from school, and this was the task he was given to become a Magister Magi" said Konoemon.

"How is teaching a regular class going to help me become that" asked Rose?

"To be a Magister Magi, is to help people without revealing magic" said Konoemon.

"Every graduate is given a task for them to learn how to do this" he said.

"If they fail, the severity of the punishment depends on how badly they revealed magic" he explained.

"Shouldn't he have been given an easier task than teaching people older than him" asked Rose?

"He was given this task because he is determined to find his father" said Konoemon.

"It is one of the main reasons he graduated so early" he said.

"You brought him here for training and to find potential partners" said Setsuna.

"Yes" said Konoemon nodding his head.

"He has more leeway with your class for when he messes up" he said.

"That is why you want him to stay with us" said Konoka.

"Both Asuna and Negi have a lot in common and would be great together" said Konoemon.

"Grandpa is still playing matchmaker" thought Konoka.

"Everything will be fine" said Konoemon.

"Alright" said Rose.

Once they left the Dean's office, Haruna contacted them.

"That didn't last long, he messed up already" said Haruna.

"What did he do" asked Rose?

"He saved Ako from falling down the stairs" said Haruna.

"Asuna saw him and dragged him away" she said.

"Figures" said Rose.

"Come back to the classroom, Ayaka wants to throw a party for him" said Haruna.

"Ok" said Konoka.

"Ayaka is really going all out for him," said Gabrielle.

"She probably sees him as the little brother that she lost" said Konoka.

Once the party was over, Konoka and Asuna returned to their room with Negi. When they went into their room, they saw there was still only two beds.

"What is Grandpa thinking" thought Konoka.

"He should have at least added a cot" she thought.

"You can have the couch" said Asuna.

Before Konoka went to bed she felt she needed to put a barrier around her bed. When she got up the next morning, she saw that Negi was in Asuna's bed.

"Get out of my bed you brat" shouted Asuna kicking Negi out of her bed.

"I'm sorry," cried Negi on the floor.

"I usually sleep with my older sister" he said.

"I am not your sister" growled Asuna.

Konoka just giggled at it as she started breakfast.